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Ancestor Ghost Research Links

Ghost Research by the Paranormal Investigator Community
Wausau Paranormal Research Society Wausau, Wisconsin
River Cities Paranormal Society Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Jeff Belanger
The Paranormal Network Loyd Auerbach
Paranormal Research by the Scientific Community
IONS Consciousness Research Laboratory Petaluma, California
The "Conscious Universe"
"Entangled Minds"
Dean Radin
"The Synchronized Universe" Claude Swanson
Mind-Matter Unification Project Brian Josephson
Institute for Parapsychology
Rhine Research Center
Durham, North Carolina
Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health University of Arizona
Cognitive Sciences Laboratory Palo Alto, California
UW Virginia, Division of Perceptual Studies University of Virginia
Hard Core, Closed Minded, Paranormal Skeptic Web Site
I have listed this link because there are a lot of fakes in the paranormal community and Randi does present some valid ways to evaluate them.
James Randi Educational Foundation James Randi

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