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Superior Street

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Street NumberBusiness/Residence
North Superior Street
1423Peter Higgins, Sr. Residence
East Side
1237Ami Whiting Residence
1223Sam Ullman Residence
Graham Ave. intersection
1103John E. McKenna Residence
1000 block
First Ave. intersection
900 block
Second Ave. intersection
D. Hammel & Co. 1898. (Horse Sale Sales)
807 Reed - Johnson Chevrolet Inc. Dewey O. Johnson, prop.
Palace Garage. Donald Reed, partner
NE corner
In 1880 location of Antigo's first log school house.
P.F. Kelly Implement Store.
Third Ave. intersection
T.D. Kellogg Co. 1898. (Lumber)(Saw Mill)
727Red Owl Grocery Store Louis Fittante, prop.
Fourth Ave. intersection
The News Item 1898. (Printer & Publisher)
H.A. Kohl Co. 1898. (Hardware/Agricultural Implements)
Hessel & Leykom 1898. (Hardware/Agricultural Implements)
633 1/2Minute Lunch circa 1926. Clara Fischer, prop.
633 Ada R. Winter's Grocery Started February 12, 1912. Phone No. 327.
Guile's (Paint & Wallpaper Store)
627 R. Healy, Jr. (Electric Shop)
Wisconsin Public Service Corp. 1933-?; Antigo Edison Co. 1888-1902; Antigo Electric Co. 1909-1925; Wis. Valley Power Co. 1925-1933.
625 Healy Bldg.
R. Healy, Jr. (Electrical & Radio Supplies) 1926. Phone No. 576.
619T.D. Kellog Lumber Offices
613Kaske Bros (Auto Electric Service)
611 1/2Edward F. Kaske Residence
611Antigo Storage Battery Co. E.F. Kaske, prop. Started September 1919.
609 Petters Auto Supply Eugene Petters prop.
Cash Hardware Co. circa 1926. J.P. Larsen, prop. Phone No. 21.
601 Texaco Service Station Mel Berg, prop. Also Bus Station. 1966.
John Hessel Hdw. Co. Started November 1, 1900.
Fifth Ave. intersection
Albert Peters 1898. (Bicycles & Sundries)
P. Ruckes 1898. (Shoemaker)
R. Coonan 1898. (Shoemaker)
Fred Schadwald 1898. (Grocery)
501 Old Numbering

535 New Numbering

SE corner

501 upstairs Max Hoffman circa 1898. (Attorney)
P.J. Koelzer 1898. (Flour & Feed)
First John Cherf log cabin circa 1879.
In 1880 Old Twin Valley Inn. (Waite Hotel) Burned to ground six months after opened.
Julius & Fred Hermann Furniture Store. Three story building. Second built on this site. Burned down in 1894.
The M. Krom & Sons Store (Third Location). 1916. (Department Store)
Glowen's Dept. Store circa 1956.
Paul's Store, Inc. circa 1966. (Department Store)
533Antigo Daily Journal/Berner Bros. Publishing Co.
529 Bauter's Photography Gallery
Toburen Photography 1966.
527 Antigo Shoe Hospital. Wm & Wenzel Neuburger, prop. Opened in January 1921.
State Farm Ins. Co. 1966.
AA Collection Agency 1966.
525General Telephone Co. of Wis. 1966.
523Club 77 Richard & Bette Dobrinska, props. 1966.
519 F.W. Bauter (photographer) Oldest photo store in Antigo.
Walt's Tire Service W.H. Utnehmer, prop.
517?Antigo Brewing Co.
513Langlade Farmers' Co-op. Store 1966.
509Howe's Creamery Co. 1921 to 1956. Phone No. 179.
NE corner 6th
Othersall & Sorenson (Garage) Started 1917.
Farmer's Co-operative Shop Rear of Othersoll & Sorenson Garage, R. Jonas, Prop.
Antigo Co-op Oil 1966.
Sixth Ave. intersection
?In 1879 Dr. D.S. Olmsted came to Antigo from Embarrass and erected two crude buildings on the east side of Superior Street between Fifth & Sixth Avenues.
Seventh Ave. intersection
Langlade Blacksmith Shop 1898.
335Juetten's Gas Station
333Jewell Motor Sales 1928. Phone No. 1102.
329Pauline's Pizza Palace 1966.
323Kroger Co. (grocery) 1966.
311Albert H. Weinbrenner Co. (Shoe Factory)
Eighth Ave. intersection
213Bretl's Lunch Lois Bretl prop.
205Volm Bag Co. warehouse
201 Molzberger Oil Co. Wholesale Office Valentine Molzberger Jr.
Molzberger Service Station & Truck Stop
Molzberger Transportation Co. (Trucking)
Harvey Mach Trucking
Ninth Ave. intersection
133Lyle's Land O'Lakes Shell Service Station Lyle Schilcher, oper.
109Easy Way Super Market Kenneth, Ronald & Nelda McNeil, props.
101Superior Citgo Service Station
Tenth Ave. intersection
South Superior
303Harvey Hanson Residence
Freiburger Ave. intersection
703Henry Plautz Residence
West Side
1230Chris Adraktas Residence
Badger St. intersection
1100 block
Graham Ave. intersection
1022Collins Brothers (Meat Market) Purchased Havlicek & Capek November 15, 1921.
1012Fred L. Berner Residence
1004William Brown Residence
First Ave. intersection
920Walter Daskam Residence
Second Ave. intersection
836Michael F. Crowe Residence
Third Ave. intersection
Spring Brook House 1898. (Hotel)
Bryant & Monroe 1898. (Meat Market)
738Harvey's Citgo Service circa 1966.
330 Old
330 (old)
Teipner/Spring Brook Hotel
NW corner 4th
Ben Jones Market Square Shop. Shoe Dealer
Market Square Hotel (Soft Drink Parlor) Wm. Reader, prop. Started 1911.
Market Square Grocery George C. Wahleitner, prop. Started May 15, 1920.
Market Square Radio Shop & Barber Shop 1928. Wm. Ladwig, prop.
Wahleitner's Grocery 1927.
716Bumann's Electric Motor Service. Sylvester & Joe Bumann. 1959/1960
712Dr. Alfred Jorgensen Veterinary Office 1922
702Draeger Oil Co. Edward Draeger, prop.
Fourth Ave. intersection
Hansen & Franzke 1898. (Blacksmiths)
Nels Anderson & Son 1898. (General Merchandise)
624Keen Chevrolet Sales 1925/1926/1927. Dan H. Keen, prop. Phone No. 201.
614Happy's Restaurant
612 Niels Anderson General Store Started 1870s.
Farmer Boy (Flour & Feed Store). George Manthey, prop. Started October 1916.
Dan Keen Tire Shop Started fall of 1917.
Lyon Music Store Phone No. X1174. Two doors north of Langlade Bank
Little Italy Chili Parlor 1931
Parsons Feed and Poultry Store circa 1932
Antigo Daily Journal circa 2000
610 A.N. Anderson Grocery Store Before 1919
small shop north side of Home Theater/Professional Office Building
608 Kay-Dee Super Market Dallman & Kurtz Co., prop.
Home Theater
Professional Office Building
606 Roy McQueen's Barber Shop
Shop on the south side of the Home Theater/Professional Office Building
The 1940's Craft Shop was operated by the webmaster's mother, aunt and grandmother.
Fifth Ave. intersection
H. Hudson circa 1898. (Millinery)
532 Langlade Abstract Co. circa 1966.
530Club Granada Tavern
Hayes Barber Shop James Hayes, prop. circa 1966.
524 Voigt Auto Sales Co. (Antigo Garage) Phone No. 250.
The General Garage, Dorczeski & Kielcheski props. Started 1922.
Northern Auto Supply Lawrence & Francis Lee, props. 1966.
522DeWan's Sewing Center 1966.
520 Goffin Agency (Real Estate)
McMillion Hotel, bar & dinning room. Anthony Comell prop. in 1966.
516Badger Enterprises Tony Commela, prop. 1966.
514? The first Opera House, a.k.a. Bijou. Owned by Hoeffler Brothers. Burned to ground 1895.
Antigo Sheet Metal Works, Inc. 1966.
512 Northern Advertising Co. circa 1966
Bloedorn's Sewing Center 1966.
510 Wm. Bork (Meat Market) Started March 1902.
Brush Photo Studio 1966.
508 Priebe Brothers Sheet Metal Works, A. Priebe & H. Priebe (Timsmiths) Started 1910.
Graveen Barber Shop Mark Graveen, prop. 1966.
506Frederich Gunkel Bakery Started November 1908. Phone No. 715.
502Antigo Radio & TV Arthur Broeske, prop. 1966.
500Johnny's Sportswear & Sporting Goods 1966.
Sixth Ave. intersection
John Nelson 1898. (Blacksmith)
corner 6thPalmer's Grocery John Palmer, prop. Started March 1, 1909. Phone No. 227.
Seventh Ave. intersection
332 VFW Post 2653 1966.
United Pentescostal Services 1966.
330Holup, Anton Insurance 1966.
308Frank E. Vandervest Residence
NW cornerI.O.O.F. Hall 1966. Before that Jewish meeting place.
Eighth Ave. intersection
2061964-? - Remington Motors Corp. Elwin, Lillian & Jerry Remington props.
1964-? - Birnamwood Oil Co. Elwin Remington Prop.
1950-1964 - Lew Connors Pontiac/Lew Connors Motors. Lewis J. Connors Prop.
Ninth Ave. intersection
140Earl & Bob's DX Service Station Earl Parker & Robert Teske, props.
134 McCann's Tire Service Roy McCann, prop.
En-Joya-Lunch Lorraine Crum, prop.
130Dog & Suds Restaurant Edward & Bernice Vavruska, props.
122Antigo Transfer & Storage Ladd Zelenska, Sr., prop.
104Zephyr Service Station. Built 1956.
100 N.D. Neilson Grocery Store
Joseph Duquette Grocery Started April 2, 1921. In 1927 Phone No. 299.
Ted's Cash Grocery Ted Kelnhofer, prop. Business closed 1956.
Tenth Ave. intersection
South Superior
Forest Ave. intersection
SW CornerKasson's Dance Pavilion Nov 26, 1932 burned to ground.
800 Block
1700 Old
Geo. W. Kempf 1898. (Millinery)
Unknown Side & Number
corner 10thAntigo Mfg Co. 1898.
corner 6thVan Doren Motor Car Co. C.W. Van Doren, prop. Started May 1915.
corner 6thOlsen Motor Car Co. 1926. C.L. Olsen, prop. Overland & Willys-Knight
?Faust Lumber Co. 1925 Phone No. 780.
?(I think Superior?) Antigo Nash Co. 1925. Phone No. X1078.
northUnion Service Station 1925.
?Mrs. Paetzer Tailor Shop Started 1922.
?Ryder & Rynders (Meat Market) Started September 1921. Phone No. 1129.
?Bretl Tire Shop Started 1921. 1927. Phone No. 1018.
?Houdek's Shop (Blacksmith)
?South Superior. W.F. Kasson Residence

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