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History of Langlade County Railroad track laying and removal.
depot 1
Antigo Depot
South of 5th Ave. between Morse & Door Streets
View looking southwest.
depot 1908
Antigo Depot in 1908
View looking southeast.
In 2006 the Antigo Housing Authority's Depot Apartments
depot 1914
Antigo Depot in 1914 looking north.

The last steam engine rolled through Antigo September 24, 1957. See article in "Prime Times" supplement of Antigo Daily Journal, October 2, 2006.

pullman car
Pullman car called "Badger 2" (the fish car) in 1921 visit to Antigo. The Wisconsin Conservation Dept. used it to transport fry to plant in lakes and streams. Note the metal milk cans containing the fry in the back of the 1920 era vehicles. See Antigo Daily Journal, May 19, 2007, Hidden Places Series article.
Antigo Round House
North of 1st Ave. between Edison & Lincoln Streets.

A history of Logging Railroads operating in Langlade County can be found at:

Timothy Sasse's Web Site

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