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Historical Factories

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crocker chair 1
Crocker Chair Company
Seventh Avenue & Milton Street, south side 500 block of Seventh Avenue.
Razed in 1934.
crocker chair 2
Crocker Chair Company Yard
South side 500 block of Seventh Avenue
lang lumber co
Langlade Lumber Company
The location of this picture is the NW corner of Edison St. and Ackley St. The water is the "hot pond" a man-made pond located to the west between the mill and the railroad tracks. Logs were hauled to the mill in railroad cars and dumped into the "hot pond" to soak before being moved inside the mill where they were cut and planed. The lumber was then loaded back on railroad cars and shipped to markets. The company started in 1916 and the mill burned down April 6,1927. The street address for the business office building was 1625 Clermont St. which today is used as a church. A boarding house was located at Pierce Ave. and Clermont St.. The last standing structure of the mill after the fire was the boiler room and powerhouse which was called the "headstone" because that is what it looked like after the fire. The structure was used for many uses until Oct. 2008 when it was razed.
veneer plant
Veneer Plant
SE corner of Watson St. and 2nd Ave.? I am not sure if this picture is really an Antigo location? Something does not seem right about this picture but I am just not sure what!
antigo brewing co
Antigo Brewing Co.
NW corner of 9th Ave. and Edison St.
Later sold to Kraft Cheese Company and then Antigo Cheese Company.
citizens brewing co
Citizens Brewing Co.
517 Superior St.

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