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"Our History" Prime Time Index
"Our History" articles appear in a monthly supplement to the Antigo Daily Journal called "Family Prime Time" which began March 1993. These articles provide area historical and genealogical information on some area families. Older years can be found on microfilm at the Antigo Public Library but the Library has stopped having them microfilmed in recent years. The only remaining copies can be found either at the Antigo Daily Journal Office or perhaps on the microfilm copies found at the Univ. of Wis. Madison Library.
March 8, 1993No historical article this first issue.
April 12, 1993Hilbert Anderson recalls early years on farm...
May 10, 1993A look at Glen Wilson's life.
June 14, 1993Early days of Upham recalled.
July 19, 1993(Pickerel) School article sparks many memories.
August 9, 1993Old-timers share similar memories.
September 13, 1993A soldier's tale of World War II (Paul Braun).
October 11, 1993Memories of Tuckerville and more.
November 8, 1993Carlie Artz was early auctioneer, ...
December 6, 1993The Teal family moved into a "green" industry.
January 3, 1994Way back when, in the Pioneer days (Vaughan family).
February 7, 1994Woman recalls decades... and decades of change (Hazel Clark).
March 7, 1994H & R Furniture, location has rich history.
April 4, 1994Hardy pioneer ancestors (Stimson & Shanks families).
May 1994 No Prime Time copied (published?) this month.
June 6, 1994Traveling the Dust Bowl in a roadster (Sheldon, Petters, & Dakin boys).
July 5, 1994Good Memories from long ago (Koepenick area).
August 1, 1994Front porch was center of activities (Wilkins, Bement families).
September 6, 1994An odyssey from Czechoslovakia (Solin & Mallo families).
October 3, 1994Rasmussen family tied to area history.
November 7, 1994A wedding in the midst of wartime (Butch & Faith Schremp).
December 5, 1994Colorful Kempster history linked to logging.
January 3, 1995A look at prospering days of Ormsby.
February 6, 1995Growing up in Pearson in the '20s.
March 6, 1995A look at Dan Gagen, his township.
April 3, 1995Memorable experiences as Navy WAVE.
May 1, 1995Four generations on the Besse homestead.
June 5, 1995Elmhurst was once a thriving village.
July 3, 1995The history of the Norwood Township.
August 7, 1995A look at a county logging pioneer (David Edick)
September 1995No Prime Time copied (published?) this month.
October 2, 1995Apple Grove had pleasant name, interesting families.
November 6, 1995Schultz roots are in Morris ghost town.
December 4, 1995Paine Lumber Co. operated major railway.
January 2, 1996Town of Rolling... opened first school... 115 years ago.
February 5, 1996Willard Ackley was very early settler.
March 4, 1996Once-busy Pratt Junction now just a memory.
April 1, 1996Pioneers settled in Ackley, Jennings.
May 6, 1996Mueller family came to Polar area in 1877.
June 3, 1996Heineman Mill was early county employer.
July 1, 1996"Dad's" shanty was early meeting place (William Harvey).
August 5, 1996County's namesake was adventurous man.
September 3, 1996Charles Larzelere a picturesque figure.
October 7, 1996County has rich moonshine tradition.
November 4, 1996Dams controlled water flow along the Eau Claire.
December 2, 1996Estonian settlers had a colorful past.
January 6, 1997Times changed for Bloomville Estonian Church.
February 3, 1997Maple Syrup Season is almost upon us (Kakes, Klement, Neigenfind).
March 3, 1997County hermit Cyril Langer had very unusual life.
April 7, 1997Swarthy Jack Sharkey's on the road again..
May 5, 1997Consolidated (Papers Co.) rafted logs across Superior.
June 2, 1997Early fishing tales from northwoods.
July 7, 1997Dr. Kate Newcomb great northwoods pioneer.
August 4, 1997Dr. Kate's northwoods life was difficult..
September 2, 1997Kate Newcomb finally returns to medicine.
October 6, 1997A lookback at the Schremp family homestead.
November 3, 1997Peshtigo was a booming, tragic community.
December 1, 1997Lookback at the horrifying Peshtigo fire.
January 5, 1998A look at the history of Strassburg.
February 2, 1998Evergreen history dates to the late 1880s.
March 2, 1998Charles Ferguston arrived in northwoods in 1903.
April 6, 1998Charles Ferguston was early county innovator.
May 4, 1998Turner area of Upham lively years ago.
June 1, 1998Frank Borth was early Kempster pioneer.
July 6, 1998Kempster beaten by Deleglise for rail hub.
August 3, 1998Elcho has exceptionally colorful past.
September 8, 1998Remembering log cabins along Military Road.
October 5, 1998Colorful C.W. Fish and his Elcho dream.
November 2, 1998Mattoon has rich lumbering, rail history.
December 7, 1998Kennedy clan left Antigo in sleighs 114 years ago.
January 4, 1999Harold Mattmiller a colorful character.
February 1, 1999Growing up with the Mattmillers.
March 1, 1999Tannery Town among early rural settlements.
April 5, 1999Boomers settled in the Jennings area.
May 3, 1999Recollections of people, events in the north.
June 7, 1999Memories of the Liberty Bell school.
July 12, 1999Remembering pioneer days of Norwood, Phlox.
August 2, 1999Phlox thrived despite lack of rail line.
September 7, 1999Post Lake long been a favorite destination.
October 4, 1999Queen Marinette gave her name to a city (Marie Antoinette Chevalier).
November 1, 1999(John) Mortenson remembered as fine craftsman.
December 6, 1999Now a ghost town, Van Ostrand once thirved..
January 3, 2000Logging Langlade County's eastern sections.
February 7, 2000Bustling Rock Island once history's backwater.
March 6, 2000Forgotten Kent once a thriving mill village.
April 3, 2000Rail trip (early 1900s) ... presented interesting challenge.
May 1, 2000John Dillinger's life has ties to the northwoods.
June 5, 2000Great Depression brought C.C.C. camps to north.
July 10, 2000The brutal tale of the Donner Wagon train.
August 7, 2000The tragic tale of the Donner Lake wagon train.
September 5, 2000Brown Bear School has colorful history.
October 2, 2000"Mystery ship" offers a tale of the Great Lakes.
November 6, 2000The search continues for the mystery ship.
December 4, 2000Spring bear hunt created long-lasting memories.
January 2, 2001Ainsworth township named for a single family.
February 5, 2001Miletus & Emma York were Harrison pioneers.
March 5, 2001Early northwoods roads often muddy wrecks.
April 2, 2001Doering: A look back at the people, place.
May 7, 2001Forest fire detection... five towers...
June 4, 2001A lyrical look at the Snag Lake Camp cook.
July 2, 2001Community of Star Neva had its start as Melnik
August 6, 2001Neva, Deerbrook areas date to the 1870s.
September 4, 2001Salvaging log "shrinkage" from the riverbed.
October 1, 2001Community named for pioneer John Hogarty.
November 5, 20011. The real story of the legendary "Casey" Jones.
2. Community named in honor of George B. Mattoon.
December 3, 2001Marsh district dates to 1894, now part of Ackley.
January 7, 2002
Parrish was at the heart of lumbering region.
(On microfilm roll with Dec. 31, 2001 paper.)
February 4, 2002A look at pioneer lumbermen along Military Road.
March 4, 2002Moonshine recipes as individual as still operators.
April 1, 2002Diercks recalls days with Patton's Third Army.
May 6, 2002Lyman Diecks recalls World War II experiences.
June 3, 2002Lyman Diecks concludes his wartime tale.
July 1, 2002White Lake mill has a long, storied history.
August 5, 2002White Lake mill has a rich and coloful history.
September 3, 2002Recollections from the Dymczenski, Bell families.
October 7, 2002Recollections continue with the Gambles, Grimes.
November 4, 2002White Lake families included Juettens, Larzeleres.
December 2, 2002McCambridge, Murray families settled White Lake.
January 6, 2003Families of White Lake include Notbohms, Ramers.
February 3, 2003A sign of the times, Elton post office closes its doors.
March 3, 2003Credit Union history spans half a century.
April 7, 2003Antigo became home to Civil War veterans.
May 5, 2003William Ladwig mixed barbering, broadcasting.
June 2, 2003First newspaper details a thriving Antigo in 1882.
July 7, 2003Antigo... marking its 50th 75 years ago.
August 4, 2003George Eckart among Antigo's founding fathers.
September 2, 2003Bob Hope, Antigo hardwareman had a link in '40s.
October 6, 2003Langlade County potato fields... latest technology... early days were tough.
November 3, 2003Recollections of the Stone, Wheeler families.
December 8, 2003Street names offer glimpse of Antigo's origins.
January 5, 2004Unity Evangelical Church among Antigo's earliest congregations.
February 2, 2004Fast sleds are a Langlade County tradition.
March 1, 2004Kellogg's Pond... many tons of ice... harvested.
April 5, 2004Local Society preserves colorful White Lake lore.
May 3, 2004Late 1880s brought growth along Military Road.
June 7, 20041880-1915: White Lake enters logging, farming heyday.
July 6, 20041. White Lake pioneers struggle, but surviving.
2. Antigo Public Library/Historical Society Building nears 100th year.
August 2, 2004The years were 1920 to 1930 in White Lake.
September 7, 2004The years were 1930 to 1940 in White Lake.
October 4, 2004White Lake (1940-1950) series concludes with sawmill fire.
November 1, 2004Deleglise family kept busy before arriving in Antigo.
December 6, 2004Deleglise came to northwoods as a timber cruiser.
January 3, 2005German POW's brought in the crops, worked in area factories after war.
February 7, 2005Antigo wasn't obvious choice for county seat.
March 7, 2005...First car got to Antigo during '03, big things followed.
April 4, 2005Eva Jewell was a gem, and even rode racehorses.
May 2, 20051. Post office celebrating Antigo airmail delivery anniversary.
2. Kraftwood Gardens were a county showplace.
June 6, 2005George Latta, First Lawyer and First District Attorney in Langlade County.
July 5, 2005CCC workers helped create some of the north's top attractions
August 1, 2005Opera House has had many uses in its long history
September 6, 20051. Springbrook School still educating public at 100
2. Baseball's history here is recalled
October 3, 2005Langlade County has great history of aircraft fly-ins
November 7, 2005The 107th Trench Mortar Battery Company
December 5, 20051918 Spanish flu pandemic hit Antigo with a vengeance
January 3, 2006"Crash at Crush," Early railroad promotion had tragic conclusion.
February 6, 2006Numerous spur lines fed Antigo's major rail hub.
March 6, 2006Spectacular 1945 train crash heard all 'round Antigo.
April 3, 2006Elcho, once a fairy tale village, had grand depot.
May 1, 20061. The Arrival of the first automobile in Antigo.
2. VFW honors namesake, Leland Tollefson
June 5, 2006Thomas Murphy parlays memories in memoirs.
July 3, 2006The State questioned abilities of the frugal farmers of Eastern Langlade County to save investment money. James Conn explained in letter to the tax man how he earned the funds he saved in a fruit jar. Explanation was accepted.
August 7, 2006John Kolb, ex-Chicago 1920's gang member & owner of Nomad Trading Post, was intriguing northwoods character.
September 5, 20061. Some of Antigo's fine homes arrived here in kit form from Sears.
2. Over a century ago, Antigo was the home of a circus.
October 2, 2006Last Railroad Steam Engine rolled through Antigo in fall of 1957, marking end of an era.
November 6, 2006Antigo Theater production based on a true tale of Christmas ship (the Rouse Simmons) tragedy.
December 4, 2006War Bonds replace toys at Christmas 62 years ago.
January 2, 2007Squire A. Taylor led marketing efforts to promote county in 1879.
February 5, 2007Residents embraced winter on Kellogg's Pond.
March 5, 2007Journal's Dog Derby was once a fan-favorite 1929-1931.
April 2, 2007A look at some of Antigo's "ward" elementary schools.
May 7, 20071. Trench Mortar Battery recalled 90 years later.
2. 107th returned home to a thunderous ovation.
June 4, 2007As dedication nears, railroad engine 440's history is remembered.
July 2, 2007Marketing Antigo and Langlade County's virtues started in 1884 with brochure written by Francis Deleglise and W.W. Hutchinson.
August, 6, 2007Part Two: Brochure written by Francis Deleglise and W.W. Hutchinson.
September 3, 2007Part Three: Brochure written by Francis Deleglise and W.W. Hutchinson.
October 1, 2007At one time, Antigo nearly became a two-railroad town.
November 5, 2007Gene Now's collection broadcasts love of old-time radios.
December 3, 2007In April 1932, there were 556 rail employees in Antigo, in a matter of a mere 75 years, zilch.
January 7, 2008Early rural mail carriers were a hearty breed. (part 1)
February 4, 2008Early rural mail carriers were a hearty breed. (part 2)
March 3, 20081. Northwoods was once a presidential playground.
2. Kennedy visit was political highlight for Antigo.
April 7, 2008Couple (Joseph & Helen Zaitz) fled booming Leadtown, Colorado in 1917 for healthier home in Town of Vilas.
May 5, 2008Pioneer Edgar Neff remembered here by building names and 4-H Club.
June 2, 20081. Langlade County enjoys a rich musical heritage, Part 1
2. After decades, Messers are still making music
July 7, 2008Langlade County enjoys a rich musical heritage, Part 2
August 4, 2008Remembering CCC camps that dotted the north, including Camp 657 at Summit Lake and later Otter Lake.
September 2, 2008Loraine (Green) Servi recalls her student days in Joe Bauschka's high school band with Nick Salm, who is coordinating efforts to restore the City Park bandstand.
October 6, 2008Langlade County court has long, interesting history.
November 3, 2008Langlade County has a history of colorful presidential campaigns.
December 1, 2008Survivor recalls deadly failure of Gardner Dam.
January 5, 2009Hard Liquor began flowing, again, 75 years ago.
February 2, 2009County bears the name of a honorable explorer: Charles De Langlade.
March 2, 2009B'gosh, it's perfect time to share story of Irish. A compilation prepared by Dorothy O'Donnell and presented to the members of the Langlade County Historical Society in 1972.
April 6, 2009On eve of vote, remembering city's first mayor, Thomas W. Lynch.
May 4, 2009Far from bluegrass, northwoods staged own Derby.
June 1, 2009New city park bandstand, stage is namesake of beloved directors, Josef "JB" Bauschka and Jim "JT" Traut.
July 6, 20091. Early postal route of Frank Ferdon offered lesson in perseverance.
2. Local woman, Elaine Duchac, recalls her terror at age 7 when the Little Bohemia Lodge shoot-out with John Dillinger took place next door from her home.
August 3, 2009Once-bustling feed Mill (Farmers Elevator) victim of changing times (razed).
September 8, 2009Fur trappers helped open up the northwoods.
October 5, 2009Picture tells a tale of railroad history, workers.
November 2, 20091. County surveyors left behind a hidden history
2. U.P. relic (Wakefield Memorial Building) faces resurrection as modern landmark.
December 7, 2009Local children book author Ruth Lucia's life reads something like a fairy tale
January 4, 20101. Once-booming Pequaming (Michigan) tied to timber, and Ford Co.
2. Rev. A. Grimm left several legacies to community.
February 1, 2010Badger band is coming here, has storied history.
March 1, 20101. UW band visit here sparks questions about "On, Wisconsin!"
2. Court adjourned: Vicky Adamski caps 42-year Clerk of Court career.
April 5, 2010Peace Lutheran School evolved with community.
May 3, 2010Growing up in Antigo (by former resident Tom Murphy) linked to city's rail history.
June 7, 2010From one graduate to 273, a look at Antigo High School commencements.
July 6, 2010White Lake area has tradition of great baseball.
August 2, 20101. White Lake, Hollister were hotbeds of baseball.
2. Pickerel Lake's Bud McBain observed, help report WW II in Europe.
September 7, 2010White Lake was a center of softball team activity.
October 4, 2010Almost century ago, region already a farm hotbed. Dessureau book.
November 1, 2010Gentle Catholic brother (Andre Bessette) now honored as saint.
December 6, 2010Powell's Nite Club was the place to go for the holidays.
January 3, 2011In days of wood and wool, winter was really something.
February 7, 2011"New" Elcho rose from ashes 88 years ago.
March 7, 2011Bowling arrived here soon after Francis Deleglise
April 4, 2011City founder played role in Civil War 150 years ago.
May 2, 2011C.W. Fish used glowing words to promote Elcho.
June 6, 2011Helen Benishek Tradewell a pioneer in park design.
July 5, 2011At 125 years, County Fair grounded in tradition.
August 1, 20011. Recalling the days of horse-drawn fire engines
2. Antigo's once-lost American LaFrance Metropolitan Fire steamer finds home at the Liberty Hall Museum Firehouse in Union, NJ.
September 6, 2011Aviation history made 100 years ago in Antigo by John Schwister.
October 3, 2011River Town (Alma, Wis.) was focus for eugenics campaign in 1913.
November 7, 2011Early four-wheel-drive tractors tied to Clintonville
December 5, 2011Daily Bros Circus train "Pie Car" was busted in Antigo for secret gambling equipment. Part 1 of 3
January 2, 2012Investigators quiz circus owners after Pie Car raid. Part 2 of 3
February 6, 2012Sexual Intrigue, booze sales were common on "Pie Car." Part 3 of 3

Emil "Pete" Gleich, Amtracers finally cited for WWII heroism.

March 5, 2012New museum project offers "windows" to the past.
April 2, 2012DNR celebrates 100 years of Wisconsin Forestry
May 7, 20121. UW-Extension celebrates 100 years of services
2. A.J. Kingsbury featured in classy new book
June 4, 2012Deleglise cabin part 1: Eighty years ago, pioneers gathered at Deleglise cabin dedication on library grounds.
July 2, 2012Deleglise cabin part 2: Father St. Louis led first Mass in Deleglise cabin.
August 6, 2012Deleglise cabin part 3: Deleglise daughter offered history of the cabin
September 4, 20121. Deleglise cabin part 4: Recalling Deleglise, at dedication of his cabin
2. If These Walls Could Speak, imagine the stories. History of Langlade Hospital by Sister Dolores Demulling, Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph
October 1, 2012Antigo School District's Superintendet P.A. Tipler's 1936 report reflected glowingly on its schools.
November 5, 2012Then Mayor C.O. Miller reported 1936 was a banner year for city public works projects (now landmarks).
December 3, 2012The forming of "New" county written by P.T. Gillette in 1936, Part 1
January 7, 2013Springbrook became county seat through well-laid plot by P.T. Gillette, Part 2
February 4, 2013Early Newspaper was key supporter of New County by P.T. Gillette, Part 3
March 4, 20131. Pickerel Lake had key role in Carl Becker dynasty
2. New County voters faced dilemma in election of 1880 by P.T. Gillette, Part 4
April 1, 2013Lily seen as the hub of the North's "New" county by P.T. Gillette, Part 5
May 6, 2013Saga of New County continues with a look at Wolf River handicaps, and concerns of "swindle," by P.T. Gillette, Part 6
June 3, 2013Shawano board raises a fuss over portions of "New" County by P.T Gillette, Part 7
July 1, 2013Twin Valley House fire sparked first county meeting by P.T. Gillette, Part 8
August 5, 2013As county formed, questions arose over "Lost Nation" by P.T. Gillette, Part 9
September 3, 2013As story concludes, harmony returns to county by P.T. Gillete, Part 10
October 7, 2013Village of Mattoon named for Civil War hero, entrepreneur.
November 4, 20131. In 38 years, Eagle Harbor Station saved many lives.
2. Thomas Bennetts remembered as Lake Superior hero.
December 2, 20131. Fascinating story about the Gettysburg Address by the Associated Press
2. Antigo's Edward Fischer, WW II crew member of the USS Pope, shares capture story of the German submarine U-505.
January 6, 2014A stroll back in time along Fifth Avenue
February 3, 2014On-the-scene report from early Yawkey-Bissell camps.
March 3, 20141. Betty Bricco continues rich artistic heritage started by her mother.
2. Langlade County: The County of Trails...and artists.
April 7, 2014Early White Lake Area schools linked with history of the county.
May 5, 2014Region has long history of meeting health care needs.
June 2, 2014Wolf River tied to history of the northwoods
July 7, 20141. "River Pigs" played key role in Wolf's log drives
2. On 100th anniversary, Estonian Lutheran Church near Bloomville reclaimed from brush.
August 4, 2014Recalling the Wolf River log drives and the river men.
September 2, 2014County residents had key roles in World War I and the Trench Mortar Battery, Part 1
October 6, 2014The Trench Mortar Battery in battle, and at home, Part 2
November 3, 2014Conservation, Recreation key to Wolf River's History.
December 1, 2014Antigo Fire department refines equipment, skills over the years.
January 5, 2015Lumbermen enjoyed "stopping places" along the Wolf River.
February 2, 20151. Hospital prepares for future without the sisters.
2. Remembering Antigo's Armistice-era flue outbreak.
March 2, 2015Van Ostrand once heralded as "town with a future."
April 6, 2015Village of Van Ostrand came to a sudden demise.
May 4, 2015Van Ostrand a ghost town, but memories very real.
June 1, 2015Langlade County was the home of several Grange Halls. Formal name: The National Grange of the Patrons of Animal Husbandry.
July 6, 2015Fishing is a key part of Langlade County History: Kingsbury's postcards, Suick's Muskie Thriller Lure, Shelton's Mepps Lures,
and a special railroad car that delivered fish fingerlings to area lakes.
August 3, 2015Steam Locomotives key to early logging operations in Langlade County.
September 7, 2015Normal Schools taught generations of teachers.
The Langlade County Normal School started in 1906 and closed in 1971.
The Webmaster of this website graduated from this school in 1964.
October, 5, 20151. Antigo's newest K9 officer, Natscho, mixes charm with a bite.
2. Now gone, White Lake bank had an interesting tale.
November 2, 2015Elcho CCC Camp provided assistance to many during the Great Depression.
December 7, 2015Connecting the dots of a community's history: A handwritten booklet named "History of Langlade." One of the authors was Mable Wood Spencer.
January 4, 20161. Antigo's Vulcan bowling pins once ruled the nations's lanes.
2. Far from ocean, White Lakes's Roger Wilder designs U.S. Navy ship systems.
February 1, 20161. White Lake kicking off its centennial year.
2. Army Veteran Fred Zimmel of Pickerel honored for over seven decades of service.
March 7, 2016That's Entertainment!: Opera House provided venue.
April 4, 2016"The Mill" a key part of White Lake community. A.K.A. Yawkey Bissell Lumber Company, Robbins Flooring Company.
May 2, 20161. End of an era for the state's fire lookout towers.
2. Folklorists documented songs of the northwoods.
Jun 6, 2016Independence Day 2016 is a community tradition that will be celebrated this year during White Lake's Centennial year.
Jul 5, 2016Antigo's history is closely linked to the railroad.
August 1, 2016"Kentucks" share a proud history in White Lake.
September 5, 20161. Norwegian outing is a step back into past for the Heistad family.
2. Careful renovation in store for Carnegie library.
October 3, 20161. Families who settled White Lake had varied histories.
2. After decades, Toburen photography closes doors.
November 7, 2016Six votes made Antigo the county seat of Langlade County.
December 5, 20161. School employees have influenced many lives in White Lake
2. Tom and Dale Zatloukal and their Ala Romeo Motorama Museum, Sports Bar and Banquet Hall
January 2, 2017Long ago, Antigo saw importance of park land.
February 6, 2017White Lake's history closely linked to railroad. Part 1
March 6, 20171. Cigel family Antigo Auto Parts business celebrates 75th year
2. Railroad crews were key to White Lake's development. Part 2
April 3, 2017In Spring, it was time for sightings of the "River Pig" loggers
May 1, 2017History of the Wisconsin & Northern Railroad's Neopit to Phlox branch that almost made it to Antigo.
June 5, 20171. Northwoods sportsmen (including Dwight D. Eisenhower) often traveled by the railroad through Antigo.
2. Have dog, will travel: The true story of AMS and Connie Miller.
July 3, 20171. A look back at the Hollister School, now 100 years old.
2. For Kevin Cahak, comedy nothing to laugh about.
August 7, 2017Unresolved human remains mystery may be tied to the Willard Ackley log cabin that was near the Eau Claire River west of Antigo.
September 5, 2017Hospital Auxiliary dates to early days of facility.
October 2, 20171. Trip with veterans to D.C. was truly an "Honor"
2. Sharing the history of St. Matthew, White Lake
November 6, 2017The deer hunt ritual has very deep roots here.
December 4, 2017Memories of the Jack, Melvina Mabry Family
January 2, 20181. A night at the movies tradition dates to Antigo's earliest days
2. Museum offers a tribute to John Schroepfer, a master luthier
February 5, 20181. Tracking down the authors (Shurbie Shannon & Bernice Wood) of the 1916/1917 booklet, "History of Langlade."
2. Antigo native Brett Mikkelson mixes glamour, grit in Panama City
March 5, 20181. Celebrating Women trailblazers of Langlade County: Bernice Stewart, Helen Benishek, Dr. Elizabeth Steffen, Marie Berner
2. White Lake's Dave Peterson and his icy adventure at the bottom of the world.
April 2, 2018Cozy Corner School had deep ties to community.
May 7, 2018Much of our local public infrastructure often dates to WPA (Works Progress Administration) activities.
June 4, 2018Ag economics fueled county's early dairy industry.
July 2, 2018Songs tell the tales of life, logging on the Wolf River.
August 6, 2018"Flying machines" were a highlight at the county fair in 1911.
September 4, 2018The Depression shaped many White Lake families.
October 1, 2018A hundred years ago, flu pandemic raged.
November 5, 20181. Tracing the history of Nicolet National Forest.
2. DNA, photos key to piecing together Fonder/Brennecke family's past.
December 3, 2018107th Trench Mortar Battery was the pride of Antigo.
January 7, 2019Did Ja Know? Some tidbits from White Lakes's past.
February 4, 2019The care and preservation of Antigo's history.
City pioneer in historic preservation efforts.
March 4, 2019The Springbrook School still teaching, ready for a spruce-up.
April 1, 2019Langlade County has rich immigrant heritage.
May 6, 2019Helmer Sather was a railroad section foreman who kept meticulous records which are prized records now.
June 3, 2019Langlade County Boy and Girl Scout camps have offered northwoods experiences to thousands over the years.
July 1, 2019Harness racing has rich history in the northwoods. After 33 year absence returns to county fair.
August 5, 2019Antigo schools are ready to open a new chapter due to elementary school consolidation.
September 3, 2019A Library in Antigo dates back to community's earliest days.
October 7, 2019When the Antigo Public Library got a home of its own.
November 4, 2019Rail history here dates to first train's arrival in 1882.
December 9, 2019Antigo Hospital project was actually spurred by student essay.
January 6, 2020White Lake Historical Society celebrating its 25th year.
February 3, 2020Elcho CCC camp was a heartbeat of community.
Ronn Krueger, a showman with a microphone.
March 2, 2020Langlade County named after Charles de Langlade.
Gilbert's Sentry grocery store celebrating another milestone.
April 6, 2020Crocker Hills named after chair company.
May 4, 2020
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The Antigo Daily Journal has changed to a three day printing schedule and Internet website updates the other three days of the week
June 1, 2020PrimeTimes is on hiatus.
Jul 6, 2020

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