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Fifth Avenue

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Street NumberBusiness/Residence
North Side
Aurora St. intersection
100 block
Watson St. intersection
200 block
Virginia St. intersection
316Arthur M. Janes Residence
Hudson Street intersection
402Judge Arthur Goodrick Residence
412Dr. J.C. Wright Residence
Fulton Street intersection
500 E.
M. Kommers (Bee Hive) 1898. (General Merchandise)
500 E. Old
Bee Hive (Grocery) Harry Goldberg, prop. Started 1919. 1927. (Bldg used by Antigo Wholesale Grocery) (Bldg picture ADJ 9/16, 1981)
Field Street intersection
422 E.
Mrs. M.A. Neff 1898. (Grocery)
426 E.
Wm. McHale 1898. (Barber)
432 E.
Laughlin & Kelly 1898. (Blacksmiths)
602McCandless Feed Store Purchased from E. Yahr November 1920.
602McCandless & Ladwig (Flour and Feed) 1925, 1928
602Antigo Wholesale Grocery Co. & Antigo Flour and Feed Co. Jacob Hunter Family.
612Antigo-Sheboygan Daily Products Co. A.A. Kriewaldt, prop. Started September 1921.
428 E.
Neff-Roberts Bldg.
428 E.
Ed Neff 1898. (Blacksmith)
Neff-Roberts BldgAntigo Sheet Metal Works John Koudelka prop. Started 1905.
Neff-Roberts BldgJoseph S. Gruber (Hardware)
618Antigo Electronics 1966.
632E.G. Hutchins Residence
Superior Street intersection
302 E.
G.W. Latta 1898. (Attorney)
302 E.
Harrington & Drake 1898. (Physicians & Surgeons)
304 E.
Weaver & Findeisen 1898. (General Merchandise)
306 E.
City Harness Shop 1898. (Harnessmaker)
308 E.
W.H. Pardee 1898. (Grocery)
310 E.
Thos. Schmitz 1898. (Millinery)
314 E.
F.W. Bauter 1898. (Photographer)
318 E.
Andrew Juneau 1898. (Confectioners)
700 E. Old
Richard Healy, Sr. Residence. 1898. (Ice Dealer)
326 E.
W.J. Zahl 1898. (Flour & Feed)
330 E.
J.H. Hopkins 1898. (Stationery/Newsdealer)
332 E.
C. Werden Deane 1898. (Attorney & Abstracts)
334 E.
Millard & Thursby 1898. (Millinery)
334 E.
J.H. Dawley 1898. (Physician & Surgeon)
338 E.
Leon Hartford 1898. (Barber & Baths Most lumberman only got one haircut and took one bath a year!)
338 E.
F.E. Judson 1898. (Dentist)
340 E.
Beattie & Williams 1898. (Drug Store)
340 E.
W.E. White 1898. (Attorney)
340 E.
Antigo Republican 1898. (Printer & Publisher)
342 E.
J.H. Trever 1898. (Attorney)
700Dawley Bldg?
700Fidelity Savings Bank Moved here during depression.
700I.A. White Attorney-at-Law 1928. Phone No. 190.
700Baures Brothers (Clothing Store)
700Antigo Abstract Title Co. Started April 28, 1921.
700James Gagen (Real Estate/Abstracts/Insurance/Loans) Started 1913.
?Langlade County Bank 1898
Lang. Nat. Bank Bldg.Langlade County Abstract Co. J.W. Brown, prop., Started July 1, 1905, originally organized February, 1905 by Fred Hayssen.
Lang. Nat. Bank BldgFalkenhagen Brothers George Falkenhagen, prop. (Plumber) Started 1912.
Lang. Nat. Bank BldgJames R. Durfee Attorney 1928.
Lang. Nat Bank Block
Crandell & Reinert (Insurance & Real Estate) Phone No. 80.
?Old Line Life Insurance A.M. Arveson and M.T. Canfield 1928. Phone No. 80.
706M.E. Persen Agency (Insurance) and M.E. Persen Photo Supply
708Hayes Barber Shop James Hayes, prop.
710 Third Floor-Masonic Temple, dedication April 29, 1903
Second Floor-Two suite offices for Drs. Drake & Single and hall occupied by Elks and K. of P. lodges,circa 1903
First Floor-the first M. Krom & Co. retail store, circa 1903
First Floor-Al Connor retail grocery store
710Railway Co-operative Company (Grocery) Masonic Temple Bldg Started April 11, 1918. S.D. Warren, John McKenna, L.A. Howard, Jos. Poss and A.K. Potter, incorporators.
710Anton Cornelius Stand (Soft Drink Parlor) Bought from Frank Augustin in 1922.
710Dr. C.B. Baker (Dentist) 1925. Masonic Temple Bldg. Phone No. 146.
710Serve Self Store (Groceries) 1925; 1927. Moss & Hawkins, prop.; C.H. Moss, prop.
710Rasman Drug Store 1966. Fred Rasman, prop. Phone No. 47.
?Reinert-Rasmann Insurance Agency 1927.
7??WRONG Should be SE corner 5th & Superior. M. Krom Dept. Store. Started 1913.
7??Krom Building. Muttart-McGillan Co. Furniture & Undertakers. Organized November 1918 as outgrowth of Antigo Furniture Co. which started July 1, 1912.
712Soman - Bradley /Soman - Rhodes Furniture Store Charles Soman & William Rhodes.
716Lipman Brothers (Fruit Store) Started 1908.
716Van's Market (Meat Market)
716Dixie Lunch
716Antigo Liquor Store Richard Thorne, prop.
718John Benishek & Son. (Real Estate/Insurance) Started January 1915. Outgrowth of John Benishek Real Estate started in 1890.
722The Ladies Specialty Shop a.k.a. The Quality Shop Mrs. Alice Walker & Miss Dorothy Parsons.
724Greisch Building
726Meyer's Meat Market Phone 1927. No. 520.
This location consolidated with the Meyer's Meat Market located at 818 5th Ave. March 1935 as the only location.
728Werner's Shop for Ladies. Started April 1916
728Cornelius Tavern & Lunch Tony & Ray Cornelius props.
730 Bastyr Photo Before 1957
Coast-to-Coast Store Opened January 1958. Later moved to 800 block of 5th Ave.
732James Hoe's Casual Men's Shop
7??Railroad Men's Co-op Co. (Groceries) 1925. First Grocery East of 1st National Bank.
7??The Knutson Pharmacy 1925. Next to the 1st Nat. Bank. Phone No. 312.
300 E. 5th (old)
First National Bank Started 1898.
734Drs. E.J. and M.J. Donohue (Physicians) 1st Nat. Bank Bldg. Phone No. 291.
734Dr. J. Prokupek (Dentist) 1st Nat. Bank Bldg. Phone No. 781.
734Dr. Geo. E. Moore (Physician) 1st Nat. Bank Bldg.
734Dr. Jos. W. Lambert (Physician) 1st Nat. Bank Bldg.
734Earl J. Plantz, Attorney-at-Law 1926. 1st Nat. Bank Bldg.
734The Peoples' Bank
Clermont Street intersection
200-204 E.
Hoo Hoo Hotel 1898.
204 E.
Maloney & Matteson 1898. (Millinery)
208 E.
Wirrer & Wildman 1898. (Grocery)
208 E.
J.W. Hermon 1898. (Tailor)
210 E.
McCormick Bros. 1898. (Barbers)
212 E.
Steber & Cherf 1898. (Millinery)
216 E.
Wagner Bros. 1898. (Hardware)
216 E.
Louis Kruse 1898. (Tailor)
218 E.
Herman Schlundt 1898. (Millinery)
220 E.
K. Kash & Co. 1898. (Boots & Shoes)
222 E.
W. Simon 1898. (Clothing)
226 E.
J. Hanowitz 1898. (Clothing)
232 E.
McDonald & Knott 1898. (Dry Goods/General Merchandise)
236 E.
Arcade Dept. Store, J.L. Klock, prop. 1898. (Dry Goods)
800A. Goldberg Bldg.
800Oak Drug Store Phone No. 707.
Oak BldgEarl J. Plantz, Attorney-at-Law
Oak BldgGeo. W. Schmitz Insurance 1927. Top floor.
Oak BldgAntigo Marcel Shoppe (Beauty Shop) 1928. Phone No. X347.
238 E. Old
L. Krom Bldg (First Location)
238 E. Old
L. Krom 1898. (Clothing)
802J.C. Penney Co. Lyle Brock, mgr. Second location circa 1929
808 1/2W.H. Wessa Photographer 1928. Phone No. X136.
810A.N. Anderson market. Sold to Peter Klemann.
810Klemann's Meat Market Peter Klemann prop. Started March 1, 1920.
814Badger Paint Store Harry Mills, prop.
818Meyer's Meat Market. Closed and consolidated into the 726 Meyer's 2nd store in 1935.
820Antigo Fruit Co. A. Lombardo prop. Started September 1917.
820-822McLellan Store #455 Successor to Metropolitan Stores, Inc. C.A. Howell, prop. Opened November 7, 1921.
824-826Hanson Bldg
824-826F.W. Woolworth Store Opened September 16, 1921.
828Alois Aulik (Soft Drink Parlor) Partnership since September 7, 1921.
832 Antigo News & Flower Shoppe 1925. Lillian E. Johnson, prop. Phone No. 297.
The Midget, circa 1932, Soft Drink Parlor, federal marshals tried to shut down for serving liquor. Al's (Green) Fruit Store, Opened March 1933
200-204 E. 5th (old)
Hoo Hoo Hotel 1898.
836Hill Bldg.
Hill BldgJ.W. Herman Tailor Shop Edison St. basement entrance. Started May 1897.
Hill BldgRay C. Dempsey (Attorney & Insurance) 1927.
836E. Wigderson Dept. Store opened in 1903
836Kingsbury Kodak Store (Photographer) A.J. Kingsbury, prop. Started may, 1906.
836Jos. Duchac & Sons Office (Cal and Cement) Phone No. 166.
Hill BldgE.F. Dorzeski, M.D. 1928. Phone No. 1157.
836Gambles Store Parke Oviatt, mgr.
Edison Street intersection
900 E.
Crescent Restaurant 1898
902First A. Goldberg Dept. Store
902J.C. Penny Co. Loren Jutunen, mgr. Third location closed in 1966.
106 E. Old)
Raess Hotel Started approx. 1882.
106 E.
Waverly Hotel 1898.
908The Club (Soft Drink Parlor) Started by I. Suick in 1890. Operated by Phil Suick since death of I. Suick.
908A.L. Lauby's Lunch Stand At Suick's.
Dorr St. intersection
100 W.
Albert Koles 1898. (Millinery)
104 W.
J. Herman 1898. (Ice Dealer)
108 W.
Jno. L. Nelson 1898. (Blacksmith)
1012The Antigo Bakery Carl Zech, prop. Started August 1915. Phone No. 225.
1016Opera House John Hanus, prop. 1925
1016Armory Theatre John Hanus, prop.
1016The New Antigo Theatre 1928.
1022Bowen's Market (Meat, Groceries, Produce) Clair Bowen, prop.
1024The West Side Bakery M.W. Noack, prop., purchased from Maertz & Jesse 1907.
1042Hires Bottling Co. (Beverages)
1046?Hanousek Hotel Phone No. 727
Lincoln St. intersection
South Side
Aurora St. intersection
101East Side Grocery 1927. B. Brandt, prop. Phone No. 1184.
131Max Goeman Residence
317J.H. Howe Residence
400 block
503 E.
Geo. Powell 1898. (Meat Market)
503Dr. I.D. Steffen Residence
509Spiegel Electric Shop
511Dr. Lyman A. Steffen Residence
533A.L. Kommers Hdw. Started July 1, 1915. Phone No. 306.
Field Street intersection
425 E.
Carl Walk 1898. (Millinery)
427 E.
L. Freiburger 1898. (Wood Worker)
429 E.
Antigo Herold 1898. (Printer & Publisher)
431 E.
L. Marmes 1898. (General Merchandise)
435 E.
A. Jenss 1898. (Monuments)
437 E.
Aug. Wenzel 1898. (Grocery)
439 E.
Langlade Hotel/Northern Hotel 1898.
439 E.
Jno. H. Menting 1898. (Millinery)
603B. Finch Backery before 1922. After 1922 Alden Murton bought.
607Boettcher's Bar
613Raskin's Second Hand Furniture Store.
613Gresch Implement Co. 1966.
615storage 1966
619James Jensen Shop (Harness Shop) Started November 15, 1913.
623Abel Livery (auto livery)
623Abel's Taxi Service 1927. Phone No. 221.
623Thornton Finance Corp. Tony E. Cahak, mgr.
625Warg's Business Tax Service 1966.
629Heinzen Plumbing & Heating 1966.
439 E. 5th (Old)
Langlade Hotel/Northern Hotel
6??Northern Hotel (Soft Drink Parlor) John Benes, prop. Started April 1, 1919.
631Frank Koutnik's Grocery 1922
631Robinson's Grocery 1927. Phone No. 561.
633Kohl's Barber Shop 1966.
635Service Dry Cleaners 1966.
Superior Street intersection
303 E.
The J.C. Lewis Co. 1898. (Hardware/Agricultural Implements)
303 E.
T.W. Hogan 1898. (Attorney)
303 E.
E.A. Peterson 1898. (Fire Insurance)
305 E.
E.S. Rayworth 1898. (Clothing) (Boots & Shoes)
309 E.
Scott Hale 1898. (Saloon)
311 E.
C.W. Fehring 1898. (Harnessmaker)
313 E.
J.C. Phelps 1898. (Restaurant)
315 E.
Jas. Smolk 1898. (Barber)
317 E.
Frank Boyanowski 1898. (Saloon)
319 E.
H.D. Single 1898. (Dentist)
325 E.
C.G. Burdick 1898. (Blacksmith)
327 E.
W.H. Blinn 1898. (Jeweler)
329 E.
F.A. Millard 1898. (Saloon)
329 E.
Jno. E. Martin 1898. (Attorney)
333 E.
W.H. Marsh & Co. 1898. (Grocery)
333 E.
M.E. Williams 1898. (Physician & Surgeon)
337 E.
N.E. Preston 1898. (Furniture)
339 E.
W.C. Weisel & Co. 1898. (Department Store)
339 E.
Preston & Sherriff 1898. (Undertakers)
cornerUllman Building Which corner?
701M. Krom & Sons Department Store (Second Location)
Jos. Gruber Hdw. Started March 1, 1914.
335 E. Old
J.C. Spencer Drug Store 1898
705A.A. Leuck Drug Store. Purchased from J.C. Spencer in 1911.
705Kingsbury's Photo Shop
707-709Lendved-Schultz Hdw. Co. Started May 1906.
707-709Olsen Hardware
711Sanitary Bakery circa 1925. Phone No. 589.
711Filz Bakery circa 1932.
711Dabel Jewelry Started 1925.
715The B and M Bootery (Shoe Store)
715Strandberg's Electric Shop 1928.
715Strandberg Electric & Heating 1966.
319-321 E. Old
Kratch Building
319-321 E. Old
R. Kratche 1898. (Savings Bank) (Department Store)
717McCandless & Zobel. Furniture & Undertakers. Organized April 1904.
717J.C. Penney Co. Dept. Store. Chris Melgaard mgr. First location opened here April 27, 1920.
721"1888" top front of building. Toburen Photography in 2006.
721Cody Shoe Store. Opened June 1913. Edward Cody started in 1899. Phone No. 333.
723Mose A. Jansen Agency (Real Estate/Insurance/Loans) Started January 1, 1921.
725Richter Shoe Repair Store. Started May, 1899.
725John H. Dabel, Jeweler 1926. Phone No. 1075.
727Louis F. Peters (Plumber) Started 1904. Phone No. 606
729L.D. Hartford Store (Book & 10 Cent Store) Prop. Since July 1922. 1932
731Sarris Brothers (Home made Ice Cream & Candies)
731Princess Parlors (Confectionery) Louis & John Sarris props. Purchased by Peter Papadakis January 1, 1921.
733Westin Drug Store 1925.
733A.A. Lueck (Optometrist) 1927. In Westin Drug Store.
301 E. Old
Edward Cleary Hardware Sold bldg to J.L. Mead Co.
301 E. Old
City Drug Store. John McCarthy opened February 11, 1901. Previously owned by J.L. Mead Co. Phone No. 103.
737Vosmek Drug Store
Clermont Street intersection
201 E.
J. Schlemmer 1898. (Bakery/Confectioners/Grocery)
203 E.
J. Below 1898. (Tailor)
207 E.
J.F. Beedle 1898. (Grocery)
209 E.
Mrs. L. Kotzer 1898. (Stationery)
211 E.
P. Heim 1898. (Harnessmaker)
215 E.
J. Lipman 1898. (Fruit Store)
215 E.
H. Bischoff 1898. (Shoemaker)
217 E.
Friedeman Bros. 1898. (Bakery)
219 E.
Waste & Wahl 1898. (Meat Market)
221 E.
Jno. Kestley 1898. (Millinery)
223 E.
Mrs. L. Wahl 1898. (Millinery)
225-227 E.
M. Krom & Co. 1898. (Dry Goods)
229 E.
John Braun (Jeweler) 1898. A. Molle, mgr.
231 E.
Jno. Daily 1898. (Boots & Shoes)
233 E.
Zimmerman & Bren 1898. (Clothing)
233 E.
B.F. Harris 1898. (Physician & Surgeon)
235 E.
A.D. Stewart & Co. 1898. (Furniture)
235 E.
Stewart & Dailey 1898. (Undertakers)
237 E.
L.D. Dana & Co. 1898. (Jeweler)
237 E.
M.J. Lower 1898. (Physician & Surgeon)
239 E.
Finucane & Conway 1898 (Attorneys)
?Fidelity Savings Bank Started 1909.
Fidelity Bank BldgI.A. White Attorney-at-Law 1927. Phone No. 190.
Fidelity Bank BldgAntigo Abstract and Title Co. 1928.
803Phillips & Lyon Music Store 1926.
805Van-Dun Billiard Parlor circa 1926, 1928. Phone No. 335.
807Palace Garage, Reed & Shubert, props., since November, 1921. Opened March 15, 1921 asw Kernohan & Shubert, George Kernohan retired July, 1921.
807The Palace Meat Market 1927.
807Adraktas Sweet Shop (Confectioner) Adraktas Brothers. Phone No. 117, circa 1932
807The Beauty Shoppe 1926. Mayme Wilman, prop. Adraktas Bldg. Phone No. 1087.
807 1/2Wilman Beauty Shoppe 1928. Miss Esther English, prop. Phone No. 163.
Adraktas BldgDr. C.E. Zellmer (Physician & Surgeon) 1928. Phone No. 1026.
809 Strandberg's Electric Shop 1925. Phone No. 661.
Jessica's Hallmark Shop Circa 1982
811 Herbst Shoe Co. before1921
Nolte's Shoe Store. Purchased Herbst Shoe Store April 6, 1921.
Novotny's Bootery 1928. Phone No. 97.
Jessica's Hallmark Shop Circa 1982
813-815Antigo Hardware, Inc. Started September 1, 1900. Phone No. 2
Antigo Hdw BldgAntigo Hdw Garage Started 1914.
815Jenkins' Cigar Store Ben Richter, Mgr.
239 E.
Albers' Drug Store 1898. 1925. (Drug Store)
821Molle-Albers Bldg.
Molle-Albers Bldg.Morse & Tradewell Co. (Real Estate/Insurance) Started October 1907.
Molle-Albers Bldg.The Gift Shop (Lady Apparel/Milliner) Mrs. R. Koebke, prop. Started May 1916.
Molle-Albers Bldg.Mrs. Wahl (Milliner) Started March 1900.
821Molle's Jewelry Anton Molle, prop. (Jeweler & Optometrist) Started 1894.
Molle BldgBoerner Fur Shop John Reckinger, Furrier. Phone No. 252.
Molle BldgThe Elizabeth Mies Beauty Shop/Parlor 1925. Phone No. 538.
Molle BldgRed Feather Café 1931.
823The Palace Theater 1927. Harvey E. Hanson, prop.
823?Palace Pop Corn Stand
825?Schneither's Lunch Room
827Frank Riendl (Harness Shop) Started 1903.
827Antigo Café Peter Rouman, prop. Opened 1916. Purchased from Miss Anne Helmbrecht in fall, 1921. Phone No. 295.
831R.M. Briggs Transfer Started 1887.
831Con's Caramel Corn (Confectionery) Con & James Donohue props.
831 1/2Antigo Shine Parlor 1927. (Hats cleaned & blocked) Phone No. X1135.
833Metaxas & Tribouris Billiard Parlor 1925. Phone No. 1135.
833City Billiard Parlor 1926. Gust. Tsibouris, prop. Phone No. 1135.
833Thorp Finance Corp. J.A. Prohaska, mgr.
Edison Street intersection
101 E.
Frank Reindl 1898. (Millinery)
105 E.
F.C. Meyer 1898. (Meat Market)
107 E.
S. Burger 1898. (Confectioners)
109 E.
Anton Jach 1898. (Barber)
111 E.
Jas. McHale 1898. (Millinery)
907Palace Meat Market L.P. Kieffer prop. Started March 24, 1919.
907O.K. Auto Parts, Inc. Frank Segbert, prop.
911Clarence Listle's Bar
Morse Street intersection
Railroad Depot and tracks
Door Street intersection
101 W.
S. Pick 1898. (General Merchandise)
105 W.
Flanagan Bros. 1898. (Meat Market)
115 W.
Lake Shore House 1898. F.J. Hoffman, prop. (Hotel)
121 W.
C.F. Dallman 1898. (Carpenters & Builders)
135 W.
J.A. Rudolph 1898. (Grocery)
139 W.
J. Feit 1898. (Shoemaker)
1005Mehne & Othersoll and Donohue Coal and Wood Co. Started before 1921.
1005Mehne & Neilson (Coal & Wood Dealer) Started 1921. Phone No. 467.
1009The City Meat Market J.M. Kubichek, prop. Started July 1, 1922.
1009Mike's Plumbing & Heating Michael Langenfield prop.
115 W. 5th (old)
The Lake Shore House (Hotel) F.J. Hoffman, prop.
115 W. Old
The Hoffman House F.J. Hoffman, prop. Phone No. 536.
1015Hoffman House (Soft Drink Parlor) F.J. Hoffman, prop. Started 1884.
?Krause Bowling Alley Anton Krause, prop. Purchased from F.J. Hoffman, July 28, 1921.
1019Carl Krause Shoe Store. Opened March 1913. Phone No. 712.
1023Noack's Bakery Phone No. 141.
1023Mehne & Nielsen (coal, wood) Phone No. 467.
1025Stepanek Bakery circa 1932
1025-1027Antigo Auto Parts Eli Cigel, prop.
and Antigo Auto Wrecking Co. ? Saratoga St.
1033E.V. Rudolph 1927. General Merchandise (I.G.A. Grocery) Phone No. 8.
1033Tomany-Smith Shoe Service
1037West Side (Meat) Market J. Huenik, prop. Started December 1921.
1037The West Side Market & Grocery 1926. E.A. Thompson, prop. Phone No. 1001.
1037 1/2Joseph L. Helmbrecht Residence
1043Joseph Duchac, Sr. (Real Estate/Insurance/Loans) Started 1880.
Lincoln Street intersection
251 W.
L. Probrzkowski 1898. (Grocery)
1121Louis Kieffer Residence
Deleglise St. intersection
1227John Maltby Residence
> St. intersection
1300 block
Elm St. intersection
1400 block
Hogan St. intersection
1515Second Residence of Stanley J. Wojtasiak. First was 715 Deleglise
Unknown Side & Number
corner thirdDan Keen's Auto garage? 1931
Corner LincolnJohn's Shoe Hospital 1925.
Wolpert BldgW.H. Wolpert & Brother Started June 15, 1911.
Corner ClermontThe New Continental, (Clothing Store) A.E. Sims, Mgr., Started April 1922.
?Lempereur's Clothing Store Started October 1922.
?J.A. Rudolph Grocery Started fall 1888.
?R.A. Rassmussen's Tailor Shop.
?Waste & Kadow (Meat) Shop Lee Waste & Ed Kadow props. Started may 1922.
corner DorrYe White Grille Romeis Brothers, props. Started September 1922.
?Greisch Bldg.
Greisch Bldg.Quality Art Shop (Lady Apparel/Milliner) Miss Myrtle Otis.
Greisch Bldg.Heyl's Dairy Store W.C. Heyl, prop. Started January 9, 1922.
Greisch Bldg.Greisch's Coffee Store N.J. Greisch , prop. (Tea, Coffee & Spice Store)
?Metaxas Pool Room & Shoe Shine Parlor T. Metaxas, prop.
?Chas. Boyle's Pool Room
?Theodore J. Reinert residence

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