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My Andrews Family Brickwall Research

Who are Olivet Dart Andrews' Parents?
Research InformationResearch Sources

Olivet Dart Andrews was born 10 March 1825 in Utica, Oneida County, New York
Verified by Civil War records and tombstone.

Family lore says the Andrews Family came from Massachusetts.

Olivet died 5 Apr 1894 in Plymouth, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.

O.D. Andrews is my 2nd great-grandfather.

He married Emily Margaret Giffin (1825-1907).

Emily's Parents were Noah Spencer (1762-1841) and Persis Cobb (1761-1813).

The Spencers lived in Hinesburg, Chittenden County, Vermont which is ten miles north of Castleton, Rutland County, Vermont where the Dart Family lived.
census records,
Civil War records.
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American History Genealogy Project
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Working Theory and Brickwalls

I believe that Gideon Andrews and Reliphy Dart are Olivet D. Andrews parents because of naming patterns and the Andrews and Dart families living in the same geographic areas both in Vermont and New York.

The brickwalls I am having are not being able to find any historical records about Gideon Andrews other than the 1829 Utica city directory and the 1830 census. And also not finding any historical records about Reliphy Dart other than the Bolton book about the Dart Family.

When I interviewed older family members they all had the impression that the Andrews family came from Massachusetts.
Wills in Oneida County

If Gideon and Reliphy died shortly after the 1830 census there might be a record of their wills?
Abstract of Will's 1798-1848
Volume 2 1822-1832
page 25 (Batik/Babtik Andrew son)
page 41 (? Andrus witness of will)
Volume 3 1832-1839
page 1 (Laura Andrus of Clinton dod Aug 2, 1832)
page 34 (Mary Andrews Norton daughter of Oliver Norton)
page 47 (Catherine Andrus daughter of Jacob Kellogg)
Volume 4 Feb 1840-Oct 1843
page 22 (Ashael Andrews father of Almira)
page 35 (Patrick Andrews of Whitestown a witness of will)
page 47 (Patrick Andrews Executor of will)
Volume 5 Oct 1843-Mar 1847
No Andrus or Andrews
Volume 6 Mar 30-1847-Sep 1848
No Andrus or Andrews
No Gideon or Reliphy found in Abstract of Wills.
U.S. GenWeb
Oneida County, NY

"Will" button on left side of page.
Oneida County Marriages 1847-1851

"9/16/1849, Cornelia Andrews age 27 of Sangerfield and Erastus Munger age 37 of Sangerfield"

According to the Munger book Erastus Munger was a Physician. Cornelia Andrews' full name was Harriet Cornelia Andrews and she was the second of three wives of Doctor Munger.

O.D. Andrews had a daughter named Cornelia so maybe there could be some connection to Harriet Cornelia Andrews?
U.S. GenWeb
Oneida County, NY

"Marriages" button on left side of page.
Click Oneida County Marriages 1847-1851
"The Munger book: something of the Mungers, 1639-1914, including some who mistakenly write the name Monger and Mungor"
Things I need to Research:

1. Where was Moses G. Andrews on the 1830 census? Taunton, MA or Utica, NY?
2. Find Reliphy Dart Andrews death notice and/or grave in Oneida County, NY.
No death or cemetery records for Gideon or Reliphy found on Oneida County GenWeb pages or on Find A Grave website.
Family Naming Patterns

The Dart Family

Olivet Dart (1763-1827) son of Joshua Dart and Deborah Spencer
Married Reliphy Gates (1764-1840)

Lived in Castleton, Rutland County, Vermont

Reliphy 1784-? (The only female in this family where no known information about her husband can be found. Therefore, I believe she is the Dart you may have married Gideon Andrews.)

Lucinda (1785-?) Married Alpheus Andrews

Odolphus or Adolphus (1791-?) Married (Another given name connection: Charles Odelphius Andrews is my 2nd great-uncle)

Olivet (1793-1879) Married Sarah ?

Orpha (1795-1860 to 1870) Never Married

Anson (1797-1879) Married Eliza Catlin

Avis (1803-?) Married John N. Seymour (Another given name connection: Avis Andrews is my great-grandmother

Sehah M. (1797-?) Married Louisa Cross or Crofs
Book: Bolton, Thaddeus Lincoln,. Genealogy of the Dart family in America. Philadelphia: Cooper Print. Co., 1927, pages 20-21.
O.D. Andrew's Father?

The only listed Andrews family listed in the city of Utica on the U.S. Federal Census in 1830 was a "Gideon Andrews."
Therefore, it has been assumed by most reseachers that Gideon Andrews is Olivet's father.
1830 Census
one age 1-4 (1826-1829) (3rd son?)

one age 5-9 (1821-1825) (2nd son?) Olivet Dart? (Naming Pattern: Second born son
named after his motherís father. Olivet Dart was Reliphy Dart's father.)

one age 15-19 (1811-1815) (1st son?)

one age 20-29 (1801-1810)
Age seems too old to be son?
Maybe son from 2nd marriage?
Or Lewis Jones, a servant?
Lewis Jones owned this property in 1839.
Son could be 20 and Gideon 39?
Then 19 years age difference so could be son?
But then Olivet would be 3rd son which
doesn't match with naming pattern?

one age 30-39 (1791-1800) Gideon Andrews or Andrus?
one age 1-4 (1826-1829)

one age 15-19 (1811-1815)

one age 40-49 (1781-1790) Reliphy Dart?
Note Reliphy is 1 to 10 years older than Gideon.
Would have married about 1810-1814.
There is no record of this family anywhere in the United States on the 1840 census.
O.D. Andrews would have been 15 years old in 1840.

On the 1850 census Olivet is living in Plymouth, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.
1830 U.S. Federal Census
1840 U.S. Federal Census
1850 U.S. Federal Census
Oneida County History Center Research

I wrote to the Oneida County History Center asking them to check for Gideon Andrews in old Utica city directories. The following is the result of their research:

"The 1829 Utica directory is the only one in which he may be mentioned. We checked the 1828, 1829, 1832 issues; directories were not produced between 1818 and 1827, nor in 1830 or 1831.

The individual located in the 1829 directory (page 38) is 'Gideon Andrus'. His residence is listed as Whitesboro and Water Streets west of the downtown area. For reference, Thomas Lane ran north from Whitesboro Street, starting between the intersections of Washington Street and Broadway with Whitesboro. In 1839 there is a single structure shown on Thomas Lane, a residence identified with the name "Lewis Jones". Thomas Lane no longer exists.

A review of our "Andrus" and "Andrews" family name files produced no additional material."
1829 Utica City Directory
Oneida Count History Center
Lewis Jones
Lewis was born in 1810.
He was from Wales
His occupaton was a merchant.

Lewis Jones in 1839 city directory lived in Gideon Andrews' house on Thomas Lane.

1840 Census
one age 5-9 (1831-1835) John H. Jones

one age 30-39 (1801-1810/1810) Lewis Jones
one age 1-4 (1836-1839) Mary J. Jones

one age 30-39 (1801-1810/1807) Eleanor Jones
1840 U.S. Federal Census
1850 U.S. Federal Census
The Erie Canal

The Erie Canal runs through Utica westward through the counties of Onondaga, Seneca, Wayne, Monroe, Orlenas and Niagara. The city of Buffalo is just south a few miles where the Erie Canal ends. Richard Dart in his historical article for the Wisconsin Historical Society in 1909 wrote: "In the autumn (of 1840), father and I started with two yoke of oxen, along the military road east of Lake Winnebago, to go to Green Bay for mother and my sisters. They had come to Buffalo by the Erie canal, thence to Mackinac in the steamer 'Consolation,' and from there in a schooner to the Bay (Green Bay). The vessel was becalmed among the Manitou Islands (Near the village of Leland in Leelanau County, Michigan), and was a fortnight lake (late) in reaching its destination." Olivet Dart Andrews would have taken the same route. The earliest record of Olivet Andrews in Plymouth, Wisconsin was his purchase of land in 1846. He would have been 21 years old at that time. So he probably was in Plymouth as early as 1845 or maybe earlier?

Recently I saw a show on the Science Channel which is on cable television called the "Mysteries of the Abandoned" One segment of the show visited the abandoned the huge grain silos that were owned by a "Joseph Dart" in Buffalo, New York.
Geographical Relationships
Bristol County Massachusetts

Gideon F. Andrews (Age about 33) married Nancy Hart (Age 40/DOB 1898) on 11 Aug 1838. Note Nancy is about 7 years older than Gideon.
Chittenden County, Vermont

The Spencer Family lived in Hinesburg, Chittenden County, Vermont which is ten miles north of Castleton, Rutland County, Vermont where the Dart Family lived.
Oneida County, New York

3 Dart Family brothers:
Anson Dart lived in Western with 4 children in 1830
Olivet Dart lived in Lee with 4 children in 1840
Selah Dart lived in Marcy with 4 children in 1840
Marcy is about 6 miles north of Whitesboro.
Check names & ages of children to verify their own & not Gideon's children.
Rutland County, Vermont

Dart Family lived in Castleton, Rutland County, Vermont which is ten miles south of Hinesburg, Chittenden County, Vermont where the Spencer family lived.
Tolland County, Connecticut

Tolland County is 70 miles west of New Bedford, Bristol County, Massachusetts where Gideon Andrews married Nancy Hart.

Deacon Alpheus Andrews and Lucinda Dart married 18 Sep, 1799 in Vernon, Tolland County, Connecticut.

Did Gideon Andrews marry Reliphy Dart in this same geographical area?

Are Alpheus Andrews and Gideon Andrews related?
Alpheus had a twin brother Thaddeus and brothers Samuel, William & Orrin. No Gideon? Father was Samuel and mother was Esther Cone.
Book: History of Portage County, Ohio by Robert C. Brown, J.E. Norris, Warner Beers & Co., Chicago, 1885

Research of all the "Gideon Andrews"
found in the U.S. Federal Census

All Gideon Andrews Section

Utica Gideon
Husband/Wife NamesCity/StateResearch Notes
Gideon Andrus/Andrews
& (Reliphy Dart?)
New York
Trying to match this Gideon with one of those below.
Gideon Andrus/Andrews listed on Census
(no first name) Andrews, Age 16 and over, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Gideon Andrews, Age 26-44, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Gideon Andrus, Age 26-44, Thompson, Windham, Connecticut

G. Andres, Age 16-25, Cazenovia, Madison, New York

G. Andrews, Age 26-44, Lansingburgh, Rensselaer, New York
Gideon S. Andruss, Age 26-44, East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut

Gideon Andrews, Age 45 and over, Dana, Worcester, Massachusetts,

G. Andrews, Age 45 and over, Buffalo, Washington, Pennsylvania
Gideon Andrews, Age 30-39, Utica, Oneida, New York

Gideon Andrews, Age 30-39, Solon, Somerset, Maine

Gideon Andrews, Age 60-69, Hardwick, Worcester, Massachusetts

G.B. Andrews, Age 30-39, Henderson, Tennessee
Gideon H. Andrus, Age 30-39, South Creek, Bradford, Pennsylvania

Gideon T. Andrews, Age 30-39, New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts

Gideon Andrews, Age 20-29, Madison, Somerset, Maine

Gideon B. Andrew, Age 30-39, Elbert, Georgia

Gidion S. Andrews, Age 40-49, East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut

G. Andrus, Age 50-59, Windsor, Broome, New York

G.J. Andrus, Age 30-39, Conklin, Broome, New York

G. Andrews, Age 20-29, Boston, Norfolk, Massachusetts

G.W. Andrews, Age 20-29, Cazenovia, Madison, New York

G. Andrews, Age 50-59, New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana

G.F. Andrews, Age 30-39, Rockport, Cuyahoga, Ohio

G. Andrew, Age 40-49, Lawrence, Illinois Need to research!

G.W. Andrews, Age 30-39, Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, Michigan

G.W. Andrews, Age 20-29, Tyrrell, North Carolina

G.W. Andrews, Age 20-29, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Moses G. Andrews, Age 55, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts. On 1820 & 1840 census in Taunton. Unable to locate Moses G. Andrews on 1830 census. Could this be Gideon?

Gideon S. Andrews, Age 13, Portage, Livingston, New York

Gideon B. Andrews, Age 26, Huntington, Chittenden, Vermont

Gideon Andreas, Age 30, Lower Macungie, Lehigh , Pennsylvania

Gideon H. Andrews, Age 47, South Creek, Bradford , Pennsylvania

Gideon Andrews (Gideon Andrews & Avice Andrews & Deborah (Raymond) Kendall) , Age 52, Etna, Penobscot, Maine

Gideon Andrews, Age 37, Etna, Penobscot, Maine

Gideon G. Andrews, Age 32, Voluntown, Windham, Connecticut

Gideon S. Andrews, Age 33, Portland, Middlesex, Connecticut

Gedion Andrew, Age 29, Moore, Northampton, Pennsylvania

G. Andrews, Age 22, Crawford county, Crawford, Missouri

G. Andrews, Age 30, New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana

G.M. Andrews, Age 19, Washington, Washington, Louisiana

G.D. Andrews (Olivet Dart Andrews), Age 26, Plymouth, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

G.A. Andrews, Age 3, Henry, Henry, Georgia

G.B. Andrews, Age 45, Henry, Henry, Georgia

G.R. Andrews, Age 30, Union, Broome, New York

G.W. Andrews, Age 6, Prince George, Prince George, Virginia

G. Andrews, Age 11, Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts

G.W. Andrews, Age 27, Jefferson, Scioto, Ohio

G. Andrews, Age 26, Menard, Menard, Illinois

G. Andrews, Age 19, Baraboo, Sauk, Wisconsin

G.C. Andrews, Age 7, Portland, ward 4, Cumberland, Maine

G.A. Andrews, Age 6, Dallas, Dallas, Alabama

G. Andrews, Age 65, Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Virginia

G.G. Andrews, Age 27, Crawford county, Crawford, Georgia

G.H. Andrews, Age 67, Sharon, Franklin, Ohio

G. Andrews, Age 29, Wake, North Carolina

G.F. Andrews, Age 8, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts

G. H. Andrews, Age 28, Barataria, Jefferson, Louisiana

G.B. Andrews, Age 52, Henderson, Henderson, Tennessee

G.W. Andrews, Age 0, Martin, Martin, North Carolina

G.S. Andrews, (Gideon Spencer Andrews, Sr. & Jemima Hill Sawyer) Age 52, Portland, Middlesex, Connecticut
Gideon H. Andrus, Age 56, South Creek, Bradford, Pennsylvania

Gideon Andrews, Age 62, Hermon, Penobscot, Maine

Gideon Andrews, Age 18, Hermon, Penobscot, Maine

Gideon S. Andrews, Age 43, Portland, Middlesex_code, Connecticut

Gideon E. Andrew, Age 13, Henry, Georgia

Gideon Andrew, Age 36, Moore, Northampton, Pennsylvania

Gideon Andrews, Age 46, Allen, Lehigh, Pennsylvania,

G.B. Andrus, Age 2, Rutland, Barry, Michigan

G.W. Andrus, Age 35, Owego, Tioga, New York, United States

G. Andrews, Age 61, Wilkes, Georgia

G. Andrews, Age 22, Placerville, El Dorado, California

G.W. Andrews, Age 5, Seymour, New Haven, Connecticut

G.W. Andrews, Age 32, Cache Creek Township, Yolo, California

G.W. Andrews, Age 34, New Buffalo, Sauk, Wisconsin

G.B. Andrews, Age 36, Huntington, Chittenden, Vermont

G.S. Andrews, Age 30, Township No. 1, Amador, California

G.W. Andrews, Age 36, Meriden, New Haven, Connecticut

G.W. Andrews, Age 35, Chicago, Cook, Illinois,

G.K. Andrew, Age 11, North Sub Division, Augusta, Virginia

G.A. Andrews, Age 6, 405th Dist, Gwinnett, Georgia

G.L. Andrews, Age 30, Colorado, Texas

G.B. Andrew, Age 53, Henry, Georgia

G.A. Andrews, Age 26, Galva, Henry, Illinois

G.W. Andrews, Age 42, Davidson, Tennessee

G.B. Andrews, Age 62, Henderson, Tennessee

G.R. Andrews, Age 16, Henderson, Tennessee,

G. Andrew, Age 48, Watertown, Jefferson, Wisconsin

G.C. Andrews, Age 23, Wilkes, Georgia

G.W. Andrews, Age 41, Trumbull, Ashtabula, Ohio

G.W. Andrews, Age 45, Pitt, North Carolina

G.W. Andrews, Age 36, Pitt, North Carolina

G.W. Andrews, Age 4, Jackson, Polk, Oregon

G.W. Andrews, Age 50, Grafton, Mc Henry, Illinois

G.M. Andrews, Age 25, Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania

G.B. Andrews, Age 12, Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts

G. Andrew, Age 30, Farmersburg, Clayton, Iowa,

G.W.L. Andrews, Age 5, Pike, Mississippi

G. Andrews, Age 3, Gorham, Ontario, New York

G. Andrews, Age 35, Gorham, Ontario, New York

G.W. Andrews, Age 39, Randolph Township, Portage, Ohio

G. W. Andrews, Age 33, Hollysprings City, Marshall, Mississippi

G. Andrews, Age 35, New Orleans, Louisiana

G.B. Andrews, Age 43, Massena, St. Lawrence, New York

G.W. Andrews, Age 27, East Otto, Cattaraugus, New York

G.W. Andrews, Age 45, Stokes, North Carolina

G.L. Andrws, Age 37, Yonkers, Westchester, New York

G.B. Andrews, Age 7, Warren, North Carolina

G. Byron Andrews, Age 18, Wilmot, Merrimack, New Hampshire

G.H. Andrews, Age 14, Starkey, Yates, New York

G.H. Andrews, Age 30, New York, New York

G.W. Andrews, Age 27, Hinds, Mississippi

G.C. Andrews, Age 65, Canadice, Ontario, New York

G.M. Andrews, Age 20, Police District No 5, Claiborne, Mississippi,
Individal Census Years Analysis
1800 1810 1820 1830 *1840! 1850 1860
I believe these three Gideons are the same person.
Husband/Wife NamesCity/StateResearch Notes
Maybe Utica Gideon left family and married Nancy Hart?
Could be Utica Gideon because I have not been able to determine where New Bedford Gideon was in 1830.
Note, however, that these Gideons are all about ten years younger than Utica Gideon?
Note the parents of all these Gideons are unknown?
Gideon F. Andrews
& Nancy Hart
New Bedford
Born between 1800 and 1810, about 35 in 1840
Daughter Mary A.F. listed father being born in New Bedford.
If true parents might be Abial/Abel & Lois Kimball because they are the only Andrews living in New Bedford at the time.
Gideon & Olive Hooper are listed as his parents on one family tree I found?
They lived in Taunton which is just a few miles north of New Bedford.
However, this turns out to be Gideon T. Andrews. See Below.
Gideon F. Andrews
& Kahqlepuna
HawaiiNew Bedford Gideon was a sailor so this marriage in 1844 could be him because he never returned to New Bedford.
One family listed his birth as 1819 (no proof) which is about 9 to 14 years off.
Gideon F. Andrews
& Sarah Nichols
New Jersey
On 1870 census in Landis Township, Cumberland, New Jersey age is 63/1807.
Should be 73 to match Utica Gideon.
Age does match New Bedford Gideon & Nancy Hart.
Sarah age is 69/1801 both born New Jersey.
Atlantic County, New Jersey Marriages 1837-1880
Gideon F., and Sarah Nickols, 8-9-1862
I have Eliminated these Gideons
Husband/Wife NamesCity/StateReasons Eliminated/Research Notes
Gideon T.? Andrews
Nancy Hart ( 1st wife)
Deborah (Raymond) Kendall (2nd wife)
Ipswich, Essex, Mass
Solon, Somerset, Maine
Gideon was born on March 11 1798, in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts.
Nancy Hart can't be wife?
Deborah Kendall was born circa 1810, in Solon Town, Somerset, Maine.
Gideon Andrews
& Avice Andrews (1st wife)
& Deborah (Raymond) Kendall (2nd wife)
Ipswich, Massachusetts
Pleasant Ridge Plantation, Solon, Madison, Etna, & Hermon Maine
Detailed family tree. Age does match.
Gideon Andrews
& Olive Hooper (1st wife)
& Lucy Parminter (2nd wife)
Bridgewater(1800), Taunton(1840?), Dana(1820) & Hardwick(1830)
Too old. Died 1847.
One family tree has New Bedford Gideon as the son of this Gideon.
Gideon Spencer Andrews, Sr.
& Jemima Hill Sawyer
E. Haddam & Portland
Also on 1830 census. Age does match.
Gideon Spencer Andrews, Jr.
& Maryann Polley/Polly
East Haddam & Portland
Too young. DOB 1817
Gideon Andrews
& Lydia Johnson
New Haven
Too old, Died 1746.
Gideon Andrews
& Lydia ?
Thompson & Dayville
Too young. DOB 1831 England
Gideon Andrews
& Huldah Shailer
E. Haddam
Too old. DOB 1785. Family tree with list of children.
Gideon Andrews
& Abigail Potter
Farmington & Burlington
Too old. DOB 1721
Gideon T. Andrews
& Cynthia Elizabeth Comfort
Gillett, Bradford, PennsylvaniaToo young. Born 1833. Son of Ephraim & Catherine Decker Andrus. Ephrain was brother of Gideon Hotchkiss and Charity & Laura.
Gideon Greene Andrews & Elisabeth Salisbury KnightCoventry Rhode Island
Freeport, New York
Too young. DOB 1819.
Gideon Barber Andrews
& Polly N. Buell
Too young. DOB 1824.
Gideon or Gibson Elder Andrews
& Abigail Wiley
Lovell, Oxford, MaineAlso on 1830 census. Age matches.
Gideons born 1790-1800
Eliminated because can't be in two census places the same year.
Why can't I find a Gideon of correct age range who is not also on the 1830 census?
Maybe because Gideon used a different first name or initial on other census years?
New Bedford Gideon is the only one not on the 1830 cenus but his age doesn't match and being sailor might have been on a ship.
Gideon & (Reliphy Dart?)Utica
New York
On 1830 census in Utica, Oneida, New York.
Age born 1790-1800.
Gideon Andrews
& Avice Andrews
& Deborah (Raymond) Kendall
Ipswich, Massachusetts
Pleasant Ridge Plantation, Solon, Madison, Etna, & Hermon Maine
On 1830 census in Solon, Somerset, Maine.
Age does match.
See detailed family tree.
Gideon Spencer Andrews, Sr.
& Jemima Hill Sawyer
E. Haddam & Portland
On 1830 census in Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut.
Age does match.
Note Ezra Andrews who lived in Plymouth, Wisconsin near O.D. Andrews also came from E. Haddam, Connecticut.
Note: Tolland County is 30 miles north of E. Haddam.
Gideon Elder Andrews
& Abigail Wiley
Lovell, Oxford, MaineOn 1830 census in Lovell, Oxford, Maine.
Age does match.
Gideon Hotchkiss Andrews
& Charity Comfort
& Laura Dolittle
Born Vermont
Southcreek, Bradford County
On 1830 census in Wells, Bradford, Pennsylvania.
Age about 4+ years too young? Born Vermont 1803.
Family doesn't match. See family tree on Rootsweb.
Names of first two sons unknown.
Mother Sylvia age 60-70 (1760-1770) living also living in Wells.
Appears on 1825 tax roll in Wells (Southcreek) township and on Wells township census in 1830 (wife & 3 sons).
Married about 1823 or 1825 in Chemung, NY.
Probably NOT Utica Gideon because of Utica 1830 census and Dart naming pattern but still possible.
Andrews living in early Plymouth. Could any be relatives?

Early Plymouth History
Husband/Wife NamesCity/StateReasons Eliminated/Research Notes
Ezra Andrews
& Louisa Langdon
East Haddam, Middlesex. CT ELIMINATED AS RELATIVE.
I have not found any connection of this family to Utica Gideon.

Father Samuel Adams Andrews 1760-5/30/1835 Greenfield, Erie, PA; DOD
Mother Mary Lee Knowlton from Bloomfield, Ontario, NY;
Married 6/12/1820 in Bloomfield, Ontario, NY;
Son Almon DOB 18 Oct 1821 Mercer, PA Wife Julia Etta Couse;
James DOB 1824 PA Wife Aschah Van Patten;
Charlotte DOB 30 Jun 1828 Greenfield, PA Husband Fitz James Trowbridge;
Rufus DOB 9 Aug 1828 Cuyahoga City, OH Wife Agnes Jane Volk;
Martin DOB 1840 OH Wife Sarah Stallard;
Linzy DOB 16 Apr 1834 Salem, OH Wives Anna Davis & Mary Tankersley
Mary DOB 25 Oct 1842 Cuyahoga City, OH Husband Franklin Harrington;
On 1850 & 1860 census then moved to Iowa.
See Sheboygan County link above. Came to Plymouth 1845 with Erza? NOT on 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870 censuses; Might be Henry W. Andrews 1838-1924, civil war veteran, buried in Stillwater Cemetery in Orchard, Mitchell, IA along with Erza Andrews. Unknown relationship to Erza?
James AndrewsNew York
DOB 1824 PA. On 1850 census living with brother? Rufus Andrews. Both are sons of Ezra.
Rufus AndrewsOhio
DOB 1828 PA; Laborer; On 1850 census living with John W. & Caroline Taylor family (hotel);
This might be the same Rufus living with James Andrews listed as born in PA?
Edmund James Andrew
& Martha Bettinger
New York
DOB 1828 NY; Farmer; On 1850 census in Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI, In 1860 in Plymouth, Rock, WI. In 1870 & 1880 census living in Brooklyn, Green WI. Name spelled "Andrewes," justice of the peace on 1860 census; Last name actually is spelled without "S":"Andrew" Father Rev David Andrew Jr./ Mother Anna Esever. Came from Frankfort, Herkimer, NY. Frankfort is only 9 miles from Utica, NY.
E.P. Andrews
& Marion ?
E.P. 1822 VA;
Marion 1828 VA
Unable to locate on any other census year.
Richard Andrews
& Ann
DOB 1798 England; Children: Emily, Edwin, England, Eliza
Rubin Andrews
& ?
DOB 1813 England; Not married; Farmer
Andrews/Andrus with different first name but has "G." middle initial which might stand for "Gideon."

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