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Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: N 33° 36.395' -- W 92° 03.349'

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Oakland Cemetery Photo

Cemetery photo courtesy of Pam Clift

This is not a complete transcription. Notes given here do not necessarily appear on tombstone but are provided as additional information. Please add your Oakland Cemetery records by e-mailing

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

DIRECTIONS TO THIS CEMETERY: From downtown Warren go north on Highway 63. Turn right on North Bradley Road. Cemetery is on the left.

Adams, Opal T.1915   Double Stone with W. Troy AdamsPC
Adams, W. Troy19081958Double Stone with Opal T. AdamsPC
Allison, RufusMay 16, 1880June 9, 1897"Son of T. P. & M. R. Allison"LC
Bailey, Bessie2-24-187610-30-1891Shared Stone with Bettie, Edrie, James and Ziemer Bailey
Another view of stone
Bailey, Bettie1-3-18522-28-1905Shared Stone with Bessie, Edrie, James and Ziemer Bailey
Another view of stone
Bailey, Edrie6-18-18889-20-1889Shared Stone with Bessie, Bettie, James and Ziemer Bailey
Another view of stone
Bailey, James3-30-18442-08-1928Shared Stone with Bessie, Bettie, Edrie and Ziemer Bailey
Another view of stone
Bailey, Ziemer9-30-188010-09-1898Shared Stone with Bessie, Bettie, Edrie and James Bailey
Another view of stone
Baker, James E.Oct 26, 1904Mar 25, 1947"Rest in peace dear one." [Full name James Erwin Baker; s/o Susie Parrish Roane Baker & William Mitchell Baker]AR
Baker, Susie P.Oct 8, 1873Jan 22, 1925"WIFE OF W. M. BAKER" [Full name Susie Parrish Roane Baker; Husband W. M. (William Mitchell) Baker was a brother to James Harrison Baker of the Sumpter community]AR
Bond, BettieSep 27, 1893Sep 17, 1953   PC
Bond, Blanche A.Nov 25, 1884Jan 5, 1943   PC
Bond, Henry E.Oct 16, 1859Jan 7, 1944"PAPA"PC
Bond, Hettie A.Sep 4, 1861Dec 13, 1941"MAMMA"PC
Bond, JewellDec 6, 1888Jul 10, 1980   PC
Bradford, Aubrey HerringJan 17, 1920   Double Stone with Henry Kermit BradfordPC
Bradford, DorthyOct 21, 1928   Double Stone with John Junior Bradford "WED FEB. 20, 1948" "FOREVER WITH THE LORD"PC
Bradford, Henry C.Jun 16, 1895Sep 15, 1972Double Stone with L. Hester Hickey BradfordPC
Bradford, Henry KermitNov 20, 1916Dec 27, 1993Double Stone with Aubrey Herring Bradford Military Stone "SGT US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II"PC
Bradford, John JuniorJuly 5, 1923Apr 2, 1998Double Stone with Dorthy Bradford "WED FEB. 20, 1948" "FOREVER WITH THE LORD"PC
Bradford, L. Hester HickeyJune 5, 1895April 13, 1969Double Stone with Henry C. BradfordPC
Bradley, Ethel T.18921979Double Stone with Henry M. Bradley; Mason SymbolPC
Bradley, Henry M18891947Double Stone with Ethel T. Bradley; Mason SymbolPC
Bradley, John E.Aug. 25, 1854Feb. 18, 1925Double Stone with Martha Turner BradleyLC
Bradley, Martha TurnerMar. 10, 1855May 23, 1921Double Stone with John E. BradleyLC
Bratton, Arliss R.12-20-191111-26-2000Double Stone with Grace B. BrattonNJ
Bratton, Durward B.10-18-19139-10-1994Double Stone with Mary F. Bratton; Military Stone "PVT US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II"NJ
Bratton, Grace B.7-21-19127-19-1987Double Stone with Arliss R. BrattonNJ
Bratton, Mary F.7 -27-19143-27-1997Double Stone with Durward B. BrattonNJ
Broughton, Rosana7-4-18447-15-1901Another photo of headstone "WIFE OF J. R. BROUGHTON" "She died as she lived, trusting in God" [Nee Rosana Burnett; d/o James Burnett & Rosana]SR
Brown, Anna26 Jul. 185611 Feb. 1929Double Stone with John Brown "MOTHER" "AT REST"CM
Brown, John5 Sep. 185411 Apr. 1916Double Stone with Anna Brown "FATHER" "AT REST"CM
Bryant, Ida D.July 20, 1878Jan. 27, 1974 LC
Burks, James W.Aug 5, 1921Sep 8, 1976   PC
Burnett, Arthur18751944"Husband"LC
Burnett, Eva D.18801944"Wife"LC
Burnett, Thomas1846May 11, 1922 LC
Burns, Homer E.February 25, 1905June 1, 1978Double Stone with Mable Stone BurnsBE
Burns, Louie H.October 30, 1899February 16, 1986Double Stone with Ruth D. BurnsBE
Burns, Mable StoneMarch 25, 1909 Double Stone with Homer E. BurnsBE
Burns, Ruth D.October 28 Double Stone with Louie H. BurnsBE
Camden, Emmer L.18701957Double Stone with George W. CamdenLC
Camden, George W.18731943Double Stone with Emmer L. CamdenLC
Cathey, Anita Nixon24 Jun. 192119 Oct. 2001Double Stone with Haskel John Cathey [d/o Fred & Melia Nixon]CM
Cathey, Haskel John17 Aug. 191926 Jun. 2002Double Stone with Anita Nixon CatheyCM
Chambers, Elsie MaeDec. 6, 1883Oct. 25, 1972 LC
Chambers, Marshall L.Sept. 13, 1877May 2, 1955 LC
Chidester, ArthurJul 13, 1898Dec 30, 1983Triple Stone with Gertrude B. and Fay ChidesterPC
Chidester, FayMar 10, 1923Feb 21, 1985Triple Stone with Gertrude B. and Arthur ChidesterPC
Chidester, Gertrude B.Aug 28, 1900Mar 17, 1971Triple Stone with Arthur and Fay ChidesterPC
Chumney, Ruth MeltonDec. 15, 1925Sept. 5, 1996 LC
Clary, MollieJan. 8, 1862June 20, 1897"At Rest" "Wife of J. C. Clary"LC
Colson, Jerome JohnsonDec. 25, 1855July 7, 1944[Born Batesville, AR.; h/o l) Rosalee Rowland, 2) Anna McLendon; he was an active minister in Arkansas for 35 years]FM
Cranford, Annie JewelOct. 18, 1937 Double Stone with Marvin Houston CranfordTJ
Cranford, Marvin HoustonDec 17, 1933Nov 3, 1987Double Stone with Annie Jewel CranfordTJ
Crow, Sue MartinMay 29, 1911Oct 17, 1997Stone matching and beside Stone of Merl T. Crow M.D.PC
Crow, Marvin Thacker, M. D.Aug. 6, 1877Oct. 26, 1962[h/o Ella Johnson Crow; 1st child: Marvin Thacker Crow, Jr., M. D.]LC & GA
Crow, Merl T. M.D.May 29, 1912Aug 2, 1983Stone matching and beside Stone of Sue Martin Crow PC
Culbreath, Carrie18801950 LC
Culbreath, FrankJune 17, 1888  GA
Culbreath, MildredJuly 24, 1896  GA
Culbreath, R. S.18751944"Death is eternal life, why should we weep?"LC
Cuthbertson, C. Cleve18841956Double Stone with Grace D. CuthbertsonLC
Cuthbertson, Grace D.18961975Double Stone with C. Cleve CuthbertsonLC
Cuthbertson, William CarrollOct. 17, 1915Dec. 4, 1990 LC
Davis, Ben K.Sept. 17, 1882Feb. 24, 1951 LC
Davis, Marzell KinardAug 13, 1928May 14, 2001  PC
Davis, Mary AnnaFeb. 15, 1881Oct. 20, 1968 LC
Derby, Mable MeekFeb. 9, 1893July 1, 1978 LC
Durham, Harriet A.June 13, 1847June 2, 1921[w/o James L. Durham]HW
Durham, James L.Jan. 2, 1840Mar. 12, 1919[h/o Harriet A. Durham]HW
Ederington, Sallie H Belin1854April 12,1901[w/o John Thomas Ederington; Married November 15, 1874 recorded in Marriage Book B page 166]NJ
Edwards, Shirley Garrison19181992 TG
Enis, Jno. W. - NEW WITH PHOTO - 6-8-2009Oct. 1, 1832Feb. 11, 1904"He died as he lived - trusting in God" Masonic EmblemLH
Enis, Mary W. - NEW WITH PHOTO - 6-8-2009Feb. 16, 1843Jan. 3, 1912"The Lord is my Redeemer"LH
Finch, Sallie EverettAug. 4, 1859Nov. 07, 1925in Section 29 A Double Stone with William Stewart Finch [second wife of Wm. S. Finch]BK
Finch, William StewartSept. 11, 1830July 19, 1907in Section 29 A Double Stone with Sallie Everett FinchBK
Forrest, Jeff E.Aug 25, 1910Apr 13, 1982"S2 US NAVY" "WORLD WAR II" [h/o Josephine Scobey]PC
Forrest, Josephine ScobeyAug 9, 1912Jun 6, 1993[w/o Jeff E. Forrest; d/o Eddie May & Charlie L. Scobey]PC
Garrison, Ina Culbreath18951971 TG
Garrison, Lucy EllenJuly 1878August 1928 TG
Garrison, M. B.Sept. 4, 1844Feb. 8, 1914"AGED 69 YRS. 5 MOS. & 4 DAYS" "Soldier of the Confederacy" [Major Brown Garrison]TG
Garrison, Martha19191985 TG
Garrison, Peter Earl18901954 TG
Garrison, Susan ScobyFeb. 4, 1849March 15, 1925"WIFE OF M. B. GARRISON"TG
Godwin, Kenneth Charles6 June 193225 Oct 2000"Born Warren" "Died Lawton"KGM
Hairston, Ava ReepMay 22, 1922 Double Stone with W. Addison HairstonPC
Hairston, W. AddisonFeb 2, 1920March 3, 1981Double Stone with Ava Reep HairstonPC
Hargis, Betty ParnellApr 16, 1926Jul 28, 1980Double Stone with Robert Allen HargisPC
Hargis, Ollie E.March 27, 1916Jan 21, 2006Double Stone with Rex Leon Hargis [Born in Crestview, FL]PC & CH
Hargis, Rex Leon19071956Double Stone with Ollie E. HargisPC
Hargis, Robert AllenSep 13, 1922Aug 26, 1995Double Stone with Betty Parnell HargisPC
Hargrave, Cleo Lenner Temple6/4/19146/6/2002[d/o Howard Lee & Letha Julia Rowell Temple; w/o Samuel Hampton Hargrave]RC
Hightower, Adrian Maudrell   TM
Hightower, Floyd C.Dec. 11, 1913Jan. 13, 1914 TM
Hightower, FrancesFeb. 14, 1923Feb. 26, 1923 TM
Hightower, FredNov. 10, 1886June 3, 1972[double stone with Maggie Hightower]TM
Hightower, Gwendolyn B.18841953[double stone with Norwood D. Sr. Hightower]TM
Hightower, Joe V.Dec. 6, 1907Sep. 18, 1991TEC 4, U.S. ARMY, WORLD WAR II, Masonic EmblemTM
Hightower, John O.(no date)(no date)CO A, WATKINS, LA CAV, C.S.A.TM
Hightower, MaggieJuly 13, 1890May 22, 1976[double stone with Fred Hightower]TM
Hightower, Mary W.Nov. 15(?), 1849Aug. 7, 1927 TM
Hightower, Max LouisJan. 20, 1922Oct. 15, 1988F2 US NAVY, WORLD WAR II, AT RESTTM
Hightower, Norwood D. Sr.18791953[double stone with Gwendolyn B. Hightower]TM
Howsen, Bertha M. Hines
- NEW WITH PHOTO - 6-8-2009
Dec. 8, 1909Feb. 11, 2002Double Stone with John Buster Howsen "WED DEC. 24, 1928" "LOVE IS LOVE FOREVER"LH
Howsen, John Buster
- NEW WITH PHOTO - 6-8-2009
June 29, 1908Mar. 26, 2003Double Stone with Bertha M. Hines Howsen "WED DEC. 24, 1928" "LOVE IS LOVE FOREVER"LH
Hoyle, Mett S.Jan 23, 1907Dec 27, 1984[h/o Pearl Temple Hoyle]PC
Hoyle, Pearl T.Sep 15, 1908Aug 15,1982[Maiden name Pearl Temple; w/o Mett S. Hoyle]PC
Huitt, Wilson MarkOct. 7, 1918Feb. 23, 2002[s/o Toll W. & Lizzie McKinzie Huitt; h/o Ouita Mae Temple Huitt; h/o Ouita Carmical Huitt]RC
Johns, James A.July 11, 1872Aug. 21, 1963 TM
Johns, Maggie H.Jan. 18, 1877July 18, 1969 TM
Johnson, Curtis A.6-10-19188-29-1920   NJ
Johnson, Glendolyn Orr4-05-19087-10-1981Double Stone Marvin T. JohnsonNJ
Johnson, J. Leonard5-14-18938-30-1969"Married 11-21-1930" Double Stone with Vera S. JohnsonNJ
Johnson, Julia Pardue5-28-18791-09-1936"Wife of N. S. Johnson"NJ
Johnson, Marvin T.11-25-19062-14-1985Double Stone with Glendolyn Orr JohnsonNJ
Johnson, N. S.9-19-187812-25-1948  NJ
Johnson, Vera S.7-14-19059-19-1991"Married 11-21-1930" Double Stone with J. Leonard JohnsonNJ
Jones, Charley W.Aug 5, 1891Jan 10, 1975�IN LOVING MEMORY�PC
Jones, Elna LeeDec 3, 1913Nov 30, 1983Double Stone with Harvey N. JonesPC
Jones, Harvey N.Oct 30, 1912Oct 17, 1981Double Stone with Elna Lee JonesPC
Jones, Nannie ErinJuly 6, 1893Nov 14, 1974Double Stone with Wm. Wallace JonesPC
Jones, Wm. WallaceFeb 26, 1889Oct 24, 1983Double Stone with Nannie Erin JonesPC
Kight, Charline S.Nov 22, 1907Dec 4, 1993   PC
Kinard, Charlie W.Apr 8, 1879Dec 23, 1972Double Stone with Iva Marie KinardPC
Kinard, Iva MarieAug 23, 1892Mar 27, 1967Double Stone with Charlie W. KinardPC
Kinard, Juanita S.Feb 23, 1919Jan 30, 2003  PC
King, Mamie Wilson3-21-19332-16-1997   NJ
Knickerbocker, James D. (Foot Stone)4-17-191612-25-2005Double Head Stone with Nina Olga KnickerbockerNJ
Knickerbocker, Nina Olga (Foot Stone)7-22-19224-28-1988Double Head Stone with James D. Knickerbocker [d/o John & Dura Sharp]NJ
Langston, Almeda M.   3-28-1892"Wife of R. F. Langston" "Age 36 years 8 months & 21 days" "Gone Home"NJ
Langston, Myrtle3-22-188312-04-1963   NJ
Larance, Fred ColvinJul 20, 1908Nov 18, 1977Double Stone with Myrtle Rhodes LarancePC
Larance, Leslie RabbSep 25, 1955Jul 21, 2000"MOTHER" "A BEAUTIFUL CHERISHED DAUGHTER" "A DEVOTED WIFE" "A KIND AND LOVING MOM" Double Stone with Thomas R. LarancePC
Larance, Myrtle RhodesDec 7, 1910Jul 2, 1996Double Stone with Fred Colvin LarancePC
Larance, Thomas R.Sep 26, 1946   "FATHER" Double Stone with Leslie Rabb LarancePC
Lawrence, Herbert KaufmanJul 17, 1913Jun 9, 1997Double Stone with Velma Bradford LawrencePC
Lawrence, Velma BradfordApr 29, 1915Apr 8, 1981Double Stone with Herbert Kaufman LawrencePC
Lawton, A.[Abner] RayDec. 4, 1907July 25, 1975Double Stone with Dora Burns Lawton [brother of Albert B. Lawton]BE
Lawton, Albert B.April 8, 1893May 14, 1974Double Stone with Barbara M. F. LawtonBE
Lawton, Barbara M. F.July 4, 1896July 7, 1977Double Stone with Albert B. LawtonBE
Lawton, Dora BurnsJuly 18, 1911 Double Stone with Ray Abner LawtonBE
Lawton, LoriceJune 29, 1920Dec. 2, 1932[d/o Albert B. & Barbara M. F. Lawton]BE
Littlefield, Leona Lane1944[living][d/o Oscar King Littlefield & Willie Boone]LL
Littlefield, Oscar King19111989[h/o Willie Boone]LL
Littlefield, William David19411992Marine Corps [s/o Oscar King Littlefield & Willie Boone]LL
Littlefield, Willie Boone19152000[w/o Oscar King Littlefield]LL
Martin, Dr. John Wilson6-8-18192-11-1910Double Stone with Mary E. MartinNJ
Martin, Mary E.7-1-183011-21-1919Double Stone with Dr. John Wilson MartinNJ
Mathews, Arthur Franklin    "Co. A - 3 Miss. Inf. CSA" [No dates]NJ
May, Lewis WilliamApril 7,1922June 17,1995Double Stone, Military HonorsEM
McClain, Charles WoodrowNov 15, 1913Sep 12, 1999Double Stone with Martha Juanita McClainPC
McClain, John ShieldsSep 25, 1906Nov 27, 1999Double Stone with Lucian Veree Brady McClainPC
McClain, Lucian Veree BradyAug 22, 1913Feb 28, 1997Double Stone with John Shields McClainPC
McClain, Martha JuanitaAug 2, 1923Dec 13, 2000Double Stone with Charles Woodrow McClainPC
McLeod , Mary Marr3-14-18798-08-1976  NJ
Mitchell, Almond H.Jan 17, 1924   Double Stone with Dorothy Michael MitchellPC
Mitchell, Dorothy MichaelOct 6, 1927   Double Stone witih Almond H. MitchellPC
Mitchell, GladysMar 14, 1916   Double Stone with Horace MitchellPC
Mitchell, HoraceNov 10, 1907Jan 22, 1985Double Stone with Gladys MitchellPC
Moore, Amanda E.18851961Double Stone with Harry J. MooreNJ
Moore, Harry J.18781965Double Stone with Amanda E. MooreNJ
Moss, John C.   Double Stone with Mary E. Hightower Moss; Another view of the headstoneTM
Moss, Mary E.   Double Stone with John C. Moss; Another view of the headstone [Maiden name Mary E. Hightower]TM
Namenek, Eduard12-18-1918LivingDouble Stone with Maria NamenekNJ
Namenek, Maria6-01-191212-16-1981Double Stone Eduard NamenekNJ
Neal, Frances Potter10-27-19057-30-1990[w/o Karl Neal; d/o Finis & Lucy Richardson Potter]SR
Neal, Karl12-11-188712-6-1963Masonic Emblem [s/o Ophelia Lenora Higgason & ? Neal; h/o Frances Potter]SR
Neely, Bessie S.18911922   CM
Neely, E. C./G.?27 May 182128 Jun. 1907   CM
Neely, Elizabeth Lillian2 Dec. 190222 Apr. 1950[d/o Mary Catherine Ritchey & William Thomas Neely]CM & WN
Neely, H. Everette31 Aug. 189213 Feb. 1958[h/o Mertareese Neely]CM
Neely, Lillian Gill9 Apr. 18775 Jan. 1960?Double Stone with Walter Hope Neely [Children- Alice, Oscar, & Jimmy]CM
Neely, Miss M. J.30 Apr. 183030 Jun. 1904"AGED 74 Y'RS. 2 M'S."CM
Neely, Mae Moseley29 Sep. 190729 Dec. 1972[w/o Ritchey Clyde Neely]CM & WN
Neely, Mary R. [Ritchey]     Double Stone with William T. Neely [Children - Hubert, Ritchey, Lizzie & Catherine]CM
Neely, Mertareese H.9 Aug. 18985 Nov. 1977[w/o H Evert Neely]CM
Neely, Ouita B.5 Sep. 189715 Jun. 1991Double Stone with W. Carl NeelyCM
Neely, Ritchey Clyde27 Sep. 189819 Jun. 1983[s/o Mary Catherine Ritchey & William Thomas Neely; h/o Mae Moseley Neely]CM & WN
Neely, W. Carl29 Jan. 189414 Jun. 1977Double Stone with Ouita B. NeelyCM
Neely, Walter Hope19 Jan 186725 Mar. 1953Double Stone with Lillian Gill Neely [s/o William J & Martha Neely]CM
Neely, William T.18701957Double Stone with Mary R. Ritchey Neely [s/o William J. & Martha Neely]CM
Pace, Sarah ElizabethDec. 4, 1832Feb. 7, 1930[Maiden name Sarah Elizabeth Strickland]BB
Pace, William H. C.July 20, 1823Feb. 23, 1898 BB
Padron, Juan ManuelMar 7, 1990Feb 12, 1991"OUR LITTLE ANGEL"PC
Parnell, Charles L.Oct 8, 1895Mar 10, 1978"REST IN PEACE" Double Stone with Martha Rachel ParnellPC
Parnell, Elsie R.Jan 17, 1911Apr 25, 2001"RESTING IN JESUS" Double Stone with Oscar E. ParnellPC
Parnell, Martha RachelOct 12, 1911Apr 19, 1989"REST IN PEACE" Double Stone with Charles L. ParnellPC
Parnell, Oscar E.Aug 23, 1905Dec 8, 1983"RESTING IN JESUS" Double Stone with Elsie R. ParnellPC
Phillips, A. B.Mar 9, 1865Oct 16, 1921[h/o Nora J. Temple Phillips]PC
Phillips, Nora J. TempleNov 22, 1871Jun 4, 1968[w/o/ A. B. Phillips]PC
Pippin, Etta V.18721946[Maiden name Etta V. Pace]BB
Poole, Hardy K. [Keele]18561949"MARRIED DEC. 11, 1889" Double Stone with Martha M. PooleNJ
Poole, Martha M.18711955"MARRIED DEC. 11, 1889" Double Stone with Hardy K. PooleNJ
Potter, Finis18711920[s/o Allen T. & Ardelia J. Reed Potter; h/o Lucy Richardson (1883-1922)]SR
Potter, Lucy Richardson18831922[d/o Henry Francis & Margaret Broughton Richardson; w/o Finis Potter]SR
Reynolds, Edward M., Sr.Nov 23, 1872Jun 27, 1958[middle name McPherson]BM
Reynolds, Henrietta M.May 30, 1894Nov 4, 1972[maiden name Mullins]BM
Richardson Family Plot.       SR
Richardson, H. F.Dec 26, 1845
Monroe, GA
Nov 18, 1922"A precious one from us has gone A voice we loved is stilled" Masonic Emblem [Henry Francis Richardson born in Monroe County, GA.; s/o James & Mary Richardson; h/o Margaret L. Broughton]SR
Richardson, Margaret L.Dec 26, 1845Nov 18, 1922"Wife of H. F. Richardson" "Here I lay my burden down Change the cross into the crown" [Margaret Lorena Broughton Richardson; d/o Edward N. & Epsie Elliott Broughton; born in South Carolina. Epsie & Edward were cousins both born in South Carolina]SR
Rowell, Agnes CreedJun 7, 1910Jul 5, 1997Double Stone with Tony Buster Rowell [First name Willie; d/o William Ephram & Mary Ada Givens Creed]RC & PC
Rowell, Bailey Jan. 23, 1933June 23, 1956Masonic Emblem [First name Doyle; s/o Tony Buster & Willie Agnes Creed Rowell; h/o Patricia Ann Riley Rowell]RC & PC
Rowell, Tony BusterNov 5, 1901May 4, 1988Double Stone with Agnes Creed Rowell; Masonic Emblem [s/o John Richard & Mattie Mae Temple Rowell]RC & PC
Scobey, BerniceOct 12, 1901Mar 27, 1986   PC
Scobey, Charlie L.18771936"FATHER"PC
Scobey, Eddie May18771971"MOTHER"PC
Sedberry, Don W. W.January 29, 1929October 17, 2001[Married] "Apr. 19, 1952" Double Stone with Myrtie J. Lawton SedberryBE
Sedberry, Myrtie J. LawtonJuly 27, 1932April 27, 2004[Married] "Apr. 19, 1952" Double Stone with Don W. W. Sedberry [d/o Abner Ray & Dora Burns Lawton]BE
Sharp, Billy Ray1-30-1935Still LivingDouble Stone with Jerry Lynn Lewis SharpNJ
Sharp, Clarence A.10-07-191412-03-1991"MARRIED NOV. 12, 1938" Double Stone with Lena Belle O. SharpNJ
Sharp, Dura E. (Foot Stone)3-21-19038-05-1983Double Head Stone with John F. SharpNJ
Sharp, Jerry Lynn Lewis6-14-19355-09-2002Double Stone with Billy Ray SharpNJ
Sharp, John F. (Foot Stone)8-01-19033-10-1990Double Head Stone with Dura E. SharpNJ
Sharp, Lena Belle O.2-20-19164-15-1987"MARRIED NOV. 12, 1938" Double Stone with Clarence A. SharpNJ
Short, Catherine T. [Temple]Feb 14, 1912Feb 5, 2000"THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD" Double Stone with Henry Alfred Short [sister of Theodoric Jerome Temple]PC
Short, Henry AlfredJan 23, 1913Sep 3, 1982"THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD" Double Stone with Catherine T. [Temple] ShortPC
Simpson, Douglas GaleFeb 27, 1965Jan 9, 1995   PC
Sled, CynthaNov. 23, 1857Jan. 25, 1894[First name also spelled Sindy; Full name Cyntha Fogle; d/o Jack & Mary A. Fogle; 1st w/o William Edward Sled]RC
Smith, Fred T.12-13-19136-26-1995Double Stone with Ruby W. SmithNJ
Smith, Ruby W.2-22-191210-21-2001Double Stone with Fred T. SmithNJ
Strahan, Christine JonesNov 14, 1914Feb 18, 1984 PC
Temple, Anice W. [Wardlaw]Dec 15, 1893Jan 18, 1977[w/o Will W. Temple]PC & CM
Temple, Arthur J.Oct 30, 1883Feb 6, 1955Double Stone with Ida Huff Temple "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN"PC
Temple, C. Barnett19001952   PC
Temple, Charles E.18631937[middle name Edward; died 19 July 1937]PC & BT
Temple, Delorese McKinneyNov 15, 1916Aug 18, 1989Double Stone with Theodric Jerome Temple "BY THE GRACE OF GOD" Praying hands symbolPC
Temple, EarlSep 15, 1908May 10, 1981Military Stone Cross symbol "CPL US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II" [h/o Ruth M. Temple]PC
Temple, Edgar E.Aug 30, 1883Mar 16, 1957   PC
Temple, Effie MorrisFeb 13, 1883Nov 19, 1970   PC
Temple, Ella PearlDec 7, 1895Dec 8, 1946   PC
Temple, Hazel19051988   PC
Temple, Howard L.Sep 5, 1884Jun 29, 1965Double Stone with Letha J. Temple "FATHER"PC
Temple, Ida HuffFeb 18, 1893Jul 27, 1965Double Stone with Arthur J. Temple "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN"PC
Temple, J. T.Jan 28, 1879May 23, 1917"WOODMEN OF THE WORLD MEMORIAL" Ornate carvingPC
Temple, J. Henry18931954"Brother"PC
Temple, J. Thomas18951939Double Stone with Vera Reep TemplePC
Temple, J. Vester Sr.June 3, 1892Oct 31, 1966Mason symbolPC
Temple, JackDec 5, 1909Oct 16, 1963[h/o Willie D. Temple]PC
Temple, Jimmie AvriceDec 20, 1917Oct 2, 1923"PEACE, PERFECT PEACE" Lamb carvingPC
Temple, Letha J.Feb 21, 1886Dec 17, 1974Double Stone with Howard L. Temple "MOTHER"PC
Temple, M. Bernice     Double Stone with S. Lee TemplePC
Temple, Otis E.Nov 24, 1899Jan 19, 1974   PC
Temple, Paul ThomasDec 29, 1908Oct 6, 1948"THE WAY OF THE CROSS LEADS HOME"PC
Temple, Ruby JaneSep 26, 1917 Double Stone with Vaders Alvin TemplePC
Temple, Ruth M.Nov 7. 1906Apr 22, 1988[maiden name Morris; w/o/ Earl Temple]PC
Temple, S. Lee19011957Double Stone with M. Bernice Temple; Mason symbolPC
Temple, Sara K.19091986Beside Stone of C. Barnett TemplePC
Temple, Sarah D.18721945   PC
Temple, Theodric JeromeApr 5, 1914May 16, 1993Double Stone with Delorese McKinney Temple "BY THE GRACE OF GOD" Praying hands symbolPC
Temple, Vaders AlvinJan 15, 1915Oct 16, 1980Double Stone with Ruby Jane TemplePC
Temple, Vera Reep18961944Double Stone with J. Thomas TemplePC
Temple, Will W.Dec 23, 1889Mar 16, 1930[s/o Mollie Grant & John Havis Temple & h/o Annice Wardlaw Temple]PC & CM
Temple, Willie D.Jan 23, 1910Oct 16, 1963[w/o Jack Temple]PC
Temple, Wm. T.Nov 28, 1923Aug 20, 1971[s/o Anice Wardlaw & Will W. Temple]PC & CM
Thomason, Almeta Nixon24 Jun. 19211 Jan. 2002Double Stone with Clarence L. Thomason [d/o Fred & Melia Nixon]CM
Thomason, Clarence L.27 Jan. 1919   Double Stone with Almeta Nixon ThomasonCM
Thompson, Dean B. (Foot Stone)8-21-19244-06-2005Double Head Stone with Louis C. Thompson [d/o John & Dura Sharp]NJ
Thompson, Josephine Rebeccah12-02-18526-17-1920 Double stone with William Henry Thompson "Our loss is Heavens gain"NJ
Thompson, Louis C. (Foot Stone)1-07-19334-11-1998Double Head Stone with Dean B. ThompsonNJ
Thompson, William Henry11-13-1840 6-20-1923 Double Stone with Josephine Rebeccah Thompson "Our loss is Heavens gain"NJ
Turner, Jack Augusta12/7/19118/8/2001[s/o Augustus Rascine & Mattie Neal Childs Turner; h/o Lucille Temple Turner]RC
Turner. Jenny LeeJuly 29, 1922July 31, 1922"Baby"PC
Turner, Lucille Temple3/7/19141/13/2002[d/o Joseph Vester & Ella Pearl Haygood Temple; w/o Jack Augusta Turner]RC
Wear, Jewel A.Dec. 12, 1898Sept. 1, 1974"IN LOVING MEMORY" [d/o John Havis Temple & Mollie Grant; First w/o Arthur Cook Wear; Children: Geraldine Bechtold & William Terrel Wear]CM
West, Ada Maxine TempleJuly 24, 1925 Double Stone with Earnest H. West �MARRIED DEC. 30, 1955" "OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN" "OUR CHILDREN KAREN SAMUEL TODD"PC
West, Earnest H.Sept 26, 1926July 24, 2002Double Stone with Ada Maxine Temple West �MARRIED DEC. 30, 1955" "OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN" "OUR CHILDREN KAREN SAMUEL TODD"PC
Wheeler, Amelia C. Ederington     [w/o W. H. Wheeler; m/o John Nimrod Wheeler]NJ
Wheeler, John Nimrod     [s/o W. H. Wheeler & Amelia C. Ederington]NJ
Wheeler, W. H.12-23-1833  [h/o Amelia C. Ederington; f/o John Nimrod Wheeler]NJ
Williams, Camella Ann1/26/18912/12/1983   RB
Williams, Florence A.1/16/18782/25/1916 "WIFE OF W. A. WILLIAMS" [Middle name Ardella; called Della]RB
Williams, Rev. J. W.18791955Double Stone with Mary M. WilliamsPC
Williams, Katherine VJuly 27, 1933   Double Stone with Nolan "Pinchie" WilliamsPC
Williams, Lena B.18971986"MOTHER" Double Stone with S. M. WilliamsPC
Williams, Mary M.18741969Double Stone with Rev. J. W. WilliamsPC
Williams, Nolan "Pinchie"Apr 9, 1921Sep 12, 1984Double Stone with Katherine V. WilliamsPC
Williams, S. M.18921960"FATHER" Double Stone with Lena B. [Mitchell] WilliamsPC
Williams, William Alvin9/15/187611/11/1963   RB
Willis, James V.July 20, 1888Jan 6, 1951Double Stone with Mae Etta Mullins Willis [middle name Virgil]BM
Willis, Mae EttaMay 30, 1894June 3, 1963Double Stone with James V. Willis [maiden name Mullins]BM
Willis, Margie JeanDec 28, 1921Jan 28, 1976Double Stone with Martelle Willis [maiden name Senn]BM
Willis, MartelleSep 18, 1920Jun 17, 2001Double Stone with Margie Jean Senn WillisBM
Willis, Martin D.Mar 16, 1931Dec 26, 1945"SAFE IN THE ARMS OF JESUS"BM
Willis, Vernon E.Sept 6, 1924June 30, 1926   BM
Willis, Wesley DaleMar 7, 1941Sep 21, 1945"Suffer little children to come unto me"BM
Wilson, Berniece McEwen8-18-19071-17-1969   NJ
Wilson, Ercell Ruth8-28-19098-20-1999Family Headstone; View of Family Stones; Christian Cross in circle emblem [w/o Joseph Morris Wilson, Sr.]NJ
Wilson, Joe M., Jr.10-30-192210-7-1972Military Stone "ARKANSAS" "MUS2 US NAVY" "WORLD WAR II" Christian Cross in circle emblem; Family Headstone; View of Family Stones [s/o Joseph Morris Wilson & Ercell Ruth Wilson]NJ
Wilson, Joseph Morris, Sr.12-30-189411-18-1980Military Stone "CPL US ARMY" "WORLD WAR I" Christian Cross in circle emblem; Family Headstone; View of Family Stones [h/o Ercell Ruth Wilson]NJ
Wood, Eula Mae12-24-19131-25-1984Double Stone with Jasper L. Wood NJ
Wood, Jasper L.9-14-19207-21-1996Double Stone Eula Mae Wood NJ


AR ... Ann Ragsdale
BB ... Barbara Butler
BE ... Brenda Ezell
BK ... Bill King
BL ... Barbara Logan
BM ... Bert Mullins
BT ... Bobby Temple
CH ... Charlotte Hankinson
CM ... Cindy Munson (Photos provided by Robert Wear - THANKS ROBERT!)
EM ... Ellen May
FM ... Floyd A. Mills
HW ... Harry Wilson
KGM ... Kelly Godwin McCartney
LC ... Larry Chenault
LL ... Leona Lane Littlefield
LH ... Larry Howsen
NJ ... Nora Johnson (Nora has provided photos in many of our cemeteries - THANKS NORA!)
PC ... Pam Clift (Pam has provided photos in many of our cemeteries - THANKS PAM!)
RB ... Ray Bland
RC ... Ruth Colvin
SR ... Susan Reedy
TG ... Thomas M. Garrison, Jr.
TJ ... Tracie J.
TM ... Tegwin Matenaer
WN ... William Neely (no email address given)

Entrance to Oakland Cemetery

Cemetery photo courtesy of Nora Johnson

Cemetery coordinator: Pat Cowan
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