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Patsville Cemetery

Pattsville Cemetery

Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 27.274' -- 92� 06.432'

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Pattsville Cemetery Sign

Cemetery photo courtesy of Pam Clift
(I am not sure why the sign is spelled "Patsville" - the USGS GNIS says it is "Pattsville Cemetery")

This is not a complete transcription, and the notes also may be incomplete. Please add your Pattsville Cemetery records by e-mailing

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

DIRECTIONS TO THIS CEMETERY: From Warren go south on Highway 63. Turn left on Road 25 to Road 33. Turn right on Road 33. Go past Highway 31 (also named Mack Hargis Road). Cemetery is on the left.

Baker, Amanda Joy8/11/19738/11/1973[infant daughter of Larry and Joyce Baker]LB
Baker, James TFeb. 27, 1924Jan. 17, 1990[double stone with Margie Grider Baker; DOM Oct. 5, 1949]EC
Baker, Leroy6/9/19249/10/1975[h/o Mary Eva Baker]LB
Baker, Margie GriderJune 16, 1937March 30, 2000[Frazer's marker had June 15, 1937]EC
Baker, Mary Eva1/3/192010/7/1999[d/o J. N. and Mattie Trussell]LB
Black, Catherine1813June 6, 1860Unmarked Stone [w/o William Black]SBP
Black, Joseph1810Jan. 1860Unmarked Stone [brother of William Black; h/o of Martha Black]SBP
Black, Martha1809UnknownUnmarked Stone [w/o Joseph Black]SBP
Black, Sarah F.1838Feb. 17. 1891"wife of [William] Henderson Black; Aged 58 years; She died as she lived; Trusting in God" [middle name Frances; maiden name Braswell; married Oct., 17, 1859 in Warren, Bradley Co., AR.]SBP
Black, William1803February 1860Unmarked Stone [brother of Joseph Black; h/o Catherine Black] SBP
Black, William Henderson1838Aft. 1860Unmarked Stone [s/o Catherine & William Black; brother of Angelina [Gelina] Black Dailey & Mildred J. Black Lafferty; h/o Sarah Frances Braswell; married: Oct., 17, 1859 in Warren, Bradley Co., AR.]SBP
Brown, Carson E.March 1, 1898April 27, 1975[double stone with infant daughter Rosie]EC
Brown, Daughter Infant RosieSeptember 18, 1927 [dau. of Carson E. and Lena G. Brown]EC
Brown, Harry JayMay 25, 1918August 29, 1999 EC
Brown, Lena G.Jan. 1, 1899July 31, 1975[double stone with infant son Smeda]EC
Brown, Mae Belle ArmstrongJan. 9, 1898Feb. 28, 1920 EC
Brown, Margerate2/12/183511/10/1920[no headstone]SB
Brown, MelissaDec 21, 1872Mar 13, 1926 MJ
Brown, Otha GeraldJune 6, 1916Sept. 16, 1931 EC
Brown, Samuel L.12/25/18349/3/1919[no headstone]SB
Brown, Son Infant SmedaMarch 15, 1922 [son of Carson E. and Lena G. Brown]EC
Dailey, Angelina [Gelina] BlackSep. 14, 18371866Unmarked Stone [d/o Catherine & William Black; Sister of William Henderson Black & Mildred J. Black Lafferty]SBP
Hendon, Christopher ColumbusJuly 6, 1869Nov. 18, 1936[double stone with Sarah Frances Brown Hendon]EC
Hendon, Sarah Frances BrownAug. 30, 1867Dec. 14, 1966[double stone with Christopher Columbus Hendon]EC
Johnson, Hagard E.10/25/191612/13/1981 LB
Jones, Howard Freddie - NEW PHOTO 4-8-2005October 21, 1903July 6, 1997Double Stone with Obelia Beasley JonesEC & PC
Jones, Ila Mae - NEW PHOTO 4-8-2005May 25, 1907September 12, 1986Double Stone with Louis W. Jones "EARTH HAS NO SORROW THAT HEAVEN CANNOT HEAL" [Children: Louis Jr., Hugh Allen, Travis Larry & Judy Faye Jones]EC & PC
Jones, Kenneth A. - NEW PHOTO 4-8-200519321949"LOVING FAITHFULNESS MEMORIES FOREVER" [s/o Howard and Obelia Jones; killed in the 1949 tornado]EC & PC
Jones, Louis W. - NEW PHOTO 4-8-2005December 6, 1906January 13, 1989Double Stone with Ila Mae Jones "EARTH HAS NO SORROW THAT HEAVEN CANNOT HEAL"EC & PC
Jones, Mary A. Elizabeth - NEW PHOTO 4-8-2005Mar 13, 1870Mar 31, 1947Double Stone with Phillip Evan Jones "IN GOD WE TRUST"MJ & PC
Jones, Phillip Evan - NEW PHOTO 4-8-2005Nov 22, 1864Sep 28, 1941Double Stone with Mary A. Elizabeth Jones "IN GOD WE TRUST"MJ & PC
Jones, Obelia Beasley - NEW PHOTO 4-8-2005December 14, 1909July 30, 1993Double Stone with Howard Freddie JonesEC & PC
Jones, Ola MaeSeptember 7, 1914July 19, 1996Double Stone with Willis L. JonesEC
Jones, Travis Larry - NEW PHOTO 4-8-2005July 12, 1941July 14, 1941 EC & PC
Jones, Willie Mae - NEW PHOTO 4-8-2005October 9, 1944December 26, 1955"SAFE IN THE ARMS OF JESUS" [d/o Willis L. and Ola Mae Jones]EC & PC
Jones, Willis L. - NEW PHOTO 4-8-2005October 23, 1913June 7, 1992Double Stone with Ola Mae Jones Military Stone "PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II PURPLE HEART" Cross SymbolEC & PC
Kelly, Preston BrownOctober 18, 1912January 27, 1999[double stone with Grace Armstrong Kelly; married March 28, 1958]AR
Kelly, Grace Armstrong February 18, 1995[double stone with Preston Brown Kelly; married March 28, 1958]AR
Lafferty, Mildred J. Black1841unknownUnmarked Stone [d/o Catherine & William Black; Sister of Angelina [Gelina] Black Dailey & William Henderson Black; w/o William J. Lafferty]SBP
Temple, Alfred M. - NEW 4-8-2005Oct 31, 1887July 4, 1931 PC
Temple, J. Alf - NEW 4-8-2005Jan 12, 1861June 28, 1902"THY WILL BE DONE"PC
Temple, Sara C. - NEW 4-8-200518601947Beside the similar Stone of Selvin C. TemplePC
Temple, Selvin C. - NEW 4-8-200518951948Beside the similar Stone of Sara C. TemplePC
Trussell, infant daughter4/10/19544/11/1954[daughter of Roscoe and Betty Trussell]LB
Trussell, Bythel H.Sep 29, 1890Mar 23, 1979[double stone with Gertie F. Trussell]MJ
Trussell, Edwin Roscoe1/23/192411/11/1983 LB
Trussell, Gertie F.10/16/19012/11/1974[double stone with Bythel H. Trussell]LB
Trussell, John B. "JB"10/18/19121/30/1998 LB
Trussell, John L.Feb 7, 1929Jul 30, 1992"Married Mar 4, 1950"MJ
Trussell, John N.Mar 15, 1887Nov 17, 1968[double stone with Mattie E. Trussell]MJ
Trussell, L. DenzilAug 15, 1909Mar 26, 1997[double stone with Vesta M. Trussell]MJ
Trussell, Mattie H.Feb 26 1889Oct 25, 1987"Married Nov 12, 1908
Children: Denzil, Cecil, Adolphus, Finis, Ethel, Roscoe, J. B., Mary, John L."
Trussell, Ruby Lee11/5/19091/30/1976 LB
Trussell, Vesta M.Nov 26, 1911Feb 13, 1957[double stone with L. Denzil Trussell]MJ
Trussell, William Claud7/10/190810/22/1974 LB
Turner, Eula TrussellApr 5, 1885Jun 20, 1944 MJ
Weaver, Doyle HenryAugust 16, 1937December 31, 1999[son of Henry and Esther Weaver]EC
Weaver, EstherApril 2, 1909Dec. 25, 1998[double stone with Henry Weaver]EC
Weaver, HenryJune 25, 1903Feb. 19, 1974[double stone with Esther Weaver]EC
Williams, Carl J. - NEW 4-8-2005November 19, 1920August 16, 1996Double Stone with Retha M. JonesEC & PC
Williams, Infant - NEW 4-8-2005 May 2, 1958 PC
Williams, Retha M. - NEW 4-8-2005Sep 23, 1926 Double Stone with Carl J. Williams [Maiden name Jones]EC & PC


AR ... Ann Ragsdale
EC ... Edith Castleberry
LB ... Larry Baker
MJ ... Melissa Jones
PC ... Pam Clift (Pam has provided photos in many of our cemeteries - THANKS PAM!)
SB ... Sheila Brown Branham
SBP ... Sue Black Perry

Cemetery coordinator: Melissa Jones
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