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Marsden Cemetery

Marsden Cemetery

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Marsden Baptist Church Cemetery

Cemetery photo courtesy of Nora Johnson

This is not a complete transcription. Notes given here do not necessarily appear on tombstone but are provided as additional information. Please add your Marsden Cemetery records as the information appears on the stones, with fixes and additional information sent as "notes", by e-mailing rphargis@classicnet.net

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

Carter, Arthur L. - NEW PHOTO 6-28-20074-14-188912-13-1969Double Stone with Clara Vines Carter "MARRIED AUG. 10, 1908" "THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD"NJ
Carter, Clara Vines - NEW PHOTO 6-28-20079-15-18862-28-1983Double Stone with Arthur L. Carter "MARRIED AUG. 10, 1908" "THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD"NJ
Castleberry, Don C. - NEW PHOTO 6-28-200710-08-18976-08-1972VETERAN WORLD WAR 2"NJ
Delaly, Caroline AroenApril 2, 1853Oct 22, 1867 NJ
Garrett, Carrol VirgilMay 6, 1882Sept 7, 1906w/o L. E. GarrettNJ
Garrett, Jane W.April 26, 1886Dec 1, 1897w/o L. E. Garrett age 61NJ
Garrett, Jennie B.May 3, 1876June 7, 1902w/o L. E. GarrettNJ
Gorman, Alex - NEW WITH PHOTO 6-21-200718721939Double stone with Drusie Gorman "COME BLESSED OF OUR FATHER AND MOTHER"NJ
Gorman, Allie M. - NEW PHOTO 6-27-200711-25-190011-06-1980Double Stone with Van P. Gorman "MARRIED MAY 1, 1920" "IN MEMORIUM SUPREME FOREST WOODMEN ORDER"NJ
Gorman, Americus - NEW PHOTO6-27-20074-5-188110-5-1969Double stone with Mollie Sloan GormanNJ
Gorman, Birdie G. - NEW PHOTO 7-7-200718981980Double Stone with Vosser Gorman "MARRIED FEB. 13, 1916"NJ
Gorman, C. C. "Lum"June 1, 1873Sept. 23, 1920Double Stone with Cora Maggie Gorman "THIS IS THE PROMISE, THE LIFE EVERLASTING"NJ
Gorman, Cora MaggieAug. 19, 1880Nov. 28, 1977Double Stone with C. C. "Lum" Gorman "THIS IS THE PROMISE, THE LIFE EVERLASTING"NJ
Gorman, Drusie - NEW WITH PHOTO 6-21-200718901927Double stone with Alex Gorman "COME BLESSED OF OUR FATHER AND MOTHER"NJ
Gorman, Eliza R.Feb 8, 1858Jan 30, 1925 NJ
Gorman, J. V.Sept. 24, 1830May 29, 1914Masonic symbolNJ
Gorman, Mollie Sloan - NEW PHOTO 6-27-20076-18-18833-14-1959Double stone with Americus GormanNJ
Gorman, Sallie Russell - NEW PHOTO 7-7-20079-20-18383-6-1904"Wife of J. V. Gorman"NJ
Gorman, Susie E. - NEW PHOTO7-7-20074-27-18785-11-1925Ornate Woodman of the World Memorial "IN MEMORIUM SUPREME FOREST WOODMEN CIRCLE" "She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother and friend to all."NJ
Gorman, Van P. - NEW PHOTO 7-7-200710-13-18941-24-1979Double Stone with Allie M. Gorman "MARRIED MAY 1, 1920" "IN MEMORIAM SUPREME FOREST WOODMEN ORDER" Also has a Military Stone "VAN PORTER GORMAN" "PVT US ARMY" "WORLD WAR I" Christian Cross emblemNJ
Gorman, Vosser - NEW PHOTO 7-7-200718831961Double Stone with Birdie G. Gorman "MARRIED FEB. 13, 1916"NJ
Gorman, W. M. - NEW PHOTO 7-7-20073-26-18669-03-1893   NJ
Hairston, J. G. - NEW PHOTO 7-7-200718981951 Double stone with Lora HairstonNJ
Hairston, John L.Dec. 31, 1850Jun. 11, 1905ornate stone; Woodmen of the World "In Life beloved, In death lamented."NJ
Hairston, Lora - NEW PHOTO 7-7-200719001989Double stone J. G. HairstonNJ
Hairston, Myrtle V. GloverNov 26, 1908Feb 13, 1944Double Stone with William J. "Jettie" HairstonNJ
Hairston, William J. "Jettie"Aug 11, 1908April 13, 1983Double Stone with Myrtle V. Glover HairstonNJ
Ham, Birtha A. ChildersMay 19, 1853Feb 1935"GRANNY HAM"NJ
Ham, William JessieNov 9, 1881Oct 16, 1949"UNCLE JESS"NJ
Hargraves, Susan E.Oct 14, 1860June 26, 1891w/o H. F. HargravesNJ
Haygood, EligahNovember 20, 1888August 30, 1936Ark Pvt US ArmyBB
Hickman Alice M. - NEW WITH PHOTO 6-21-200710-29-18661-24-1925Double Stone with John N. HickmanNJ
Hickman, Charlie J. - NEW PHOTO 6-28-20072-12-19099-07-1957Next to Katie F. Hickman - identical stonesNJ
Hickman, Daniel J.Sept. 23, 1921Nov. 19, 1940Stone has his photo "LET OUR FATHERS WILL BE DONE"NJ
Hickman, John N. - NEW WITH PHOTO 6-21-20078-12-18605-1-1930Double Stone with Alice M.. HickmanNJ
Hickman, Joseph EdwardSept. 2, 1866Mar. 23, 1946"GREAT LOVES LIVE ON"NJ
Hickman, Joseph Little - NEW PHOTO 6-29-20074-14-190012-13-1992Double Stone with Velma Mae Hickman "WED JAN. 9, 1927" "GONE BUI NOT FORGOTTEN"NJ
Hickman, Katie F. - NEW PHOTO 6-28-200711-28-19104-13-1998Next to Charlie J. Hickman - identical stonesNJ
Hickman, Ruth PlattSept. 25, 1894Apr. 11, 1983"AT REST"NJ
Hickman, Velma Mae - NEW PHOTO 6-29-20079-09-19105-02-2001Double Stone with Joseph Little Hickman "WED JAN. 9, 1927" "GONE BUI NOT FORGOTTEN"NJ
Hudson, Milderd Robertson JohnsonAugust 8, 1904December 13, 1972 BB
Johnson, Amandie - NEW PHOTO 7-7-2007July 12, 1849Sept.10, 1927"WIFE OF W. C. JOHNSON" "She was a kind and affectionate wife, A fond mother and friend to all"BB & NJ
Johnson, Anna Mae, Mrs. - NEW PHOTO 6-29-2007Dec. 25, 1907Apr. 25, 1925 BB & NJ
Johnson, Arch B. - NEW PHOTO 6-21-2007Nov. 1, 1889May 24, 1977[Pvt US Army WWII]BB & NJ
Johnson, Beluh Corker18911988Double Stone with John Huston JohnsonBB
Johnson, Bunnia F. - NEW PHOTO 7-7-2007May 25, 1885Feb. 18, 1965Double Stone with W. Tom Johnson "EACH DUTY DONE, THEY REST IN PEACE."BB & NJ
Johnson, Cora Bee - NEW PHOTO 6-28-2007Mar. 21, 1885Apr. 29, 1923"A precious one from us has gone, A voice so loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled."BB & NJ
Johnson, Derry Lee - NEW PHOTOS 6-28-2007Oct. 1, 1926Mar. 16, 1994Double Stone with Lena Laverne Johnson "WED JULY 1, 1949" Also a Military Stone "BM3 US NAVY" "WORLD WAR II" Christian Cross emblem [s/o Doyle & Nolia Johnson]BB & NJ
Johnson, Dosia S. Feb. 17, 1884Feb. 19, 1960 BB
Johnson, Doyle - NEW PHOTO 6-29-2007Nov. 30, 1907Feb. 12, 1985Double Stone with Nolia JohnsonBB & NJ
Johnson, Doyle - NEW PHOTO 6-28-2007July 30, 1914Oct. 17, 1985Double Stone with Myrtis Smith Johnson has their photo "MARRIED JUL. 25, 1936" Back of Stone "JOHNSON" "SON LARRY D." "GRANDCHILDREN MARLON SHAUNNA" Military Stone Cross symbol "WILLIAM DOYLE JOHNSON" "PFC US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II"BB & NJ
Johnson, Edward HustonMar. 13, 1932May 31, 1951"Son"BB
Johnson, Ethel Baker - NEW WITH PHOTO 7-7-2007July 15, 1914 Double Stone with Otis O. JohnsonNJ
Johnson, Infant 1934 BB
Johnson, Infant 1939 BB
Johnson, J. F.Sept. 25, 1847Nov. 2, 1932Double Stone with Sarah L. JohnsonBB
Johnson, James F. - NEW PHOTOS 7-7-2007Jan. 15, 1883Mar. 16, 1954Double Headstone with Jodie O. JohnsonBB & NJ
Johnson, James RoyJan. 11, 1945May 19, 1945 BB
Johnson, Jodie O. - NEW PHOTOS 7-7-2007Mar. 26, 1882Jan. 14, 1965Double Headstone with James F. Johnson [full name Josephine Ophelia Gorman; d/o Joseph Van Gorman & Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" Russell; born in Bradley Co., AR.; w/o James F. (Franklin?) Johnson, married March 18, 1912, Bradley Co., AR.]BB & NJ
Johnson, John D.Nov. 18, 1877Nov. 29, 1948"Father"BB
Johnson, John Evin - NEW PHOTO 6-29-2007May 28, 1827Nov. 11, 1899"PVT" "GEN GRAY'S LA INF" "CSA" Southern Cross of Honor emblemBB & NJ
Johnson, John Huston18901927Double Stone with Beluh Corker JohnsonBB
Johnson, Lena Laverne - NEW PHOTO 6-28-2007Oct. 15, 1928 Double Stone with Derry Lee Johnson "WED JULY 1, 1949"NJ
Johnson, Linda AnnFeb. 24, 1941Jan. 19, 1942 BB
Johnson, LoyceMay 18, 1908Jan. 7, 1909 BB
Johnson, Martha J. C. - NEW PHOTO 6-29-200718591922   NJ
Johnson, Mary E. J. - NEW WITH PHOTO 7-7-2007Feb. 15, 1912Feb. 26, 2005Double Stone with Otha L. JohnsonNJ
Johnson, Mary Jane - NEW PHOTO 6-29-2007Dec. 8, 1925June 11, 1927"OUR DARLING" "ASLEEP IN JESUS"BB & NJ
Johnson, Mary K. - NEW PHOTO 6-29-200718381916 BB & NJ
Johnson, Myrtis Smith - NEW PHOTO 6-28-2007Dec. 17, 1919LivingDouble Stone with Doyle Johnson has their photo "MARRIED JUL. 25, 1936" Back of Stone "JOHNSON" "SON LARRY D." "GRANDCHILDREN MARLON SHAUNNA"NJ
Johnson, Nolia - NEW PHOTO 6-29-2007May 26, 1910Feb. 27, 1995Double Stone with Doyle JohnsonBB & NJ
Johnson , O. Burnice - NEW PHOTO 7-7-2007 4-14-19051-13-1974Double Stone with Otha G. Johnson "MARRIED AUG. 7, 1926"BB & NJ
Johnson, Otha G. - NEW PHOTO 7-7-20071-11-1910 4-15-2003Double Stone with O. Burnice Johnson "MARRIED AUG. 7, 1926"NJ
Johnson, Otha L. - NEW PHOTO 7-7-2007July 4, 1913June 14, 1986Double Stone with mary E. J. Johnson; Footstone: "Otha Lee Johnson BM US Navy WWII"BB & NJ
Johnson, Otis O. - NEW PHOTO 7-7-2007Oct. 5, 1911Oct. 5, 1985Double Stone with Ethel Baker JohnsonBB & NJ
Johnson, Robert S. - NEW PHOTO 7-7-2007Aug. 6, 1882Oct. 1, 1950 BB & NJ
Johnson, Rufus Norman - NEW PHOTO 7-7-20075-28-19273-23-2005"PFC US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II" Christian cross emblemNJ
Johnson, Selma R. - NEW PHOTO 6-21-2007Jan. 1, 1902Dec. 15, 1971Double Stone with Arch B. JohnsonBB & NJ
Johnson, W. C. - NEW PHOTO 7-7-2007May 9, 1855Jan. 28, 1931"FATHER" "Life's work well done, He rests in peace."BB & NJ
Johnson, W. Curtis - NEW PHOTO 7-7-2007Nov. 1, 1905Nov. 27, 1967"THE LORD IS WITH ME ALL THE WAY" "JUST SAY HELLO IN PASSING BY"BB & NJ
Johnson, W. Tom - NEW PHOTO 7-7-2007Sept. 9, 1884Oct. 12, 1947Double Stone with Bunnia F. Johnson "EACH DUTY DONE, THEY REST IN PEACE."BB & NJ
Johnson, William T.Oct. 7, 1914Oct. 8, 1914 BB
Knickerbocker, Callie SmithOct. 1, 1908LivingDouble Stone with Glenn D. KnickerbockerNJ
Knickerbocker, Glenn D.Oct. 26, 1907Feb. 3, 1987Double Stone with Callie Smith KnickerbockerNJ
Langston, Francis Johnson18571931 BB & NJ
Langston, H. G.July 18, 1896Jan. 27, 1917ornate stone; Woodmen of the World "A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled."NJ
Morman, James Clifford - NEW PHOTO 6-29-2007July 10, 1932March 22, 1996Double Stone with Theda V. Morman "MARRIED FEB. 20, 1951" "MY TRUST IS IN GOD" Masonic emblemNJ
Morman, Theda V. - NEW PHOTO 6-29-2007July 13, 1936Jan 2, 1989Double Stone with James Clifford Morman "MARRIED FEB. 20, 1951" "MY TRUST IS IN GOD" [nee Smith]NJ
Myers, Elsie P. - NEW PHOTO 6-29-20071-31-1926   Double Stone with Malcolm H. Myers "MOTHER" [married 4-03-1946]NJ
Myers, Malcolm H. - NEW PHOTOS 6-29-200712-24-19224-10-1987Double Stone with Elsie P. Myers "FATHER" Military Stone "CPL US ARMY AIR CORPS" "WORLD WAR II" [married 4-03-1946]NJ
Pirtle, Henry I.Feb. 16, 1880May 3, 1949"HIS MEMORY IS BLESSED"NJ
Robertson, Bill MetzJuly ?2, 1919Aug. 20, 1928[s/o E. C. & Eula Atwell Robertson]BB
Robertson, Eddie C.Mar. 28, 1880Sept. 11, 1968Double Stone with Eula E. RobertsonBB
Robertson, Eula E.Aug. 20, 1880May 5, 1958Double Stone with Eddie C. RobertsonBB
Robertson, Evelyn MagdalineAug. 29, 1918Mar. 12, 1966 BB
Robertson, Evie R.July 29, 1983Aug. 21, 1965"married Mar. 14, 1914" [w/o Lonnie A. Robertson]BB
Robertson, Lonnie A.May 17, 1891Feb. 25, 1973[h/o Evie R. Robertson]BB
Robertson, Marilyn JeanetteAug. 29, 1935Mar. 29, 1975[d/o Homer Robertson]BB
Robertson, MarvinJuly 11, 1917Jan. 19, 1945Ark Pfc 161 Inf WWII [s/o Homer Robertson]BB
Robertson, MaxelMay 30, 1916May 11, 1971[s/o E. C. & Eula Atwell Robertson]BB
Robertson, Moddrell C.Oct. 14, 1906July 29, 1979Pvt US Army [s/o Ed C. & Eula Atwell Robertson]BB
Robertson, Murry JonesJuly 18, 1912July 15, 1984Double Stone with Ruth Henry Robertson; Footstone "MURRAY ROBERTSON CM3 US NAVY WWII 1912 - 1984" [s/o Ed Robertson & Eula Elizabeth Atwell]BB & NJ
Robertson, Ruth HenryJuly 17, 1910Aug. 6, 1987Double Stone with Murry Jones RobertsonBB & NJ
Rugg, Milindia A.Aug.31, 1877Feb. 28, 1912ornate stone; Woodmen of the World "Wife of T. J. RUGG" "I will sing redemption story by and by when I get home, But up here I'll live forever by and by."NJ
Rushing, James D.Mar 4, 1877Oct 17, 1906Woodmen of the World ornate stone "When the Roll is called up yonder I'll be there."NJ
Smith, Allie MaeJan. 17, 1903Feb. 19, 1946"She is resting in Heaven"NJ
Smith, Bailey W. - NEW PHOTO 6-28-200711-20-19167-18-1974Double Stone with Lavern H. Smith "MARRIED JUNE 5, 1937"NJ
Smith, Billy Joe - NEW PHOTO 6-28-200710-20-193111-14-2002"IN LOVING MEMORY"NJ
Smith, ClarenceDec. 20, 1911Feb. 3, 1989Double Stone with Opal Irene Smith (BACK?)"PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II"NJ
Smith, EllarSept. 14, 1880April 26, 1975Double Stone with Randolph Smith "MARRIED JUNE 3, 1900" [maiden name Vines]NJ
Smith, Etta - NEW WITH PHOTOS 6-29-2007Sept 15, 1926May 9, 2005Double Stone with Roy Smith Back of Stone "PARENTS OF JEARL, HERMAN, ROY LYNN, WYNOKA" [Full name Etta Mae Hogue Smith; Married Feb. 10, 1941]NJ
Smith, Herman (Hammer) Smith - NEW PHOTO 6-28-200710-22-19448-25-1996Double Stone with Pam Smith "MARRIED APR. 24, 1965" "Together Forever"NJ
Smith, Hershel H. - NEW PHOTO 6-28-2007April 13, 1922June 26, 1978Double Stone with Marjorie E. Smith "REST IN PEACE"Military Stone "PVT US ARMY" Christiam Cross emblemNJ
Smith, Infant Nov. 28, 1929"son of Mr. & Mrs. Benson Smith"NJ
Smith, Jerry M. - NEW PHOTO 6-29-2007Dec. 9, 1852May 19, 1918Woodmen of the World Memorial "God gave, He took, He will restore."NJ
Smith, John B.9 Jul 189823 Nov 1974Double Stone with Lorena L. Smith has their photo "MARRIED JUNE 7, 1919" [Full name John Benson Smith]NJ
Smith, John Benson Jr. - NEW BACK PHOTO 7-7-2007Oct 17, 1922March 15, 1945"HE WHO PROMISED IS FAITHFUL. HEBREWS 10:23" Back of Stone "DAUGHTERS TRENA RENA JOHNNIE" [Killed in World War II]NJ
Smith, Johnnie L.April 27, 1913Jan 2, 1991Double Stone with Linus O. SmithNJ
Smith, Lavern H. - NEW PHOTO 6-28-20072-25-1919   Double Stone with Bailey W. Smith "MARRIED JUNE 5, 1937"NJ
Smith, Lawrence - NEW PHOTOS 6-29-20079-14-192210-23-1995Military Stone "FN US NAVY" "WORLD WAR II" Christian Cross emblemNJ
Smith, Lawrence Jr. - NEW PHOTO 6-29-20078-12-1942[ 8-12-1942 ]"INFANT SON OF LAWRENCE & IRENE F. SMITH"NJ
Smith, Linus O.Nov 25, 1910Aug 7, 1991Double Stone with Johnnie L. SmithNJ
Smith, Lorena L.July 30, 1901May 16, 1976Double Stone with John B. Smith has their photo "MARRIED JUNE 7, 1919"NJ
Smith, Marjorie E. - NEW PHOTO 6-28-2007Nov 15, 1924Jan 25, 1993Double Stone with Hershel H. SmithNJ
Smith, Milton L.Oct 8, 1876Nov 8, 1968 NJ
Smith, Opal IreneJan. 9, 1917Jan. 17, 1981Double Stone with Clarence SmithNJ
Smith, OscarNov. 24, 1905Sept. 17, 1993 NJ
Smith, Pam - NEW PHOTO 6-28-20074-01-1948   Double Stone with Herman (Hammer) Smith "MARRIED APR. 24, 1965" "Together Forever"NJ
Smith, RandolphSept. 8, 1879Jan. 28, 1964Double Stone with Ellar Smith "MARRIED JUNE 3, 1900" [s/o John Smith & Nancy Elizabeth Adkins]NJ
Smith, Roy - NEW WITH PHOTOS 6-29-2007March 4, 1917Feb.22, 2007Double Stone with Etta Smith Back of Stone "PARENTS OF JEARL, HERMAN, ROY LYNN, WYNOKA" [s/o Randolph Smith & Ellar Vines Smith; Married Feb. 10, 1941]NJ
Vines, Fannie F.June 28, 1896June 30, 1933Double Stone with Jasper W. VinesNJ
Vines, J. O.1853Apr. 20, 1918Double Stone with Mary E. Vines "Father" "Gone but not forgotten"NJ
Vines, Jasper W.Dec. 29, 1873no dateDouble Stone with Fannie F. VinesNJ
Vines, Jessie W.May 4, 1900June 28, 1960Cross symbol "PVT 110 SIGNAL CO" "WORLD WAR II"NJ
Vines, Mary E.1856Jan 6, 1918Double Stone with J. O. Vines "Mother" "She has done what she could."NJ
Williams, Charlie P.Aug. 7, 1882Apr. 3, 1964Double Stone with Dessie V. WilliamsNJ
Williams, Dessie V.Apr. 17, 1890May 8, 1981Double Stone with Charlie P. WilliamsNJ


BB ... Brenda Burkhart
NJ ... Nora Johnson

Cemetery coordinator: Pam Hargis
E-mail: rphargis@classicnet.net
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