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Outlaw Cemetery

Outlaw Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 30.007' -- 92� 01.662'

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This is not a complete transcription. Notes in brackets [] do not appear on tombstone, but are provided as additional information. Please add your Outlaw Cemetery records by e-mailing

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

DIRECTIONS TO THIS CEMETERY: From Warren go south on Highway 63 to Highway 189. Turn left on Highway 189 to Road 40 (also called Outlaw Cemetery Road). Left on Road 40, the cemetery is on the left before again crossing Highway 189.

Baker, Alice M. JohnsonJan. 8, 1878Feb. 8, 1948[wife of J. H. Baker]AR
Baker, Arthur L. [Loyd] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-15-2009May 4, 1914Apr 24, 1990Masonic Emblem [s/o William Henry Baker & Odie Adell Seymore Baker]CM
Baker, Clifton G. [Green] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-15-2009Mar 1, 1908Aug 22, 1985[s/o William Henry Baker & Odie Adell Seymore Baker; h/o Naomi d. Adams, wed Jan 3, 1932]CM
Baker, ErdieFeb. 21, 1909Oct. 9, 1931 AR
Baker, Hurley L.Dec. 1, 1916Dec. 21, 1961"FAMILY OF J. E. BAKER" Triple Stone; PFC Infantry World War II BSM [s/o James E. and Nancy A. Baker]AR
Baker, IraNov. 1, 1888Oct. 20, 1967[h/o Myrtle Baker]AR
Baker, J. H.June 29, 1854Dec. 23, 1935[h/o Alice M. Johnson]AR
Baker, James E.18811965"FAMILY OF J. E. BAKER" triple stone [h/o Nancy A. Baker]AR
Baker, MargueriteApril 30, 1931Jan. 18, 1939[d/o Mr. & Mrs. Ira Baker]AR
Baker, MyrtleSept. 22, 1905Nov. 29, 1980[w/o Ira Baker]AR
Baker, Nancy A.18861961"FAMILY OF J. E. BAKER" Triple Stone [w/o James E. Baker]AR
Baker, Naomi D. Adams - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Oct 27, 1909Jan 3, 1982"Wife of Clifton [Green] Baker" [wed Jan 3, 1932]CM
Baker, Odie Seymore18871952"MOTHER" Double Stone with William H. BakerAR
Baker, Velma A.Sept. 23, 1897Jan. 2, 1926"WIFE OF IRA BAKER"AR
Baker, William H.18791972"FATHER" Double Stone with Odie Seymore BakerAR
Beasley, Junie Avrace - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Sept 28, 1908July 28, 1910"Dau. of d/o B. L. [Benjamin Lafayette] & M. M. [Minnie Mai Smith] Beasley"CM
Braswell, Lena - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Jan 24, 1898Apr 28, 1989   CM
Caudell, Thelma Savage - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009 Dec 26, 1918Apr 16, 1959"GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" [d/o Rev. Andrew Verna Savage & Susan Caroline Forrest Savage]CM
Cosby, Varneice E.[living] Double Stone with sister Avrace Lea CoxMJ
Cox, Avrace LeaJune 18, 1911Feb. 8, 1996Double Stone with sister Varneice Cox CosbyMJ
Cox, Ida Frances18891972[nee Savage; married first James H. Senn, second Luther Cox]MJ
Cox, JuliaJuly 13 1931July 13 1931Double Stone with brother Modrel Cox; "Son and Daughter of Mr and Mrs Luther Cox"MJ
Cox, Luther18871976Triple Stone with Ida Frances Cox and James H. SennMJ
Cox, ModrelFeb. 20 1925Feb. 23 1925Double Stone with sister Julia Cox; "Son and Daughter of Mr and Mrs Luther Cox"MJ
Cox, Otha G.Sept. 17, 1912Sept. 19, 1995Double Stone with Virginia CoxMJ
Cox, Virginia[living] Double Stone with Otha CoxMJ
Forrest, Adra Cox6-22-19072-5-2002Double Stone with Penix ForrestMR, MJ
Forrest, Bessie Stuard4-26-19118-20-1978Double Stone with Herbert ForrestMR
Forrest, Betty Jordan1-23-19071-21-1988[SSDI says b. 30 Oct,1936; d. Jan 1985
published Outlaw record says b. 31 Oct. 1936; d. 21 Jan 1985]
Forrest, Herbert1-19-19095-29-1999Double Stone with Bessie Stuard ForrestMR
Forrest, Johnnie2-15-191310-18-1988Double Stone with Loreen ForrestMR
Forrest, Loreen9-26-19155-6-1984Double Stone with Johnnie ForrestMR
Forrest, O W "Fiddle"[living] Double Stone with Betty Jordan ForrestMR
Forrest, Penix1-23-19073-8-1988Double Stone with Adra Cox ForrestMR
Hickman, Hattie Trussell18801962[d/o W. W. Trussell & Margaret Cox]MJ
Hickman, [Margaret] Helen W. [Warren] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-20091880[Jan 5] 1958Double Stone with Stephen Edward HickmanCM
Hickmon, Infant SonDec-13-1911Dec-13-1911"INFANT SON OF MR + MRS J. A. HICKMON" [correct spelling of last name is Hickman]MJ
Hickman, John Alex18771961Double Stone with Hattie Trussell HickmanMJ
Hickman, Martha - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009[about 1838]Oct 8, 1899"AGE 61 YEARS" "REST ON DEAR MOTHER"CM
Hickman, Martha18581951Double Stone with William Hickman [d/o Edward Steadman & Easter Waters]MJ
Hickman, Stephen E. [Edward] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009[May 17] 1882[Feb 21] 1956Double Stone with Margaret Helen Warren Hickman [s/o William Thomas Hickman & Martha Mary Stedman]CM
Hickman, William18531937Double Stone with Martha HickmanMJ
Houston, Bobby Lee - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Dec 27, 1931Jan 26, 1951Military stone "ARKANSAS" "PFC" "5 INFANTRY" "KOREA" "PH" Cross in circle symbolCM
Johnson, Drusie S. Feb. 8, 1899Sept. 10, 19??Double Stone with Elgan T. Johnson [Nee Savage]AR
Johnson, Elgan T. Dec. 7, 1890Apr. 9 1949Double Stone with Drusie S. Johnson AR
Jones, Ella Ree Hickman - NEW INFO & PHOTO! 2-22-2009Jan 10, 1889Oct 22/23, 1982Double Stone with Selvin Chester Jones "WED DEC. 23, 1908 [d/o William Thomas Hickman & Martha Mary Jane Stedman/Steadman]CM & MJ
Jones, Guy ReeceSept. 17, 1909Nov. 8, 1976Double Stone with Mary Mearl JonesMJ
Jones, Mary MearlMay 27, 1912December 12, 2000Double stone with Guy Reece Jones [d/o James Matthew Smith and Minnie Senn]MJ
Jones, Selvin Chester - NEW INFO & PHOTO! 2-22-2009 Dec 29, 1887Jan 5, 1982Double Stone with Ella Ree Hickman Jones "WED DEC. 23, 1908CM & MJ
Loveless, Edgar19041917 MJ
Loveless, James A.Oct-25-1847Mar-7-1908Double Stone with Pollie A. LovelessMJ
Loveless, Mary Jane4-17-19244-21-1924"INFANT; OUR DARLING"MJ
Loveless, Pollie A.Oct-9-1866Nov-17-1916[nee Savage]MJ
Loveless, William B.Feb. 1 1893Dec. 30 1973"Ark. Pvt. US Army WWI"MJ
Mann, Marshall J. - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009June 17, 1917Nov 25, 2000"Son of Garry S. Mann and Elizabeth Forrest Mann"CM
Mazzina, Anthony J. - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Feb 23, 1913Sept 4, 1993Double Stone with Beulah Mann Mazzina "SGT. U.S.A."CM
Mazzina, Beulah Mann - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Apr 24, 1913Nov 20, 1987Double Stone with Anthony J. Mazzina [d/o Garry S. Mann & Elizabeth Forrest Mann]CM
Outlaw, Infant Daughter3-15-19044-20-1904[d/o Hunter & S. C. Outlaw]MR
Outlaw, Albert W3-15-190511-21-1994Double Stone with Erma Glennon OutlawMR
Outlaw, Almer Edward - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Nov 5, 1933May 18, 2004Military Stone "PVT US ARMY" Cross symbolCM
Outlaw, Andy EdwardMar. 31, 1907Aug. 27, 1994Double Stone with Orlean Jones Outlaw "LOVE LIVES ON" "WED NOV. 24, 1928"MR & AR
Outlaw, Arthur E.11-29-191212-8-1986Double Stone with Lura Carruth OutlawMR
Outlaw, Ben J.10-2-18852-20-1926Double Stone with N. Abagail OutlawMR & AR
Outlaw, Carylon Ann6-20-194410-31-1945"SHAKE MY HAND PRECIOUS LORD" Triple Stone with parents Louis G. & Lena Bell OutlawMR & AR
Outlaw, Colyan C.[living?] [son of W. P. & E. S. Outlaw]MR
Outlaw, Dartha Grider11-15-19042-10-1997Double Stone with James Fletcher OutlawMR
Outlaw, David O10-12-192710-12-1931[s/o W. P. & E. S. Outlaw]MR
Outlaw, Erma Glennon8-8-19078-8-1941Double Stone with Albert W. OutlawMR
Outlaw, Esther B.10-15-19015-2-1974[Nee Braswell; 2nd w/o Hunter Outlaw]MR & AR
Outlaw, Esther S.10-8-19035-5-1986"AT REST" Double Stone with W. Preston OutlawMR & AR
Outlaw, Etta Mae9-22-18835-11-1957Double Stone with W. L. OutlawMR
Outlaw, Frances O.Sept. 14, 1931Oct. 12, 2002Double Stone with H. Leslie Outlaw "TO LIVE IN HEARTS WE LEAVE BEHIND IS NOT TO DIE" "WED SEPT. 15, 1951" [Nee Wherry]MR & AR
Outlaw, H. LeslieAug. 5, 1929Aug. 7, 1993Double Stone with Frances O. Outlaw "TO LIVE IN HEARTS WE LEAVE BEHIND IS NOT TO DIE" "WED SEPT. 15, 1951" MR & AR
Outlaw, Henry Elmon2-10-1914 "MARRIED MARCH 20, 1937" "IN LOVING MEMORY" Double Stone with Lena Estelle S. OutlawMR & AR
Outlaw, Hunter18811952"GREAT LOVES LIVE ON" Double Stone with Sarrah S. OutlawMR & AR
Outlaw, James Fletcher [Peck]1-1-19119-1-1992Double Stone with Dartha Grider OutlawMR
Outlaw, Lena Bell5-6-192211-30-1992"SHAKE MY HAND PRECIOUS LORD" Triple Stone with Louis G. & Carylon Ann Outlaw, her husband & daughterMR & AR
Outlaw, Lena Estelle S.Dec 3 1913April 9 1990"MARRIED MARCH 20, 1937" "IN LOVING MEMORY" Double Stone with Henry Elmon OutlawMR & AR
Outlaw, Lindsey C.5-6-19158-7-1969Double Stone with Maudie S. OutlawMR
Outlaw, Louis G.6-22-1917 "SHAKE MY HAND PRECIOUS LORD" Triple stone with Carylon Ann & Lena Bell Outlaw, his daughter & wifeMR & AR
Outlaw, Lura Carruth[living] Double Stone with Arthur E. OutlawMR
Outlaw, Maudie S11-16-19174-9-1984Double Stone with Lindsey C. OutlawMR
Outlaw, Milton Roy7-14-19323-11-1996 MR
Outlaw, N. Abagail2-17-18871-4-1961Double Stone with Ben J. OutlawMR & AR
Outlaw, Orlean JonesApr. 1, 1911Apr. 13, 2002Double Stone with Andy Edward Outlaw "LOVE LIVES ON" "WED NOV. 24, 1928"MR & AR
Outlaw, Sarrah S.18861918"GREAT LOVES LIVE ON" Double Stone with Hunter OutlawMR & AR
Outlaw, Thomas July 1855Dec. 13, 1932"HUSBAND OF CHARITY"AR
Outlaw, W. L.4-19-18789-3-1952Double Stone with Etta Mae OutlawMR
Outlaw, W. Preston10-24-19063-26-1987"AT REST" Double Stone with Esther S. OutlawMR & AR
Ozment, Infant Aug 24 1908[stillborn s/o Lucy T. & Robert Shelby Ozment, Jr.; no stone]SB
Ozment, Emma O.Dec 15 1889Dec 14 1964Double Stone with Robert OzmentCF
Ozment, Lucy T.Jan 30 1887Aug 24 1908 CF
Ozment, R. S.Nov 24 1828Sept 14 1900 CF
Ozment, Ricky10/10/19793/6/2001 SB
Ozment, RobertMar 29 1888Aug 20 1974Double Stone with Emma O. OzmentCF
Ozment, SusanMar 25 1849Feb 8 1925 CF
Ozment, Vance9/10/19213/8/2001 SB
Ragar, Caroline Savage - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-15-2009Oct 23, 1897Apr 11, 1981[d/o Thomas Forrest & Susan Outlaw Forrest]CM
Reddin, Clara EvelynAug 20, 1914[10 Nov 1994]"MARRIED MAY 5, 1935" Double Stone with Troy Thomas ReddinAR
Reddin, LedaneSept. 19, 1934Sept. 19, 1934"Safe in the arms of Jesus" [This may be Jordan and Maria Baker Reddins child. Can someone tell me for sure?]AR
Reddin, Troy ThomasMar 9, 1908May 13, 1979"MARRIED MAY 5, 1935" Double Stone with Clara Evelyn ReddinAR
Rodgers, Alice [Annie] Beasley - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Oct 5, 1907Dec 21, 1994Double Stone with Robert Troy Rodgers "WED DEC. 23, 1925 [d/o William Shelby Beasley & Ira Lou Hickman]CM
Rodgers, Bula M.18971984Double Stone with Dan RodgersMJ
Rodgers, Elois Imogene - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Dec 31, 1927Mar 1, 1928"DAU. OF MR. & MRS. R. T. RODGERS" [d/o Robert Troy Rodgers & Alice Annie Beasley Rodgers]CM
Rodgers, G. Dan18771963Double Stone with Bula M. RodgersMJ
Rodgers, Nancy Ardela [Senn] - NEW INFO & PHOTO! 2-22-2009June 24, 1879May 10, 1910"WIFE OF DAN RODGERS" "Rest, mother, rest in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep" [d/o John Wesley Senn & Mary Jane Stincil]MJ & CM
Rodgers, Robert Troy - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Feb 20, 1907May 3, 2004Double Stone with Alice Annie Beasley Rodgers, "WED DEC. 23, 1925" [s/o George Dan Rodgers & Nancy Ardella Senn Rodgers] CM
Savage, A. R. - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009May 10, 1862June 6, 1934  CM
Savage, Amos R. - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Jan 11, 1811Nov 5, 1886"REST IN PEACE"CM
Savage, [Bernice] Athleen - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-15-2009June 20, 1910Jan 27, 1985"AT REST" [d/o William Harvey Savage & Lois E. Beasley]CM
Savage, Audrie [Estell] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-15-2009Nov 5, 1914Oct 22, 1917Double Stone with brother Ottis Lincoln Savage [d/o Walter Jackson Savage, Sr. & Mary Etta Stedman Savage]CM
Savage, C. [Charles] Hoyt - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-15-2009Jan 22, 1906Aug 26, 1990Double Stone with Etta V. Savage "MARRIED Feb 25, 1927" "LIFE'S A VOYAGE THAT'S HOMEWARD BOUND" [s/o George Washington Savage & Mary Alice Beasley Savage]CM
Savage, Daniel E. [Eddis] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Sept 16, 1854Apr 29, 1928Double Stone with Martha Ann Braswell Savage [s/o Amos C. Savage & Catharine Wolfe; wed June 5, 1884]CM
Savage, Elizabeth - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Sept 16, 1840Dec 23, 1935[d/o William Stuart & Lucy Brooks; wed Amos C. Savage Jan 6, 1861]CM
Savage, [Mary] Ellen B. [Braswell] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009May 13, 1904Apr 12, 1986Double Stone with Hubert Ottis Savage, "MARRIED AUG 7, 1920" "BEYOND THE SUNSET IS ETERNAL JOY"CM
Savage, Ernest H. [Hubert] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Apr 2, 1925Oct 23, 2005Military Stone "COX US NAVY" "WORLD WAR II" "MUTT" [s/o Hubert Ottis Savage & Mary Ellen Braswell Savage]CM
Savage, Etta V. - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-15-2009Aug 19, 1908Apr 7, 1994Double Stone with C. [Charles] Hoyt Savage "MARRIED Feb 25, 1927" "LIFE'S A VOYAGE THAT'S HOMEWARD BOUND"CM
Savage, George W. [Washington] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Jan 14, 1876Jan 9, 1968[s/o Amos C. Savage & Elizabeth Stewart Savage; h/o Mary Alice Beasley Savage, wed Jan 14, 1903]CM
Savage, [William] Harvey - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Aug 4, 1871Aug 18, 1962Double Stone with Lois E. Beasley Savage "JESUS GATHERS THE FLOWERS FOR HEAVEN" [s/o Amos C. Savage & Elizabeth Stewart Savage; wed Dec 20, 1893]CM
Savage, Hubert O. [Ottis] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Feb 7, 1902Oct 2, 1985Double Stone with Mary Ellen Braswell Savage, "MARRIED AUG 7, 1920" "BEYOND THE SUNSET IS ETERNAL JOY"CM
Savage, Infant Son - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Sept 30, 1904Sept 30, 1904INFANT SON OF D. E. [Daniel Eddis] & M. A. [Martha Ann Braswell] SAVAGE" "ASLEEP IN JESUS"CM
Savage, Joe Keith - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009June 13, 1943Dec 27, 1958[s/o Francis Lafayette Savage & Callie Carolyn Sipes Savage]CM
Savage, John W. [Wesley] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Dec 8, 1854Oct 20, 1945Double Stone with Mary Pollie Ann Savage; "AT REST" [s/o Amos C. Savage & Catharine Wolfe Savage; wed Mar 22, 1883]CM
Savage, Leler Etter - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Feb 14, 1884Aug 13, 1898"Dau. of J. W. [John Wesley] & M. A. [Mary Ann Smith] Savage" "Gone to be an angel"CM
Savage, Lois - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Jan 18, 1876Nov 16, 1967Double Stone with William Harvey Savage "JESUS GATHERS THE FLOWERS FOR HEAVEN" [wed Dec 20, 1893]CM
Savage, Loyd - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Sept 28, 1927Nov 17, 1931[s/o Rev. Andrew Verna Savage & Susan Caroline Forrest Savage]CM
Savage, Martha A. [Ann Braswell] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Jan 21, 1868Jan 30, 1947Double Stone with Daniel Eddis Savage [d/o Nathaniel Braswell &Sarah Williamson Braswell; wed June 5, 1884]CM
Savage, Mary Alice - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Dec 23, 1876May 6, 1956   CM
Savage, Milton E. [Eugene] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009June 16, 1897July 12, 1901"AWAITING LOVED ONES" [s/o Daniel Eddis Savage & Martha Ann Braswell Savage]CM
Savage, Nannie [Nancy Ann Heard] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Nov 18, 1868June 6, 1965[w/o Amos Riley Savage; wed Jan 27, 1895]CM
Savage, Noel P. [Price] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Mar 14, 1909Nov 27, 1976[s/o George Washington Savage & Mary Alice Beasley Savage]CM
Savage, Ottis [Lincoln] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-15-2009Apr 14, 1926Sept 13, 1927Double Stone with sister Audrie Estell Savage [s/o Walter Jackson Savage, Sr. & Mary Etta Stedman Savage]CM
Savage, [Mary] Pollie Ann - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Oct 10, 1858July 6, 1930Double Stone with John Wesley Savage; "AT REST" [wed Mar 22, 1883]CM
Savage, Rev. [Andrew] Verna - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-15-2009Sept 6, 1893May 20, 1930"He died as he lived - a Christian" [s/o William Harvey Savage & Lois E. Beasley Savage; wed Susan Caroline Forrest Savage Apr 2, 1916]CM
Savage, Silas Eugene - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Dec 5, 1895Aug 14, 1898"Son of J. W. [John Wesley] & M. A. [Mary Ann Smith] Savage "Too good for earth, God called him home"CM
Savage, Toney - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Feb 5, 1921Nov 23, 1923 [child of Rev. Andrew Verna Savage & Susan Caroline Forrest Savage]CM
Savage, Victoria - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009 Feb 2, 1911Jan 10, 1965[d/o George Washington Savage & Mary Alice Beasley Savage]CM
Savage, William H. - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Jun 1, 1907Oct 18, 1940"AT REST * * BROTHER" [s/o Robert Harrison Savage & Laura Virginia Avrille Dopson Savage]CM
Savage, William T. - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-15-2009Mar 25, 1925June 18, 1944Military stone: "ARKANSAS" "PVT 175 INF" "WORLD WAR II" Cross in circle emblem [s/o Rev. Andrew Verna Savage & Susan Caroline Forrest Savage]CM
Senn, AmpliceOct 15, 1880Sep 16, 1969"AT REST"PC
Senn, EffieOct 15, 1888Aug 12, 1960"AT REST"PC
Senn, Infant - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Sept 2, 1902Sept 2, 1902"Child of David & Sarah [Elizabeth Rodgers] Senn"CM
Senn, J. W.April 1853Feb. 1920Double Stone with Mary J. Stinson SennMJ
Senn, James H.18821905Triple Stone with Ida Frances and Luther CoxMJ
Senn, John W. [Wesley] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Jan 10, 1915Oct 20, 1920"ASLEEP IN JESUS"CM
Senn, Mary J. StinsonMar 2 1855Oct 6 1902married Wesley Senn Aug 12, 1870MJ
Smith, Ben Carey - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-15-2009Nov. 6, 1896Apr 9, 1971"GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" [s/o William Smith & Sarah Forrest Smith; h/o Gennie Lou Rodgers]CM
Smith, Nancy V. Stewart - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Mar 24, 1845June 27, 1899"Wife of B. F. SMITH"CM
Stedman, Hazel R. [Rodgers] - NEW INFO & PHOTO! 2-13-2009Oct 24, 1904[Oct 26, 2006]Double Stone with John Wesley Stedman [d/o George Daniel Rodgers & Nancy Ardella Senn Rodgers; wed Dec 15, 1920]MJ & CM
Stedman, J. [John] Wesley - NEW INFO & PHOTO! 2-13-2009Jan 31, 1897Nov 22, 1966Double Stone with Hazel Rodgers Stedman [s/o John David Stedman & Lucy Ann Smith Stedman; wed Dec 15, 1920]MJ & CM
Stedman, John David - NEW INFO & PHOTO! 2-13-2009Nov 12, 1861Oct 31, 1933Double Stone with Lucy Ann Smith Stedman; "RESTING IN PEACE" [s/o Edward Stedman & Easter Waters Stedman]CM & MJ
Stedman, Lucy Ann [Smith] - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-13-2009Aug 6, 1867Feb 24, 1924Double Stone with John David Stedman; "RESTING IN PEACE"MJ & CM
Stedman, Opal R. - NEW INFO & PHOTO! 2-22-2009June 4, 1932July 13, 1933"OUR DARLING BABY" [d/o Hazel Rodgers & John Wesley Stedman]MJ & CM
Stewart, Lucy Brooks Jan 6, 1813Feb 3, 1903Double Stone with Riley StewartAR
Stewart, Mary J. May 4, 1862May 20, 1929"MOTHER" "The ---- of hope forever more" Double Stone with William R. StewartAR
Stewart, Milindia Smith Sept 12, 1872Apr 2, 1930"MOTHER"AR
Stewart, Riley 1810BETWEEN 1870-1880Double Stone with Lucy Brooks StewartAR
Stewart, William R. Nov 29, 1855Aug 8, 1918"FATHER" "The ---- of hope forever more" Double Stone with Mary C. StewartAR
Stuard, Anuel RichardJuly 28 1902May 29 1980Double Stone with Vera Stuard MasonMJ
Stuard, Ellen L. Aug 28, 1892Nov 22, 1915Double Stone with Starling M. StuardAR
Stuard, Ethel Forrest19041994Double Stone with Hermon B. StuardAR & MR
Stuard, Glynace B.Feb. 11, 1920Jan. 7, 2006"Married Nov. 20, 1937" Double Stone with Jesse Stuard [Nee Baker]AR
Stuard, Hermon B.19001986Double Stone with Ethel Forrest StuardAR & MR
Stuard, Ida Bell 18971956Double Stone with Lum C. StuardAR
Stuard, James R. Feb 14, 1873Jan. 12, 1919"Woodmen of the World Memorial" ornate stoneAR
Stuard, JesseFeb. 7, 1913July 19, 1979"Married Nov. 20, 1937" Double Stone with Glynace B. StuardAR
Stuard, Jordan May 30, 1897Oct 31, 1987Military Stone "PVT US ARMY" "WORLD WAR I"AR
Stuard, Leona L.Apr 18, 1876March 26, 1950"THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD"AR
Stuard, Lum C. 18931983Double Stone with Ida Bell StuardAR
Stuard, Robert D. Feb 22, 1904June 14, 1939   AR
Stuard, S. H. June 22, 1843Dec 18,1906"His toils are past, His work is done, He fought the fight, The victory won."AR
Stuard, Starling M. Feb 18, 1887Mar 11, 1966Double Stone with Ellen L. StuardAR
Stuard, Vera Mae Smith[living] Double Stone with Anuel StuardMJ
Stuart, Mary C. July 25, 1847May 1, 1888 AR
Tilmon, Lillian G. - NEW WITH PHOTO! 2-22-2009Feb 23, 1921Nov 12, 1946"Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Dan Rodgers" "A precious one from us has gone"CM
Tollison, Bertha TrussellJuly 28, 1901May 1, 1990[d/o Allen Trussell and Minnie Senn]MJ
Tollison, Robert T.Mar. 23, 1887Nov. 27, 1970Double Stone with Bertha Trussell TollisonMJ
Trussell, Bathie Stuard - NEW INFO & PHOTO! 2-22-2009Feb 11, 1908Jan. 29, 1983Double Stone with Ottis Guy Trussell" [d/o James Riley Stuard & Lucy Leona Brady Stuard]MJ & CM
Trussell, Ottis Guy - NEW INFO & PHOTO! 2-22-2009Sept 11, 1903Jan 26, 1992Double stone with Bathie Stuard Trussell "Married April 3, 1926" [s/o Allen Trussell & Minnie Senn Trussell]MJ & CM
Wages, Marie StuardMar. 19, 1915Feb. 23, 2001"MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER"AR


AR ... Ann Ragsdale
CF ... Carrie Franks
CM ... Celia Mears
MJ ... Melissa Jones
MR ... Martha Reeme
PC ... Pam Clift
SB ... Sheila Brown Branham

Cemetery coordinator (temporary): Melissa Jones
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