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Sixth Avenue

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Backbone Hotel/Antigo Hotel
Street NumberBusiness/Residence
North Side
220Edward McCandless Residence
1016Charles J. Hanzel
South Side
303John Holley Residence
623Farmer's Feed Store. Started September 1, 1921
Superior St. intersection
331 E.
S.S. Hamilton 1898. (Attorney)
713H.A. Friedeman Residence
Clermont St. intersection
211 E.
Antigo Steam Laundry 1898.
801McCandless-Zobel & Bradley Funeral Home
Edison St. intersection
933Antigo Hotel Annex (Soft Drink Parlor) George Fehring prop.
1145Joseph Crummey Residence
Unknown Side & Number
?Maloney's Grocery Irvin Maloney, Prop. Started May 10, 1919.
unk side
Farmers' Feed Store, Schleis & Kopeschka Started September 1, 1921.

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