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Historical Banks

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Langlade County Bank
Different than Langlade National Bank
Approx location 705 5th Ave.?
Location just west of Irvin Gray's General Merchandise Store on the SW corner of 5th & Superior in 1886.
First Bank in Springbrook organized by Mr. L.D. Moses in 1881
Re-organized in 1888
Re-organized in 1901 as Langlade National Bank (Then moved???)

1st nat bank 11st nat bank 2
First National Bank
734 5th Ave.
300 E. 5th Ave. (Old street numbering system.)
NE corner of 5th Ave. & Clermont St.
Charter secured in 1898
a.k.a. People's Bank in 1938
a.k.a. M&I Bank in 2006 (new building, same location)
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Bank of Antigo
Location ???
Started and failed 1888-1897

dawley bldg
Dawley Building
SW corner of Fifth Ave. & Clermont St. at 801 5th Ave.
This was the first building that was the location of the Fidelity Savings Bank when it organized January 15, 1909. In 1936 they moved into the former Langlade national Bank building at 700 5th Ave.
lang nat bank
Langlade National Bank
circa 1924

fidelity bank
Langlade National Bank
Fidelity Savings Bank

700 5th Ave.
NW corner of Superior St. & Fifth Ave.

Langlade National Bank used the name First State Bank of Antigo before they received charter. The new Langlade National Bank building was constructed in 1928. The bank closed in March 1933 during the Great Depression.

The Fidelity Savings Bank, was organized in January 15, 1909 at 801 5th Ave., then moved into the closed Langlade National Bank building at 700 5th Ave. in 1936.
a.k.a. Fidelity Marine Bank
a.k.a. Bank One
a.k.a. Chase Bank

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Farmer's State Bank of Phlox
Was operating in 1922.

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Neva Farmers State Bank

Bank closed approx. October 27, 1931.

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White Lake State Bank

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State Bank of Elcho

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