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Ebenezer Cemetery, Bradley County, Arkansas

Ebenezer Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 35.695' -- 92� 09.116'

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Ebenezer Church and Cemetery

Church and Cemetery, 1992, photo courtesy of Terri Ingram-Hegenbart

Ebenezer Church Sign

Church Sign, 2004, photo courtesy of Pam Clift

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This is not a complete transcription. Notes in brackets [ ] do not necessarily appear on tombstone, but are provided as additional information. Please add your Ebenezer Cemetery records by e-mailing

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

DIRECTIONS TO THIS CEMETERY: From Warren take Hwy. 4/278 West for about 5 miles. Cemetery is located on the south side of the highway next to the church.

Adair, Bessie Boldebook8-12-19074-8-1989  NJ
Adams, Beulah Neely17 Apr. 1873 or 78?30 Nov. 1942[d/o William J. & Martha Neely; w/o W. N. Adams]CM
Adams, Ida Anna Neely8 Sep. 18806 Nov. 1966Double Stone with William R. Adams [d/o William J & Martha Neely]CM
Adams, J. Merline28 Aug. 1921   Double stone with Richard J. Adams]CM & RW
Adams, Leroy J.9 Mar. 18959 July 1957"AT REST" [h/o Betty Duvall - her first husband was James D. Wear. She is buried close to James in Hickory Springs Cem.]CM & RW
Adams, Richard J.7 Apr. 191724 Feb. 1997Double stone with J. Merline Adams [s/o William Jack Adams & Eda Anna Neely]CM & RW
Adams, Ruby31 Dec 190613 Apr 1998[d/o William Richard Adams & Ida Anna Neely]CM & RW
Adams, W. N.21 Feb. 18704 Sep. 1924[Full name William Newton; h/o Beulah Neely Adams]CM
Adams, William R.10 Oct 187731 Jul. 1968Double Stone with Ida Anna Neely AdamsCM
Baker, GladysSept 12, 1912June 7, 1913"Daughter of W. H. and O. A. BAKER" [d/o William Henry and Odie Seymore Baker]AR
Brown, Luther TerrellOct. 2, 1927Nov. 26, 1993Double Stone with Mildred Myers Briant Brown [Married] "Oct. 5, 1947"BB
Brown, Mildred Myers BriantFeb. 6, 1931   Double Stone with Luther Terrell Brown [Married] "Oct. 5, 1947"BB
Browne, Richard D. Jr.Oct. 18, 1944Aug. 17, 1961"SON OF CLAUDE & SYLVIA CARTER" [s/o Richard D. Browne, Sr. & Sylvia Diana ]SW
Carter, AsaApr. 9, 1915Apr. 21, 1940[s/o George Izack Carter & Nannie Walker]SW
Carter, Claude IzackSept. 3, 1918Apr. 30, 2007Double Stone with Sylvia Diana Carter Military Footstone Photo "ENG MAINT USMM" "WORLD WAR II" [s/o George Izack Carter & Nannie Walker; Second h/o Sylvia Diana Saks]SW
Carter, Frances TempleSep 13, 1923   PC
Carter, George IzackJune 19, 1879July 26, 1980Double Stone with Nannie Walker Carter [George & Nannie had 9 children]PC & SW
Carter, Harvey OtisDec. 24, 1920July 12, 1970[s/o George Izack Carter & Nannie Walker]SW
Carter, James RossApr 30, 1908Mar 16, 1983  PC
Carter, Nannie WalkerFeb 19, 1892July 8, 1980Double Stone with George Izack Carter [George & Nannie had 9 children]PC & SW
Carter, Norman Jr.Nov. 19, 1950Nov. 20, 1950"ASLEEP IN JESUS" [Infant s/o Norman & Sara Carter; grand s/o George Izack Carter & Nannie Walker]SW
Carter, Sylvia DianaMar. 15, 1916Mar. 8, 2007Double Stone with Claude Izack Carter [Nee Saks; First w/o Richard D. Browne, Sr.; Second w/o Claude Izack Carter]SW
Creed, Micajah25 Jul 181220 Sep 1885[s/o Bennett & Mary Polly Moore Creed, Jr.; h/o Sarah Hartsfield; h/o Miranda Lynch; h/o Sarah Ann Parker Hairston (Widow); No Marker]RC
Daricek, Bettye C.May 21, 1926   Double Stone with Rudy Daricek [d/o George Izack Carter & Nannie Walker]SW
Daricek, Rudy     Double Stone with Bettye C. Daricek [First h/o Bettye Carter]SW
Derryberry, Carolyn R.19401949Quadruple Stone with Richard C, Richard D and Mary C. DerryberryPC
Derryberry, Mary C.19181949Quadruple Stone with Richard C, Richard D and Carolyn R. DerryberryPC
Derryberry, Richard C.19141983Quadruple Stone with Richard D, Mary C and Carolyn R. DerryberryPC
Derryberry, Richard D.19381949Quadruple Stone with Richard C, Mary C and Carolyn R. DerryberryPC
Elder, Gena P. Womack18551928"A TENDER MOTHER AND A FAITHFUL FRIEND" [w/o William Elder]NJ
Forrester, Alton C.7-23-19071-12-1930  NJ
Gentry, Berniece VictoriaDec 23, 1902Jan 3, 1996"MEMAW" "SHE IS SAFE AT HOME"NJ
Hairston, Arthur L.Dec 17, 1871July 5, 1930Double Stone with Nora T. HairstonPC
Hairston, Aubert L.Aug. 30, 1888June 29, 1936Double Stone with Susie G. Hairston; "AT REST" AR & PC
Hairston, CarryFeb 28, 1886Apr 9, 1886�Daughter of J. B. & E. O. Hairston�PC
Hairston, Ella O.Oct 15, 1859Jan 31, 1943"SHE WAS THE SUNSHINE OF OUR HOME" [Maiden Name Morris; Married 1-21-1879; w/o J. B. Hairston]NJ
Hairston, Eunice M. Spraggins18941930Double Stone with Walter A. HairstonPC
Hairston, GarlandNov 11, 1901Mar 24, 1986�In Memory of Uncle Sam�PC
Hairston, Infant July 14, 1881�INFANT DAUGHTER OF J. B. & E. O. Hairston� �AGED 11 DAYS� "AT REST"PC
Hairston, John C.Sept 27, 1807July 2, 1930 PC
Hairston, John F.May 4, 1822Aug 1, 1892�OUR FATHER�PC
Hairston, Leota C.Oct 21, 1909Jan 20, 19915�MOTHER" "IN LOVING MEMORY"PC
Hairston, Nora T.Aug 4, 1877Aug 6, 1954Double tombstone with Arthur L. Hairston: "T" for TemplePC
Hairston, Susie G.Sept. 12, 1888Oct. 26, 1974Double Stone with Aubert L. Hairston; "AT REST" [Maiden name Grider]AR & PC
Hairston, W. FloidDec 27, 1879Oct 30, 1880"SON OF J. B. & E. O. HAIRSTON"PC
Hairston, Walter A.18911945Double Stone with Eunice M. Spraggins HairstonPC
Hairston, WillowAug 13, 1902July 30, 1903�Daughter of J. B. & E. O. Hairston�PC
Hamaker, Oliver W.5-30-189610-31-1924 NJ
Hargis, Barney Lee "Dutch"May 15, 1906July 18, 1989"WED NOV 12, 1938" Double Stone with Willie Belle HargisPC
Hargis, Willie BelleOct. 27, 1908July 14, 1992"WED NOV 12, 1938" Double Stone with Barney Lee "Dutch" HargisPC
Harris, B. A.Nov. 22, 1872Dec 14, 1909"WOODMAN OF THE WORLD" Very ornate beautiful stoneNJ
Harris, EmilyMar 9, 1838Mar 21, 1903"Wife of H. HARRIS"NJ
Haygood, John Thomas14 Sep 185324 Dec 1932Double Stone with Martha Ann HaygoodDP
Haygood, Martha Ann3 Feb 186327 Oct 1901Double Stone with John Thomas HaygoodDP
Johnson, Edward Wiley18801951Double Stone with Josepine Naron JohnsonNJ
Johnson, Josepine Naron18891968Double Stone with Edward Wiley JohnsonNJ
Kinard, C. F. (or G. F.)Jan 15, 1869Jan 29, 1918"IT WAS HARD TO GIVE THEE UP, BUT THY WILL O GOD BE DONE."PC
Kinard, C. M. (or G. M.)Oct 13, 1846Sep 29, 1914 PC
Kinard, Caroline C.Oct 12, 1845May 1921Wife of G. M. KinardPC
Kinard, ClaudDec 3, 1889Oct 8, 1910  PC
Kinard, ConeSep 28, 1901Sep 18, 1986Double Stone with Inez KinardPC
Kinard, Eula L.Apr 4, 1875Sep 1, 1960  PC
Kinard, Eunice E.Nov 6, 1894Dec 28, 1917Wife of GC KinardPC
Kinard, G. C.Oct 30, 1890Mar 23, 1924   PC
Kinard, InezDec 18, 1906Jan 5, 1988Double Stone with Cone KinardPC
Kinard, Jasper L.Aug. 12, 1903Jan 18, 1928 PC
Kinard, Loretta VeazeyJan 18, 1877Apr 25, 1968 �SHE WAS THE SUNSHINE OF OUR HOME�PC
Kinard, RachelMar 12, 1884Apr 3, 1884"DAUGHTER OF G. M. & CAROLINE KINARD"PC
Kinard, RuthAug 6, 1880Oct 20, 1882"DAUGHTER OF G. M. & CAROLINE KINARD"PC
Kinard, William E.July 19, 1873Nov 15, 1890"SON OF G. M. & CAROLINE KINARD" [s/o G. M Kinard & Caroline C. Brown]PC & CM
Lyon, Geneva Neely18971996Double Stone with J. Carter Lyon [d/o Marshall & Ida Neely]CM
Lyon, J. Carter18981961Double Stone with Geneva Neely LyonCM
Lyon, Jefferson D.Sep 1, 1861Dec 6, 1940"AT REST" Double Stone with Lillie Temple LyonPC
Lyon, Lillie TempleAug 24, 1865May 31, 1952"AT REST" Double Stone with Jefferson D. LyonPC
McGhee, Carrie E. [Elizabeth Carter] 11 April 19116 July 2004Double Stone with Howard W. McGhee [d/o George Isaac Carter and Nannie Walker; w/o William Howard McGhee]SW
McGhee, E. L. 187721 Nov 1953[Elbert Lee McGhee; h/o Mary Leilla (Hairston) McGhee]DP
McGhee, Howard W. [William]25 Nov 190815 Dec 1993Double Stone with Carrie E. McGhee [h/o Carrie Elizabeth Carter McGhee; s/o Ben & Edna Haygood McGhee]DP & SW
McGhee, Mary H. 29 Jan 188314 Sep 1975[Mary Leilla (Hairston) McGhee; w/o Elbert Lee McGhee; d/o John B. & Ella (Morris) Hairston]DP
McGhee, Wilbur23 Mar 190212 Aug 1975 [John Wilbur McGhee; s/o Elbert Lee and Mary L. Hairston McGhee]DP
McGhee, William Calvin12 May 19351 Sept. 2001"BELOVED SON OF HOWARD & CARRIE CARTER McGHEE" Semi-Truck emblemSW
Moore, Sarah [Haygood]18611936Double Stone with William T. MooreDP
Moore, William T.18581900Double Stone with Sarah Haygood MooreDP
Neely, Aubert M. NeelyMar 10, 1906Oct 17, 1988[h/o Robbie Zell Thurman Neely; children Jimmy & Robert Neely]CM
Neely, Beatrice24 Jul. 18999 Aug. 1922[First w/o Ervin E Neely; son Leo Edward Neely]CM
Neely, Coeller L.Sept 26, 1899June 23, 1983"GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" Double Stone with Ernest W. Neely [d/o Henry & Julia Lanier; w/o Ernest W. Neely; children Maxine Neely Adair & Iva Nell Neely Williams]CM
Neely, Ernest W.Sept 7, 1895May 29, 1981"GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" Double Stone with Coeller L. Neely [s/o Marshall Hamilton Neely & Ida Ann Kinard; h/o Coeller Lanier Neely; children Maxine Neely Adair & Iva Nell Neely Williams]CM
Neely, Ervin E. [Edward]21 Jan 189222 Feb. 1939Double Stone with Ruby V. Wear Neely [s/o Marshall H. Neely & Ida Naccissa Ann Kinard Neely]CM
Neely, Floyd M.Mar 2, 1894July 4, 1978Double Stone with Inez Barry Neely [s/o Marshall Hamilton Neely & Ida Ann Kinard; h/o Inez Barry Neely; children: Marshall Brown, Noah, Martha Jean & Ellen Neely]CM
Neely, Ida KinardAug 10, 1871Nov 7, 1961"THY MEMORY SHALL EVER BE A GUIDING STAR TO HEAVEN" Double Stone with Marshall H. Neely [d/o George Kinard & Unknown Brown; sister of Ozie Kinard; son Ervin E. Neely; two daughters: 1) Geneva married & had 2 children who are still living in Warren; 2) Verna married Van Daniel; he died about a year later; they had no children & she never remarried]CM
Neely, Inez BarrySept 2, 1897April 17, 1991Double Stone with Floyd M. Neely [d/o Watson Berry & Emma Givens; w/o Floyd M. Neely; children were: Marshall Brown, Noah, Martha Jean & Ellen Neely]CM
Neely, Lottie B. Lyon25 Mar. 19191 Nov. 1992Double stone with Noah A. NeelyCM
Neely, Marshall H.Sept 10, 1868Aug 5, 1935"THY MEMORY SHALL EVER BE A GUIDING STAR TO HEAVEN" Double Stone with Ida Kinard Neely [s/o William Jackson Neely & Martha E Wherry Neely; son Ervin E. Neely; two daughters: 1) Geneva married & had 2 children who are still living in Warren; 2) Verna married Van Daniel; he died about a year later; they had no children & she never remarried]CM
Neely, Noah A.29 Sep. 191610 Apr. 1989Double stone with Lottie B. Lyon Neely [s/o Floyd M. & Inez Barry Neely]CM
Neely, Robbie Zell ThurmanNov 10, 1910May 14, 1996[w/o Aubert M. Neely; children Jimmy & Robert NeelyCM
Neely, Ruby V. [Virginia]24 Dec. 190023 Jan. 1940Double Stone with Ervin E. Neely [d/o Newton Cook Wear and Julia Annie Singer Wear]CM
O'Neal, J. A.  Dec. 12, 1886Broken Stone; Masonic Symbol [Full name James Atlas O'Neal; born in 1834; h/o Mary Jane Temple O'Neal]NJ
O'Neal, Nancy Raley - NEW WITH PHOTO! 1/13/2009[Dec. 30] 18121892Double Stone with Raiford O'NealSRJ
O'Neal, Nona Mae14 Mar. 188219 Mar. 1967[w/o Jett A. O'Neal; d/o George M. Kinard]CM
O'Neal, Raiford - NEW WITH PHOTO! 1/13/2009[Sept. 12] 18051875Double Stone with Nancy Raley O'NealSRJ
O'Neal, Roy - NEW WITH PHOTO! 1-13-2009Mar 11, 1902Apr 23, 1973Double Stone with Ruth O'Neal "AT REST"SRJ
O'Neal, Ruth - NEW WITH PHOTO! 1-13-2009Jan 18, 1902June 2, 1977Double Stone with Roy O'Neal "AT REST"SRJ
Parnell, Anna Elizabeth HairstonDec 10, 1911 �WE WILL MEET AGAIN�PC
Quimby, C. C.Jan 21, 1850Aug 2, 1905Double tombstone with Salley E. Temple QuimbyPC
Quimby, Sallie E. TempleJan 31, 1852Aug 21, 1933 PC
Ragar, Jane11-14-18249-26-1907 NJ
Ragar,Joseph M.8-3-181910-4-1876 NJ
Ruffin, Julia A. Ivy18461926"GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" [Middle Name Ann; w/o John Ruffin; Married 11-17-1867]NJ
Sanders, ElmerOct 2, 1887Mar 2, 1901SON OF G. W. & MINNIE TEMPLE SANDERSPC
Sanders, George Wynn18621938Double Stone with Minnie Temple SandersPC
Sanders, Minnie Temple18701946Double Stone with George Wynn SandersPC
Seymore, A. T.June 12, 1866Nov. 22, 1903[Full Name Adra Thedausha Bell Seymore]AR
Seymore, George WashingtonJune 26, 1859Dec. 25, 1929 Stone is unmarked but it is very near A. T. Seymore's headstone. There is a Frazier marker near the unmarked stone. It is unreadable.AR
Sharp, Mary Ann Creed18483/10/ ?[d/o Micajah & Sarah Hartsfield Creed; w/o James J. Sharp]RC
Smiley, Jessie W. 5 Nov. 1912   Double Stone with Lincoln C. Smiley "WED AUG. 13, 1946"CM & RW
Smiley, Lincoln C.8 Nov 190825 Nov. 1992Double Stone with Jessie W. Smiley "WED AUG. 13, 1946"CM & RW
Spraggins, Henry C.18651952  GJ
Spraggins, Sara F.18671939  GJ
Spraggins, W. A.7 Mar 18977 Feb 1981  GJ
Temple, AlleenApr 13, 18983-Feb-1902"Daughter of R. M. & A. B. TemplePC
Temple, Annie Pierce18751947Double Stone with Richard Mack Temple; �MOTHER�PC
Temple, Gladys H.Nov 11, 1903May 23, 1968"MARRIED OCT.4, 1924" Double Stone with J. Otis Temple [�H� is for Hairston]PC
Temple, J. Havis18551937"AT REST" Double Stone with Mollie Grant Temple [First name John; Birth 29 Jul 1855; Death 11 Jun 1937; s/o Altoman L. & Sarah Elizabeth Whiteside Temple; h/o (1)Anne Claret Temple; h/o (2)Mary "Mollie" Elizabeth Grant Ferguson Temple]RC & PC
Temple, J. Ottis22 Jan 18999 Feb 1976"MARRIED OCT.4, 1924" Double Stone with Gladys H. Temple [First name James; s/o Charles Wiley & Lillie Ann Wheeler Temple]RC & PC
Temple, James A.Feb 1, 1863Aug 3, 1941 PC
Temple, Jeppie4-Sep-190124-Sep-1902 PC
Temple, JoeNov 16, 1899Nov 19, 1900�SON OF J. A. & R. E. TEMPLE�PC
Temple, Joe A.Feb 22, 1860J?? 18, 1899 PC
Temple, John17961877"PVT SC MIL AUSTIN�S REGT WAR OF 1812" Cross SymbolPC
Temple, John H.18231885Double Stone with Martha Pyron Temple; �THEY GAVE THEIR TODAY FOR OUR TOMORROW�PC
Temple, Martha Pyron18351910Double Stone with John H. Temple; �THEY GAVE THEIR TODAY FOR OUR TOMORROW�PC
Temple, Mollie Grant18651938"AT REST" Double Stone with J. Havis Temple [Full name Mary Elizabeth Grant Ferguson Temple; Birth 19 Jun 1865; Death 3 Sep 1938; 2nd w/o John Havis Temple]RC & PC
Temple, Norwood H.Sep 17, 1926Dec 29, 1989Double Stone with Willie Mae Temple; �WE WILL BE GLAD AND REJOICE FOR WE WILL REMEMBER THY LOVE FOREVER�
Military Stone "PFC US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II"
Temple, OscarJan 14, 1878Jan 25, 1896s/o J. T. & M. C. TemplePC
Temple, Otis W.Feb 13, 1896Jul 13, 1987 PC
Temple, PatsyJun 5, 1892Sep 20, 1893 PC
Temple, PierceJan 11, 1896Jul 24 , 1984 PC
Temple, Prather G.Sep 15, 1900Dec 24, 1944�Father�PC
Temple, Richard Mack18711946Double Stone with Annie Pierce Temple; �FATHER�PC
Temple, Royce17-Aug-190319-Oct-1904 PC
Temple, Sarah E.Apr 5, 1833Jan 21, 1917w/o A. L. TemplePC
Temple, Vard L.18941960 PC
Temple, Willie Mae11-Feb-192815-Nov-1977Double Stone with Norwood H. Temple; �WE WILL BE GLAD AND REJOICE FOR WE WILL REMEMBER THY LOVE FOREVER"PC
Walker, James Lloyd 29-Oct-1951 Double Stone with Stacey Elizabeth WalkerPC
Walker, Otis18881930Another view of this headstone [Mathilda Wright's son from her first marriage; Nannie Walker Carter's brother]NJ, PC & SW
Walker, Stacy Elizabeth13-Jan-1965 Double Stone with James Lloyd WalkerPC & SW
Warrington, Van L.17 Feb. 189722 Dec. 1918Double Stone with Verna Neely WarringtonCM
Warrington, Verna Neely15 Dec. 18975 Aug. 1967Double Stone with Van L. Warrington [d/o Marshall & Ida Neely]CM
Wood, Almeda Hollingsworth7-21-192210-5-1983"MOTHER" "MARRIED MAR 19, 1938" "ABSENT FROM THE BODY AND PRESENT WITH THE LORD" Double Stone with Woodrow W. WoodNJ
Wood, Jasper7-5-18516-12-1909 NJ
Wood, Katie May18851938Double Stone with Wesley Allen WoodNJ
Wood, Mary9-13-18878-29-1889"Daughter of Jasper & Nancy Jane Wood"NJ
Wood, Nancy Jane6-27-18511-13-1893"Wife of Jasper Wood"NJ
Wood, Otha19061939 NJ
Wood, Washington6-5-18055-22-1888"Born in Laurence Co. Georgia"NJ
Wood, Wesley Allen1880 1950Double Stone with Katie May WoodNJ
Wood, Woodrow W.12-2-19128-22-1991"FATHER" "MARRIED MAR 19, 1938" "ABSENT FROM THE BODY AND PRESENT WITH THE LORD" Double Stone with Almeda Hollingsworth WoodNJ
Wright, Elmore7-21-190111-1-1926"SON OF J. J. & MATILDA WRIGHT" "No pains, no griefs, no anxious fear, Can reach our loved one sleeping here." Headstone Symbols; Independent Order of Odd Fellows "FLT" for Friendship, Love and Truth; Modern Woodmen of America "MWA" the original name of the Woodmen of the World; and the Antique Knights Of Pythias "FOB" for Friendship, Charity and Benevolence [s/o John Jeff Wright & Mathilda Wright]SW
Wright, John Jeff8-27-18697-13-1944Double Stone with Mathilda Wright [Second h/o Mathilda ? Walker]SW
Wright, Mathilda12-25-18679-3-1948Double Stone with John Jeff Wright [mother of Nannie Walker Carter, Otis Walker & Elmore Wright; John Jeff Wright is her second husband]SW


AR ... Ann Ragsdale
BB ... Bruce T. Brown
CM ... Cindy Munson
DP ... Debbie Patrick (email address currently unknown)
GJ ... Gene Johnson
NJ ... Nora Johnson
PC ... Pam Clift (Pam has provided photos in many of our cemeteries - THANKS PAM!)
RC ... Ruth Colvin
RW ... Robert Wear provided these photographs - THANKS!
SRJ ... Sherri Reddin Jacobs
SW ... Stacey Walker

Cemetery coordinator: Barbara Logan
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