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Clermont Street

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Street NumberBusiness/Residence
East Side
North Ave. intersection
1625Eagles Club-Antigo Aerie #443
Pierce Ave. intersection
1541Forbes Grocery
1539Evenson's Grocery M.J. Evenson, prop. Started May 20, 1919.
1525Harvey Guile Residence
Mendlik Ave. intersection
1435 blockWilliam Dessereau Residence
Willard Ave. intersection
410 N.
C.H. Petters 1898. (Veterinary Surgeon)
1300 block
Martin Ave. intersection
1200 block
Badger Ave. intersection
1100 block
Graham Ave.intersection
1005George Moore Residence
First Ave. intersection
929Robert Zobel Residence
911John W. Brown Residence
Second Ave. intersection
837General Clinic & Pharmacy
819J.C. Lewis Historical House
Third Ave. intersection
Fourth Ave. intersection
I.D. Steffen 1898 (Physician & Surgeon)
J.F. Benecke 1898. (Tailor)
Jos. Karel 1898. (Tailor)
Michaelson & Phillips 1898. (Barbers)
637Dr. Lyman Steffen (Physician & Surgeon)
631(small bldg north of church?) lawyer?
623First Methodist Church
613T.Bardwell Electric Shop
609City Gas Co. & Master Gas Service Co.
605Langlade County Abstract Co. & Brown Insurance Agency. 1926.
Fifth Ave. intersection
533?Schoenfeldt's Barber Shop George Schoenfeldt, prop. He gave the webmaster his first haircut.
533Dr. V.J. Landretti Office (?)
529Dr. Earl B. Opheim Office (eye)
527Langlade Motors Inc. Charles Leonard prop.
527Cavers-Klessig Insurance Agency
527Al Duchac Abstracts & Titles
515Clermont Printing Co.
511Langlade Laundry & Cleaners Started 1921? Wm. Lange, prop.
501U.S. Post Office
Sixth Ave. intersection
433Isse Cohen Residence; Lynett in 1966
415Dr. M.J. Donohue Residence
411Donohue in 1966; Bardelmeier in 2006
405Garritty in 2006
Seventh Ave. intersection
Eighth Ave. intersection
Ninth Ave. intersection
121Powell Farms Inc. (Potato office)
Tenth Ave. intersection
South Clermont
115Antigo Rendering Works LaVeque Family
West Side
Mendlick Ave. intersection
1444Thomas Leslie Residence
Willard Ave. intersection
1300 block
Martin Ave. intersection
1200 block
Badger Ave. intersection
1100 block
Graham St. intersection
1006Henry Hay Residence
First Ave. intersection
928Peter Klemann Residence
922Dr. Edwin Murphy Residence
Second Ave. intersection
800 block
Third Ave. intersection
738St. Hyacinth's School
724William H. Wolpert Residence
Fourth St. intersection
426 OldH.V. Mills 1898. (Dentist)
F.H. Prosser 1898. (Photographer)
628Congregational Church
622Elks' Club BPOE Lodge # 662
614J.J. Healy, Chiropractor 1926. Phone No. 1162.
612 Pacific Ice Cream Co. Harry B. Quackenbusch, prop. Started 1911. Phone No. 506.
Dr. Josef Seilin, Physician circa 1960
Antigo Clinic: Doctors Robert Cromer, Joseph Lambert, George Moore, D. Stewart, D. Wagner
Fifth Ave. intersection
The Special 1898. (Printer & Publisher)
532 Novotny Bootery Went out-of-business Dec. 1932. Former Fidelity Bank building.
Al. Sims (Staple & fancy Grocieries) 1925. Ceased operation Dec 1932.
526Buick Garage E.H. Maxson, prop.
522Muttart-Conrad Funeral Home
Vassau-McCormick Inc. (Insurance)
McCormick-Klessig & Associates ( Insurance)
520 Antigo Hardware Co. 1932
Antigo Arcade Inc./Arcade Lanes
Strike Zone Lanes (demolished Nov. 2008)
516 Butterfield Hotel In 1925 Frits Cremer, oper.
Butterfield Hotel In 1928 Guy Janes, manager.
Butterfield Annex (Soft Drink Parlor) Maloney & Fehring, props.
Mosher Grocery (Butterfield Bldg) Borgaman started February 2, 1918.
Werner's Shop for Ladies (Butterfield Bldg) J. Werner, prop. Started September 16, 1916.
Yellow Cab Co. Office 1928. Walter Shadick, prop. Phone No. 600.
Quigley Hotel & Nursing Home
Quigley Bar
Pedro's Bar
500St. Ambrose Episcopal Church
Sixth Ave. intersection
Seventh Ave. intersection
3??Unified Sch Dist # 1; Central Elementary School; Junior High School
Eighth Ave. intersection
216Assembly of God Church
Ninth Ave. interesction
?Master Gas Distribution & Service headquarters. One of the oldest buildings in the city destroyed by fire January 9, 1965.
Tenth Ave. interesction
East Side South Clermont
100 block
West Side South Clermont
Birch St. intersection
206Joseph Boll Residence
Unknown Side & Number
?Bishop & Mentch (Vulcanizing Shop) Started spring 1922.
corner NinthFaust-Duchac Lumber and Supply Co. Phone No. 596

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