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Antigo Pioneer Homes' Locations

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City of Antigo Pioneer Home Addresses
Pioneer's NameDessureau's Book
Biography Page Number
Home Street Address
Adraktas, Chris3001230 Superior St.
Augustine, Frank302320 Elm St.
Aulik, Alois T.3111444 Minola St.
Minola St. is now Edison St. north of First Ave.
Babcock, Nathaniel R.330232 Field St.
Bauter, Fred W.348519 Superior St.
Beattie, James278217 Field St.
Bagby, Jr., Zack T.315224 Hudson St.
Behm, Fred270327 Deleglise St.
Below, Julius287802 Lincoln St.
Benishek, John292222 Edison St.
Berner, Fred L.3161012 Superior St.
Berner, Henry342423 Tenth Ave.
Boll, Joseph301206 S. Superior St.
Boll, Nicholas317417 Hudson St.
Brown, John W.285911 Clermont St.
Brown, William H.3231004 Superior St.
Byrne, E.J.317217 Lincoln St.
Callahan, John P.308428 Dorr St.
Cavanaugh, Thomas E.303622 Lincoln St.
Cherf, John278Five lots SE corner Superior St. & Fifth Ave.
Cherf, John J.3241118 Third Ave.
Clifford, Claude325130 Hudson St.
Cohen, Izze300433 Clermont St.
Crowe, Michael F.278836 Superior St.
Crummey, Joseph2791145 Sixth Ave.
Daskam, Walter272920 Superior St.
Dessereau, William H.3491435 Clermont St.
Dewey, David C.274? Second Ave.
Donohue, Dr. Michael J.334415 Clermont St.
Son Dr. Eugene, 521 First Ave.
Dorzeski, Dr. Walter V.313513 Deresch (Doersch) St.
Dunn, Peter J.287508 Deleglise St.
Duquette, Joseph J.275100 Superior St.
Dvorak, Frank, Sr.267238 Wausau Rd.
Evenson, M.J.3051539 Clermont St.
Farnham, Luther E.281524 Hudson St.
Faust, Edward P.313918 Arctic St.
Filbrandt, Joseph293720 Pine St.
Franz, George J.329Deleglise St. & Fourth Ave.
Friedeman, H.A.304713 Sixth Ave.
Frisch, Joseph298106 Seventh Ave.
Frisch, Peter298116 Seventh Ave.
Gagen, James266403 Hudson St.
Gallon, Walter J.338615 Second Ave.
Giese, William J.329916 Eighth Ave.
Goebel, Edward284242 Field St.
Goeman, Max A.313131 Fifth Ave.
Goodrick, Arthur328402 Fifth Ave.
Grall, George315412 Edison St.
Greisch, Nicholas J.327724 Fifth Ave.
Grossman, Joseph304Daughter: Mrs. Joseph Seis 519 Field St.
Guile, Harvey2691525 Clermont St.
Gunkel, Freiderich G.330506 Superior St.
Hanson, Harvey E.311First Residence: Woolworth (Hanson) Bldg 800 Block Fifth Ave.
Second Residence 303 S. Superior St.
Hanzel, Charles J.2941016 Sixth Ave.
Hay, Henry3141006 Clermont St.
Healy, James J.270214 Second Ave.
Healy, Richard, Sr.309322 Fifth Ave.
Helmbrecht, Joseph L.2721037 1/2 Fifth Ave.
Herman, James W.2961027 Fourth Ave.
Higgins, Peter, Sr.2821423 N. Superior St.
Holley, John288303 Sixth Ave.
Howarth, Charles E.325331 Hudson St.
Howe, J.H.321317 Fifth Ave.
Hutchins, E.G.297632 Fifth Ave.
Hutchinson, Malcolm267511 Hudson St.
Ings, William F.339114 Field St.
Jackson, Harry W.315912 Arctic St.
Janes, Arthur M.269316 Fifth Ave.
Jansen, James296SW corner Tenth Ave. & South Hudson St.
Jicha, Anton W.313403 Seventh Ave.
Jorgensen, Dr. Alfred B.325216 Second Ave.
Kaske, Edward F.286611 Superior St.
Kasson, W.F.269South Superior, south of Forest Ave.
Kiefer, Louis P.3051121 Fifth Ave.
Klemann, Peter H.305928 Clermont St.
Klessig, Otto299224 Tenth Ave.
Knapp, Clifford B.327208 Hudson St.
Koles, L.J.307502 Second Ave.
Koutnik, Frank J.323631 Fifth Ave.
Kraus, Anton291404 Dorr St.
Krause, Carl2811124 Third Ave.
Krause, Frank C.296Fifth Ave. & Pine St.
Kubichek, J.M.2951326 Third Ave.
Leslie, Thomas W.3421444 Clermont St.
Lewis, J.C.346? Clermont St.
Lombardo, Anthony290515 Virginia St.
Lynde, Sylvester J.304516 Second Ave.
Maloney, Thomas J.273535 Field St.
Maltby, John E.2991227 Fifth Ave.
Marsh, Edwin H.299923 Arctic St.
McCandless, Edward W.312220 Sixth Ave.
McDonald, Hector296702 Lincoln St.
McKenna, John E.3071103 Superior St.
Millard, F.A.329614 Eighth Ave.
Millard, Paul J.342718 Graham Ave.
Moore, Dr. George E.3081005 Clermont St.
Morse, E.A.284600 First Ave.
Murphy, Dr. Edwin R.F.308922 Clermont St.
Murton, Alden H.318603 Fifth Ave.
Neuburger, Wenzel323412 Second Ave.
Nolte, Otto G.330319 Seventh Ave.
Palmer, John327429 Edison St.
Palmitter, George O.321Corner Edison St. & Eight Ave.
Parsons, John W.319NE corner Virginia St. & Ninth Ave.
Peters, Louis F.330419 Lincoln St.
Petrowski, Peter287414 Deresch (Doersch) St.
Plautz, Henry C.318703 S. Superior St.
Prokupek, Dr. J.N.285924 Fulton St.
Rath, Valentine P.336130 Lincoln St.
Reinert, Theodore276? Fifth Ave.
Richter, Otto324436 Lincoln St.
Robrecht, Martin D.283234 Dorr St.
Rouman, Peter J.337837 1/2 Fifth Ave.
Schubert, Ernest E.3201140 Seventh Ave.
Sipek, John339600 Badger Ave.
Somdahl, Carl O.293519 Second Ave.
Stats, Albert C.275912 Edison St.
Steffen, Dr. I.D.281503 Fifth Ave.
Steffen, Dr. Lyman A.289511 Fifth Ave.
Strube, Ernest285Son Herman, 814 Fulton St.
Son George, 330 Dorr St.
Tollefson, Anton M.312624 Badger Ave.
Tradewell, E.S.311Clermont St. & Willard Ave.
Treat, Asher R.291714 Second Ave.
Ullman, Sam B.3021223 Superior St.
Utnehmer, John F.286157 Fred St.
Vandervest, Frank E.281308 Superior St.
Van Der Weide, Fred G.310610 Second Ave.
Van Ooyen, Dennis297321 Watson St.
Vaughn, E.W.305822 Mendlik Ave.
Ver Bryck, Frank P.327323 Seventh Ave.
Voss, Dr. Frank K.3241042 Fourth Ave.
Wagner, Frank J.274430 Freiburger Ave.
Werner, J.347Schneiter flat on Second Ave.
Werner's Shop for Ladies 728 Fifth Ave.
White, Irvin A.293409 Edison St.
Whiting, Ami N.3221237 Superior St.
Wienandt, Walter E.335214 Watson St.
Winter, Gustav296633 Superior St.
Wirig, Joseph G.330339 Virginia St.
Wojan, Robert C.283320 Lincoln St.
Wojtasiak, Stanley J.277First Residence: 1515 Fifth Ave.
Second Residence: 715 Deleglise St.
Wolpert, William H.271724 Clermont St.
Worden, James H.3041335 Clermont St.
Wright, Dr. J.C.333412 Fifth Ave.
Zobel, Robert W.299929 Clermont St.
Zwicky, Fred297720 Cedar St.

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