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Langlade County Cemetery Research

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  • Searching on the City of Antigo Web Site
      • Under "Resources" click on "GIS/Property Information."
      • Then click on "Public Cemetery Map."
      • This database contains records for the three cemeteries that the city maintains: Antigo City, Elmwood, and Bohemia/Stengl.
      • I have found the fastest way to locate a person is by using only the surname.
      • I have tried searches for people that I know are buried in these cemeteries and they did not come up in the search return. Most of the time this is because the records have the surname misspelled. So try all spelling variations if this happens.
      • I have spoken to a person who has done extensive cemetery research in Antigo and he told me the following: The City of Antigo three cemeteries' very early records are sparse and not complete. There are many graves that have no record and if there is no grave stone with the name it is unknown who is buried in that grave. Unfortunately, the online database does not have all of the written records entered yet and also is not in a format that allows for scanning and indexing. Searching is a project that would take someone years to decipher. The Catholic Queen of Peace Cemetery used to be three different cemeteries and the early records are a mess.

  • Langlade County Public Cemeteries

  • Langlade County Church Cemeteries

  • Langlade County Family Cemeteries/Burial Sites

  • Cemetery Interment Lists

  • The Diocese of Green Bay Genealogy Research Archives has pre-1920 baptism, marriage, and burial records.

  • Cemetery Inscriptions published in the Wis. State Genealogical Society Newsletter can be purchased from the WSGS. Wayne and Alta Guyant 1970-1981 Cemetery Transcription Project.

  • To determine the current Record Keepers of town cemeteries contact the clerk of the Town/Township. From my personal research I have found that some cemetery records have been lost or destroyed over the years. If the graves had no marker or the marker is unreadable the ability to determine who is buried in these graves has been lost. Current contact information for town officials can be found on the Langlade County web site at:

  • Links to resources on cemetery history and preservation. Off Site

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