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Calvary Presbyterian Cemetery

Calvary Presbyterian Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 22.220' -- 92� 01.048'

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Calvary Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery Photo courtesy of Anne Wise.

This is not a complete transcription. Notes given here do not necessarily appear on tombstone but are provided as additional information. Please add your Calvary Presbyterian Cemetery records by e-mailing

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

"Calvary Cemetery is large, about the size of McFarland Cemetery, and similar in that the south half has very old headstones and the north end has recent headstones." ~~Nora Johnson

DIRECTIONS TO THIS CEMETERY: Starting at W. Church St. in Warren, go south on US-63/AR-15/AR-189/S. Main St. for 5 miles. Turn left on AR-189 and go 13 1/2 miles. Turn right on AR-160 at the AR-160/AR-189 Intersection. The Cemetery is on the left.

Armstrong, Venie Ferrell18991968"At Rest"NJ
Barefield3-15-18445-23-1877Broken Stone [Stone spelling is "Barefield," maybe should be "Barfield?" It is near stone of "Consort of S. Barfield"]NJ
Consort of S. Barfield[not listed]4-13-1873"Age about 52 years" Another view of headstone [Her name was Florentine York Barfield, born 1821, d/o James & Jane York; w/o Stephen Barfield]NJ & LC & BF
Barfield, Lois Girtrude2/10/191110/30/1911[d/o "dock" and Maggie" Barfield]JV
Barron, Dr. Thomas8-6-18348-24-1860"... MARGARET E. BARRON"LC
Carsera, Evelyn B.8-14-19041-12-1996"Asleep in Jesus"NJ
Chandler, Luther L.3/1/18865/1963[s/o James and Rebecca (Sharp) Chandler; h/o Lucinda Isabella ("Bell") Clanton]JV
Clanton, Edward8-27-18524-14-1939Double Stone with M. Jane Rainey Clanton "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die"NJ
Clanton, Edward E.8-2-18901-10-1912 "son of Ed & M. J. Clanton"NJ
Clanton, Elma Claudia2/19/187710/27/1957[2nd wife of Samuel Wesley Clanton; her 1st husband was Bob Reeves; she was a Woodward before her first marriage]JV
Clanton, Lucian4/12/19053/11/1906[s/o Sameul Wesley Clanton and Masouria Ann (Holcombe) Clanton]JV
Clanton, M. Jane Rainey6-25-18575-30-1942Double Stone with Edward Clanton "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die"NJ
Clanton, Margaret Alice3/18/188110/11/1957[aka Maggie; w/o Zephanias Greenwood (aka "Dock") Barfield; d/o Edward Clanton and Margaret Jane (Rainey) Clanton]JV
Clanton, Masouria A.1-8-18832-27-1914  NJ
Clanton, Sarah J.12/9/18788/2/1884[d/o Edward Clanton and Margaret Jane Rainey Clanton]JV
Clanton, Viola J.11/17/18919/4/1893[d/o Edward Clanton and Margaret Jane Rainey Clanton]JV
Clanton, Willie Mack3/1/19134/18/1913[d/o Samuel Wesley Clanton and Masouria Ann (Holcombe) Clanton]JV
Corley, Infant6/25/19106/25/1910"son of James and Rebecca"JV
Corley, James R.18771948   JV
Corley, Onita9/21/191110/23/1914[d/o James and Rebecca Corley]JV
Corley, Rebecca Pearl6/11/18851951[w/o James R. Corley; d/o Edward Clanton and Margaret Jane (Rainey) Clanton]JV
Duncan, Wm. R.       LC
Dykes, Janette McFadden6-19-19375-4-1983"TO LIVE IN HEARTS WE LEAVE BEHIND IS NOT TO DIE"NJ
Fadden, Lula Garrett9-1-18698-9-1943"TENDER MOTHER AND A FAITHFUL FRIEND" [Lula Mae Garrett Gaston; second husband Mark McFadden. When she passed away an error on her death certificate resulted in her last name being recorded as "Fadden" rather than "McFadden." The informant for that death certificate was Mathey McFadden (also buried at Calvary Presbyterian Cemetery). The error was compounded on the death certificate by his name being instead recorded as "M. C. Fadden."]NJ & DG
Ferrell, Bernard4-12-19059-11-1984"EVERY JOY TO US IS DEAD SINCE FATHER IS NOT HERE"LC
Ferrell, Bruce Hawley8-28-19181-29-1922"SON OF MR & MRS G. W. FERRELL"LC
Ferrell, Buford12-19-1902??-??-1905"Son of H. H. & S. E. Ferrell"LC
Ferrell, Edward M.5-26-18701-18-1936"Tho lost to sight to memory dear"PC
Ferrell, Eliza Ann9-3-18731-23-1948"We will meet again" Another view of headstonePC & LC
Ferrell, Flossie1-17-18974-25-1920"Wife of Leroy Coddington" "She was the sunshine of our home"NJ
Ferrell, Jonathan M.12-11-18493-1-1948[middle name Monroe, h/o Sarah Emline Rainey Ferrell]BG
Ferrell, Nancy J.2-28-18293-28-1908"She died as she lived, trusting"AW
Ferrell, Sarah E. Rainey3-13-186712-23-1943"WIFE OF J. M. FERRELL; GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" [Middle name Emline]BG
Garrison, Anna Elizabeth11-2-187412-31-1876Double Stone with Harriet Rebecca Garrison "daughter of John J. & H. T. Garrison"NJ
Garrison, Harriet Rebecca2-10-185412-24-1875Double Stone with Anna Elizabeth Garrison "wife of John J. Garrison"NJ
Grider, Lurley Lee9-4-19142-27-1978"Safe in the Arms of Jesus"NJ
Hampton, Eva Wombwell   2-19-1884   NJ
Hampton, John R.4-1-18072-9-1880Beside Mrs. N. E. HamptonNJ
Hampton, Mrs. N. E1-6-182210-28-1868Beside John R. Hampton "Saved by Grace"NJ
Herring, Effie Ethel3-8-19255-6-1926   NJ
Hyams, Myrtis J. Temple2-28-19226-24-1983"SALLY" "EARTH RECEDES HEAVEN OPENS" [middle name Juanita, d/o Garry G. & Vertie M. Ferrell Temple, w/o ? Jenkins]BG & PC
Jackson , David A.10-31-19122-10-1913"son of D. A. & Sue Jackson"NJ
Jackson, David A.18511921Double Stone with Susan R. JacksonNJ
Jackson, Susan R.18691961Double Stone with David A. JacksonNJ
Kerr, Rev. David3-21-18375-9-1874Double Stone with Nannie R. KerrNJ
Kerr, Nannie R.2-6-18455-2-1874Double Stone withRev. David KerrNJ
Mann, G. A.11-14-186810-18-1944"At Rest"; h/o Margaret Susan ThomasAW
Mann, Margaret S. Thomas9-20-18611-6-1934"A tender mother and a faithful friend"
wife of G.A. Mann; d/o William M. Thomas and Sarah R. Daniel
May, William Roy11-12-190410-15-1938   NJ
McFadden, Abbie Boykin9-23-191710-18-1970Double Stone with Mathey McFadden "MARRIED AUG. 5, 1932"NJ & LC
McFadden, Kathleen1-31-19286-9-2004Double Stone with Roscoe McFadden "MARRIED JUNE 10, 1967"NJ
McFadden, Mathey2-28-19141-28-1970Double Stone with Abbie Boykin McFadden "MARRIED AUG. 5, 1932" Military Stone "ARKANSAS S1 US NAVY WORLD WAR II"NJ & LC
McFadden, Roscoe2-28-19341-3-1995Double Stone with Kathleen McFadden "MARRIED JUNE 10, 1967" Military Stone "PFC US ARMY" "KOREA"NJ
Meek, Eli10-14-17971-21-1866[s/o Major James Meek of York County, S. C.; h/o Martha Louisa Starr; f/o John Rufus Starr Meek I]LC
Meek, Emmett G. Gibson2-18-18616-18-1863[s/o John Rufus Starr Meek I]LC
Meek, John Starr   9-4-1863   LC
Meek, Martha C.3-25-18337-9-1884"WIFE OF J. R. S. MEEK" [Maiden name Martha Catherine Caldwell]LC
Meek, Martha L. - NEW INFO! 3-16-20099-11-18016-4-1862[Full name: Martha Louisa Starr Meek; d/o John & Margaret Moore Starr, York County, SC.; w/o Eli Meek]LC, NJ & PC
Meek, Martha Louisa - NEW INFO! 3-16-20094-16-18635-25-1863[d/o James Marion & Susan Jane Meek Meek]LC
Meek, Martha O. Meek3-25-18337-9-1884"Wife of J. R. S. Meek"NJ
Meek, Mary Alice   8-13-1877"Daughter of the ... JAMES M[arion] & SUSAN MEEK; Departed this life Aug. 13, 1877; AGED 17 Years & 7 Mos." LC
Meek, Willie E.1-15-18569-2-1870[William E. Meek; first s/o John Rufus Starr Meek, born in York Cty., S. C.]LC
Monroe, Leora Gaston8-8-190211-21-1983"REST IN PEACE"NJ
Pagan, J. MC.11-184611-1924"Confederate Veteran"; h/o Sarah Ellen ThomasAW
Pagan, Sarah Thomas5-29-18543-10-1935d/o William M. Thomas and Sarah Rene DanielAW
Pennington, Addie2-15-189512-26-1981"WIFE OF J. M. PENNINGTON; I HAVE KEPT THE FAITH"LC
Pinson, Debbie C.11-22-1952livingDouble Stone with Jimmy W. PinsonNJ
Pinson, Jimmy W.11-15-19516-23-1979Double Stone with Debbie C. PinsonNJ
Pinson, Walter William 4-17-19228-8-1989"PFC US ARMY World War II"NJ
Prewitt, Mary Lou7-23-18482-20-1871"wife of B. F. Prewitt"NJ
Pugh, Fannie Williams    "daughter of J. D. & L. Pugh" "age 2 years"NJ
Rainey, Samuel D.1-24-18253-7-1877Beside Sarah E. RaineyNJ
Rainey, Sarah E 5-17-18298-9-1905Beside Samuel D. Rainey "Our Mother"NJ
Ross, M. Paulina9-30-1867  "In Memory of" "She is not dead but sleepeth"NJ
Rucker, Wyly10-14-18255-8-1867Broken Monument Masonic Emblem "God gave, He Took, He will restore..." Another view of stoneNJ & LC
Spencer, Cecil Edward1-26-18966-13-1896"SON OF J. R. & V. C. SPENCER"LC
Temple, C. [Charlie] Ferrell12-11-19245-4-1968Double Stone with L. Eloise TemplePC
Temple, Charlie F. [Ferrell]12-11-19245-4-1968Military Stone; Cross symbol "ARKANSAS" "TEC5 US ARMY" "WORLD WAR II"PC
Temple, Garry G.10-14-18968-3-1975"BELOVED FATHER" [middle name Green, h/o Vertie Myrtle Ferrell Temple; father of Charlie Ferrell Temple, Ouita Mae Temple Huitt and Myrtis Juanita "Sally" Temple Hyams]BG & PC
Temple, Infant5-29-1941   "SON OF G. G. & VERTIE TEMPLE" "GONE SO SOON"PC
Temple, L. Eloise10-18-1931   Double Stone with C. [Charlie] Ferrell TemplePC
Temple, Vertie F.8-23-190112-29-1985"MOTHER AT REST" [maiden name Vertie Myrtle Ferrell, w/o Garry Green Temple, mother of Charlie Ferrell Temple, Ouita Mae Temple Huitt and Myrtis Juanita "Sally" Temple Hyams]BG & PC
Thomason, Lawrence K.8-8-19219-9-1967"Arkansas SMI US NAVY World War II" Cross Symbol.NJ
Thompson, Nancy3-23-18476-12-1876   NJ
Wilfong, Venia H.5-9-186611-18-1877"AGED 11 Yrs. 6 Mos & 9 D"LC
York, C. C.2-7-18548-22-1900   NJ
York, Carl12-24-18995-8-1900"Son of C. C. & MINNIE YORK"LC
York, Claude12-25-18977-18-1898"Son of C. C. & MINNIE YORK"LC

The following are all on one stone:

ThomasWilliam M.
Sarah R.
Infant   Jonathan   Henry   Nancy[No dates]AW

The following seven persons are all listed on a tall, white, narrow headstone that you can see in the Cemetery
photo at the top of this page. There are foot markers around it noting that these people are buried there.

Russell, George A.6-7-18626-2-1864  NJ
Russell, James C.8-20-18185-05-1875  NJ
Russell, John O.9-5-18508-20-1870  NJ
Russell, Martha J.10-31-18579-3-1870  NJ
Russell, Sarah J. Guthrie1-1-18279-12-1871[w/o James C. Russell]NJ
Russell, Walter K.9-12-18716-18-1885  NJ
Russell, William J.8-6-18523-30-1872  NJ


AW ... Anne Wise
BF ... Betty Finley
BG ... Becky Gilley
DG ... David Gaston
JV ... Joan Viney
LC ... Larry Chenault
NJ ... Nora Johnson
PC ... Pam Clift

Some photos scanned by Barbara Logan

Cemetery coordinator: Pam Hargis
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