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Antigo Street Names

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Old Street Numbering System.

Streets and avenues were numbered differently than they are today. In 1898 Fifth Avenue was named "East 5th Avenue" starting east of the railroad tracks as the 100 block with the numbers getting higher as you go east. Fifth Avenue west of the railroad tracks was names "West Fifth Avenue" with the numbers also getting higher the further west you go. Therefore, Fifth Avenue between Clermont and Superior was the East 300 Block in 1898, which is the 700 Block of Fifth Avenue today.

For streets running north to south the 100 numbers started with the block south of First Avenue with the numbers getting larger as you go south which is the opposite the way it is numbered now.

Today the 100 block of Fifth Avenue starts west of Aurora Street with the numbers getting larger as you go west. Fifth Avenue east of Aurora is named East Fifth Avenue with the numbers getting larger as you go east. Today the 100 block of Superior starts north of Tenth Avenue with the numbers getting larger as you go north. Superior Street south of Tenth Avenue is called South Superior Street with the numbers getting larger as you go south.

If anyone knows the date this old street numbering system changed to the present system please contact me. Leland A. Fischer, Webmaster.

Street Names

The original plat of the village of Antigo ran north and south from First to Tenth Avenue inclusive and east and west from Aurora street to Lincoln, inclusive.

See City of Antigo web site and GIS map for all street names.

History of Street Names

Atlantic - After Atlantic Ocean.
Arctic - Most northern street in the Village of Antigo.
Aurora - East boundary of original plat - meaning dawn of day.
Clermont - In honor of Robert Fulton's steamboat, The Clermont.
Dorr - After B.F. Dorr, assistant surveyor of the village of Antigo in 1881-1882.
Edison - After the great inventor, Thomas A. Edison.
Field - named after C.H. Field to whose perseverance mankind owes the laying of the Atlantic cable.
Fulton - After Robert Fulton, inventor of the steam boat.
Hudson - Named after Henry Hudson, discoverer of Hudson Bay.
Lincoln - After Abraham Lincoln - emancipator of four millions.
Milton - After the famous English poet, author of Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained.
Morse - After Samuel F.B. Morse, inventor of the telegraph system.
Pacific - After Pacific Ocean.
Reed - After the Vice-President of the Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western Railroad.
Superior - Leading thoroughfare, north and south - highway to Lake Superior.
Watson - Names after Virginia Deleglise, daughter born to F.A. and Mary Deleglise after the return of the former from Virginia, where he had served under General Bragg in the Civil War.
Weed - Named after J.H. Weed's saw mill which was the largest in Langlade County.

The Atlantic was the block between Fifth and Sixth Avenues east of the Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western railroad depot. The Pacific was the street between the same avenues on the west side of the depot. Both streets, Atlantic and Pacific and the territory between, included of course (the depot and its grounds), were called America. This no doubt signified that between the Atlantic and Pacific was America, the continent.

Vacated Streets

Atlantic (added to and renamed Morse north of Sixth)
Aurora (vacated between Fourth and Third)
Fourth (vacated between Hudson and Aurora)
Kuschusko? (It appears to be the name of the present Hogan Street north of Third Avenue on a January 1926 map of the city.)
Mill (Sometime after 1886 change name to Milton)
Milton (vacated between Seventh and Springbrook)
Minola (added to and renamed Edison north of First)
Morse (vacated south of Tenth)
Ninth (vacated between Superior and Springbrook)
Pacific (added to and renamed Dorr north of Sixth)
Reed (unknown location? In 1898 ran north & south and intersected with west 4th avenue which was west of the railroad tracks. I wonder if this what is now Dorr Street north of 5th Avenue?) Help! Please send me information.
Sixth, East (vacated between Aurora and Division)

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