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Garrison Cemetery

Garrison Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 37.583' -- 92� 10.039'

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Garrison Cemetery Photo

Cemetery photo courtesy of Thomas M. Garrison, Jr. (More photos below)

This is not a complete transcription. Notes in brackets [ ] do not appear on tombstone, but are provided as additional information. Please add your Garrison Cemetery records by e-mailing

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

Location: Go 4 miles West on Old Camden Road. Turn South on Country Road. Go 3/4 mile. Cemetery is located on the East side of the road.
Benson, Iva L. SimsJul. 7, 1903Oct. 29, 1967 BB
Bradley, John C. - NEW 5-5-200618651927Double Stone with Nancy Z. Bradley [Middle name Charles; h/o Nancy Z. Hickey Bradley]CH
Bradley, Nancy Z. - NEW 5-5-200618751951Double Stone with John C. Bradley [Born Sept. 17, 1875; Maiden name Nancy Hickey; w/o John Charles Bradley]CH
Coleman, Inez P.Oct. 9, 1898Feb. 15, 1986[wife of Onice N. Coleman]BB
Coleman, Onice N.Dec. 25, 1899Nov. 20, 1965[husband of Inez Parker Coleman]BB
Cook, Eddie27 Dec 1887 23 Feb 1942 DP
Cooke, James J.No DateNo Date DP
Cronin, L. CoelaOct. 31, 1908July 1, 1999[wife of Thomas Cronin]BB
Cronin, ThomasMay 26, 1916Apr. 23, 1961[husband of Lilly Coela Parker Cronin]BB
Davidson, Carrie S.July 5, 1889Apr. 12, 1915[nee Gill] "Wife of G.W. Davidson"BL
Davidson, Eula M. WolfeFeb. 26, 1904May 1, 1991[w/o William Barney Davidson]BL
Davidson, George W.Dec. 30, 1883July 16, 1925[middle name Wesley; son of Minerva and Wesley Camp Davidson, Jr.; husband of (1) Carrie Gill Davidson; (2) Iva Lee Gambill Davidson Reid]BL
Davidson, Minerva E.Dec. 18, 1866June 23, 1953[nee Hayes; w/o Wesley Camp Davidson, Jr.]BL
Davidson, Wesley C.Mar. 19, 1862Feb. 4, 1936[Wesley Camp, Jr.; double stone with Minerva Davidson]BL
Davidson, William B.Mar. 5, 1890Mar. 31, 1959[middle name Barney; son of Minerva and Wesley Camp Davidson, Jr.; husband of Eula Mae Wolfe Davidson]BL
Ederington, Cora N.18781926 DP
Ederington, John M.18751968 DP
Ederington, Minnie W.18871967 DP
Ederington, (son) 1928s/o John & Minnie EderingtonDP
Ellison, Edwin Jr. - NEW PHOTO 8-4-20067 Apr. 19204 May 1985Double Stone with Vera Neely EllisonCM
Ellison, Vera Neely - NEW PHOTO 8-4-200612 Jul. 191010 Feb. 2003Double Stone with Edwin Jr. Ellison [d/o Charles J. & Helen Neely]CM
Ezell, Mary SusanJan. 8, 1886Oct. 6, 1983[dau. of Minerva and Wesley Camp Davidson, Jr.]BL
Fitzgibbon, Allie G.Dec. 2, 1890Feb. 7, 1961 DP
Fitzgibbon, Fannie L.Jan. 21, 1884 Apr. 17, 1973 DP
Fitzgibbon, James NoelJun. 28, 1913Mar. 13, 1986"US Army - World War II"DP
Fitzgibbon, John R.Dec. 21, 1919Jun. 5, 1974"Cpl US Army"DP
Fitzgibbons, JamesAug. 14, 1882Apr. 28, 1953"Missouri - Pvt 24 Co Coast Arty"DP
Gambill, Byron HercialNov. 21, 1911June 6, 1941"God doeth all things well"DP
Gambill, Fannie L. [Lucretia]Jan. 21, 1884Apr. 17, 1973[nee Fitzgibbon; double stone with Roll H. Gambill]DP
Gambill, Joel LeeJan. 14, 1914Nov. 20, 1986"In loving memory"DP
Gambill, John WilliamJul. 16, 1884Aug. 3, 1965 DP
Gambill, Raymond H. [Harold]Sep. 15,1906Apr. 24, 1972 DP
Gambill, Roll H. [Raleigh Herbert]June 30, 1882Aug. 6, 1934[double stone with Fannie L. Gambill]DP
Gambill, William TravisNov. 29, 1920Feb. 14, 1932"Asleep in Jesus"DP
Garrison, A. W. - NEW PHOTO 8-4-200611-26-18651-22-1906 TG
Garrison, Arthur - NEW PHOTO 8-2-20061-3-18082-7-1890Another Headstone PhotoTG
Garrison, Ina Belle - NEW PHOTO 8-2-200612-5-188810-6-1899"DAU. OF A. W. & M. W. GARRISON" "INA"TG
Garrison, Margaret - NEW PHOTO 8-2-20064-26-18682-4-1918 TG
Garrison, Mariah - NEW PHOTO 8-3-2006[3-8-1869]9-28-1871"DAUGH. OF Z. A. W. & S. E. [Sarah Emily] Garrison"TG
Garrison, Mariah T. - NEW PHOTO 8-3-20068-1-18073-11-1876"AGED 68 yrs, 7 m. 10 d." Another Headstone PhotoTG
Garrison, Mariah Terissa - NEW PHOTO 8-3-2006[2-21-1868]10-11-1871"DAUGH. OF P. P. & M. A. GARISON" "AGED 3 Y. 7 M. 23 D."TG
Garrison, Mollie A. - NEW PHOTO 8-3-20067-10-18339-28-1921"WIFE OF P. P. GARRISON" "A tender mother and a faithful friend." [d/o William Sturgis]TG
Garrison, P. P. [Peter Prince] - NEW PHOTO 8-3-20064-2-18397-6-1899"His many ... form the noblest monument to his memory" [s/o Arthur & Mariah Garrison; h/o Mollie A. Garrison]TG
Garrison, S. E. - NEW PHOTO 8-3-20064-8-18736-11-1915[d/o P. P. & M. A. Garrison]TG
Garrison, Sturgis WilliamNo Date6 Oct 1875 DP
Garrison, W. A. - NEW PHOTO 8-4-2006[11-27-1860]10-8-1890"AGED 29 Yrs. 11 Ms. & 12 Ds."TG
Garrison, William Arthur - NEW PHOTO 8-4-200611-20-189010-8-1899"SON OF A. W. & M. W."TG
Gossien, Byron10 Apr 185128 Mar 1928 DP
Gossien, Elizabeth Emma27 Nov 185730 Apr 1940 DP
Greenwood, Abraham18471902 DP
Greenwood, Bertha Ethel19011916 DP
Greenwood, CatherineNo DateNo Date"4 Yrs. Ole"DP
Greenwood, DealNo DateNo Date"6 Mo. Ole" [full name is Greald Dean Greenwood; born 21 Apr 1933; died 12 Oct 1933]DP / DG
Greenwood, Ida May18911892 DP
Greenwood, Martha J.18651948 DP
Greenwood, R. L. No DateNo Date"13 Yrs. Old" [born Jan 17, ?; died ?] DP & DG
Greenwood, Ralph L.24 Jun 189712 Jan 1978Double Stone with Vida G. Greenwood; "World War I" [Middle name Lauby] DG
Greenwood, Troy LeeNo Date18 Jun 1912 DP
Greenwood, Vida G.19011932Double Stone with Ralph L. Greenwood [Vida Gladys Grove; Had her name put on tombstone with Ralph Greenwood, but she is not buried there]DP & DG
Greenwood, William Thomas24 Oct 188312 Jan 1919 DP
Hamaker, Girtie30 Sep 190023 Apr 1936[Gertie Bird (Gambill) Hamaker; daughter of William Thomas & Mary Ida (Coats) Gambill; wife of Hargis Otis Hamaker, married 2 Dec 1917]DP
Hamaker, Hargis [Argus]20 Feb 189622 Sep 1952World War I [Hargis Otis Hamaker; h/o Girtie Bird (Gambill) Hamaker, married 2 Dec 1917]DP
Haygood, Martha L.Nov. 15, 1921Jan. 8, 1924"Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. O.L. Haygood"DP
Hicks, Lena Cook3 Oct 18946 May 1954 DP
House, Loranine19191920 DP
House, Wm. Oscar19 Jan 189116 Jan 1964 DP
Jackson, Sarah C. - NEW WITH PHOTO 8-3-2006  "WIFE OF D. A. JACKSON"TG
Johnson, Alethea5 May 189210 Dec 1912 DP
Johnson, Arkansas24 Apr 185813 Jan 1922Double Stone with George W. Johnson "MOTHER" "A tender mother and a faithful friend" [George & Arkansas are my great-grandparents. JM]DP & JM
Johnson, Charlene14 Jul 19258 Dec 1927 DP
Johnson, Dora B.30 Sep 188816 Nov 1957Double Stone with Jessie C. JohnsonDP & JM
Johnson, Ella J.22 Oct 187922 Oct 188  DP
Johnson, George W.2 Oct 18481 Apr 1912Double Stone with Arkansas Johnson "FATHER" "At rest" [George & Arkansas are my great-grandparents. JM] DP & JM
Johnson, InfantNo DateNo DateJ. & S. E.DP
Johnson, JamesNo Date13 Aug 1921 DP
Johnson, Jessie C.25 Nov 188318 Aug 1944Double Stone with Dora B. JohnsonDP & JM
Johnson, Mary E.20 Jun 183124 Feb 1832 DP
Johnson, Mattie IdaNo date17 Nov 1878 DP
Johnson, Robert F.5 Aug 185711 Apr 1926 DP
Johnson, Sarahe17 Jan 188725 Oct 1890 DP
Johnson, Susan Sturges5-21-18463-5-1924 TG
Johnson, Susane21 May 184623 May 1885 DP
Johnson, Wilmot30 Mar 190022 May 1927"Gone, but not forgotten"DP & JM
Kelley, Russell M.?? Jun 190315 Jun 1966 DP
Lephiew, Baxter29 Sep 189925 Nov 1908 DP
Lephiew, Betty18911 Jun 1908 DP
Lephiew, J. W.6 Dec 185323 Aug 1933 DP
Lephiew, Mary P.29 Oct 188515 Jan 1887 DP
Lephiew, Porter E.6 Mar 189621 Sep 1964 DP
Lephiew, Will H.18941966 DP
Matkin, James Samda31 Sep 193113 Sep 1949 DP
Matkin, R. M.22 Apr 191128 Jun 1944 DP
McDaniel, Ethel17 Nov 188524 Dec 1922"WIFE OF L. L. McDANIEL" Her headstone is adjacent to her husband's memorial stoneJM
McDaniel, Louis L.14 Sep 186615 Aug 1914"WOODMEN OF THE WORLD MEMORIAL" [h/o Ethel Johnson McDaniel]JM
Myres, Enoch MorganSep. 1, 1880June 2, 1939[husband of Sallie Annie Myres; DOM: May 12, 1912]BL
Myres, Sallie DavidsonMar. 20, 1892May 14, 1983[middle name Annie; dau. of Minerva and Wesley Camp Davidson, Jr.]BL
Neely, Alice McCone - NEW PHOTO 8-4-20061-17-18764-16-1969 TG & CM
Neely, Charley J. - NEW PHOTO 8-4-200618831948Double Stone with Helen NeelyTG & CM
Neely, Corene - NEW PHOTO 8-4-200613 Apr. 19134 Aug. 1967"AT REST"CM
Neely, Cynthia [Sturges] - NEW PHOTO 8-2-20066-3-18005-23-1885 TG & CM
Neely, F. A.9-7-18511-12-1882 TG
Neely, Fannie A.1-27-18138-6-1898 TG
Neely, Helen Glover - NEW PHOTO 8-4-200618821929Double Stone with Charley J. NeelyTG & CM
Neely, Henry S. - NEW PHOTO 8-4-200618751947 TG & CM
Neely, Kathleen A. - NEW PHOTO 8-4-200615 Aug. 191331 Jul. 1997Double Stone with Winfred J. NeelyCM
Neely, M. H.1-15-18579-5-1872 TG
Neely, Margaret Hazel - NEW PHOTO 8-4-200627 Aug. 191118 Nov 2000"HER MEMORY LIVES ON"CM
Neely, Martha J. - NEW PHOTO 8-4-20061-13-184712-4-1916Double Stone with William J. Neely [d/o Thomas Wherry & Martha L Workman; Children: Marshall H, Dolly, Walter H, William T, Mary B, Henry S. Cora, Ida A, & Charles J.]TG & CM
Neely, Wilton James - NEW PHOTO 8-4-200610-21-19074-16-1927" ... father's will be done"TG
Neely, William J. [Jackson] - NEW PHOTO 8-4-20068-6-18442-26-1884Double Stone with Martha J. Wherry Neely [s/o Wiliam Henry Neely & Frances Alberta Schooley; Children: Marshall H, Dolly, Walter H, William T, Mary B, Henry S. Cora, Ida A, & Charles J.]TG & CM
Neely, Wm. H.4-5-18171-30-1885 TG
Neely, Winfred J. - NEW PHOTO 8-4-20063 Aug. 190926 Nov. 1973 Military Marker "MISSISSIPPI SSGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II" Double Stone with Kathleen A. Neely [s/o Charles J. & Helen Neely]CM
Parker, Fonzie D.Aug. 13, 1904Jan. 6, 1941[son of Robert L. & Laler Wherry Parker]BB
Parker, KallulaJune 15, 1929July 1, 1929 BB
Parker, Laler J.Aug. 31, 1871Feb. 10, 1938[wife of Robert L. Parker]BB
Parker, MurielMar. 24, 1913Feb. 14, 1985[son of Robert L. Parker & Laler Wherry Parker]BB
Parker, Robert L.Dec. 7, 1874Apr. 9, 1937[husband of Laler Jane Wherry Parker]BB
Powell, Hatty5 Jan 18811 Aug 1898 DP
Powell, Omar17 Jul 18987 Oct 1915 DP
Reid, Iva Lee G. 22 Jun 189822 Apr 1972[Iva Lee Gambill; daughter of William Thomas & Mary Ida (Coats) Gambill; wife of (1) George Wesley Davidson, married 31 Oct 1915; (2) George Reid, m. ?]DP
Smith, M. WallaceOct. 9, 1929Nov. 24, 1983[son of William Jack & Nola Bea Smith]DP
Smith, Nola BeaAug. 10, 1904May 10, 1987[wife of William Jackson Smith]DP
Smith, William JacksonJan. 15, 1900Sep. 15, 1963[husband of Nola Bea Smith]DP
Sturgis, William - NEW PHOTO 8-4-20069-30-180210-6-1875"AGE 73 YRS. AND 7 DAYS" New Headstone Photo [father of Mollie A. Garrison]TG & CM
Temple, Twila MaiMar. 18, 1925Jan. 25, 1929"Beloved daughter of J. [Joseph] Vester & Pearl H. [Haygood]"DP & BB
Waites, Estelle ParkerAug. 21, 1900Feb. 11, 1975[wife of Vance Creed Waites]BB
Waites, Vance CreedFeb. 25, 1901Mar. 19, 1967[husband of Estelle Parker Waites]BB
Wherry, Martha L Workman - NEW PHOTO 8-4-200618111878"WIFE OF THOMAS WHERRY"CM
Wherry, Thomas - NEW PHOTO 8-4-200618131874"HUSBAND OF MARTHA L. WORKMAN" [Daughter Martha J. Neely]CM
Wiggam, Floyd O.Feb. 16, 1901Nov. 9, 1945[husband of Irene Gambill]DP
Williams, David S.30 May 187323 May 1951 DP


BB ... Brenda Burkhart
BL ... Barbara Logan
CH ... Charlotte Hankinson
CM ... Cindy Munson (Photos provided by Robert Wear - THANKS ROBERT!)
DG ... Dehlin Greenwood
DP ... Debbie Patrick (email address currently unknown)
JM ... Jean Millen
TG ... Thomas M. Garrison, Jr.

Headstone Photos appear courtesy of Barbara Logan, Debbie Patrick, Thomas M. Garrison, Jr. and Robert Wear c/o Cindy Munson.

Another View of Garrison Cemetery

Garrison Cemetery Entrance Sign, June 11, 2006

Garrison Cemetery Entrance Sign, June 11, 2006

Tom, Thomas M., Jr. & Richard G. Garrison at Garrison Cemetery, 1997

Tom, Thomas M., Jr. and Richard G. Garrison at Garrison Cemetery, 1997

 Thomas M. Garrison, Jr. & Dr. Emmett R. Reary at Garrison Cemetery

Thomas M. Garrison, Jr. & Dr. Emmett R. Reary at Garrison Cemetery

Cemetery photos courtesy of Thomas M. Garrison, Jr.

Cemetery coordinator: Barbara Logan
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