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Langlade County Moonshine History

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"The Phantom Still and other tales of northwoods moonshining" By Jon Schmidt

Check out a copy at the Antigo Public Library OR
Copies can be purchased at the Langlade County Historical Society Museum. 404 Superior St. Antigo, WI

My index of names and the pages they appear on in this book.


Copies of these articles are on microfilm at the Antigo Public Library.

Antigo Daily Journal "Hidden Places" Articles:

September 10, 2005, "Pile of Stones leads to speculation on Lily's moonshine past."

June 2, 2007, "Hidden phantom moonshine stills pockmarked the northwoods."

December 15, 2007, "A place of parties and hidden moonshine now vanished Ormsby far from forgotten in the memories of those that proudly called it home."

Antigo Daily Journal Articles:

December 8, 1961, page 1, "Moonshine still found near Polar."

Antigo Daily Journal "Primetime" monthly supplement:

March 4, 2002, "Moonshine recipes as individual as still operators."

January 5, 2009, "Hard Liquor began flowing again 75 years ago."

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