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Lumber Camps

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Most of this information comes from WW I draft cards. There are additional camp workers in the draft records that did not list a camp number and are not listed here. Any help with additional information on Lumber Camps would be greatly appreciated. Please email the Webmaster.
Langlade Lumber Company
Camp 2
Langlade Lbr. Co.
Bass Lake
Joseph Nauyemi laborer;
Charles Wilson woodsman;
Mathew Jerske laborer;
Charley Geyer laborer;
Carl Carlson laborer;
Charley Pugmire scaler;
Michael Kostus laborer;
Camp 3
Langlade Lbr. Co.
Summit Lake
P.A. Anderson employer,
Harry Ludwig Anderson day laborer;
James Nachmann laborer;
Boyd Nekett cook;
Camp 3
Langlade Lbr. Co.
Bass Lake
Josep Kalinska laborer;
Edward Kennedy laborer;
Camp 4
Langlade Lbr. Co.
Bass Lake
John Albmski laborer;
William A. Zerrenner cook;
Feliex Ziareicze laborer;
Jame O'Brein laborer;
Thomas Wright laborer;
Walter Lime laborer;
Tony Dambroski laborer;
Joseph Paiser woodsman;
Adolf Miller laborer;
Adam Montville laborer;
David Myers jobber;
Joseph Mypauka laborer;
William Saricks laborer;
Edgar Saville laborer;
Wensel Sturnard laborer;
Camp 10
Langlade Lbr. Co.
Charley Wells laborer;
George Thresher postmaster & store manager;
Green Carter laborer;
James Carter laborer;
Alonzo Bunten clerk;
William Schilke foreman;
Louis Schroder laborer;
Andrew Smith laborer & teamster;
Camp 12
Langlade Lbr. Co.
Location ?
Eskil Johnson Railroad station work;
John Johnson Railroad station work;
Camp 14
Langlade Lbr. Co.
Bass Lake
Frank Oscar Anderson laborer;
Alex Peer Zbierajeski laborer;
James Vanslavas laborer;
Albert O' Leary laborer;
John Wizsoliski laborer;
William Taskins laborer;
Frank Fisher laborer;
Frockheim Deubinsek laborer;
Fred Korlchuske laborer;
Walter Kowolski sawyer;
Jim Mainzer second cook;
Andrew Mosno laborer;
Frank Baker cook;
Fred Bobko laborer;
Michael Bonieg laborer;
Joseph Burdt laborer;
Stanley Schenkovitch laborer;
Kazimir Sindikidiaz laborer;
Peter Smith laborer;
John Strobel laborer;
Yawkey Bissell Lumber Company
Camp 1
Yawkey Bissel Lbr. Co.
White Lake
Jacob Arkman laborer;
Geo. J. McKinnon laborer;
Camp 2
Yawkey Bissell Lbr. Co.
Peter Henke laborer;
Research Reference
In the Antigo Daily Journal monthly magazine supplement "Prime Time" on February 3, 2014 there is an article written by George Rock and Judy Peterson of the White Lake Area Historical Society titled "On-the-scene report from early Yawkey-Bissell camps" on page 13. "In 1922, a graduate student from New York Syracuse University's College of Forestry came to White Lake and spent the summer studying the mill's operations and working on his graduate thesis titled 'A Study of Yawkey-Bissell Lumbering Operations.' This unpublished manuscript is dated November 30, 1922. The student's name was Frank Been.
Crocker Chair Company
McKiney Camp
Crocker Chair Co.
Johan Gotfried Anderson laborer
Other Lumber Companies
Camp 1
George Tice
George Tice employer.
Frank Lord woodsman;
Camp 2
Long Lake Lbr. Co.
Long Lake
Alexandra Pocus laborer;
Camp 9
Frank Aldridge
Bass Lake
Frank Aldridge employer,
Floyd Frank Aldridge lumberjack
Camp Dynamite
Dynamite Lake
Payne Lumber Company?? Had railroad.
Hale-Mylrea Camp

Norem Lumber Camp Location: Just off the Ice Age Trail, about three miles west of the Highway 52 entrance. Reference: Antigo Daily Journal, Hidden Places Series, September 16, 2006, page 1
Camp ?
Tigerton Lbr. Co.
Bass Lake
Clarence Sawyer laborer;

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