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Miscellaneous interesting historical articles
in the Antigo Daily Journal
July 31, 2020, page 1 & 4Lisa Haefs, editor of the Antigo Daily Journal, retires after a 37 year career with the Antigo newspaper.
Jun 12, 2020, page 1"Fry day" night fish has long tradition in the Northwoods.
November 25, 2019, page 1Fred Berner, Publisher and Editor of the Antigo Daily Journal dies while working at his desk.
Jun 27, 2019, page 1On Jun 26, 2019 the Antigo Daily Journal was sold to Adams Publishing Group, LLC of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
February 2, 2013, page 1Venerable Wolf River Lodge to be razed; Will be rebuilt as Silver Birch oupost.
January 12, 2013, page 1Organ is a working masterpiece, 1915 Faith United Church of Christ's pipe organ will be focus of recital.
October 8, 2011, page 7Updated information about the tug boat USS Antigo. Now the civilian tug, Donald G. McAllister. Also see ADJ article on Jul 30, 1996.
September 2, 2011Elcho church celebrating 90th anniversary Sunday. The United Church of Christ Congregational.
August 19, 2011Four Corners church marking 90th year.
August 3, 2011Forty et Eight convention set to open; Promenade starts events here Thursday afternoon. History of organization given.
July 22 & 23 , 2010676 Radar Squadron Reunion. First commander of the Air Force Station (John P. Byrne) recalls in letter to editor his arrival in Antigo in 1951 and the interesting get-it-done-some-way details and hard work to took to ready the station for its important mission.
June 4, 2009, page 1Peace Lutheran marks 125 years Sunday.
April 16, 2009, page 1, sec 2 page 4St. Ambrose Church celebrates 100th birthday.
June 9, 2007, page 1St. Matthew church in Deerbrook marks its 110th year.
October 19, 2006, page 1 and Sec. 2, pages 4 & 5Premiere of movie "Flags of Our Fathers" at Palace Theater shines spotlight on Antigo, the hometown of John Bradley. Gala brings crowd and sense of pride to community.
Also page 1, CBS crew spends week in White Lake, entire area, doing story for news show about bottle a 10 year old Josh Baker threw into lake. Segment tells story of Baker, his bottle and its recovery nearly a year after his death after returning from tour of duty in Iraq.
April 14, 2007, page 1History of Elcho businessman, Charles W. Fish, on 50th anniversary of his death.
October 7, 2006, page 1Woman's Club ends 110-year role.
September, 2006, page 1St. Peter Lutheran Church marking 120 years.
August 28, 2006, supplementCoVantage Credit Union's Home Office Grand Opening
August 24, 2006, page 1St. Paul Lutheran Church, Aniwa, marking 110th anniversary.
August 23, 2006, page 7Mole Lake will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the 1806 battle between Chippewa and Sioux, and the Dinesen-Motzfelt-Hettinger log cabin restoration.
June 30, 2006, page 1Bank at Mattoon marks 100 years.
May 27, 2006, page 1James Whiting's seventh B-17 mission, its perils
November 5, 2005, page 1Old Post Lake School moved to Mole Lake to continue as educational facility.
September 23, 2005, page 6Volm Bag Co. marked 50th year in 2004, a history details the growth.
September 19, 2005Antigo Daily Journal's Centennial Issue with special tabloid section.
History of Newspaper Publishing in Langlade County
Molle Jewelry also century business
McCormick-Klessig Insurance history to 1888
May 13, 2005, p1Air Force radar base closing nearly 30 years ago was quiet and sad affair
March 29, 2004Antigo 2004 Flood Pictures
December 27, 2002, p1Elton Post Office Ends Long Service
November 22, 2002, p1History of Zelazoski Wood Products
August 29, 2002, p1Reprint of article from August 1927 about Antigo barbering history.
August 12, 2002Antigo Fire Department Celebrating 100 Years of Service, Supplement.
October 9, 2000The Antigo Public Library, Celebrating 100 Years of Service, Supplement.
August 15, 2000Vern Cahak's Antigo Sports History 1904-2000 Supplement.
February 25, 1998Article about the fire in February 1923 that destroyed most of downtown Elcho's business district.
July 30, 1996"Antigo" officially Yard Tug Boat 792 at Norfolk Naval Base. Article & 2 pictures.
Indian names used for Navy base boats.
July 25, 1983Historical Article about long-time Antigo tailor Lee Herman.
November 19, page 1Antigo's Hobo Jungle was thriving place during 30's.
June 1, 1982, page 1Article describes history of the Village of Aniwa.
Approx. September 15, 1981History of Hunter's Supermarket & Antigo Flour and Feed Store
October 5, 1978Last Railroad Steam Engine rolls through Antigo in 1957. Also republished in "PrimeTimes" October 2, 2006.

February 21, 1970, page 7Almost Forgotten Railroad Stations Important During Pioneer Period (List & History)
January 14, 1970, page 10Legend Accompanied First Newspaper (Morman) Press to Antigo (by Earle Holman)
December 11, 1969, page 12Skilled Men Kept Locomotives Puffing in the Days of Steam.
September 29, 1969, page 10Star Mail Routes Pioneered Service in Langlade County
September 4, 1969, page 4Pratt Rail Line History Recalls Memory of Vanished Village.
September 4, 1969, page 3Shortest Logging Railroad Built to Serve Ormsby.
July 11, 1969, page 5Autobiography of Eva Jewell is Prepared for Publication.
April 11, 1969, page 2Worst Freight Track Wreck in the County.
March 28, 1969, page 8Wolf River Branch Now Vestige Once Important Logging Line.
February 5, 1969, page 7Mattoon Industry Built Railroad, C&NW Bought.
December 17, 1968, page 12Frank Drozdik Ends Long Career in Railway Timber
December 24, 1968, page 3Last of Logging Railroads--Those of Yawkey-Bissell
Dec 7, 1968, page 2Crocker Chair Company Operated Logging Railway
November 6, 1968, page 16Letters Expand Knowledge of the Deleglise Family History.
October 29, 1968, page 8Ruin Overtakes Abandoned Building Once Busy Deerbrook Graded School.
September 5, 1968, page 8Frost Veneer Company History Traced.
September 5, 1968, page 3Logging in Pearson Area Involved Many Camps.
June 29, 1968, page 2Oldest of County Buildings is Jail.
March 1, 1968, page 7Oconto Lumbermen Harvested Eastern Townships Hardwood
February 15, 1968, page 10'Heineman Line' Opened Timber Resources Western Part of County
November 25, 1967, page 5C.M. & St. P. Ry Cuts Through Corner of Langlade County.
November 6, 1967, page 5Early History of Area Recorded in Transcripts of Land Transactions.
September 8, 1967, page 7Frost Veneer Co. among state's oldest
page 10 New Kretz Lumber Mill is completely automatic
page 10 First Logging Drive in 1883 near Star Neva
September 7, 1967, page 122nd Lake States Annual Logging Congress in Antigo
page 2 Vulcan Corp. in 42nd year of operation in Antigo
page 3 Zelazoski Wood Products formed in Antigo in 1924
page 3 Peters Mill at Strassburg was one of earliest
page 4 Railroads played big part in area logging history
page 5 Steber Lumber Co. started early 1900's
page 5 Mayking Mills history traced
page 6 Fifty years of operation by Yawkey-Bissell
page 7 Weed's Mill was Antigo's first large sawmill
page 8 Raith's sawmill at Summit Lake was opened in 1940
August 15, 1967, page 3Large Tug Boat is named "Antigo."
July 17, 1967, page 8Carl Becker Sr. & Jr., Master Violin Makers, Have Pickerel Workshop.
July 13, 1967, page 1250th Anniversary of 107th T M B Mobilization.
June 20, 1967, page 10Letters LCL Stand for past Era in Railroading.
May 17, 1967, page 6Antigo Island Club was Pioneer Venture.
April 13, 1967, page 1City Council Okays Resolution for Housing Authority.
March 15, 1967, page 9Dream of Second Railway Here Was Nearly Fulfilled.
January 27, 1967, page 1Teletype at Police Station Asset to Law Enforcement.
December 27, 1966, page 5"Citizens Band" Serves Public. Local radio operators: Carl Schuster, Jerry Cigel, Clarence Kieper.
December 24, 1966, page 5Navy Vessel named "Antigo" (YTB-792, harbor tug)
November 18, 1966Grand Opening of the Cutlass Motor Lodge
November 2, 1966, pag 10Parrish Was Once Busy Village With Sawmills
August 3, 1966, page 8Village of Van Ostrand Left Little To Mark It.
May 25, 1966, page 11Borth Family Logged Through Three Phases
Apr 6, 1966 Page 7Son (John Clark Adams)of first school mistress (Electa Quinney)in Wisconsin lived in Antigo.
February 23, 1966, page 2Langlade County Linked to Monarchy of France. Mary Elizabeth McLeod (Mrs. William Scudella) was born at Post Lake. She is related to Queen Marinette.
December 23, 1965, page 16Refugee (Cornelia Mohr) from Russian Czar once lived in Antigo.
November 27, 1965, page 3Menominee Mission Episode Revealed-"Ghost" Church at Bear Trap Falls.
November 15, 1965, page 9English Settlement (near Kent) Smallest in County.
September 23, 1965, page 1United Church of Christ Marks 75th Anniversity.
September 8, 1965, page 16Histories of several area sawmills: Yawkey-Bissel, Peter Mill, Steber Lumber, Weed's Sawmill, Vulcan, Frost Veneer, Mayking, Deerbrook Mattoon Veneer, Raith Sawmill, Kretz Lumber Mill, Zelazoski Wood Products, and Logging Drives.
September 3, 1965, page 5History of Elmhurst's "Ghost" Church is Traced.
Correction letter 9/8/1965, page 3.
July 30, 1965, page 1Tibbetts Fur Salon remolding and business history.
July 21, 1965, page 3Ike & Mamie Vacation at Minocqua Lake. Webmaster Note: Returning from this vacation by railroad they stopped at the Antigo Depot and both came out on the rear platform of their private car and waved to the people. I remember while they were waving seeing my father, who was a railroad car inspector, checking the wheels of Ike's private car for "hot boxes."
July 17, 1965, page 5Razing Old Gas Company Building.
July 8, 1965, page 1"Farewell Party" for Landmark Beehive Building.
June 21, 1965, page 3Longest freight train went through Antigo (4 diesel units & 1996 cars)
May 18, 1965, page 3Adin Reynolds appears on TV show "To Tell the Truth."
April 13, 1965, page 1Worst Flood in Antigo History.
February 23, 1965, page 1Antigo Man (John Bradley) Recalls Famed Flag Raising.
February 4, 1965, page 1
February 20, 1965
CBS Films Report on Antigo's Fluoridated Water Experience.
January 30, 1965, page 1Fire destroys Kretz Lumber Mill
January 9, 1965, page 1Gas Plant 100 block of Clermont burns. One of oldest buildings in Antigo.
December 18, 1964, page 6Early Antigo Residents listed in "Commemorative Biographical Record of Upper Wisconsin" published in 1895 by J. Beers & Son of Chicago.
November 10, 1964, page 7History of Japanese Rifles written by Antigo Native.
September 24, 1964, page 14George Powell, Son of William Powell; Famous Area & Menominee Historical Family History.
August 27, 1964, page 1Forest Reclaims Site of old Sherry School District.
February 7, 1964, page 5Picture of the Webmaster appearing as a priest in a Langlade County Teachers College Play called "Here We Come Gathering."
September 30, 1963, page 1Polar County Club Burns to Ground.
May 9, 1963, page 3Indian Graves at Pickerel Lake removed and lowered on resort property once owned by Robert LaFollete Sr.
April 18, 1963, pages 7-10Remolding & History Fidelity Bank
March 9, 1963, page 3Antigo Man's Father Inventor of Flight Recorder on Planes.
November 13, 1962, page 7Conservation Tower installed on Gresch's hill SE of Antigo.
October 15, 1962, page 1lCalvary Lutheran Church Observes 30th Anniversary.
December 8, 1961, page 1Moonshine still is found near Polar.
September 9, 1961, page 3Rasman Drug Store Removes Soda Fountain.
July 31, 1961, page 3George Schoenfeldt retires after 50 years as barber.
December 9, 1960, page 1First Natural Gas Flows Into Antigo Today.
August 31, 1960, page 1St. John's Lutheran Church of Polar Marks 75th Year.
July 30, 1960Story printed on the history of St. John Lutheran Church in Mattoon including history of Mattoon.
February 22, 1960, page 3Train Wreck At Summit Lake In 1902 Recalled.
June 29, 1957When AHS Class of 1938 holds its reunion July 6, a crew from Life Magazine will be here to cover it. Members of the class became world famous in May, 1937, when Life Magazine did a three-page pictorial on the junior class prom.
October 17, 1949, page 3State Forestry Department Radio System Installed in County on Frequency of 31.66 Mhz.
August 24, 1949, page 3Old Axe Is Found Near Hunting River.
August 19, 1949, page 3Philip Morris' Johnny In Antigo Today.
August 4, 1949, page 3Early Pioneer Was Skilled At Making Ox-Yokes By Hand (Henry Shipley).
July 22, 1949, page 3One Family Started Only County Swedish Settlement (Carlson Family in 1880 in Price.)
July 21, 1949, page 3C&NW Station in Chicago Stands on Timber from Langlade County.
July 20, 1949, page 3Real Log Drive on Springbrook? Yes, Sir! Summer of '82.
July 18, 1949, page 1Vacationers Dig Up Indian Skeleton on Post Lake Point.
June 1, 1949, page 1Fishing Woe Developed Into Bobber And Sinker Business by Joe Dolejs
April 16, 1949, page 1Old Timers Vividly Recall the Spring Log Drives Down the Embarrass River
March 17, 1949, page 1Frank Suick Tells Muskie Bait Story.
March 15, 1949, page 1Veneer Plant will Reopen April 4th.
February 19, 1949, page 1Covered Wagon Trip Here Recalled by W.E. (Eph.) Jones
correction February 22, page 3
February 10, 1949, page 1Post Lake Once the Site of Large Indian Settlement.
February 5, 1949, page 5Bobsled Awakens Childhood Memories for R.L. Beard
January 26, 1949, page 2Frost Veneer Co. Officials Cite Reason for Shut Down.
correct Feb 19, page 1
January 14, 1949, page 1Veteran Recalls the St. Paul Eastern & Grand Trunk Railway.
January 11, 1949, page 1Menting's Mill Recalled By Few Survivors of Crew.
January 3, 1949, page 3Charles Ferguson, A Pupil & Acquaintance of Charles Steinmetz.
December 22, 1948, page 3Jimmy George Tells More of G.W. Pratt & His Railroad.
December 8, 1948, page 1John Clark Adams, Son of One of Wisconsin's Earliest Protestant Missionaries Lived Here.
November 16, 1948, page 1Quiet Wolf River Once Transported Cargoes of Lumber Worth Millions.
November 6, 1948, page 3Oldest Railroader Observes Birthday.
October 27, 1948, page 1Local Man Recalls Last Antigo-Elton Horse Stage.
October 4, 1948, page 1C.,M., and St. Paul Railroad Once Operated In County.
September 25, 1948, page 1Last Days of Horse Drawn Fire Equipment Recalled.
September 20, 1948, page 3First Television Signal Received In Antigo At Antigo Electronics Store.
September 17, 1948, page 1Colony of Indiana People In County Now Dispersed.
September 14, 1948, page 3County Agent Talks On Local History At Rotary.
September 7, 1948, page 1Indians, Explores, Traders, Preceded Settlers Here.
August 20, 1948, page 3Club 77 Opened Today.
July 23, 1948, page 5Mrs. Florence Bollan Tells Details of Wrangle to Name County, Locate Seat.
July 3, 1948, page 2Wittenberg Couple Own Silver Spoon of Colorful History.
June 29, 1948, page 2Pageant Will Include Account of William Ackley.
June 15, 1948, page 2Philander Powers Farm popular Stopping Place During Early Years of Century.
June 11, 1948, page 3Neva Thirteen Room Brick Farm House of Kakes Family.
June 11, 1948, page 1Dr. Donohue in Practice for Half Century.
May 21, 1948, page 2St. Peter's Lutheran Church Polar observes 5th Anniversay.
May 8, 1948, page 1Daniel Reinert Recalls the Deepest Well Dug in County at Kent.
May 6, 1948, page 9Former Langlade County Man Kin of Pike's Peak Discoverer.
April 21, 1948, page 1Yawkee-Bissell Brings Re-Birth to White Lake.
April 17, 1948, page 1Razing of Old Guild Hall Recalls City's Early Days.
October 13, 1947Early rural mail carriers were a hearty breed.
August 6, 1947, page 2Remove Carriage Block Which Stood Before Quigley Hotel Past 50 Years. Follow up article August 21, 1947, page 3
August 4, 1947, page 5Dr. Partridge of Mattoon To Be Honored Saturday.
Also picture August 7, 1947, page 1
Post Event Report August 11, 1947, page 1
August 4, 1947, 1947, page 1Mrs. Bid Mayotte Tells Saga of Pioneering Here. Including school building that vanished over night.
August 1, 1947, page 1McComas Store sold to Gerald Glowen.
July 29, 1947, page 3Purchase of building for Lodge 310 Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Rebekahs - NW corner 8th & Superior.
July 19, 1947, page 2Henry Couture, Centenarian of Lily Has Done Logging in Three Countries.
July 11, 1947, page 3Jap Suicide Sub exhibited at 5th & Clermont.
May 20, 1947, page 3At Least Three Electric Cars Were Owned In Antigo About 35 Years Ago.
May 15, 1947, page 1Mike Brennan One of Last Survivors of Lumber Rafting Days in the Area.
May 1, 1947, page 3John Menting, 85, is Sole Survivor of Group Which Settled in Phlox in 1876.
May 17, 1994New High School Dedication Edition (Includes Antigo School District History).
April 8, 1948, page 1Era of the Threshing Machine in Langlade County is on Decline.
March 13, 1948, page 1WATK Will Broadcast First Program Monday
March 6, 1948, page 3Reindl Harness Shop One of Oldest Retail Businesses
March 3, 1948, page 3James Weeks Buys A and A Store.
January 10, 1948, page 1W.F. Kasson Tells of Killing Buffalo In Dakotas In 1877
December 22, 1947, page 10Radio Proving Aid in Enforcement of Conservation Laws
December 20, 1947, page 3Service Cab owned by Laddie Sikora installs two-way radios
October 13, 1947, page 2Star Route Mail Carriers of Area Were Hardy Breed.
September 11, 1947, page 2Deerbrook Lutheran Church Observes 5oth Anniversary
April 22, 1947, page 2Man Who Rode Trains Here 1881 Has Interesting Recollections of Period.
April 17, 1947, page 5Public Library Service here 50 Years Old Today
May 20, 1947, page 3Three Electric Cars Owned in Antigo, all by Women
April 1, 1947, page 1Charles Ackley Links Present Day Antigo with its Pre-Historic Past
Feburary 22, 1947, page 1John Bradley Tells Iwo Jima Flag Story to Superior Telegram.
November 9, 1946, page 2Old Opera House Fascinated Antigo People 40 Years Ago
October 15, 1946, page 1Zahl Scaled White Pine Cut on Site of Antigo
September 19, 1946, page 1Old Newspapers Tell Story of Pratt Junction Railway
April 13, 1946, page 2Early History Found in Old Recorded Plats in County
March 19, 1946, page 5History of Kempster Gleaned from Dave Borth's Schoolboy Volume
February 21, 1946, page 2Mrs. Grace Vaughan Tells of "Old Opera House" Era
November 3, 1945, page 2Thomas Hafner 90 Sunday helped cut Antigo's First Roads
October 18, 1945, page 6St. Hyacinth Parish Completes Fifty Years of Existence
October 17, 1945, page 2Charles Hoeffler Recalls Theater Days in Early Antigo
Also WNI May 25, 1895
May 31, 1945, Page 4Old Steam Fire Engine is sent to Junk Yard
April 11, 1945, page 1John H. Bradley identified being in Mt. Surbachi flag raising picture
March 31, 1945, page 1Northern Hotel, Oldest Here, will be torn down
Feburary 24, 1945, page 4Life of George Powell Links Fur Trade, Lumbering Era
November 11, 1943, page 4Lillie Ladwig's Retirement Recalls Postal History
August 13, 1943, page 4Rt. Rev. Monsignor Conrad Saile Biographical Sketch
August 12, 1943, page 3MLS & W Ry became part of CNW Ry, Fifty Years Ago.
June 15, 1942Mary Escanaba Lived on Eau Claire River East of Antigo During Civil War.
November 6, 1941, page 3Letter listing many interesting things donated to Langlade County Museum by county's early pioneers.
July 28, 1941, page 4Movie showing in Antigo: "Blossoms in the Dust" Starring Greer Garson. Life Story of Edna Gladney who became famous for her fight for children's rights. Edna lived in Antigo prior to 1900 when her father Maurcie Henry Kahly operated the old Commercial Hotel. (My relative Charles Raess built Commercial Hotel. L.A.F.)
July 5, 1941, page 4Bill Hoeft Converts Ghost Lumber Town of Ormsby Into A Modern, Big-Scale Potato Farm
July 2, 1941, p5Charles Ferguson, Antigo Electric Genius, Got His Start With Thomas Edison
May 26, 1941, p1Yawkey-Bissell Celebrates 25th Anniversary.
June 8, 1939Series of articles started this date called Recollection of Logging in Wolf River Valley by Jimmy George.
June 8, 1939, p3Nephew of Famous John Brown used to live near Antigo.
May 29, 1937, p4169 Civil War Veterans Are Buried in County; 16 Spanish-American War; 92 WW I
May 22, 1937, p5Butterfield Hotel Bought by Ashland Man.
May 15, 1935Highway Commission employees from Rhinelander are in Langlade County today changing the old Highway 26 signs to meet the new designation as U.S. Highway 45.
June 11, 1934, p6Series of articles on history of Strassburg by P.T. Gillett beginning on this date.
May 20, 1937, p7Calvary Lutheran Church to Celebrate 5th Anniversary
May 29, 1936, p6Picture of Early Antigo Residents at party: Miss Anna Maurer, Julius Schlemmer, Mrs. E.A. Barnes, J.A. Rudolph, W.E. Albright, Mrs. Albright, Frank Gray; Gerald Schlemmer, Mrs. Rudolph, E.A. Barnes, Mrs. Schlemmer, Mrs. Gray, Anton Molle, Mrs. Molle.
May 18, 1935, p5Larzelere House Oldest Dwelling in County Still Used!
August 13, 1933Editorial about pioneers from Antigo and Langlade County who are still alive and those who are not.
April 23, 1933Perry Gillett has several articles starting today in a series of historical articles.
April 5, 1933Many articles about the opening of the Langlade County Memorial Hospital. Also feature story about Ludwig Motzfeldt, early area pioneer.
January 23, 1933Historical account by Grant Turney about early logging history in the Bryant area.
January 10, 1933Very detailed historical account by Charlie McFarland about the Lake Superior Trail which ran through eastern Langlade County.
July 9, 1932Crocker Chair Co. bankrupt. Antigo Factory and lands near Elton and Hollister sold at public auction.
June 29, 1932Obituary. Mrs. Albert Ross has died at her Forest Avenue home. She was the widow of one of the last members of the Indian military service and served in the western states including the contingent that picked up the bodies of the military men who were killed at Little Big Horn. Among her survivors are Russell Ross, a grandson of Antigo.
June 5, 1932A series of articles starts on the timber days along the Wolf River by William Alft.
February 19, 1932Article written by Nellie Leykolm for Historical Society tells history of early education in city and county.
January 9, 1932Series called "From Antigo's Album" starts. Photos of old Antigo scenes.
January 7, 1932, p5
January 8, 1932, page 3
January 9, 1932, page 5
January 18, 1932, page 4
History of Logging Era on Wolf River by William Alft
December 18 (approx.), 1931Article about the McCandless family's move to Antigo in 1878 from Menasha.
August 9 (approx.), 1931Mrs. A.N. Janes tells experiences living at the Military Road Inn as a young girl (1870's).
Approx April, 1931Several historical articles over several months of the recollections of Orvis Vaughn.
May, 28?, 1930McClean Family History
December 31, 1925, sec. 4, p5Elton Larzelere Recalls First School in Langlade County.
August 15, 1912An August 15th news article in the Daily Journal said, there were 83 automobiles in Langlade County. 64 in Antigo, 5 in Deerbrook, 4 in Parrish, 4 in Polar, 2 in Bryant, and 2 in Elmhurst. The most popular make was the Buick with 18, most of them being in Antigo.

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