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Antigo Street Scenes

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early 5th ave
East 5th Ave. circa 1912
1907 5th ave
5th Ave. looking west from Superior St. (1)
Date 1907
The following 3 photos are same view at different times.
5th ave 1
5th Ave. looking west from Superior St. (2)
Date post 1907
west 5th ave
5th Ave. looking west from Superior St. (3)
Date post 1907
Question: Is the bank building on the right the "Bank of Antigo"
1888-1897? Or, is it the "Langlade County Bank" which was reorganized in 1901 as the "Langlade National Bank?
1960 5th ave
5th Ave. looking west from Superior St. (4)
1960's time period
Note different bank building.
800 block 5th ave
South side 800 block of 5th Ave. The store in the middle is Frank Riendl's Harness Shop (827 5th). This is the same area in the picture below on the right but in the era of horses rather than cars.
800 block 2
5th Ave. 800 block looking east.
looking east 5th
5th Ave. looking east from Clermont St.
First National Bank (front left): John McCarthy's City Drug Store (front right)
before bank
This is the same view looking north along Clermont St. at 5th Ave. as the picture below before the First National Bank was built.
looking north clermont
Clermont St. looking north from 5th Ave.
A. Goldberg building (front left); First National Bank (front right)
1st Congregational Church (rear left); Old City Hall/Fire Dept. (rear right)
goldberg store
Same intersection view as the above picture showing the A. Goldberg building corner. Note the change in the windows. This is probably an early date than the above picture.
kohl hardware
H.A. Kohl Hardware Store.
609 Superior St.
Later became Petter's Auto Supply. To the left is F.A. Deleglise Cabin on its original site. Smoke stacks of the Kellogg Saw Mill can also be seen. In those days sometimes cars moved by oxen power! This view is just to the north the picture below.
hessel hardware
John Hessel Hardware
East side 600 block of Superior St.
This is the NE corner of Superior St. & 5th Ave.
farnham and yahr
The weight scales at Farnham & Yahr Coal & Building Material Office
534 Field St.
Later became Dakin Brothers Coal Company

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