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Field Street

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Street NumberBusiness/Residence
East Side
Henry Heim 1898. (General Merchandise)
5??Farmers' Headquarters (Soft Drink Parlor) Jos. Seis & Frank Grossman props. Started May 10, 1919.
537Mathison's Grocery (I.G.A. Store) 1927. Phone No. 1070.
535Maloney's Grocery
535 1/2Thomas J. Maloney Residence
519Joseph Grossman Residence
Sixth Ave. intersection

Seventh Ave. intersection
351Fred Boldt's Grocery Started July 6, 1916.
351A. Resch Grocery 1927. Phone No. 384.
351>?James Weeks Grocery 1960's My Grandfather.
Eighth Ave. intersection
217James Beattie Residence
West Side
D. Clements 1898. (Coal etc.)
534Farnham & Yahr (Coal & Wood Dealer) Started before 1919.
534Dakin & Strong (Coal & Wood Dealer) George Dakin and B.H. Strong props. Started September 1, 1919. Phone No. 29.
534Dakin Bros. Coal Co. George Dakin, prop.
500-520Joseph Wirig Machine Shop. (Blacksmith)
500Wirig Machine Shop 1928. Phone No. 1040.
Sixth Street intersection
SW corner?Kingsbury & Henshaw 1898. (Floor & Feed)
446Schleis Wholesale Groceries / Farmers Feed Store Norbert Schleis, prop.
446Henshaw-Worden Lbr. Co.
Seventh intersection
242Edward Goebel Residence
232Nathaniel R. Babcock (Real Estate/Insurance/Loans) Started 1901.
Nineth Ave. intersection
114William Ings Residence
Unknown Side & Number
?Maloney's Grocery Irvin Maloney, Prop. Started May 10, 1919.
?Antigo Wagon Works (Blacksmith) Leonard Freiburger , Sr., prop.
corner SixthAntigo Roller Mills 1898.
corner Field & 7th Ave.Northern Lakes Brewing Co.

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