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Palestine Cemetery

Palestine Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 20.847' -- 92� 01.062'

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Palestine United Methodist Cemetery

Cemetery photo courtesy of Pam Clift

This is not a complete transcription. Notes given here do not necessarily appear on tombstone but are provided as additional information.

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

Location of cemetery
From Warren go south on Highway 63 to Highway 189. Turn left on Highway 189. Go into Johnsville to Road 56. Take 56 south.
Cemetery is on the left between Road 104 and Wordlaw Road.
One part of the cemetery is behind the Palestine United Methodist Church; The sign is up near the church where that cemetery is.
The other part of the cemetery to the south of the church is older. There is no sign down near the older part.
There is about 300 or more feet between the two cemeteries.
Anderson, Jessie B.7-24-190812-11-1968Triple Stone with Lester W. & Martin H. AndersonNJ
Anderson, Lester W.12-24-1907  Triple Stone with Jessie B. & Martin H. AndersonNJ
Anderson, Martin H.7-31-19281-1-1957Triple Stone with Lester W. & Jessie B. AndersonNJ
Blankinship, Nannie L.2-5-189512-15-1967Double Stone with R. Lee Blankinship [Maiden name Smith]NJ
Blankinship, R. Lee8-26-18951-11,1970Double Stone with Nannie L. BlankinshipNJ
Brown, Earnest J.19111959Double Stone with Frances A. BrownNJ
Brown, Frances A.1919  Double Stone with Earnest J. BrownNJ
Craig, Janie Martin7-15-18945-18-1968Double Stone with Thomas Forest Craig "PSALM 23" "MOTHER" "MARRIED NOV. 21, 1921" "BLESSED ARE THE PURE IN HEART FOR THEY SHALL SEE GOD"NJ
Craig, Malinda Harris5-18-18567-14-1940"MOTHER" "GOD'S GREATEST GIFT RETURNED TO GOD - OUR MOTHER"NJ
Craig, Thomas B.9-18-18465-12-1931"FATHER" "His toils are past, his work is done. He fought the fight, the victory won."NJ
Craig, Thomas Forest4-16-18811-7-1959Double Stone with Janie Martin Craig "PSALM 23" "FATHER" "MARRIED NOV. 21, 1921" "BLESSED ARE THE PURE IN HEART FOR THEY SHALL SEE GOD"NJ
Denton, Margaret - NEW 3-22-2005Dec 26, 1915Jan 12, 1987"SHE LIVED FOR OTHERS"NJ
Douglass, Jewell Martin - NEW 3-22-2005Oct 14, 1901Feb 21, 1991"MARRIED NOV. 14, 1920" "OUR HOPE IS IN THE RESURRECTION" Double Stone with Oscar Mason DouglassNJ
Douglass, Oscar Mason - NEW 3-22-2005Mar 14, 1884Nov 10, 1977"MARRIED NOV. 14, 1920" "OUR HOPE IS IN THE RESURRECTION" Double Stone with Jewell Martin DouglassNJ
Douglass, Sam Bob - NEW 3-22-2005Nov 12, 1929Aug 31, 1993"HUSBAND" Double Stone with Verna Lee DouglassNJ
Douglass, Sam Bob Jr. - NEW 3-22-2005Aug 31, 1950Sept 25, 1998"Married to Kathy L. Courtney Feb. 6, 1976"NJ
Douglass, Verna Lee - NEW 3-22-2005July 22, 1931 "WIFE" Double Stone with Sam Bob DouglassNJ
Hamilton, Buenna Vesta McClain12-30-18827-13-1969Double Stone with John H. McClain "WE MISS YOU."NJ
Hamilton, Horace J.6-1-19076-29-1974Double Stone with Verlee Hamilton "MARRIED OCT. 20, 1929"NJ
Hamilton, John H.12-20-18722-01-1950Double Stone with Buenna Vesta McClain Hamilton "FATHER, HOW WE MISS YOU."NJ
Hamilton, Verlee10-5-19148-5-1996Double Stone with Horace J. Hamilton "MARRIED OCT. 20, 1929"NJ
Hampton, EarnestSep 17, 1897Sep 7, 1976 (?)Pvt. US Army World War IPC
Hampton, RileyMay 10, 1896Sep 29, 1970"THY CROSS IS MY CROWN"PC
Harman, Charles E.8-5-18573-15-1923Mason Emblem "HE IS NOT DEAD BUT SLEEPETH."NJ
Jones, Mary2-26-18815-14-1975"BELOVED MOTHER"NJ
Justice, Gussie R. - NEW 3-22-20053-15-187212-6-1872"DAUGH. OF R. T. & REPPIE JUSTICE" "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest, God called thee home, He thought it best."NJ
Lowry, Edward M. - NEW 3-22-200518601932Double Stone with Hattie LowryNJ
Lowry, Gladys Williams - NEW 3-22-2005Mar 8, 1933 "MOTHER" "MARRIED DEC. 19, 1952" Double Stone with Louis Lamar LowryNJ
Lowry, Hattie - NEW 3-22-200518611945Double Stone with Edward M. LowryNJ
Lowry, Hunter LouisJan 15, 1990Oct 14, 1991says "21 months" on baby markerNJ
Lowry, Kate - NEW 3-22-2005  "9 YRS. OLD"NJ
Lowry, Louis Lamar - NEW 3-22-2005Dec 18, 1927Aug 27, 1998"FATHER" "MARRIED DEC. 19, 1952" Double Stone with Gladys Williams LowryNJ
Lowry, Martha McClain - NEW 3-22-200518321882Double Stone with Rev. Mason B. LowryNJ
Lowry, Rev. Mason B. - NEW 3-22-200518181893Double Stone with Martha McClain LowryNJ
Lowry, Sarah - NEW 3-22-200518951907 NJ
Martin, CharlieFeb 1859April 1866"Son" "Lost to sight, to memory dear." Tall slender stone has four names on it: James Sadler Martin and his two wives and son.NJ
Martin, Mrs. E. D.Nov 22, 1815Sep 20, 1868"In memory of"PC
Martin, Edna CraigJuly 8, 1878Aug 16, 1917"MOTHER" "WIFE OF W. W. MARTIN"PC
Martin, Eugene NolanJune 18, 1903Jul 25, 1917"SON OF GETER & MATTIE MARTIN"PC
Martin, Geter W.18761940Double Stone with Mattie MartinPC
Martin, InfantMar 5, 1900Mar 7, 1900Infant Daughter of C. W. & M. A. MARTINPC
Martin, Infant May 19, 1899Infant Son of C. W. & M. A. MARTINPC
Martin, James Sadler2-28-18226-24-1884"BORN ROCK HILL S.C." "Gone, but not forgotten." Tall slender stone has four names on it: James Sadler Martin and his two wives and son.NJ
Martin, Lucian T.Oct 29, 1874July 28, 1896"Son of W. W. & J. N. MARTIN"PC
Martin, Mattie18791976Double Stone with Geter W. Martin PC
Martin, Mattie McClain8-6-19139-18-1998   NJ
Martin, Nancy Griffis18761899Double Stone with Robert A. Martin "MARIED NOV. 17, 1892"PC
Martin, Penina L. nee Mann11-09-182710-19-1879"2nd Wife of JAMES SADLER MARTIN" "BORN CLEABURNE, ALA." Tall slender stone has four names on it: James Sadler Martin and his two wives and son.NJ
Martin, Robert A.18681899Double Stone with Nancy Griffis Martin "MARIED NOV. 17, 1892"PC
Martin, Sarah Jane nee Mann7-16-18298-28-1853"1st Wife of JAMES SADLER MARTIN" "BORN CLEABURNE ALA." "BURIED IN CARTHAGE LEAKE Co. MISSISSIPPI" "Dear mother I still see thee in my dreams." Tall slender stone has four names on it: James Sadler Martin and his two wives and son.NJ
Martin, W. W.Jun 10, 1845Apr 22, 1917"Husband of JANE & ETNA MARTIN"PC
McClain, James WesleyNov 30, 1869Aug 17, 1873"Son of D. D. & J. C. McCLAIN" "A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled."PC
McClain, John4-27-18839-28-1955Double Stone with Vada M. McClainNJ
McClain, Katie E.8-8-185210-22-1940"MOTHER" "Mother, we miss thee."NJ
McClain, Morrison C.6-13-19032-26-1989   NJ
McClain, Oscar D.5-2,19033-25-1967   NJ
McClain, Rufus B.1-25-184511-29-1929"FATHER" "Gone but not forgotten."NJ
McClain, Sue9-15-18836-13-1971   NJ
McClain, Vada M.10-3-19075-15-1993Double Stone with John McClainNJ
McDougald, Katie C.4-06-18816-09-1962Double Stone with Rufus A. McDougaldNJ
McDougald, Rufus A.8-29-18774-17-1950Double Stone with Katie C. McDougaldNJ
Peters, Helen Clanton - NEW 3-22-2005Jan 7, 1927  Double Stone with Leonard Peters, Masonic SymbolNJ
Peters, Leonard - NEW 3-22-2005Jan 22, 1921Apr 30, 1996Double Stone with Helen Clanton Peters, Masonic Symbols "50 YEARS" He also has a Military Stone, "CPL US ARMY AIR CORPS WORLD WAR II" Cross SymbolNJ
Phillips, Dora Temple - NEW 3-22-2005Mar 10, 1937Mar 15, 1994Double Stone with Jimmie Dale Phillips, Cross SymbolNJ
Phillips, Jimmie Dale - NEW 3-22-2005Mar 27, 1934Feb 9, 1984"A1C US AIR FORCE KOREA" Double Stone with Dora Temple Phillips, Cross SymbolNJ
Pope, Clara Marie H.10-20-19025-9-1985Double Stone with Harvey Smith Pope "IN THEE OH LORD HAVE I PUT MY TRUST" [Full Last name Hamilton]NJ
Pope, Harvey Smith1-18-18979-2-1950Double Stone with Clara Marie H. Pope "IN THEE OH LORD HAVE I PUT MY TRUST" [First h/o Clara Marie H. Pope]NJ
Rodgers, Mary M. Lowry - NEW 3-22-2005Aug 29, 1907Nov 11, 1997Double Stone with W. R. "Pete" RodgersNJ
Rodgers, W. R. "Pete" - NEW 3-22-2005Feb 20, 1907July 3, 1990Double Stone with Mary M. Lowry RodgersNJ
Stanfield, Mary Jane CraigMar 2, 1877Nov 30, 1897"WIFE OF N. D. STANFIELD"PC
Stanfield, Sarah V.Apr 11, 1848Feb 19, 1925"Wife of T. H. STANFIELD" "A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled."PC & NJ
Temple, Carlton B.Oct 17, 1924Jun 28, 1932[Middle name Bain; s/o David & Maude Orr Temple]PC
Temple, Charles L. - NEW 3-22-2005July 2, 1934Feb 8, 1995"MAJ US ARMY" Cross SymbolNJ
Temple, David F.Aug 29, 1889Jan 15, 1945Double Stone with Maude Orr TemplePC
Temple, Infant   1938"SON OF OTHA & DOVIE TEMPLE"PC
Temple, Joseph Brandon10-1-19833-4-2001says "17 years" on markerNJ
Temple, Mary ElizabethSep 23, 1891Sep 17, 1928"Faithful is her trust even unto death"PC
Temple, Maude OrrMar 22, 1889Jan 5, 1966Double Stone with David E. TemplePC
Temple, W. T.June 11, 1858Aug 20, 1919"FATHER" "ASLEEP IN JESUS - BLESSED SLEEP"PC
Veazey, Lavoisier M. - NEW 3-22-2005Oct 21, 1896Sept 16, 1965Double Stone with Willie J. VeazeyNJ
Veazey, Willie J. - NEW 3-22-2005Mar 3, 1900June 16, 1995Double Stone with Lavoisier M. VeazeyNJ
Walker, Mary Vera TempleMar 12, 1899Jun 13, 1936"MOTHER WE MISS YOU"PC
Walpole, Amanda Temple18531883"...will light our pathway"PC
Walpole, George WesleyMay 9, 1877Sep 14, 1881"Memories guide the hand of love"PC
Walpole, Johnnie MasonSep 25, 1888Sep 17, 1890" thine and sweet remembrance ours"PC
Weddle, Emma L.3-6-18732-7-1955[m/o Harvey Smith]NJ

NJ ... Nora Johnson
PC ... Pam Clift

Palestine United Methodist Cemetery - newer section behind the Palestine United Methodist Church

Palestine United Methodist Cemetery - older section south of the Palestine United Methodist Church

Cemetery photos courtesy of Nora Johnson

Cemetery coordinator: Barbara Logan
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