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Antigo Catalog Homes

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The webmaster's father built a catalog home in 1930-1931 at 611 Freiburger Ave. When the city gave the address to my father he tried to tell them that it was not in sequence with the other houses. However, he was told the city doesn't make such mistakes. About 60 years later when the city installed the "911" telephone system they admitted their mistake and changed the address to 621 Freiburger.

You can find more information on other catalog homes ( 411 Clermont St., 202 S. Superior St., & 810 Seventh Ave.) built in Antigo by reading the "Family Primetime" supplement of the September 5, 2006 Antigo Daily Journal.

mt vernon
My father bought this home from Liberty Homes of Bay City, Michigan. It came with foundation plans, blue prints, working instructions and all materials. The company even paid the freight charges to ship by railroad. My parents made one big change in these plans. They moved the fireplace chimney from the front of the house to the east side and put a third widow in the front which gave the effect of today's picture windows.
Foundation view looking SSE
Buildings are next door and belong to my mother's parents. They are the rear of the house at 615 Freiburger, a horse barn, and an automobile garage.
My father unloading the house lumber and materials from the railroad box car it was shipped in from Bay City, Michigan.
My father Al Fischer and his friend Carl Pospichal using a 1930's truck to bring the lumber from the railroad car to the building site.
Parked next door behind my mother's parent's house.
View looking north.
The house across the street is the same house there today except the large front porch was replace with a smaller one and the whole house was moved onto a new foundation about 15 feet east.
View looking NE.
More of my mother's parent's house can be seen.
View looking NE.
View looking west. The neighbor's house belonged to my mother's aunt Jessie (Her father's sister.) The same house is still there but has been extensively remodeled.
View looking NE.
View looking SSE.
View looking NW.
The first siding was wood shingles
The house in the background is at 325 S. Superior St.
Front of house in 1938.
Two sugar maple trees and several large rose bushes were in the front yard.
New asphalt siding being put on the east side by Ronald McNutt in 1946.
Installing new asphalt siding in 1946.
The webmaster's parents, Alfred Fischer and Lillian Weeks on their wedding day, June 27, 1931

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