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Franklin Cemetery

Franklin Cemetery

"Names as copied in August 10, 1941. Comment by Mr. Wardlaw of Camden, Arkansas, who copied this cemetery in 1941: 'Could not find Old Dr. Cabeen marker; am sure that it was there 3 years ago.' This old graveyard was visited again October 13, 1948, and through the work of vandals and the elements of time and weather, only six markers remained that were legible. Alfred Stacy Franklin is also buried here between his wives. No headstone was ever put on his grave. Only 3 of his children lived to have families. John Thomas Cabeen [Dr.] age 79, Born 1790 in Chester Co., S.C.; He married Winifred W. Franklin; He died 1869, buried in this Franklin Cemetery. This Franklin family was one of the very first in the county.
If you have any question Please e-mail me.." ~~ Frances Harper
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Location: Located about 2 and a half miles from Warren, on the present day Warren-Fordyce State Highway.
Cabeen, Edwin FranklinMay 2, 1825December 7, 1848"Sacred To The Memory of" [23 years old]
Cabeen, Winifred W.1788 Chester Co., S.C.February 8, 1853[65 years old]
Franklin, AnatoliaSeptember 30, 1809October 29, 1843[34 years old]
Franklin, AnnSeptember 22, 1826July 16, 1840[14 years old]
Franklin, DelilahNovember 29, 1806July 6, 1848[42 years old]
Franklin, J. E.January 9, 1835July 9,1858[18 years old]
Franklin, Oliver L.April 27, 1839 [Death date lost]marker 3' x 6' x 2' thick, down and broken in several pieces
Franklin, Rebecca J.December 15, 1826July 15, 1859[33 years old]
Franklin, Thomas Baker     [64 years old; old concrete marker partly gone, other dates broken off; Born 1765 in S.C.; Death date between 9/23 and 10/28/1829]
Franklin, William W.February 25, 1837July 1, 1864[27 years old]
Lephiew, Fanny CabeenApril 14, 1857November 18, 1857  
Lephiew, Mary EllenJanuary 2, 1855February 16, 1857[2 years old]

Submitted by Frances Harper

Cemetery coordinator: Barbara Logan
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