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Jersey or Shady Grove (black)

Jersey or Shady Grove (black)

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This cemetery seems to be known by two names: Shady Grove and Jersey (black). This is not a complete transcription.   Please add your Jersey/Shady Grove Cemetery records by e-mailing

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

NameBornDiedNotesSubmitted By
Adams, Rev. John18891971  
Adams, Mary1896   
Burns, Augustus - NEW PHOTO! 3-5-2013Mar. 9, 1932Nov. 22, 1959"GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" Additional small stone says "SON"JM
Burns, Floyd L.Dec. 23, 1938Oct. 25, 1996  
Burns, HattieApr. 10, 1906Aug. 25, 1989  
Burns, JackMar. 25, 1908Oct 7, 1963  
Burns, JohnnieFeb. 25, 1913Jan. 2, 1962Double Stone with Roberta Burns [s/o Oscar & Minnie Burns] 
Burns, Mary J.Jan. 18, 1947Nov. 7, 1964[d/o Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Childs] 
Burns, MinnieJan. 26, 1885July 11, 1966Double Stone with Oscar Burns 
Burns, OscarApril 4, 1883Jan. 24, 1971Double Stone with Minnie Burns 
Burns, PrestonMar. 11, 1906Mar. 13, 1968  
Burns, Quinnie RayOct. 13, 1922Nov 25, 1988 [s/o Oscar & Minnie Burns] 
Burns, Roberta[1916?][living?]Double Stone with Johnnie Burns [Nee Roberta Bolin] 
Burns, Theodis19351986  
Burns, Trossie19081971  
Burns, Zettie1884May 16, 1964  
Bradley, Annie19031974  
Bradley, JohnNov. 11, 1939Feb. 11, 1979  
Carroll, James19371995  
Carroll, Jessie MaeFeb. 4, 1933Oct. 13, 1989  
Carroll, Leroy, Jr. June 14, 1975 "17yrs., 10 mos., 18 days" 
Carroll, Louis E.Oct. 29, 1958Jun. 7, 1974  
Carroll, RubyApr. 23, 1933Aug. 18, 1992  
Davis, Baby - NEW PHOTO! 3-5-2013 Mar. 25, 1913 JM
Davis, Baby - NEW PHOTO! 3-5-2013 Jan. 14, 1916 JM
Davis, E. D. - NEW PHOTO! 3-5-2013Sept. 17, 1888Mar. 15, 1951Double Stone with Nora DavisJM
Davis, Frances Neal - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-5-2013Dec. 1, 1921May 13, 2000Double Stone with Roscoe Davis "MARRIED JAN. 21, 1942" "Together Forever" Real Photo in Heart Emblem [w/o Roscoe Davis]JM
Davis, Gladys19001965  
Davis, Joe L. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-5-201319431997 JM
Davis, Nora - NEW PHOTO! 3-5-2013May 28, 1885Feb. 14, 1926Double Stone with E. D. DavisJM
Davis, Randus Lee - NEW PHOTO! 3-5-2013Jun 4, 1944Aug. 4, 1964"PFC 385 SIGNAL CORP" Cross EmblemJM
Davis, Raymond James - NEW RECORD 2-27-201319462011 JM
Davis, Roberta - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-5-2013Mar. 9, 1912Mar. 24, 2001"MOTHER" "SHE'S SAFE AT HOME" JM
Davis, Roscoe - NEW PHOTO 3-5-2013Nov. 8, 1914Aug. 17, 1991Double Stone with Frances Neal Davis "MARRIED JAN. 21, 1942" "Together Forever" Real Photo in Heart Emblem [h/o Frances Neal]JM
Davis, Sally Mae - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-5-201319482011 JM
Fields, Wanda Sue (Davis) - NEW WITH PHOTO! 3-5-2013Aug. 8, 1956Feb. 10, 2004"WE LOVE YOU" Praying Hands Artwork; Real Photo JM
Gilbert, Dorothy19131992  
Gilbert, Hurley18981979  
Gilbert, Joseph Lester Oct. 26, 1973"63 years" 
Gilbert, Willie GillOct. 2, 1875Nov. 27, 1947[w/o Joe Gilbert] 
Gill, Hubert18891966  
Gill, JohnFeb. 13, 1894Feb. 13, 1951"Age 57" [s/o Sarah Ann] 
Gill, LueAug. 28, 1882Sep. 2, 1952  
Gill, MackFeb. 24, 1892Aug. 3, 1954  
Gill, MaryFeb. 4, 1895Mar. 4, 1971  
Gill, QuinneyFeb. 6, 1901Feb 2, 1948"Age 47" [s/o Sarah Ann] 
Gill, Sarah AnnJan. 2, 1865Oct. 13, 1951"Age 86" [w/o Hugh Gill] 
Green, Annie Mae HinesNov. 15, 1893Sep. 9, 1983  
Green, Tennie Burns19131999  
Hegler, Charles Jan. 1, 1973(?) 
Hegler, Jimmy Lee "Tiny" - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-5-2013Apr. 27, 1942Sept. 5, 2003"AN INSPIRATION TO ALL WHO KNEW HIM" "WANK"JM
Johnson, Algerena18951981  
Johnson, Bro. Wiley Nov. 26, 1991"86 years old" 
Jones, Evelyn BurnsOct. 5, 1904Dec. 2, 1989  
Lawson, H. C.[July 9, 1909?][June 13, 2003?]Double Stone with Myrtle [Burns] Lawson [Can someone verify the dates?] 
Lawson, JuniorJan. 6, 1933Jul. 21, 1959[Is this H. C. Lawson Jr.?] 
Lawson, Myrtle19101962Double Stone with H. C. Lawson [Nee Myrtle Burns] 
Mason, Bessie LeeFeb. 11, 1909Jan. 13, 1975  
Patton, Annie BeaAug. 4, 1912Mar. 2, 1998"Age 86 years" 
Purifoy, JuniorJan. 19, 1947Apr. 20, 1963"Father and Mother Emmitt and Mary Purifoy" [Age 16] 
Roberts, Lonnie B. - NEW PHOTO! 3-5-2013Nov. 11, 1906Oct. 14, 1972"... MEMORIES"JM
Simon, Robert19161979  
Simon, Rose  "65 years" 
Stalling, ElvesterNov. 18, 1906Feb.7, 1993"US Military WWII" 
Stalling, FrankNov. 25, 1903Jun. 26, 1966  
Stalling, Mittie J.May 12, 1872Dec. 27, 1962Double Stone with Rev. Thomas Stalling 
Stalling, Shadrach 1887"Age 7" 
Stalling, Rev. ThomasAug. 22, 1869Apr. 8, 1908Double Stone with Mittie J. Stalling 

JM - Jacqueline Millet -

Cemetery coordinator: Barbara Logan
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