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McKinney Cemetery (Old Camden Road)

McKinney Cemetery (Old Camden Road)
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 38.192' -- 92� 10.302'

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McKinney Cemetery (Old Camden Road)

These photographs were taken by Larry Howsen who graciously shared
them with the Bradley County USGenWeb web page. THANKS, LARRY!

We have a tombstone photograph for every person listed. Click on the name to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery.
The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site.
Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

Location of cemetery
Take Bradley Road #16 from Pine and Martin in the city of Warren (known as Old Camden Road); Go 4 1/2 miles from Warren City llimits. Cemetery is on the right; it is a private cemetery. (Sec. 17, Twn. 13, R. 11)
Adams, James Leon - NEW 6-19-2007Apr. 19, 1941Oct. 10, 1997"SON"
Adams, Maxine Parrott - NEW 6-19-2007Dec. 31, 1919Apr. 3, 2001Double Stone with Melver Leon Adams "A BELOVED LINK HAS BEEN TAKEN FROM OUR BAND, BUT A GOLDEN CHAIN IS FORMING IN A BETTER LAND." [Full name: Virginia Maxine Parrott Adams]
Adams, Melver Leon - NEW 6-19-2007Oct. 6, 1914June 11, 1962Double Stone with Maxine Parrott Adams "A BELOVED LINK HAS BEEN TAKEN FROM OUR BAND, BUT A GOLDEN CHAIN IS FORMING IN A BETTER LAND."
Brown, Infant Daughter - NEW 6-25-2007     "INFANT DAUGHTER OF BURL AND MYRTLE VAUGHN BROWN"
Brown, Myrtle Lee - NEW 6-25-2007Jan. 29, 1905Aug. 25, 1945"SHE WAS THE SUNSHINE OF OUR HOME" [Nee Vaughn]
Brown, Paul Dean - NEW 6-25-2007Jan. 27, 1931Sept. 30, 1931"INFANT SON OF BURL AND MYRTLE VAUGHN BROWN"
Crawford, Alexander H. - NEW 6-22-2007Apr. 13, 1880   "SON OF J. F. & N. J. CRAWFORD" "AGED 2 Ms. 18 Ds" "... If some good from..."
Crawford, Edwin R. - NEW 6-22-2007Mar. 21, 1881Nov. 20, 1962  
Crawford, J. F. - NEW 6-22-2007Aug. 4, 1844May 8, 1921"Let our Father's will be done."
Crawford, Josephine McKinney - NEW 6-22-2007Apr. 10, 1851Jan. 17, 1916"WIFE OF JOHN F. CRAWFORD"
Crawford, Leonidas - NEW 6-22-2007Dec. 30, 1883 Sept. 25, 1908"SON OF J. F. & N. J. CRAWFORD"
Crawford, Mary J. - NEW 6-22-2007Nov. 10, 1886Oct. 11, 1949"Mother" "OUR LOVED ONE"
Hatton, L. Catherine Jordon -Katie- - NEW 6-19-2007June 18, 1921Nov. 3, 1991Double Stone with William Alvin Hatton ' "WE ARE AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST." II COR. 5:20' "S. B. C. MISSIONARIES IN BRAZIL 1948-1988"
Hatton, William Alvin - NEW 6-19-2007Feb. 14, 1921July 16, 1994Double Stone with L. Catherine Jordon -Katie- Hatton ' "WE ARE AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST." II COR. 5:20' "S. B. C. MISSIONARIES IN BRAZIL 1948-1988"
Johns, Hortense Holmes- NEW 6-19-200718721947Double Stone with J. D. Johns "Gone but not forgotten"
Johns, J. D.- NEW -19-200718611930Double Stone with Hortense Holmes Johns "HIS WIFE" "Gone but not forgotten"
Johns, Maurice A.- NEW 6-19-2007Jan. 6, 1902Oct. 8, 1981"PVT US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II"
Jones, Myrtle W. - NEW 6-19-200718771961  
Jordan, Thos. Hurley, Sr. - NEW 6-19-2007May 29, 1889Feb. 9, 1963 
Kester, E. - NEW 6-19-2007  1930 
Lyon, James E. - NEW 6-23-2007Oct. 23, 1870Jan. 22, 1909Woodman of the World emblem on an ornate stone
Lyon, James Woodson - NEW 6-23-2007Apr. 17, 1846Jan. 14, 1931"CO. B" "2 ARK. CAV. "C. S. A." Confederate States Southern Cross of Honor emblem
Lyon, Ollie - NEW 6-23-2007Aug. 13, 1882July 12, 1899Double Stone with Una Lyon "Son? Dau.? of J. W. & T. M. Lyon"
Lyon, Thaodocia M. - NEW 6-23-2007May 10, 1849Jan. 15, 1926"WIFE OF J. W. LYON" "It is not death to die to leave the road of worry and meet? the brother?hood of man Gone home to be with God."
Lyon, Una - NEW 6-23-2007Feb. 18, 1887Sept. 16, 1887Double Stone with Ollie Lyon "Dau. of J. W. & T. M. Lyon"
McKinney, Alex Hill - NEW 6-19-2007Oct. 17, 1888Aug. 10, 1938"Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."
McKinney, Alexander - NEW 6-22-2007May 31, 1811Nov. 7, 1896Double Stone with Nancy H. McKinney "The twilight gates are open wide, Within lies eternal peace."
McKinney, Callie Madge - NEW 6-19-2007Oct. 28, 1892Apr. 6, 1973"In Heaven Hands Clasp Forever"
McKinney, David E. - NEW 6-19-2007March 13, 1890June 10, 1967Double Stone with Gertrude H. McKinney
McKinney, Dorothy Hildebrand - NEW 6-19-2007June 9, 1927Jan. 14, 1985Double Stone with Robert E. McKinney "MARRIED APRIL 10, 1948" "TO LIVE IN HEARTS WE LEAVE BEHIND IS NOT TO DIE"
McKinney, Edwin A. - NEW 6-22-2007Nov. 25, 1858Sept. 11, 1937Double Stone with Susan C. Lyon McKinney "REST IS THINE, SWEET REMEMBRANCE OURS"
McKinney, Fred L. - NEW 6-19-2007Jan. 29, 1900Feb. 23, 1991Double Stone with Katy Lou Williams McKinney
McKinney, Gertrude H. - NEW 6-19-2007April 16, 1904Oct. 28, 2001Double Stone with David E. McKinney
McKinney, Katy Lou Williams - NEW 6-19-2007Apr. 19, 1911Nov. 13, 1987Double Stone with Fred L. McKinney
McKinney, Lela Clyde - NEW 6-22-2007Nov. 2, 1882Oct. 11, 1884"Dau. of L. C. & M. A. MCKINNEY" "1 Yr. 11 Ms. 9 Ds."
McKinney, Leonidas C. - NEW 6-22-200718551939Double Stone with Mabel Alberta McKinney "ONLY SLEEPING"
McKinney, Mabel Alberta - NEW 6-22-200718641945Double Stone with Leonidas C. McKinney "ONLY SLEEPING"
McKinney, Martha J. - NEW 6-22-2007July 10, 1845Oct. 9, 1921"Death is but the portal to eternal life."
McKinney, Myrtle M. Roebuck - NEW 6-19-2007Feb. 2, 1896Feb. 20, 1977Double Stone with Roy Judson McKinney
McKinney, Nancy H. - NEW 6-22-2007July 6, 1812Aug. 9 1881Double Stone with Alexander McKinney "The twilight gates are open wide, Within lies eternal peace."
McKinney, Robert E. - NEW 6-19-2007Nov. 19, 1925 Double Stone with Dorothy Hildebrand McKinney "MARRIED APRIL 10, 1948"
McKinney, Roy Judson - NEW 6-19-2007Jan. 1, 1894Apr. 12, 1983Double Stone with Myrtle M. Roebuck McKinney
McKinney, Susan C. Lyon - NEW 6-22-2007Dec. 17, 1858Dec. 14, 1905Double Stone with Edwin A. McKinney "REST IS THINE, SWEET REMEMBRANCE OURS"
McKinney, Walter H. - NEW 6-22-2007Feb. 28, 1887Mar. 2, 1910"HIS MEMORY IS BLESSED"
Parrish, Carl - NEW 6-19-2007Nov. 5, 1903May 18, 1957 
Parrish, Dillard - NEW 6-19-2007Jan. 23, 1890Apr. 14, 1959Double Stone with Willie Bess Parrish "MARRIED FEB. 28, 1915"
Parrish, Howell Roy - NEW 6-19-2007Oct. 10, 1918Feb. 8, 1992Double Stone with Mary E. Pennington Parrish "IN LOVING MEMORY"
Parrish, Lillian C.- NEW 6-19-2007Mar. 4, 1872   Double Stone with Sam B. Parrish
Parrish, Mary E. Pennington - NEW 6-19-2007Oct. 5, 1918Feb. 1, 1998Double Stone with Howell Roy Parrish "IN LOVING MEMORY"
Parrish, Sam B.- NEW 6-19-2007Feb. 14, 1874Mar. 16, 1951Double Stone with Lillian C. Parrish
Parrish, Willie Bess - NEW 6-19-2007Jan. 23, 1890Apr. 14, 1959Double Stone with Dillard Parrish "MARRIED FEB. 28, 1915" [Full name: Willie Bess McKinney Parrish]
Unknown - NEW 6-22-2007      
Unknown - NEW 6-25-2007      
Unknown - NEW 6-25-2007      
Unknown, James David - NEW 6-22-20071854Nov. 1, 1903  
Vaughn, Edward Erby - NEW 6-25-2007June 3, 1926June 5, 1926"GONE HOME"
Vaughn, Justin Irwin Ted - NEW 6-25-2007Jan. 19, 1868July 8, 1935  
Vaughn, Lenard Justin - NEW 6-23-2007June 19, 1909Dec. 12, 1913  
Vaughn, Paul Kelly - NEW 6-25-2007April 14, 1940July 10, 1945"ONLY SLEEPING"
White, Barkley - NEW 6-19-200718881945Double Stone with Viva White "ONLY SLEEPING"
White, Jewel Idelle - NEW 6-19-2007July 17, 1915Jan. 12, 2000"HER MEMORY IS BLESSED"
White, Viva - NEW 6-19-200718851992Double Stone with Barkley White "ONLY SLEEPING" [Full name: Viva McKinney White]

Cemetery coordinator: Barbara Logan
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