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Beard Cemetery

Beard Cemetery
Bradley County, Arkansas

GPS Location: 33� 40.991' -- 92� 07.489'

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Beard Cemetery Sign Photo

Cemetery photo courtesy of Pam Clift

If a name in the list below is underlined (linked), we have a tombstone photograph for that person. Click the link to see the photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery coordinator does not have additional information about other people who are buried in this cemetery. The coordinator collects information submitted by visitors to the Bradley County web site. Please do not e-mail the cemetery coordinator asking for lookups.

Directions: Located on Farm Road 8 between Arkansas Hwy 8 and Farm Road 215. Go north from Warren on Highway 8, toward Kingsland. Turn left (east) on Farm Rd 8 (At the intersection (A �Y�) of 189 and 8, go left to stay on 8.). Shortly after the 189 and 8 �Y� intersection Farm Road 18 will cross Highway 8. Continue on Hwy 8 to Farm Road 8. Turn left on Farm Road 8. Beard Cemetery is approximately 2 miles on the right (north) side of the road, between a small bridge and some mobile homes.

Surveyed and submitted by James Brown

"According to my grandmother (herself a Beard), the site for the cemetery was determined when a young boy named Billy Beard while playing, mentioned how pretty this area was, and that he would like to be buried here. Shortly thereafter, he died and his wish was granted (Row 3)

There are a few unmarked graves - no idea who they are."

Location: 1st Row (left as facing cemetery)
"Buddy" Charles Ed YoungAug 3, 1931May 22, 1994"HEAVEN MADE" *PC Military Headstone "CPL US ARMY" "KOREA" Cross emblem *LH
James Thad BeardSept 25, 1911Feb 18, 1988[h/o of Marguree C. Beard; s/o John & Nannie Beard]
Marguree C. BeardNov 27, 1924Mar 2, 1987[w/o of Thad Beard]
Hiram Richard "Dick" CornishMar 12, 1913Apr 28, 1998"MARRIED July 31, 1940" "MEMORIES AND LOVE YOU PLACED IN EACH OF OUR HEARTS WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN" Double Stone with Vada Laverne Stedman Cornish *LH
Vada Laverne Stedman CornishJuly 16, 1923May 30, 1995"MARRIED July 31, 1940" "MEMORIES AND LOVE YOU PLACED IN EACH OF OUR HEARTS WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN" Double Stone with Hiram Richard "Dick" Cornish *LH
William Sid Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009June 1, 1909Aug 13, 1985[h/o of Mary Ethel Morris Beard; s/o John & Nannie Beard] *BB
Mary Ethel Morris BeardApr 25, 1908Feb 26, 1997[w/o of Wm. Sid Beard]
[No Headstone]  [Funeral Home Marker next to Sid]
John Monroe Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Oct 23, 1872Aug 11, 1950"THO LOST TO SIGHT, TO MEMORY DEAR" [h/o of Nannie May Beard] *BB
Nannie May Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Aug 4, 1880Apr 1, 1945"I CAN NOT SAY, I WILL NOT SAY, THAT SHE IS GONE, SHE'S JUST AWAY" [w/o John Monroe Beard] *BB
Willie Claud Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Aug 9, 1903Jan 21, 1976 "AT REST" [d/o of John & Nannie Beard] *BB
Dwayn Lee Taylor1936(still living)[s/o of Mabel Taylor]
Mabel L Taylor19161936[m/o of Dwayn Lee Taylor; d/o John & Nannie Beard]
John Ell Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Sep 3, 1918Sep 11, 1918[s/o of John & Nannie Beard] *BB
Robert [Bruce] (Bob) Nicholson - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Dec 21, 1926Dec 7, 1999Double Stone with Joan Mitchell Nicholson "MARRIED FEB. 28, 1961" "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" "DAD" Military Headstone "BKR3 US NAVY" "WORLD WAR II" *BB & *LH
Joan Mitchell Nicholson - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Feb 25, 1937Jul 29, 2004Double Stone with Robert (Bob) Nicholson "MARRIED FEB. 28, 1961" "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN" "MOM" *BB
Troy Herbert CornishJan 21, 1908Aug 14, 1999"Age 91" no headstone, only a Frazer's Funeral Home marker *LH
Henry T Cornishno dateno dateArkansas PFC US Army WWII

Location: 2nd Row (left as facing cemetery)
Roy William White - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Sep 21, 1916Apr 9, 1996Double Stone with Helen Beard White "MARRIED Oct. 27, 1945" "TOO WELL LOVED TO EVER BE FORGOTTEN" *BB
Helen Beard White - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Apr 24, 1924[no death date]Double Stone with Roy William Beard "MARRIED Oct. 27, 1945" "TOO WELL LOVED TO EVER BE FORGOTTEN" *BB
Elonzo L. Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-200918701963Double Stone with Margaret Ann Beard *BB
Margaret Ann Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-200918731963Double Stone with Elonzo L. Beard *BB
Clarence W Beard19001931 
Jesse Beard18821882 
Paul Carter - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Oct 4, 1900Oct 4, 1900"Sacred to the memory of PAUL Infant Son of HENRY & LUDIE CARTER" "Suffer little children to come unto me, And forbid them not for such is the kingdom of heaven" *BB
Neal Carter - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Oct 9, 1901Oct 10, 1901"Sacred to the memory of NEAL Infant Son of HENRY & LUDIE CARTER" *BB
Ludie E Carter - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Jan 11, 1875Mar 7, 1907"In after time we'll meet there" [w/o of Henry Carter] *BB
J. H. CarterApr 9, 1871Apr 22, 1905[h/o of Lutie Carter]

Location: 3rd Row (left as facing cemetery)
Samuel Alex Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Mar 24, 1914Jun 16, 1988Double Stone with Retta Wolfe Beard "FRIENDS" "MARRIED July 1, 1939" *BB
Retta Wolfe Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Mar 1, 1921Jan 30, 2000Double Stone with Samuel Alex Beard "FRIENDS" "MARRIED July 1, 1939" *BB
Wm. Franklin Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Mar 4, 1886Mar 11, 1971Double Stone with Bettie Tate Beard *BB
Bettie Tate Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Feb 22, 1890Dec 8, 1974Double Stone with Wm. Franklin Beard *BB
Doris BeardOct 26, 1908Jul 1, 1909[d/o of Wm. & Bettie Tate Beard]
Mary E. Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-200918481904  *BB
Alex Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-200918261886  *BB
Mary Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-200918291877  *BB
Billy Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-200918631876  *BB
Gracie Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-200918921893  *BB
Henrietta Thompson Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-200918691894Double Stone with Charlie Rector Beard *BB
Charlie Rector Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-200918601932Double Stone with Henrietta Thompson Beard *BB

Location: 4th Row (left as facing cemetery)
Verney B. Thompson1892no date[h/o of Beunah A. Thompson]
Beunah A. Thompson18961962[w/o of Verney B. Thompson]
Pat E ThurmanJun 17, 1922Mar 14, 1945[s/o Willis & Vyra Beard Thurman]
Willis Clem ThurmanNov 17, 1882Apr 23, 1946[h/o of Vyra Beard Thurman]
Vyra Beard ThurmanApr 5, 1885Oct 7, 1944[w/o of Willis Clem Thurman]
Ruth J ThurmanMar 30, 1913Mar 18, 1942 
Walter ParrottJul 19, 1881Mar 25, 1944[h/o of Bettie Beard Parrott]
Bettie Beard ParrottSep 1, 1879Mar 23, 1959[w/o Walter Parrott]
R. D. BeardAug 12, 1848May 2, 1930[h/o of Luvisa & Julia Beard]
Luvisa M. Beard - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009June 8, 1854Mar 30, 1901"WIFE OF R. D. BEARD" "HOPE" "Her spirit smiles from that bright shore, And only whispers 'Weep no more'." *BB
Ben H. ThompsonAug 5, 1870Dec 31, 1914[h/o of Josephine Thompson]

Location: 5th Row (left as facing cemetery)
Josephine BeardFeb 7, 1873Jun 8, 1954[w/o Ben Thompson and T. D. Wardlaw]
Nellie ThompsonFeb 14, 1896Feb 17, 1896[d/o of Ben & Josephine Thompson]
Nora E. Hargraves - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Sep 28, 1899Nov 19, 1899"DAU. OF R. F. & L. E. HARGRAVES" "Our darling one hath gone before" *BB
Lela Clyde Hargraves - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Jul 15, 1901Feb 26, 1906[d/o of R.F & L.E. Hargraves] *BB
Finner R. Hargrave - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-20091854?There is actually a ? on headstone
[Father of Nellie & Nora, above?] *BB
Josephine B. BeardMay 23, 1809Dec 30, 1883[w/o John Beard]
Julia A. BeardMay 22, 1847Jun 5, 1885[w/o of R. D. Beard]
Oliver B CornishJun 30, 1870Mar 23, 1950"JUST SLEEPING" Double Stone with Belle Beard Cornish *LH
Belle Beard Cornish Apr 20, 1875Nov 13, 1960"JUST SLEEPING" Double Stone with Oliver B. Cornish *LH

Location: 6th Row (left as facing cemetery)
Plez Hargraves1890?actually a ? on headstone
Lenora Ellen (Beard) HargravesMar 19, 1879Jun 11, 1959 
J. H. Beard no dateno date"CO B" "1 ARK CAV" "C. S. A." [f/o John Monroe Beard] *LH
J. A. (Jim) Hargrave - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-20091866?There is actually a ? on headstone - According to the Arkansas Gazette dated Dec. 17, 1921: "Warren, Dec. 16 - J. A. Hargraves, aged 56, died here early this morning of injuries sustained when a tree fell on him late yesterday afternoon. His skull was fractured and his right shoulder was broken. Hargraves was a farmer and he and Hal (J. H.) Beard were cutting posts." *BB
Jesse Hargrave - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Dec 29, 1907Jan 24, 1960  *BB
Myrtle A. Beasley - NEW PHOTO! 3-17-2009Aug 12, 1900Jan 26, 1986"IN LOVING MEMORY" *BB

*BB ... Brenda Burkhart has provided these photos - THANKS Brenda!
*LH ... Larry Howsen has provided these photos - THANKS LARRY!
*PC ... Pam Clift has provided this photo - THANKS PAM!

Cemetery coordinator: James Brown
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