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Holly Springs Cemetery

Holly Springs Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 27.282' -- 92� 08.828'

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Holly Springs Cemetery Entrance Sign

The entrance side of the Cemetery photo courtesy of Nora Johnson (More photos at the bottom of the page.)

This is not a complete transcription. Notes given here do not necessarily appear on tombstone but are provided as additional information. Please add your Holly Springs Cemetery records by e-mailing

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

DIRECTIONS TO THIS CEMETERY: Going south from Warren on Highway 63. Turn left on Highway 31. Cemetery is on the left.

Colvin, Robert C.7-11-189812-3-1965[h/o Rebecca Ollie Temple]RC
Ferguson, Nannie2 Feb. 186010 Jul. 1942  CM
Jarratt, Bill10/24/19145/26/1995"BELOVED BROTHER"GA
Jarratt, Christine11/2/19241/1/1999Double Stone with Wylie Jarratt "WE WILL MEET AGAIN"GA
Jarratt, Claude A.1/28/18919/6/1902"Son of E. A. & N. M. Jarratt" [s/o Edgar A. & Nannie M. Ferguson Jarratt]GA & CM
Jarratt, Druzilla Grose11/13/184711/3/1932[w/o Lundy Granaway "Lum" Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Edgar A.1/27/18575/28/1934"A precious one from us has gone, a voice we loved is stilled ..." [h/o Nannie Ferguson Jarratt]GA
Jarratt Homer F.9/29/1190010/24/1949   GA
Jarratt, Inf. Dau.18731873Inf. Dau/o Nicholas P. & Mary Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, John W. G.9/2/18072/12/1860[h/o Susan G. Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Lula L.18831963   GA
Jarratt, Millard1/17/18708/19/1875"SON OF N. P. & MARY JARRATT" [s/o Nicholas P. & Mary Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Millard E.10/13/189210/27/1931Double Stone with Ora C. Jarratt "MARRIED OCT. 9, 1913" [h/o Ora Elizabeth Clements Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Millard F.18861952Double Stone with Ollie O. Jarratt [h/o Ollie O. Wooley Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Mollie J.1-30-18727-25-1944Double Stone with Nick P. Jarratt [maiden name Johnson; w/o Nick P. Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Nannie Ferguson2/2/18607/10/1942"WIFE OF E. A. JARRATT" "A precious one from us has gone, a voice we loved is stilled ... in our home ... filled"[maiden name Ferguson; w/o Edgar A. Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Nicholas P.2/18/18229/4/1875[h/o Mary Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Nick P.12-8-18665-4-1935Double Stone with Mollie J. Jarratt [h/o Mollie Johnson Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Ola7/28/188410/9/1948   GA
Jarratt, Ollie O.18891963Double Stone with Millard F. Jarratt [maiden name Wooley; w/o Millard F. Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Ora C.1/6/18911/15/1968Double Stone with Millard E. Jarratt "MARRIED OCT. 9, 1913" [w/o Millard E. Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Rachel Ferguson2/6/184611/20/1893[2nd w/o Henry Clay Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Rebecca Ivy6/22/18619/28/1933[1st w/o Henry Clay Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Robert J.7/7/18552/1/1856[s/o John W. G. & Susan G. Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Susan G.3/22/18238/6/1886[w/o John W. G. Jarratt]GA
Jarratt, Wylie3/28/19121/8/1992Double Stone with Christine Jarratt "WE WILL MEET AGAIN"GA
Jarrett, Mary4/20/183010/28/1910"WIFE OF N. P. JARRETT" [w/o Nicholas P. Jarratt]GA
Jones, Bertie P.Jan 3, 1909Apr 9, 1962Double Stone with Lloyd L. Jones �HER MEMORY IS BLESSED�PC
Jones, Edith B.18821947Double Stone with Luther E. JonesPC
Jones, Fannie L.Feb 7, 1871April 2, 1942Double Stone with William A. Jones; Eastern Star EmblemPC
Jones, John BardenNov 20, 1902Dec 12, 1951MasonPC
Jones, Lloyd L.Nov 9, 1908Oct 17, 1998Double Stone with Bertie P. JonesPC
Jones, Lula C.Feb 14, 1903Nov 29, 1979Cross SymbolPC
Jones, Luther E.18801951Double Stone with Edith B. JonesPC
Jones, William A.Apr 9, 1869Feb 4, 1947Double Stone with Fannie L. Jones; Masonic EmblemPC
McKinney, S. H.18461874Double Stone with W.C. McKinney, his sonPC
McKinney, W. C.18701906Double Stone with S. H. McKinney [his father] �HIS SON� PC
Nixon, Infant17 Jul. 191127 Jul. 1911"son of Fred & Melia Nixon"CM
Nixon, James Fred - NEW! 3-16-200727 Aug. 188724 Mar 1963Double Stone with Melia Wear Nixon [s/o Elbert & Ann Nixon]CM & RMW
Nixon, Melia Wear - NEW! 3-16-200726 Feb. 188729 Apr. 1987Double Stone with James Fred Nixon [d/o Newton & Julia Wear; Children Rolla, J. C., Anita Cathy, Almita Thomason & Laverne Lathan]CM & RMW
Parnell, JamesFeb 28, 1925March 7, 1925�ASLEEP IN JESUS�PC
Parnell, Ruth PowellFeb 5, 1894June 26, 1982�PEACE AT LAST�PC
Powell, Kizziah E. Temple18611944�WIFE OF R. S. POWELL� �AT REST�PC
Powell, Robert SempleFeb 24, 1848Dec 31, 1933"CO B ARK TR CSA" Masonic EmblemPC
Quimby, Caswell K.1809Apr 27, 1889Double Stone with Classie Hopper QuimbyPC
Quimby, Classie Hopper1810Sep 5, 1867Double Stone with Caswell K. QuimbyPC
Quimby, Susan McKinney1836Dec 10, 1881�WIFE OF THOMAS QUIMBY�PC
Ramirez, Fermin Benedicto Gonzalez7-12-19598-20-1986Wooden Cross "In Memory Of" �Until We Meet Again Find Peace In Heavens Hands�PC
Reynolds, InfantFeb 2, 1907Feb 2, 1907"Infant Son of D L (or O L??) & Mattie Reynolds"PC
Singer, Cora - NEW! 3-16-2007 Sept. 19, 1889�IN MEMORY OF� "WIFE OF J. M. SINGER" "AGED 20 YS 10 MS 8? DS" [Broken Stone]CM & RMW
Singer, Fannie - NEW! 3-16-2007 Jan. 29 1885�IN MEMORY OF� "WIFE OF J. M. SINGER" "AGED 24 YS. 25 D."CM & RMW
Singer, Susan - NEW! 3-16-2007Oct. 19, 1888Feb. 27, 1918"WIFE OF JEFFERSON SINGER"CM & RMW
Stokes, Mary TempleOct 1, 1912Aug. 10, 1999 PC
Temple, Charley W.18701947[Middle name Wiley; birthdate: 6-20-1870; deathdate: 1-8-1947; s/o James & Mary Ann Temple; h/o Lillie Ann Wheeler; h/o Effie Blanche Walker]RC & PC
Temple, Eddy Feb 20, 1886�Son of Melvin & D.E. Temple" �Age 8 years� �GONE BEFORE�PC
Temple, Effie WalkerJuly 30, 1882Jan 3, 1968�HER MEMORY IS BLESSED� [Middle name Blanche; d/o Tanda & Emma Walker]RC & PC
Temple, Elizabeth �Witt�Mar 13, 1912Aug 19, 1989Double Stone with Wylie E, "Buddy" Temple �MAMA� �MARRIED OCT. 16, 1933� �I HAVE FOUGHT A GOOD FIGHT, I HAVE FINISHED MY COURSE, I HAVE KEPT THE FAITH.�PC
Temple, GradyJune 19, 1916June 24, 1990�PRECIOUS MEMORIES�PC
Temple, Lilly A.Aug 15, 1868Dec 27, 1905[Name is Lillie Ann Wheeler Temple; d/o Frank & Rebecca Wheeler]RC & PC
Temple, Rena MaeFeb 7, 1902Nov 23, 1903[d/o Charley Wiley & Lillie Ann Wheeler Temple]RC & PC
Temple, Wylie E. �Buddy�Oct 3, 1909Dec 25, 1994Double Stone with Elizabeth "Witt" Temple �DADDY� �MARRIED OCT. 16, 1933� �THEM ALSO WHICH SLEEP IN JESUS WILL GOD BRING WITH HIM�PC
Thompson, Bessie Singer - NEW! 3-16-2007Sept. 6, 1871Jan. 18, 1949�MOTHER�CM & RMW
Thompson, James C. - NEW! 3-16-2007May 7, 1867Apr. 6, 1957�FATHER�CM & RMW
Wardlaw, Nancy1795Feb 14, 1866"WIFE OF W. [William] M. WARDLAW"GA & PC
Williams, Jimmy LewisSep 10, 1901Nov 15, 1996Double Stone with Mary Inez Williams "WED DEC. 7?, 1919" "AT REST" Masonic EmblemPC
Williams, Mary InezDec 8, 1901June 6, 1982Double Stone with Jimmy Lewis Williams "WED DEC. 7?, 1919" "AT REST"PC
Williams, Susan I.Nov 19, 1890Dec 20, 1918"WIFE OF J. W.WILLIAMS" "ASLEEP IN ?"PC


CM ... Cindy Munson
GA ...George M. Akins
PC ... Pam Clift (Pam has provided photos in many of our cemeteries - THANKS PAM!)
RC ... Ruth Colvin
RMW ... Robert and Myrna Wear provided these photos. THANK YOU!

Holly Springs Cemetery Entrance Sign

Holly Springs Cemetery Entrance Sign

"The first picture is of the entrance side of the Cemetery which is not on the main road.
Just off the Hermitage/Warren highway is a small sign (second picture) with an arrow
pointing to the gravel road where the cemetery is located." ~~Nora Johnson

Cemetery photos courtesy of Nora Johnson

Cemetery coordinator: Pam Hargis
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