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Old Warren Cemetery


Old Warren Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 37.256' -- 92� 03.913'

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Old Warren Cemetery Sign Photo

Cemetery sign photo courtesy of Larry Howsen

We are very grateful to the Bradley County Genealogical Society for giving us permission to reprint their transcription of the Old Warren Cemetery. You can read the story of how the Old Warren Cemetery was restored here .

This is a complete transcription as it appeared in Bradley County Roots Volume 1, No. 1, p. 40-44, with a couple of additional notes in brackets [ ]. We have tried to be faithful to the Roots transcription, only alphabetizing the records for easier browsing. If you have corrections or additional information about any of these records, please e-mail

We have photographs of all the headstones that were found as of 2007. Click on the name to see the photograph. The majority of the photographs were taken by Larry Howsen who graciously shared them and corrected some of the transcriptions for this web page. THANKS, LARRY!

The Old Warren Cemetery is located on the corner of Howard & Packard in Warren, Bradley County, Arkansas.

Map of Old Warren Cemetery location

Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Zell Adkerson 3-7-1907No Stone [age 5 months]DP
Eaver L. Angle 19281935[Died May 17, 1935, age 7 years; d/o Mr. & Mrs. P. H. Angle]DP & LH
B. G. Baggett 2-16-1885 9-29-1915"GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN"DP & LH
Infant Blankenship  1940 DP & LH
Infant Blankenship  1943 DP & LH
Martha I. Blankinship 11-16-18656-24-1940"Now at rest on the beautiful shore forever more"PB & LH
Paul Robert Blankenship 19341936 DP & LH
Elizabeth A. Scobey Bond2-19-18376-2-1918 No Stone [w/o Augustus N. Bond; Married 3-30-1853]DP
Dr. Augustus N. Bond9-18-1827 4-27-1907No Stone; [Born Augusta, GA; h/o Elizabeth A. Scobey Bond.; Mayor of Warren 1883-1884; Served in Confederate Army]
Infant Bond  11-18-1903"INFANT DAUGHTER OF F. N. & S. R. BOND"DP & LH
Mike Bond 7-24-19045-7-1908"Son of F. N. & S. R. BOND" "Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on that blissful shore"DP & LH
Floy N. Bond 1-10-18823-17-1915 DP & LH
Fred Bradford 11-25-19014-5-1902"Son of W.T. & C.M. BRADFORD" "Sleep on dear child and take they rest in Jesus arms forever blest"DP & LH
Miss Ella Bradley 1-7-18587-8-1896DAU OF JUDGE JOHN M. & C.[?] M. BRADLEYDP & LH
Judge John M. Bradley 9-17-18273-16-1887"BORN AT LEBANON TENN" "DIED AT WARREN ARK" [h/o Louisa M. BradleyDP & LH
Louisa M. Bradley 1-23-18352-18-1900WIFE OF JUDGE JNO. M> BRADLEY"DP & LH
R. L. Bradley 2-8-186411-29-1912"WOODMEN OF THE WORLD MEMORIAL"LH
Sallie K. Bradley 4-9-18666-30-1959 LH
Wm. Ratcliff Bradley 7-8-18604-18-1880"Son of Col. John M.& Lou M. Bradley"DP & LH
Broken stone no name 5-21-189412-11-1918Possibly the original stone for Grace Risher? Birthdate is the sameDP & LH
Charles Dale Carter 11-17-1933No Stone [Age 5 months]DP
Bennie Coward6-22-1897-15-1899[d/o A. B. & M. E. CowardDP
Roseann Dawkins 2-14-183112-27-1901"GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" Original Stone DP & LH
Fred Dennis 4-25-1914No Stone [age 72 years]DP
Marion Charles Evans 4-30-1914No Stone [age 24 days]DP
Nancy Fogle 3-4-18457-2-1905"AT REST"LH
Jeanette Fike5-30-19379-12-1937No Stone [Twin sister to Annette Fike; died from pneumonia following surgery to remove a tumor that she was born with above her eye]DP & GL
Mary Ida Gambill 8-2-18613-10-1907Double Stone with William T. Gambill [nee Coats; w/o William Thomas Gambill]DP & LH
William T. Gambill 3-3-18596-15-1918Double Stone with Mary Ida Gambill [middle name Thomas; h/o Mary Ida Coats Gambill]DP & LH
Andrew J. Gardner 9-185112-30-1879"Son of Rev. S. & S. E. Gardner"DP & LH
Alis Dawkins Groves 1-6-18723-6-1937Double Stone with Mack D. Groves "AT REST"DP & LH
Mack D. Groves 8-1-18622-12-1938Double Stone with Alis Dawkins Groves "AT REST"DP & LH
H   Broken Stone - no other information knownLH
Infant Halbrook  No Stone "Father Cecil Halbrook; Stillborn]DP
Z. T. Hamilton 18511876 DP & LH
Margaret Hammaker 4-11-18572-26-1935[Full name: Marguerite Eva Caroline Dawkins Hamaker]DP & LH
Earlie C. Hobbs 5-13-18847-24-1924"BORN IN DREW CO. ARK." "DIED IN SHREVEPORT, LA."DP & LH
Oswin Hobbs 3-10-184911-1-1905 DP & LH
Mrs. S. L. Hobbs6-5-18521-1-1912 DP
Infant Hogue 11-1911No Stone [s/o J. J. & Willie Hogue]DP
Willie Hogue 6-16-188711-8-1910"Wife of J. J. HOGUE"DP & LH
W. C. Houston8-10-18706-3-1937
at age 66
No Stone [Born AL; h/o Sallie McCrory; f/o Katie Polk; three brothers: Walsh H. - AL, Erwin H. - TX & Sam H. - Tucson, AZ]DP
B. R. Huff 10-6-18717-3-1939"FATHER" "SLEEP ON DEAR FATHER"DP & LH
Margaret Adaline Huff 4-30-186612-22-1924"MOTHER" "WIFE OF B. R. HUFF" "SLEEP ON DEAR MOTHER"DP & LH
Lillie M. Love 10-28-190111-1-1902"Dau of W. O. & LELAL. LoveDP & LH
Mary A. Lowe 8-20-18558-23-1935Double Stone with Stephens P. LoweDP & LH
Selina Lowe 2-7-18851898"Daughter of S. P. & M. A. Lowe"DP & LH
Stephens P. Lowe 8-22-18515-10-1913Double Stone with Mary A. LoweDP & LH
Henry James Lynn 9-9-189712-17-1899 DP & LH
James R. Lynn 18731942Double Stone with Susie A. LynnDP & LH
Jesse Lee Lynn 2-17-18993-20-1899 DP & LH
Susie A. Lynn 18721969Double Stone with James R. LynnDP & LH
Dr. A. L. Marr 3-17-18536-10-1889"BORN IN HOLLY SPRINGS MISS" "DIED AT WARREN ARK" [h/o Mary S. Marr]DP & LH
Son Marr 4-1-18814-28-1881"SON OF A. L. & M. S. MARR "Our little boy sleeps sweetly here" [their other children are John & Mary]DP & LH
Mary S. Marr 2-11-185612-21-1902"WIFE OF DR. A. L. MARR" "BORN IN WARREN ARK."DP & LH
David Marshall19004-18-1932No Stone [age 32 years]DP
Martha 4-24-1937[age 54; couldn't read name in funeral Home book page 15; Name could be McClendue/McCledeer/McClendon]DP
Jennie Miller 10-26-18738-25-1905"WIFE OF W. L. [William Lawrence] MILLER" [Full name: Jane Bell "Jennie" Handly Miller]DP & LH
Mary E. Miller 4-19-18445-14-1908"Wife of W. [William] T. MILLER"DP & LH
W. [William] F. Miller 1-8-18308-13-1905Headstone reads "W. F. MILLER" which is incorrect - foot stone reads "W. T. MILLER" which is correct according to Miller Family Bible.DP & LH
A. J. Morgan7-15-18565-30-1935No Stone [age 79 years; born MS; married Mamie Smith in Benton in 1883; one son, Arthur]DP
Mary J. [Jane Bond Slaughter] Packard1-3-1837
Milledgeville, GA.
9-17-1895"Wife of M. EUGENE PACKARD" [Children Russel, Letha & Wilbur; first husband Charles A. Slaughter; Great great grandmother of Bobby Slaughter] Her broken Stone before repaired by PS
New Charles A. Slaughter stone now beside her stone
James Henry Palmer7-7-18739-13-1901"Son of L. D. & Susie Palmer"DP & LH
Calvin Pearce7-15-187912-23-1958No Stone [h/o Myrtle E. Pearce]DP
Catherine Pearce7-19042-22-1914[age 9 years; caught fire from fireplace and died from burns; d/o Calvin & Myrtle Pearce<]/td>DP
Dorthy Pearce  [d/o Calvin & Myrtle Pearce; age 3-5 years; died with diarrhea or flux]DP
Myrtle E. Pearce 1-12-188812-21-1910Wife of Calvin PearceDP & LH
John Wright Plunk 3-3-18606-21-1933Another Photo; Third photo; Located off to the side of the cemeteryRB & LH
Mary D. Plunk 3-7-186711-19-1905"Wife of J. W. PLUNK"
Another Photo; Third photo; Located off to the side of the cemetery
Grace Risher 5-21-189411-11-1918"WIFE OF J. B. RISHER"DP & LH
Infant Risher 10-19-191812-19-1918"INFANT OF J. B. AND GRACE RISHER"DP & LH
Eddie Robertson 3-15-18831-20-1905Double Stone with brother Scott Robertson age 21 years "Children of M & M ROBERTSON"DP & LH
Scott Robertson 1-15-189510-5-1906Double Stone with brother Eddie Robertson age 11 years "Children of OF M & M ROBERTSON"DP & LH
Clarence Schenks 7-11-190411-1-1905"Son of J. H. & Z. A. SCHENKS"DP & LH
Willie B. Schenks 4-15-190211-2-1904"Dau of J. H.& G. A SCHENKS"DP & LH
Charles A. Slaughter - NEW PHOTOS! 11-1-201518252-10-1865Military Stone "CAPT" "F & S 9 ARK INF CSA" Cross garland emblem [First husband of Mary Jane Bond Packard; Great great grandfather of Bobby Slaughter]New Charles A. Slaughter stone now beside her stoneDP, PS & LH
John W. Sloan 4-14-194310-22-2005Military Stone "PFC US ARMY" Christian Cross emblemLH
Infant Smith 9-24-1937[Stillborn; father T. E. Smith]DP
Martha A. Smith  7-24-1888"AGED 67 YEARS"DP & LH
Elvie B. Stokes 8-14-19127-19-1948 DP & LH
Jane Sudsberry 10-5-184612-30-1905"In memory of" "WIFE OF Wm. SUDSBERRY" [nee Lawley]DP & LH
B. F. Thomason 3-16-18506-12-1897"GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" [h/o Martha P. Thomason]DP & LH
Lucie Lee Thomason 12-5-18796-21-1893?8?"IN AFTER TIME WE'LL MEET HER" [d/o B. F. & Martha Thomason]DP & LH
Martha P. Thomason 6-29-18555-27-1937[Middle name Parilee; w/o B. F. Thomason; died at age 81 years]1DP & LH
Miss Lula Turner  9-13-1892Quadruple Stone with Manie, Mattie C. and Marvin E. Turner "28 YEARS" "DAU OF M. E. & VIRGINIA TURNER"DP & LH
Manie Turner 1-25-18??9-10-1885Quadruple Stone with Lula, Mattie C. and Marvin E. Turner "DAU OF M. E. & J. B. TURNER"DP & LH
Marvin E. Turner 6-8-18484-5-1890Quadruple Stone with Lula, Mattie C. and Manie Turner [other daughters were Lillie B., Margaret and Mary]DP & LH
Mattie C. Turner 1-31-18809-2-1891Quadruple Stone with Lula, Manie and Marvin E. Turner "DAU OF M. E. & J. B. TURNERDP & LH
Unknown     LH
Unreadable    LH

1   Martha & B. F. had five sons, E. R., Frank, Walter, Ed-of Warren- and Oscar-of Hot Springs. They also had four daughters, Mrs. Hattie Rice-of Wilmar-, Mrs. Jannie Earnest-of Harrell- and Jewell Bradley-of New Edinburg. Jewell died 5-30-1937.


DP ... Debbie Patrick (no email address currently known)
GL ... Glenda Lake
LH ... Larry Howsen
PB ... Patricia Blankenship
PS ... Pat Slaughter
RB ... Ray Bland

Cemetery coordinator: Barbara Logan
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Old Warren Cemetery Restoration

In the spring of 1987, with the help of Thomas & Janet Conners, Billy & Shirley Hampton began the tedious process of clearing the completely overgrown Old Warren Cemetery. This historical site had been unceremoniously used as a neighborhood dumping ground for some thirty years. The two couples worked every weekend cutting and stacking piles of brush, limbs, and trees until their task was completed in the fall of that year. The only outside assistance these workers received was from the Warren Fire Department which had agreed to burn the debris as it was cleared from the land.

Following an appeal for funds to establish perpetual care, small amounts of money were sent to Shirley by descendants of those who were buried in the cemetery. The money has been placed in a local bank and it is Shirley's hope to receive enough for maintenance of the old cemetery. In the meantime, Shirley and Billy continue to mow the area once a month.

Dates on the markers in the cemetery range from 1881 to 1969, although there may be earlier markers that have not yet been located. Frazer's Funeral Home has documentation on file regarding graves that are unmarked. Shirley has received information from descendants concerning dates of death and location of family members graves.

The following list of persons known to be buried in the Old Warren Cemetery was compiled from the various sources that have been noted.

The Bradley County Genealogical Society wishes to give special recignition to the Hamptons for their splendid efforts in restoring and maintaining the Old Warren Cemetery.

Submitted by:
Patricia Rowell Tucker

This introduction originally appeared in Bradley County Roots, Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 39

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