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Gravel Ridge Cemetery

Gravel Ridge Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

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Gravel Ridge Cemetery Entrance Sign

Cemetery photo courtesy of Nora Johnson


This is not a complete transcription. Notes in brackets [ ] do not necessarily appear on tombstone, but are provided as additional information. Please add your Gravel Ridge Cemetery records by e-mailing

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

Location: From Hermitage, take Hwy. 15/63 South. Go about 1.5 miles to 160 West. Turn right.
Go about 1 mile and turn on Bradley 5 North. Cemetery is on the left by Antioch Baptist Church.
Belin, Fannie3 Mar 190827 Jun 1909 DP
Belin, Fern6 Mar 191112 Apr 1911 DP
Belin, Floyd John - NEW 4-2-201319061975[h/o Gladys Belle Osborne Belin]BM
Belin, Gladys Belle Osborne - NEW 4-2-201319151995[w/o Floyd John Belin]BM
Belin, Infant6 Feb 19136 Feb 1913[s/o J. C. and M. O. Belin]DP
Belin, Infant19 Jul 1904Jul 1904[s/o J. C. and M. O. Belin]DP
Belin, John - NEW 4-2-201318751946[h/o Sally Harcrow Belin]BM
Belin, Mandy Ophelia22 Aug 187830 Sep 1938 DP
Belin, Sallie Harcrow - NEW 4-2-201318801953[w/o John Belin]BM
Bethea, Lou Ella [Johnson]28 Mar 187722 Sep 1946  DP
Bethea, Maron Monroe31 Mar 187322 Jun 1953  DP
Black, Mrs. John4 Nov 185114 Nov 1916  DP
Boyette, Ernest26 Oct 189318 Nov 1963 DP
Boyette, Georgia M. Smith11-17-19276-30-1971 NJ
Brewer, Effie18791938Double Stone with Luther Brewer "MOTHER"NJ
Brewer, Luther187719??Double Stone with Effie Brewer "FATHER"NJ
Brooks, Ada Lee24 Aug 187014 Sep 1880[d/o Barkley Martin & Sarah E. Brooks]RC
Brooks, Barkley Martin13 Mar 184719 Apr 1930[h/o Sarah Elizabeth Levillian Brooks; h/o Hatie Cooper Brooks]RC
Brooks, Callie Evans2 Apr 187622 Aug 1926[w/o William A. Brooks]RC
Brooks, Sarah Elizabeth Levillian11 Dec 183930 Jun 1903[w/o Barkley Martin Brooks]RC
Brooks, William A.11 Nov 187226 Dec 1957[h/o Callie Evan Brooks]RC
Byrd, Floyd3 Jun 190229 Aug 1936 DP
Byrd, Olar23 Jan 18761 Oct 1958 DP
Byrd, R. B.12 Jan 185619 Apr 1923 DP
Cooper, Bessie Ann Langston18791910[w/o George Cooper]NJ
Cooper, DrusieMay 28, 1895Oct 3, 1973"MOTHER"NJ
Cooper, Elbert B.March 21. 1895Dec 5, 1957"FATHER"NJ
Creed, Charles Marshall11 Sep 184226 Dec 1885[s/o Micajah & Sarah Hartsfield Creed; h/o Frances Gastrick Creed; h/o Nettie Montgomery Creed]RC
Creed, Mary Ada4 Sep 1888 9 Sep 1979[d/o Thomas Jonah & Carrie Ann Brooks Givens; w/o William Ephrem Creed]RC
Creed, Nettie Montgomery10 Nov 184816 Jun 1909[w/o Charles Marshall Creed]RC
Creed, Sarah Ader14 Aug 187614 Oct 1878[d/o Charles Marshall & Nettie Montgomery Creed]RC
Creed, Thelma Dorren9 Oct 19069 Apr 1911[d/o William Ephrim & Mary Ada Givens Creed]RC
Creed, William Ephrem3 May 188125 Sep 1951[s/o Charles Marshel & Nettie Montgomery Creed; h/o Mary Ada Givens Creed]RC
Creed, Willie Mac9 Aug 193711 Apr 1940[s/o Klondys "Bill" & Gladys "Pat" McDougal Creed]RC
Evans, Ruthie Byrd4 Apr 190715 Nov 1990"WIFE OF HENRY EVANS" "THERE IS NO PARTING IN HEAVEN."NJ
Ferguson, Karl G.13 Jan 189530 Aug 1987Double Stone with R. Lee Ferguson [d/o Thomas Jonah & Mary Francis Hampton Givens; w/o R. Lee Ferguson]RC & NJ
Ferguson, R. Lee3 Dec 188720 Dec 1961Double Stone with Karl G. Ferguson [h/o Karl Givens Ferguson]RC & NJ
Forrest, Infant27 Aug 193227 Aug 1932"Son of Mr. & Mrs. Morris Forrest"DP
Forrest, Ira Johnson18871928[d/o Frances Smith & Robert B. Johnson; w/o Milton Forrest]DP & BL
Forrest, Jimmie B.29 Apr 190915 Oct 1963 DP
Forrest, Milton Randall25 Aug 18861944[h/o Ira Johnson]BL
Forrest, Paul Hugh19 Nov 19182 July 1969"ARKANSAS PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II" Cross symbolPC
Frazer, Mary E. J.17 Jan 18845 Oct 1957 EC
Frazer, Rena A.13 Apr 190331 Mar 1904[d/o W. .J. & Cattie Frazer]EC
Frazer, W. J., Jr.17 Sep 18778 Jan 1940 EC
Frisby, Dan R.4 Aug 18927 Jan 1916"AGE 23 YRS. 5 MOS. 3 DYS." "The hearts keen anguish only those can tell Who've bid the dearest and best farewell."NJ
Gates, Infant21 Apr 19184 May 1918"Son of Mr. & Mrs. Q.E. Gates"DP
Gates, Infants21 Mar 191921 Mar 1919"twins of Mr. & Mrs. Q.E. Gates"DP
Gates, Lillie Mae17 Feb 19429 Sep 1942 DP
Gates, Marguerite10 Sep 193513 Sep 1935 DP
Givens, Audley6 Apr 190110 Oct 1969[s/o Thomas Jonah & Mary F. Hampton Givens; h/o Zettie K. Givens]RC
Givens, Carrie Ann Brooks15 Sep 186724 Jun 1890[d/o Barkley Martin & Sarah E. Brooks; w/o Thomas Jonah Givens]RC
Givens, Clyde D.1 Oct 189718 Sep 1900[s/o Thomas Jonah & Mary Francis Hampton Givens]RC
Givens, Mary Francis18581957[w/o Thomas Jonah Givens]RC
Givens, Thomas Jonah27 Oct 18629 Apr 1941[h/o Carrie Ann Brooks Givens; h/o Mary Francis Hampten Givens]RC
Givens, Zettie K.24 Jan 190125 Jul 1992[w/o Audley Givens]RC
Hampton, James Benjamin14 Sep 182710 Jun 1914[h/o Sarah Arrena Wright Hampton]RC
Hampton, John Wade17 Mar 187130 Nov 1940[s/o James Benjamin & Sarah Arrena Wright Hampton; h/o Maggie Mai Creed Hampton]RC
Hampton, Maggie Mai Creed13 Dec 18838 Oct 1934[d/o Charles Marshall & Nettie Montgomery Creed; w/o John Wade Hampton]RC
Hampton, Sarah Arrena Wright09 Feb 183411 Nov 1909[w/o James Benjamin Hampton]RC
Hayes, Maude4 Mar 189323 Aug 1932 DP
Haynes, James Arthur25 Jul 189229 Dec 1963 DP
Henry, J. P.26 Mar 191617 Oct 1959 KC
Henry, James 22 Mar 1932 KC
Henry, Lois Forrest21 Apr 191326 Feb 1981"A LADY WITH DIGNITY"KC
Henry, Margrett2 Feb 19195 Dec 1920 KC
Henry, Van W.5 Dec 192310 June 1944Military Stone, "ARKANSAS" "SGT. 357 INF" "90 INF DIV" "WORLD WAR II"KC
Hines, Henry NewtonFeb. 28, 1854Feb. 11, 1925Masonic EmblemLW

Hollensworth, Sam, Jr. 6 Jan 19337 Dec 1960 DP
Hollingsworth, Enoch19021932"HE GIVETH HIS BELOVED SLEEP" Double Stone with Lillie Poole Gardner HollingsworthNJ
Hollingsworth, Lillie Gardner19051971"HE GIVETH HIS BELOVED SLEEP" Double Stone with Enoch Hollingsworth [Maiden name Poole]NJ
Huff, Annie Mae19021953 DP
Huff, Virgil Lee11 Feb 192127 May 1967[CM2USNR]DP
Inzer, George H.31 Jul 189115 Sep 1895 DP
Inzer, R.W.27 Apr 18282 Sep 1895 DP
Johnson, Albert21 Sept 191724 Dec 1944Military Stone, Cross in Circle emblem, "ARKANSAS" "STAFF SGT 2 INF 3 INF DIV" "WORLD WAR II BSM-PH & OLC"KC
Johnson, Audrey Mae1 May 192315 Aug 1955 DP
Johnson, Bernis Grafton13 Feb 192627 Apr 1994Veteran's plaque - Tec5 US Army WW IIEC
Johnson, Frances "Frank" SmithApr 1861Feb 1945[d/o Abagal & James Smith; w/o Robert B. Johnson]BL
Johnson, Gertie H.13 Oct 18901 Sept 1963Double Stone with Jimmie E. JohnsonKC
Johnson, James Arnold19391940 DP
Johnson, Jimmie E.13 Aug 190027 Sept 1979Double Stone with Gertie H. JohnsonKC
Johnson, Larry E.22 Dec 195412 Dec 1998Double Stone with Margrite F. Johnson [h/o Margrite F. Johnson; Married 03 Jul 1976] EC
Johnson, Lillie1 Feb 19101912"two years old"DP
Johnson, Margrite F.[ living ][ living ]Double Stone with Larry E. JohnsonEC
Johnson, Preston13 Mar 191123 Jan 1937 DP & NJ
Johnson, R. S.17 Feb 1909 [40 yrs. old]DP
Johnson, Rachel Ann Evans7 Dec 194527 Nov 1964"GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN"DP & NJ
Johnson, Dick7 Apr 188026 May 1960Double Stone with Sallie Smith Johnson "MARRIED APR. 10, 1909" "EARTH HAS NO SORROW THAT HEAVEN CANNOT HEAL" [full name Richard J. Johnson; s/o Frances Smith & Robert B. Johnson; h/o Sallie Ann Smith]BL & DP & NJ
Johnson, Robert B.186917 Feb 1909"HUSBAND OF FRANCIS (FRANK) JOHNSON" [Bob; s/o Annabelle "Anna" Barnett & Jacob L. Johnson]BL & NJ
Johnson, Sallie Smith6 Feb 189414 Sep 1977Double Stone with Dick Johnson "MARRIED APR. 10, 1909" "EARTH HAS NO SORROW THAT HEAVEN CANNOT HEAL" [full name Sallie Ann Smith Johnson; d/o Mary Ann Thompson & George W. Smith; w/o Richard "Dick" J. Johnson]BL & NJ
Johnson, Sarah F.30 Jul 188824 Feb 1984 EC
Johnson, Will H.15 Aug 1887 30 Jun 1974 EC
Kinard, Erman C.15 Oct 190826 Dec 1976Double Stone with Rachel L. KinardPC
Kinard, Rachel L.6 Feb 191612 Sep 1959Double Stone with Erman C. KinardPC
Langston, Absalom4-18-1811May 16,1870"59 years & 28 Days" Double Stone with Mrs. Absalom LangstonNJ
Langston, Aubert LeeAug 9, 1927Aug 4, 1982"FATHER" "IN LOVING MEMORY" Double Stone with Helen Thelma LangstonNJ
Langston, Clifton6 Feb 191123 Sep 1912 DP
Langston, CorneliusApril 24, 1910Dec 20, 1999Double Stone with Hayward LangstonNJ
Langston, HaywardNov 4, 1909Dec 23, 1961Double Stone with Cornelius LangstonNJ
Langston, Helen ThelmaJune 22, 1929still living"MOTHER" "IN LOVING MEMORY" Double Stone with Aubert Lee LangstonNJ
Langston, James L.6 Aug 184728 Aug 1906 DP & NJ
Langston, James H. Rev.10 Feb 188611 Mar 1957"EACH DUTY DONE THEY REST IN PEACE" Double Stone with Leota H. LangstonDP & NJ
Langston, Jim Lewis5 Apr 1916 21 Mar 1922 DP
Langston, Joe W.Feb 10, 1886Nov 27,1946"MARRIED DEC. 28, 1905" Double Stone with Vera H. LangstonNJ
Langston, John N.7 Apr 188317 Mar 1941Double Stone with Mattie Ima Langston "EACH DUTY DONE, THEY REST IN PEACE."DP & NJ
Langston, Leota H.17 Dec 18926 Jul 1968"EACH DUTY DONE THEY REST IN PEACE" Double Stone with Rev. James H. LangstonDP
Langston, Mrs. AbsalomAug 21, 1817Feb 27, 1885"MARY ANN" Double Stone with Absalom Langston [Maiden name Hart]DP & NJ

Langston, Martha A.10 Mar 187820 Dec 1960"HE GIVETH HIS BELOVED SLEEP" [aka Mattie Langston; d/o Mary Frances Parker & James L. Langston; sister to Docie Poole; "My Aunt" ~ Nora Johnson]DP & NJ
Langston, Mary Frances22 Jan 185225 Feb 1899"Wife of J. L. LANGSTON" [Maiden name Parker; d/o Walter C. Parker; w/o James Lewis Langston] DP & NJ
Langston, Mattie Ima3 Mar 18868 Oct 1949Double Stone with John N. Langston "EACH DUTY DONE, THEY REST IN PEACE."DP & NJ
Langston, Rufus27 Feb 191017 Dec 1932 DP
Langston, Vera H.Nov 20,1890Aug 20, 1972"MARRIED DEC. 28, 1905" Double Stone with Joe W. LangstonNJ
Lee19 Oct 186912 Sep 1876[d/o J.S. & A.L. Lee]DP
Lee, Amandal 1 Jul 1877"age 28 years, 5 months, 13 days"DP
Lee, Bessie May2-06-190111-02-1977Double Stone with Edgar A. LeeNJ
Lee, Edgar A.10-05-19001-12-1958Double Stone with Bessie May LeeNJ
Lee, Isabelle18161896 DP
Lee, Lert9/1/19607/30/1979"DAUGHTER" "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN"NJ
Lee, Rachel Boyette11-14-1924 "MOTHER" "MARRIED NOV. 29, 1941" "TOGETHER FOREVER" Double Stone with W. E. "Bill" LeeNJ
Lee, W. E. "Bill"1-24-192112-01-1993"DADDY" "MARRIED NOV. 29, 1941" "TOGETHER FOREVER" Double Stone with Rachel Boyette LeeNJ
Lee, William R. "Red"5-12-19525-13-1996"OUR FATHER WE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER"NJ
Lewis, J. Arlie3 Aug 1900 13 July 1999[h/o Noma Lewis, s/o J. C. & Mary E. Lewis]RS
Lewis, J. C.25 Jul 185627 Aug 1931[h/o Mary E, Lewis]DP & RS
Lewis, Mary E.6 Mar 186918 Oct 1944[w/o J. C. Lewis]DP & RS
Lewis, Noma McLeod15 Jan 190522 July 1997[w/o J. A. Lewis]RS
Loomis, Baby Boy12 Jun 192312 Jun 1923[s/o Emma Idella Davidson & Emmitt Everitt Loomis]BL
Loschke, Homer L.Sept 18, 1917Nov 29, 1974SSG US ARMY; Cross symbolNJ
McClendon, Alfred27 Dec 18469 Mar 1937  DP
McClendon, Guy A.20 Feb 18914 Oct 1906  DP
McClendon, Kizzie L.3 Dec 184523 Oct 1902  DP
McClendon, Lillie M.26 Aug 187128 Mar 1891  DP
McClendon, Lucian Edgar31 Oct 18768 Jan 1947 DP
McGhee, Bobby Gayel - NEW 3-11-20131 Feb 193911 Nov 2010 BM
McLeod, Mary Nancy30 Aug 188227 Apr 1948 DP
McClendon, N. Alice21 Aug 186913 Mar 1922  DP
McMullen, Jack 4 Mar 1967"age 52 years, 1 month, 13 days"DP
Nutt, Infant21 Apr 194121 Apr 1941[d/o Floy & Marie Nutt]DP
Orton, G.C.2 Jul 18542 Nov 1925 DP
Orton, Sarah1 Mar 18562 Jan 1931 DP
Osborne, Artie Sled - NEW 4-2-201318861969[w/o Louis "Dock" Osborne]BM
Osborn, Rodney27 Sept 195219 Nov 1991 MG
Parnell, Carl E.July 23, 1892Nov 25, 1965Double Stone with Florence G. ParnellPC
Parnell, Earl K.19251943 PC
Parnell, Florence G.March 11, 1903Sep 3, 2001Double Stone with Carl E. ParnellPC
Parnell, James W.Apr 25, 1928  PC
Parnell, JosephineSep 23, 1864March 26, 1947"THO LOST TO SIGHT TO MEMORY PASS"PC
Parnell, Mary Byrd SparksNov 5, 1893May 25, 1966"GONE TO A BETTER LAND"PC
Parnell, SterlingJan 31, 1901July 11, 1926"Farewell my wife and children all, from you a father Christ doth call"PC
Parnell, W. R.Sep 29, 1853March 2, 1927´┐ŻAn honest man's the noblest work of God´┐ŻPC
Pirtle, Elizabeth A.17 Jul 184511 Jul 1918"WIFE OF JAMES A. PIRTLE" "Rest Mother rest in quite sleep while friends in sorrow o're thee weep."DP & NJ
Pirtle, James18161896 DP
Pirtle, Merle6 Dec 189928 Sep 1900 DP
Pirtle, Nora Anne3 May 183011 Sep 1884 DP
Pirtle, Vebne27 Oct 190112 Aug 1902 DP
Pirtle, Velma29 Mar 189612 Nov 1899 DP
Pirtle, Viennie Morton18841897 DP
Poole, Albert2 Aug 19372 Aug 1937[Middle name Dan; Still Born infant s/o Clarence & Lola Poole]NJ
Poole, Docie21 Apr 188113 May 1949[Full name is Sarah Theodocia Langston Poole; d/o Mary Frances Parker & James L. Langston; w/o Fred Poole; sister to Martha "Mattie" A. Langston; she was widowed with 6 children]DP & NJ
Poole, Gladies14 Mar 19183 Mar 1952[name spelled Gladys; d/o Docia & Fred Poole]NJ
Poole, HelenOct 21, 1903April 21, 1906[d/o Docie & Fred Poole]NJ
Poole, Loriane31 Oct 19389 Dec 1939[d/o Clarence & Lola Poole]NJ
Poole, Otha Lewis12 Oct 190726 Apr 1982[s/o Docie & Fred Poole]NJ
Poole, Robert William23 Mar 194021 May 1961[s/o Lewis Poole & Esteen Hollingsworth Poole Powell]DP & NJ
Powell, CliffordJan 10, 1906Sept 4, 1991Double Stone with Esteen H. PowellNJ
Powell, Esteen H.April 8, 1914Oct 23,1997Double Stone with Clifford Powell [Maiden name Hollingsworth; w/o (1) Lewis Poole (2) Clifford Powell]NJ
Reynolds, Emory E.18511938´┐ŻFATHER" Double Stone with Kizzie A. ReynoldsPC
Reynolds, Infant  [no dates given; s/o Marvin & Laura Reynolds]DP
Reynolds, Infant  Sept 5, 1939 ´┐ŻOUR DARLING´┐Ż ´┐Ż INFANT OF MR. & MRS. OPIE REYNOLDS´┐Ż "Gone to be an Angel"PC
Reynolds, JerrellAug 31, 1922Mar 21, 2004Double Stone with Madge Booker Reynolds "WED DEC. 20, 1941" "CHILDREN GLENDA JERRY LOUNEAL SUSIE RICKY BECKY DEBBIE & MARTY"PC
Reynolds, Kizzie A.18681938´┐ŻMOTHER´┐Ż Double Stone with Emory E. ReynoldsPC
Reynolds, Madge BookerJun 24, 1924  Double Stone with Jerrell Reynolds "WED DEC. 20, 1941" "CHILDREN GLENDA JERRY LOUNEAL SUSIE RICKY BECKY DEBBIE & MARTY"PC
Reynolds, Melvin9 Nov 18945 May 1966 DP
Reynolds, Nathaniel P.  Mar 30, 1936´┐ŻARKANSAS PVT 162, DEPOT BRIG.´┐ŻPC

Rowell, Gladys Marie Creed4 Nov 19083 Mar 2001Double Stone with Walter Preston Rowell "MARRIED OCT. 12, 1929" [d/o William Ephrem & Mary Ada Givens Creed]RC & PC
Rowell, John R.17 Jan 1870 26 Oct 1922"WOODMEN OF THE WORLD MEMORIAL" "His tolls are past, His work is done, He fought the fight, The victory won." Ornate Stone [Middle name Richard; h/o Mattie Mae Temple Rowell; s/o David J. & Mary Ann Kaiser Rowell]RC & PC
Rowell, Mattie T.11 Apr 188218 Jan 1976[Middle name May; w/o John Richard Rowell; d/o Charlie & Patsy Minerva Pennington Temple]RC & PC
Rowell, R. M. "Mum"21 Nov 189116 May 1914[s/o John Richard & UNK Rowell; h/o Addie Black Rowell]RC
Rowell, Walter Preston15 Dec 19035 Dec 1991Double Stone with Gladys Marie Creed Rowell "SON OF JOHN RICHARD & MATTIE MAY TEMPLE ROWELL" "IN LOVING MEMORY" "MARRIED OCT. 12, 1929"RC & PC
Sisco, S. S.11 Dec 185023 Nov 1924"We will meet again"NJ
Sled, Nancy5 Mar 18569 Aug 1948[d/o Mary Ann Carter & Thomas Martin Armstrong; 2nd w/o William Edward Sled]BL
Smith  [first name and dates not given]DP
Smith, Annie Mae26 Sep 19045 Jun 1987Double Stone with Sim S. Smith [Full name: Annie Mae Loomis Parnell Smith; died June 2, 1987?; d/o Ollie Jane Auld & Emmit E. Loomis; w/o 1) J. Sterling Parnell; w/o 2) Sim S. Smith]NJ & MH
Smith, Clotene6 Jun 19428 Jun 1942   DP
Smith, Darlene18 Dec 193610 Jan 1934   DP
Smith, Edgar TaplerDecember 26, 1905September 5, 1993[s/o Martha Jane Sisco & H. G. (Hardy Garrison) Smith]MH
Smith, Edith19 Jun 189411 Mar 1942   DP
Smith, G. W.11 Aug 185616 Mar 1903   DP
Smith, H. D.29 Mar 18504 Mar 1918   DP
Smith, H. G.1 Jul 187720 Aug 1911Masonic symbol "Living he made the poor man's heart be glad And in his death the sorrowing ones more sad." [Full name: Hardy Garrison Smith; h/o Martha Jane Sisco Smith]NJ & MH
Smith, James Cleve20 Jan 18803 Oct 1962   DP
Smith, James Leroy23 Aug 196823 Aug 1968   DP
Smith, James W.22 Dec 192422 Mar 1927   DP
Smith, Jessie Lee9 Dec 192130 Dec 1921   DP
Smith, Lillian21 Jun 193422 Apr 1937   DP
Smith, Linden4 Jan 189629 July 1899   DP
Smith, Martha Jane11-7-18795-12-1964[Full name: Martha Jane Sisco Smith; d/o S. S. Sisco; w/o H. G. (Hardy Garrison) Smith]MH
Smith, Mary9 Apr 186019 May 1947   DP
Smith, N. E.17 Sep 186214 Nov 1945   DP
Smith, Phylis Jean21 Jul 19509 Aug 1950   DP
Smith, Sim S.15 Oct 190610 Jul 1976Double Stone with Annie Mae Smith [Full name: Sim Sisco Smith; s/o Martha Jane Sisco & H. G. (Hardy Garrison) Smith]NJ & MH
Smith, T. J.24 Jul 18805 May 1911   DP
Smith, William Jackson15 Jan 1900 15 Sep 1963   DP
Smith, Willoat F.17 Jan 19122 Jan 1963   DP
Spears, Peggy Lewis19251972[d/o J. A. & Noma Lewis; birth date: Jan. 20, 1925; death date: Nov. 27, 1972]RS
Sutton, Richard Marion27 Jan 19254 Jul 1956  DP
Temple, Roger DaleMay 21, 1954May 28, 1994´┐ŻUNCLE HENRY´┐Ż ´┐ŻTOO WELL LOVED TO EVER BE FORGOTTEN´┐ŻPC
Thornton, Harold Edward8 Dec 192919 Feb 1930[s/o Onie Inez Loomis & Kyle Ilde Thornton]BL
Thornton, Kyle Ilde20 Sep 19053 Jun 1980[s/o Falba Calista Hampton & James Alexander Thornton; h/o Onie Inez Loomis]BL
Thornton, Onie Inez Loomis23 Apr 191323 Jan 1992[d/o Ollie Jane Auld & Emmitt Everett Loomis; w/o Kyle Ilde Thornton]BL
Vann, Bert C.19 Apr 19116 Jul 1965"OKLAHOMA" "PFC 354 BASE HQ & AB SQ AAF" "WORLD WAR II"NJ
Vines, Elizabeth6 Sep 18576 Feb 1951[Full name Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzy" Adkins Smith Vines] NJ
Vines, Floye L.1 Sep 191620 Sep 1942"WIFE" "THERE IS REST IN HEAVEN" [first w/o Jim William Vines]NJ
Vines, Hettie28 Feb 188914 Feb 1972[d/o James W. & Amanda Gorman; w/o William Lacey Vines]NJ
Vines, James Donald28 Aug 19325 Feb 1978[h/o Ruby Vines; two children: James Owen & Diane Vines; "My uncle" ~ Nora Johnson]NJ
Vines, Jim William23 Jun 191330 Jul 1980Double Stone with Lucile Bowlin Stuard Vines "MARRIED OCT. 9, 1943" "HE WAS THE SUNSHINE OF OUR HOME" [h/o (1)Floye L. Vines (2)Lucile Bowlin Stuard]NJ
Vines, Lucile Bowlin Stuard17 Apr 191112 Aug 2000Double Stone with Jim William Vines "MARRIED OCT. 9, 1943" "IN LOVING MEMORY" [second w/o Jim William Vines]NJ
Vines, Will L.28 Oct 188816 Jan 1972[Full name William Lacey Vines; also called Willie]NJ
Wilder, Cindie R.15 Oct 184728 July 1922"Prepare to meet me in heaven."KC
Wood, Jewell [Givens]13 Aug 189220 Apr 1966[d/o Thomas Jonah & Mary Francis Hampton Givens; w/o William Carter Wood]RC
Wood, William Carter 21 Feb 188417 May 1964[h/o Jewell Givens Wood]RC
Woodruff, Ernest E.22 Feb 19203 Jun 1961"ARKANSAS" "SGT CO L 423 INFANTRY" "WORLD WAR II"NJ
Woodruff, Stella G.June 25, 1885July 13, 1977Double Stone with W. Turner WoodruffNJ
Woodruff, W. TurnerFeb 11, 1891May 3, 1978Double Stone with Stella G. WoodruffNJ


BL ... Barbara Logan
BM ... Bettye McGhee
DP ... Debbie Patrick (email address currently unknown)
EC ... Edith Castleberry
LW ... Loretta Williams
MG ... Marcy Gorman
MH ... Margarett Hollinsworth
NJ ... Nora Johnson
PC ... Pam Clift (Pam has provided photos in many of our cemeteries - THANKS PAM!)
RC ... Ruth Colvin
RS ... Ronald A. Spears

Cemetery coordinator: Barbara Logan
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NOTE: From Margarett Hollingsworth ~

I was in the Gravelridge cemetery on Friday May 7, 2004. I noticed these headstones in need of repair. Each month that goes by these stones get in worse shape. Soon there will be nothing left there to mark the place of burial.

Three headstones that are loose from the base, 2 have infant and 1 has son of J. C. and M. O. Belin (Jabe C. and Mandy Ophelia Belin?)

Headstone loose from base, Floyd son of R. B. and F. O. Byrd

Broken double stone, Merle son of H. C. and E. A. Pirtle and Velma daughter of H. C. and Velma Pirtle.

Broken headstone, Amanda I. Lee 1855 to 1877

Headstone loose in base, Isabelle Jane daughter of J. S. and A. I. Lee

Broken stone, Nora Ann daughter of Jas. and E. A. Pirtle

Loose in base, Thelma Doreen daughter of W. E. and M. A. Creed

Broken and loose in base, T. E. Smith 1880 to 1911

Loose in base Ada Lee daughter of B. M. and S. E. Brooks 1870 to 1880

Loose in base, Sarah E. wife of B. M. Brooks 1839 to 1903

Broken and part of stone is missing, Lucy Brewer born Feb 18, 1853 this part of stone is loose in the base rest of stone missing.

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