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Naturalization Records

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Naturalization is the legal procedure by which a foreign-born person becomes a citizen of a different country. The Naturalization Act of 1802 established a three-part process. First, an alien must declare and file their intention to become a citizen with an authorized court. Second, they must observe a required residence period, Third, after the residence period they must petition an authorized court for citizenship.

The alien resident then must wait for two years after making a Declaration of Intention (after 1906 no more than seven years later). An alien who has been a resident for at least five years (they may have been a resident for some years before the Declaration of Intention) may petition the court for citizenship. Since 1941 the requirement to file a Declaration of Intention has been abolished.

Before 1922 women and children were automatically granted citizenship with their husbands/fathers. This is why there are few naturalization records for women during this time period. It was not until 1906 that wifes and children were listed by name on naturalization documents. Starting on September 22, 1922 women and children had to become citizens the same way as the men but did not have to file any Declaration of Intention. Between 1922 and 1931 if a woman married an alien she would lost her citizenship. Sometimes naturalization papers cannot be found for relatives because the immigrant did not get naturalized. Many aliens filed an intention to become a citizen but never completed the process.

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All naturalization records for Langlade County have been archived at the Wisconsin Area Research Center located at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

You can go directly to the Stevens Point Area Research Center HERE.

You can view Nick Gombash's Indexes to Langlade County Naturalization Records HERE.


If you need to hire a professional genealogist to search for naturalization records at the Stevens Point Research Center you can go to the Association of Professional Genealogists Directory HERE. Type in "Wisconsin" and choose someone close to Stevens Point.

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