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Historical Houses

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first house
Antigo's First House
The F.A. Deleglise Cabin
Trever house
The Trever House located at 1018 Clermont St.

John Henry Trever was born in 1860 in England and came to Wisconsin with his family in 1870. They settled in Calumet county. He received his preparation for a legal career at Lawerence college and the University of Wisconsin. In 1883, John Trever came to Antigo to work with George Latta, Antigo’s first attorney. Shortly thereafter he opened his own law practice. He served as county district attorney in 1885-1886. J.H. Trever had many business interest. Among them was the establishment in 1888, with two partners Lewis Lusk, and C.S. Leykom of the Antigo Edison Electric Light Company, which was Antigo’s first utility. The plant burned down in 1904. The deed for this house was executed in 1887 and it is believed to have been built the following year. It was originally planned to house a family spanning three generations, but in later years it was altered into two apartments. (As of today, don’t know if they are still apartments and who owns the home). Mr. Trever and his family moved first to Seattle Washington and then to Southern California in 1922, Mr Trever died in 1940.

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