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Historical Buildings

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1st opera house
The First Opera House a.k.a. The Bijou
514 Superior St.
Burned to the ground in 1895.
2nd operal house
The Second Opera House
1016 5th Ave.
Later became National Guard Armory and then an apartment building.
laughlin block
Help! I am not sure about this building?
(Laughlin or Sohoblasky)-Block Building
701 & 703 5th Ave.?
SW corner of 5th Ave. & Superior St. or south side 600 block of 5th Ave.?
Using photo edit techniques the name on the building seems to be
"Yahci" - Block?
a.k.a. Gruber Hardware?
goldberg dept store 1
goldberg dept store 2First A. Goldberg Building
NW corner of 5th Ave. & Edison St.
Organized in 1887
wigderson dept store
E. Wigderson Dept. Store
SW corner of 5th Ave. & Superior St.
701 5th Ave.
Wigderson's first store opened in 1903 at the NE corner of 5th Ave. & Edison St. (also known as the Hill Building). Widgerson later (year?) moved his store to the building in the above picture. Essak (Joe) Wigderson also operated a department store in St. Paul, Minnesota. He retired in 1928 and moved to Detroit, Michigan where he died in August of 1934.
Lodge of Independent Order of Odd Fellows No. 310 (IOOF) Built 1883
737 5th Ave.
SE corner of 5th Ave. & Clermont St.
a.k.a. Edward Cleary Hardware Store
a.k.a. City Drug Store operated by J.L. Mead Co.
a.k.a. John McCarthy's City Drug Store.
a.k.a. George Vosmek's Drug Store
carneige library
Antigo (Carneige) Library
404 Superior St.
a.k.a. Langlade County Historical Museum
elks club
Elks BPO Lodge Club
622 Clermont St.
old court house
Old Jail (left) and First Court House
A January 5, 1932 newspaper article says when the first court house was torn down some of the lumber became a floor in the W.J. White house in the Town of Rolling and part of a barn in Elmhurst.
old city hall
Old City Hall & Fire Dept.
617 Clermont St.
Clock didn't work for years and years!!
post office
Antigo Post Office
501 Clermont St.
NE corner of 6th Ave. & Clermont St.
mclellan store
McLellan Store in the 1930's
Arrow points to the webmaster's mother.
820-822 5th Ave.
mother's craft store
606 Superior St.
The webmaster's mother, Mrs. Alfred (Lillian) Fischer, standing in front of the craft store where she worked in 1938. The store was operated with her sister, Mrs. Paul (Harriet) Walter. The store was located on the south side of the Home Theater. Signs of the movies that were playing when this picture was taken can be seen on the wall. One movie is the "Rascals."

The following is an advertisement for the store in the Antigo Daily Journal:

We carry a complete line of needlework: Pillow Slips. Chair Back Sets, Linen Luncheon Cloths, Scarfs, Pillow Tops, Aprons, Baby Blankets, Baby Dresses, etc. All floss and completing articles for needlework. Linen Handkerchiefs, white and in colors, also Bride's Handkerschief.

Greeting Cards for all occasions. Plaques and Souveniers at reduced prices. Orders taken for needlework and crocheted edges. Come in and look them over.


Home Theatre Bldge
Harriet Weeks Lillian Fischer

dawley bldg
Dawley Building
SW corner of Fifth Ave. & Clermont St.?
(picture wanted)
Neff-Roberts Building
614-622 5th Ave.
(picture wanted)
Healy Building
625 Superior St.
(picture wanted)
Hanson Building
824 5th Ave.
a.k.a. Memory Lane Scrapbook & Stamp Shoppe
(picture wanted)
Albers Building
Location ?
(picture wanted)
M. Krom Building
700 block of 5th Ave., center of block? 1st Bldg
SE corner 5th Ave. & Superior St. 2nd Bldg
M. Krom & Sons Store opened in 1888.
(picture wanted)
Second A. Goldberg Building
NW corner of 5th Ave. & Clermont St.
Built 1902

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