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Hickory Springs Cemetery

Hickory Springs Cemetery

Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 29.628' -- 92� 07.039'

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Hickory Springs Cemetery and Church

Cemetery photo courtesy of Nora Johnson

This is not a complete transcription. Notes given here do not necessarily appear on tombstone but are provided as additional information. Please add your Hickory Springs Cemetery records by e-mailing

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

DIRECTIONS TO THIS CEMETERY: From Warren go south on Highway 63. Cemetery is on the left.

Adams, Hettie Bea8/31/190212/19/1989[d/o Jesse W. & Mattie C. Adams]AR
Adams, Jesse W.18591949Double Stone with Mattie C. AdamsAR
Adams, Julius H. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-200918471927Double Stone with Nancy J. AdamsCeM
Adams, Mattie C.18621920Double Stone with Jesse W. AdamsAR
Adams, Mattie Lee5/30/18967/20/1959[d/o Jesse W. & Mattie C. Adams]AR
Adams, Nancy J. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-200918561928Double Stone with Julius H. AdamsCeM
Adams, Ruby5/13/19144/10/1939"Mother" [1st w/o Howard Adams]AR
Adams, Susie E.9/15/18929/3/1898"Dau. of J. W. & M.Adams" [d/o Jesse Warren & Martha Colvin Adams from Farmville Community]AR
Adams, Watson B.4/2/189410/18/1898"Son of J. W. & M. Adams" [s/o Jesse Warren & Martha Colvin Adams from Farmville Community]AR
Baker, Cindarilla - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Nov 14, 1851Oct 19, 1923"WIFE OF W. T. BAKER" "It was hard to give thee up, but Thy will, O God, be done"CeM
Baker, Elenor Caplinger - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009 Jan 17, 1885Nov 18, 1930"WIFE OF S. C. BAKER"CeM
Baker, S. C. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Apr 7, 1884Oct 2, 1949  CeM
Baker, W. T. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-7-2009Aug 26, 1851Mar 22, 1913   CeM
Barry, Annie B.10/31/18751/18/1892"Dau. of W. F. & M. J. BARRY"TG
Barry, Mary J.Dec 27, 1842April 25, 1924"WIFE OF W. T. BARRY" "My trust is in God."TG
Barry, W. B.11/18/187211/17/1910Woodmen of the World Memorial ; very ornateTG
Barry, W. T.May 1, 1838Oct 24, 1914"HIS END WAS PEACE" [h/o Mary J. Barry]TG
Beasley, Everette L. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009July 29, 1912Oct 31, 1967   CeM
Beasley, Everette L. "Nap" - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Aug 16, 1943Oct 31, 1999   CeM
Beasley, Ira Lou - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-7-2009June 9, 1884July 30, 1972Double Stone with Shelby W. BeasleyCeM
Beasley, J. C. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009June 2, 1835Apr 19, 1903   CeM
Beasley, Martha J. Adams - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Nov 17, 1854Feb 20, 1932"WIFE OF J. C. BEASLEY"CeM
Beasley, Neppie Rozene - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Mar 5, 1940Mar 9, 1940Two Stones; Older Stone says "YOUR MEMORY SHALL EVER BE A GUIDING STAR TO HEAVEN"CeM
Beasley, Rufus Olen - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Jan 6, 1917Feb 19, 1917[s/o William Shelby Beasley & Ira Lou Hickman Beasley]CeM
Beasley, Shelby W. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-7-2009Nov 17, 1879Aug 20, 1967Double Stone with Ira Lou BeasleyCeM
Bowman, Benjamin Felton - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Aug 13, 1923Nov 19, 2000Military Stone "M SGT US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II" Cross emblemCeM
Bowman, Benny HenryMarch. 6, 1925Nov. 8, 1925   CM
Bradley, Mamie Colvin19041925[Born 4/23/1904; Full Name : Mamie Ray Colvin Bradley; d/o J. C. & Martha Ann Colvin; w/o Sam Bob Bradley]RC & AR
Brown, Eva A. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009June 23, 1882Mch 16, 1900"Daughter of T. L. & M. V. BROWN"CeM
Callaway, Nick D.Aug. 24, 1887Oct. 4, 1938   CM
Caplinger, Clarence C. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009May 16, 1905Oct 6, 1967Military Stone "ARKANSAS" "PFC 578 BASE UNIT AAF" "WORLD WAR II" Cross in circle emblemCeM
Castleberry, Annie18811952"MOTHER" [Mrs. Steadman; w/o Joel Castleberry]JB
Castleberry, Florence E.18771951Double Stone with William F. CastleberryJB
Castleberry, Joel18621946"AT REST"AR
Castleberry, Joel L.Mar 1, 1854Mar 23, 1920   JB
Castleberry, Mary KathleenJune. 10, 1925Jan. 25, 1934   CM
Castleberry, Nancy Ada3/2/18932/23/1938"MOTHER"AR
Castleberry, Walter L.12/23/18874/10/1978"FATHER"AR
Castleberry, William F.18671929Double Stone with Florence E. CastleberryJB
Colvin, Ambus Eugean12/21/18899/9/1897"Son of J. C. & M. A. Colvin" "Too good for earth, God called him home." [s/o John C. & Martha Ann Senn Colvin]RC & AR
Colvin, Aurora V. [Victoria]18721919"WIFE OF W. C. COLVIN"AR
Colvin, Callie Esther3/18/18638/6/1887"IN MEMORY OF" "wife of E. C. COLVIN" [Full Name : Callie Esther Lewis Colvin; w/o Edward C. Colvin]RC & AR
Colvin, Cattie Lee3/21/18709/25/1888"Wife of R. L. GRIDER" "not dead but sleeping" [Catherine; 1st w/o R. L. Grider]AR
Colvin, ClarenceNov. 19 1908Nov. 13, 1957"FATHER"CM & AR
Colvin, E. C.10/4/18625/3/1892"Son of E. & E. COLVIN" "In life beloved, in death lamented" [First Name : Edward; s/o Edward & Evaline Colvin; h/o Callie Esther Lewis Colvin]RC & AR
Colvin, Edward10/1/182812/28/1892"Too good for earth, God called him home." Masonic emblem [h/o Evaline Adams Colvin]RC & AR
Colvin, Evaline4/10/18364/29/1904"Wife of EDWARD COLVIN" "She is not dead but sleepeth" [s/o Bryant K. Adams]RC & AR
Colvin, Infant SonJune 21, 1906June 21, 1906"Infant Son of J. C. & M. A. Colvin"CM
Colvin, J. C.2/22/18642/7/1933"GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" [First Name : John; h/o Martha Ann Colvin]RC, CM & AR
Colvin, Jessie Clarence11/19/190811/23/1957[s/o J.C. and Martha Ann Colvin; h/o Willie Hale Colvin]RC
Colvin, John 8/24/18198/10/1886[f/o Mattie C. Colvin Adams]AR & RC
Colvin, John Milton9/2/18959/23/1895"Son of J. C. & M. A. COLVIN" "Our darling one hath gone before" [s/o John C. and Martha Ann Senn Colvin]RC & AR
Colvin, Lewis Hoyle9/20/19014/30/1958[s/o J. C. & Martha Ann Colvin; h/o Zena Mae Temple Colvin]RC
Colvin, Lula E. Grider12/16/188010/13/1934Double Stone with Wm. Melvin Colvin [w/o William Melvin Colvin]AR & RC
Colvin, Martha Ann18701952[Born 4/13/1870; Died 12/15/1952; w/o John C. Colvin]RC, CM & AR
Colvin, Martha JaneAug. 13, 1878Aug. 5, 1883"IN MEMORY OF" "Dau. of E. D. & E. V. COLVIN" " [d/o Edward & Evaline Adams Colvin]CM & AR
Colvin, Mary B. [Hall]7/24/18879/29/1911"WIFE OF R. [Rufus] C. COLVIN"RC & AR
Colvin, Rufus C.18821947[h/o Mary B. Hall Colvin]RC & AR
Colvin, Sarah J.4/7/18485/3/1921"WIFE OF W. T. COLVIN" "Beloved one, farewell." [Full Name : Sarah Jane Outlaw Colvin; w/o William Thomas Colvin]AR & RC
Colvin, Shelton8/19/189110/10/1907"Son of J. C. & M. A. COLVIN" "Lord, she was thine and not my own." [s/o John C. & Martha Ann Colvin]RC & AR
Colvin, Vera Estelle11/9/189610/13/1898"DAU. OF GREENE B. & ALETHA COLVIN;" "NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP"AR & RC
Colvin, William C.5-5-18595-8-1904"Husband of VICTORIA COLVIN" "Too good for earth, God called him home"AR
Colvin, Wm. Melvin10/9/18793/27/1971Double Stone with Lula E. Grider Colvin [h/o Lula E. Grider Colvin; s/o William Thomas Colvin]AR & RC
Colvin, William T. [Thomas]11/22/18507/11/1934"FATHER" [h/o Sarah J. Outlaw Colvin]AR & RC
Colvin, Zena Mae Temple1/22/19054/7/1978[d/o Charley Wiley and Lillie Ann Wheeler Temple; w/o Lewis Hoyle Colvin]RC
Creed, Alvin B.1/10/19003/3/1974[s/o John H. and Stella Bartlett Creed]RC & BB
Creed, Edcar Trey9/7/190112/6/1987[s/o John H. and Stella Bartlett Creed]RC
Creed, John H.1/28/18731/12/1956[h/o Stella Bartlett Creed]RC & BB
Creed, Mary Owens18561948[w/o J.H. Creed]RC
Creed, Ray6/11/19076/11/1986[s/o John H. and Stella Bartlett Creed]RC & BB
Creed, Stella Bartlett11/17/18813/20/1983[w/o John H. Creed]RC & BB
Dalton, William H. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-7-2009Sept 23, 1892Feb 28, 1968Military Stone "ARKANSAS" "PVT US ARMY" "WORLD WAR I"CeM
Dalton, Willie - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-7-2009Sept 23, 1892Feb 28, 1968 CeM
Dearmond, Esther May - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Jan 24, 1894Feb 22, 1927"WIFE OF J. O. DEARMOND"CeM
Dearmond, John O. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009June 1, 1888Aug 10, 1961   CeM
Dunlap, Christine - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Sep 29, 1913Nov 21, 1917   CeM
Ferguson, Ouita Inez10/27/191512/1/2001 [d/o Jessie L. & Minnie Roena Temple Ferguson]RC
Frazer, Lizzie - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-7-2009Mar 11, 1869   Double Stone with W. J. Frazer "WIFE OF W. J. FRAZER"CeM
Frazer, W. J. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-7-2009Sept 14, 1850Aug 12 1934Double Stone with Lizzie Frazer "OUR FATHER"CeM
Godfrey, Fannie I. Hamilton - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009July 25, 1881Apr 6, 1960Double Stone with Jasper J. GodfreyCeM
Godfrey, Jasper J. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Nov 30, 1866Nov 30, 1930Double Stone with Fannie I. Hamilton GodfreyCeM
Godfrey, Lee Roy - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Nov 4, 1904Mar 7, 1972   CeM
Green, Baby - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Aug 31, 1897Aug 31, 1897"Infant Daughter of DR. B. H. & M. S. GREEN"CeM
Green, Isaac Wilburn - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-200918931954Double Stone with Renna Coker GreenCeM
Green, Renna Coker - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-200918961989Double Stone with Isaac Wilburn GreenCeM
Greenwood, Billie C. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Jan 6, 1927Aug 28, 1953Military Stone "ARKANSAS" "TEC5 IINFANTRY" "WORLD WAR II" Cross in circle emblemCeM
Grider, Cattie Lee Colvin3/21/18709/25/1888"Wife OF R. L. GRIDER" "NOT DEAD BUT SLEEPING" [Full Name : Catherine Lee Colvin Grider; youngest d/o John Colvin of Farmville Community; 1st w/o Robert L. Grider]AR
Grider, Infant9/12/18889/30/1888"DAU. OF R .L. & C. L. GRIDER" [d/o Cattie Lee Colvin and Robert L. Grider; one of twins]AR
Grider, J. J. - John JasperApr 10, 1834Nov 20, 1910Another photo of headstone - NEW PHOTO 3-6-2009; Military Stone "CO I 9 ARK REGT" "CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY" [2nd h/o Susan Hall Castleberry]JB & CeM
Grider, M. A. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Mar 16, 1830Dec 2, 1920   CeM
Grider, Martha Turner12/19/18709/29/1951Double Stone with Robert L. Grider "She is not dead but sleepeth" [2nd w/o Robert L. Grider]AR
Grider, Robert L.2/9/18667/19/1934Double Stone with 2nd wife Martha Turner Grider "Gone but not forgottten" [h/o 1) "Cattie" Catherine Lee Colvin; h/o 2) Martha Turner Grider]AR
Guest, George W. 18821940   CM
Hairston, Leroy M.18961947�FATHER� Double Stone with Mildred F. HairstonPC
Hairston, Mildred F.18971993�MOTHER� Double Stone with Leroy M. HairstonPC
Howard, Lou Tisha - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Sept 13, 1849July 1, 1928   CeM
Howard, Thomas Jr. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009May 11, 1932May 15, 1985"WE LOVE YOU"CeM
Jenkins, Cecil LeeJuly 27, 1922Dec. 17, 1959[w/o Audrey Jenkins; children; Randy & Paulette]CS, CM & WS
Jenkins, Docie MaeJune 22, 1905Dec. 1972[w/o Jessie Lee Jenkins; children: Cecil, Harold, Bobby, Alpha Mae, Sue, and Wanda]WS
Jenkins, Harold W.Dec. 15, 1925Dec. 25, 1993[s/o Jesse & Docie Jenkins; h/o Mary Ruth Jenkins; child: Melissa]WS
Jenkins, Jason J.9/27/189310/16/1940"TEXAS - PVT. 1CL. 64 INF. 7 DIV. - A friend to his country and a believer in Christ" [h/o Lena Quimby Jenkins; s/o W. R. "Bob" & Emily Herring Jenkins]BG
Jenkins, Jessie LeeJan. 16, 1898March 1975[h/o Docie Mae Kenkins; children: Cecil, Harold, Bobby, Alpha Mae, Sue, & Wanda]WS
Jenkins, Lena Quimby12/18/18891/31/1960[w/o Jason J. Jenkins]BG
Jenkins, Mary RuthDec. 22, 1920April, 1993[w/o Harold W. Jenkins; child: Melissa]WS
Jenkins, Sarah Jane12/29/19378/13/1938"Darling we miss thee"BG
Jenkins, Trudie Jeffress189810/18/1921The stone in the photo is unmarked; may possibly be Trudie Jenkins who is buried here. [m/o Herbert Carson Jenkins]BG
Jenkins, Vester H.8/20/19083/22/1939[Middle name Howard; s/o W. R. "Bob" & Emily Herring Jenkins]BG
Jenkins, W. R. [Bob]10/6/18706/13/1909"WOODMEN OF THE WORLD MEMORIAL" [h/o Sarah Emily Herring Jenkins; f/o Vester, Floyd, Jessie, Jason & William Jenkins]BG
Johnson, Arlin Briant - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Apr 17, 1906Aug 8, 1980  CeM
Joiner, Olevia Stewart - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Sept 1, 1872Mar 19, 1932Double Stone with John Wesley JoinerCeM
Joiner, John Wesley - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Aug 19, 1861Feb 2, 1924Double Stone with Olevia Stewart JoinerCeM
Jones, Daniel W.Aug 1, 1896Aug 30, 1996Double Stone with Oda C. Jones "WED DEC. 24, 1923"PC
Jones, Oda C.Aug 8, 1904June 4, 1986Double Stone with Daniel W. Jones "WED DEC. 24, 1923"PC
Jones, Ray BoydJan 12, 1927Apr 25, 1941�THY MEMORY SHALL EVER BE GUIDING US TO HEAVEN�PC
Jones, Sarah E.Oct 18, 1854Feb 8, 1938 PC
Kelly, Chester W.7/5/192112/18/1935[s/o Preston & Lula Kelly]AR
Kelley, Leornard W. - NEW INFO & PHOTO 3-6-2009May 31, 1919Dec 29, 1985Military Stone "PVT US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II" Cross in circle emblem [s/o Preston & Lula Kelly]AR & CeM
Kinard, Eliza Leslie18621885 PC
Kinard, Infant 1883 PC
Kinard, Infant 1885 PC
Lanier, Ettie M.Jan. 6, 1890Apr. 19, 1919   CM
Lanier, Henry S.18681951   CM
Lanier, Hugh C. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Sept 20, 1900Nov 23, 1977Double Stone with Opal Baker LanierCeM
Lanier, Julia M.18701941   CM
Lanier, Opal Baker - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Dec 18, 1917Sept 27, 2002Double Stone with Hugh C. LanierCeM
Lathan, Homer E.23 Feb. 191228 Nov. 1991  CM
Lathan, Laverne Nixon23 Sep. 191323 Jan. 2003[d/o Fred & Melia Nixon]CM
Leslie, Almira E. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-7-200918681948Double Stone with William J. LeslieCeM
Leslie, Della A. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Feb 9, 1878Oct 4, 1899"WIFE OF J. M. LESLIE"BB & CeM
Leslie, Effie G. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-200918851978   CeM
Leslie, John, M.9/30/18711/16/1913 BB
Leslie, Samuel M. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Feb 17, 1887Apr 16, 1944Military Stone "ARKANSAS" "SGT 10 CO COAST ARTY" "WORLD WAR I" Cross in circle emblemCeM
Leslie, Thomas D. - NEW PHOTO 3-6-2009Oct 13, 1895Feb 14, 1914   BB & CeM
Leslie, William H. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-7-200918841944   CeM
Leslie, William J. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-7-200918581948Double Stone with Almira E. LeslieCeM
Leslie, William Mack - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-7-2009   Dec 7, 1952 CeM
McNeer, Charlie M. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Aug 14, 1881Jan 4, 1915"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want"CeM
Outlaw, Charity - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Mar 1, 1882June 19, 1929"PREPARE TO MEET ME IN HEAVEN"CeM
Outlaw, Evaline  "Wife of Edward"AR
Outlaw, Infant 6/9/1906[s/o J C and M S Outlaw]MR
Outlaw, Infant 11/15/1906[s/o J C and M S Outlaw]MR
Outlaw, Infant 8/14/1908[d/o J C and M S Outlaw]MR
Outlaw, Maggie M.10/25/18487/9/1902"Wife of EDWARD OUTLAWMR & AR
Outlaw, Margaret S.11/2/18761/27/1910"wife of J. C. Outlaw"MR & AR
Outlaw, Thomas - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009July 1855Dec 13, 1932"HUSBAND OF CHARITY"CeM
Owens, Nettie B.Apr. 26, 1882Aug. 10, 1967   CM
Owens, W. W. [Bill]March 3, 1878Sept. 7, 1966   CM
Parnell, E. Edward19021961Double Stone with M. Eltekeh ParnellPC
Parnell, M. Eltekeh19011949Double Stone with E. Edward ParnellPC
Peebles, Alpha O. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Jan 4, 1873Jan 17, 1943Double Stone with John J. PeeblesCeM
Peebles, John J. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Sept 20, 1864Mar 2, 1938Double Stone with Alpha O. PeeblesCeM
Pennington, Hazel, Owens11/25/19159/25/1948 BB
Pennington, Robert, H.5/7/19116/27/1985 BB
Pierce, FredMay 31, 1883Feb 1, 1902"Son of J. W. & M. J. PIERCE"TG
Pierce, J. W.March 26, 1841Jan. 23, 1905[h/o Mary J. Pierce]TG
Pierce, James M.Feb 6, 1868Oct 10, 1895"SON OF J. W. & M. J. PIERCE"TG
Pierce, Mary B.Sept. 23, 1812Sept. 5, 1884"WIFE OF JAMES T. PIERCE" Headstone in 1997TG
Pierce, Mary J. July 20, 1847Jan 23, 1923[w/o J. W. Pierce]TG
Pierce, Mrs. JoeFeb 11, 1887June 28, 1939   TG
Pierce, W. HamptonSept 1, 1878Nov 18, 1907   TG
Reaves, W. A - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009May 31, 1863Sept 15,1930"Beloved one farewell"CeM
Rodgers, Annie S. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Feb 23, 1901Mar 4, 1988   CeM
Rodgers, Roy Lee - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Feb 21, 1893Oct 17, 1956   CeM
Slaughter, Jessie J. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Nov 12, 1925May 29, 1999Military Stone "US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II" Cross emblemCeM
Stanley, Alpha MaeFeb. 10, 1924Jan. 17, 2004[d/o Jesse & Docie Jenkins; w/o Durell Stanley; children: Marcia, Belinda, Teresa, Michael, David, Timothy, & Jeffrey]WS
Stedman, A. G. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Jan 13, 1837Apr. 5, 1914"He is not dead but sleepeth" [h/o Margaret Waters Stedman]CeM
Stedman, Margaret Waters - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Jan 12, 1835 July 31, 1906"WIFE OF A. G. STEDMAN"CeM
Stuard, Carlton E.6/18/189710/03/1972Double Stone with Madie E. Stuard [h/o Madie Ester Colvin Stuard]RC & AR
Stuard, Madie E.9/16/189810/03/1974Double Stone with Carlton E. Stuard [Full Name : Madie Ester Colvin Stuard; d/o J. C. & Martha Ann Colvin; w/o Carlton E. StuardRC & AR
Stuard, Odys19221941[s/o Carlton and Madie Colvin Stuard]RC
Stuard, Oma19191929[d/o Carlton and Madie Colvin Stuard]RC
Temple, Charles E.18601938[Birthdate: 8/28/1860; Deathdate: 1/26/1938; s/o Altiman L. & Sarah Elizabeth Whiteside Temple; h/o Patsy Minerva Pennington Temple]RC & PC
Temple, Ermer18941912 PC
Temple, Ida W. Pierce18781975"WIFE OF CHARLES E. TEMPLE"PC
Temple, MattieJuly 22, 1908?Sept. 6, 1909Homemade tombstone in child-like writing �Daughter of Mr. Mrs. James Temple� �Gone But Not Forgotten�PC
Totty, Zollie C. [Coffer]2-10-18625-18-1920"W. O. W."AR
Turner, Hiram G.6/23/18751/27/1933"REST IS THINE, SWEET REMEMBRANCE OURS"AR
Turner, Mattie M.8/3/18854/15/1955"REST IS THINE, SWEET REMEMBRANCE OURS"AR
Wakefield, Lena - NEW PHOTO & INFO 3-6-2009Aug 29, 1878Mar 4, 1922"WIFE OF C. F. WAKEFIELD" "OUR MOTHER" "Gone but not forgotten."CM & CeM
Wardlaw, Mary J.Aug 6, 1870Juy 23, 1918Double Stone with Dudley T. WardlawPC
Wardlaw, RoyMay 6, 1899Sep 2, 1900"Son of T. D. & M. J. WARDLAW" "Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"PC
Wardlaw, T. DudleyFeb 22, 1866July 3, 1958Double Stone with Mary J. WardlawPC
Warren, Walter1/7/187410/27/1951  PB
Wear, Arthur C.18931977[s/o Newton Cook Wear & Julia Ann Singer Wear; h/o 1) Jewel A. Temple Wear, two children, Geraldine Bachtold & William Terrell; 2) Mamie Lee Morman Wear, no children]CM
Wear, Betty AdamsFeb 17, 1898July 31, 1981[w/o 1) "Jim" James D. Wear; 2) Mr. Adams]CM
Wear, Caroline Harris18551939"AT REST" Double Stone with H.T. [Hamilton Tipton] Wear [2nd w/o Hamilton Tipton Wear]CM
Wear, H. T.18601936"AT REST" Double Stone with Caroline Harris Wear [Hamilton Tipton Wear; h/o 1.) Nancy "Nannie" Ann Virginia Singer who is probably also buried in this cemetery, but no headstone found; 2.) Caroline Harris Woods; daughter Edie Wear; sons William N., James D. and Tolbert H. Wear]CM
Wear, Ida B.Dec28, 1881July 18,1931[w/o William N, Wear]CM
Wear, J. T.Dec 5, 1916Jan 20, 2008[s/o William N. & Ida B. Wear; h/o Mary R. Turner Wear]CM
Wear, James D.Feb 6, 1887Feb 14, 1931[s/o Hamilton Tipton Wear & Nancy Ann Virginia Singer; 1st h/o Betty Wear Adams]CM
Wear, Julia Singer18611936"REST IS THINE, SWEET REMEMBRANCE OURS" Double Stone with Newton Cook WearCM
Wear, Mamie Lee19051958[2nd w/o Arthur C. Wear; they had no children]CM
Wear, Mary R. TurnerJuly 16, 1921June 2, 1990[w/o J. T. Wear]CM
Wear, Newton Cook18601934"REST IS THINE, SWEET REMEMBRANCE OURS" Double Stone with Julia Singer WearCM
Wear, Tipton Paul - NEW PHOTO & INFO! 3-6-2009Sept 29, 1889April 2, 1962Military Stone "ARKANSAS" "PVT SVC CO 3 CORPS SCH" "WORLD WAR I" Cross emblem [h/o 1) Bessy Wear; 2) Viola Beatrice "Aunt Bea" Wear]CM & CeM
Wear, Tolbert18921940[s/o Hamilton Tipton Wear & Nancy Ann Virginia Singer]CM
Wear, Willia[m?] DownarDec 7, 1891Feb 25, 1971[s/o Newton Cook Wear & Julia Ann Singer. Never married]CM
Wear, William N.Nov 1, 1883Mar 5, 1959[William Newton Wear; s/o Hamilton Tipton Wear & Nancy Ann Virginia Singer; h/o Ida B. Wear]CM
White, Alfred Franklin - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Oct 24, 1885Feb 18, 1939Double Stone with Della Hickman WhiteCeM
White, Della Hickman - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Dec 3, 1888Aug 24, 1980Double Stone with Alfred Franklin WhiteCeM
Wright, Lester W. - NEW WITH PHOTO 3-6-2009Oct 14, 1919Sept 1, 1951"PFC QM SUPPLY US ARMY"CeM


AR ... Ann Ragsdale
BB ... Bobby Barth
BG ... Becky Gilley
CeM ... Celia Mears
CM ... Cindy Munson (Some Photos provided by Robert Wear - THANKS ROBERT!)
CS ... Cecilia Slivensky (e-mail address unknown)
JB ... Jo Branch
MR ... Martha Reeme
PB ... Peggy Quimby Bowman
PC ... Pam Clift (Pam has provided photos in many of our cemeteries - THANKS PAM!)
RC ... Ruth Colvin
TG ... Thomas M. Garrison, Jr.
WS ... Wayne Slivensky

Sign at Hickory Springs Church and Cemetery

Cemetery photo courtesy of Pam Clift

Cemetery coordinator: Pat Cowan
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