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Seventh Avenue

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Street NumberBusiness/Residence
North Side
106Frisch Greenhouses 1928. Ignatius Frisch, prop. Phone No. 716.
Milton Street Intersection
420 E.
M.L. Bacon 1898. (Soda Water Manufacturer)
1140Ernest Schubert Residence
South Side
319Otto Nolte Residence
323Frank Ver Bryck Residence
Hudson St. intersection
403Anton Jicha Residence
Field St. intersection
Spring Brook
500 BlockCrocker Chair Co. and lumber yard 1898.
Bldg next to Spring Brook; lumber yard west side to Milton.
Milton Street Intersection
Superior intersection
Clermont Street Intersection
800 BlockHigh School Block
Edison Street Intersections
Morse Street Intersection
Dorr Street Intersection
F. Gray 1898. (Grocery)
1001Farmers' Elevator Fred W. Ophoven bought out A.L. Lauby, August, 1915.

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