Manifest for S.S. Thingvalla - Sailing from Copenhagen & Norway

Arriving Ellis Island, New York, USA on 20th February, 1892

(Courtesy of Ellis Island Foundation)

S.S. Thingvalla

Number, Name, Sex, Age, Married, Ethnicity Place of Residence

Number, Name, Sex, Age, Married, Ethnicity Place of Residence

0001. Nielsen, Christine F 33y Denmark

0002. Soiensen, Peter Leth M 33y Denmark

0003. Brodersen, Marie C. F 20y Denmark

0004. Jensen, Niels M 27y Denmark

0005. Jensen, Josephine F 24y Denmark

0006. Jensen, Niels M 4m Denmark

0007. Nielsen, Niels P. M 19y Denmark

0008. Bonholt, Mads N. M 29y Denmark

0009. Frandsen, Simon P. M 20y Denmark

0010. Andersen, Knud M 16y Denmark

0011. Andersen, Trine H. F 1...y Denmark

0012. Petersen, ... F ... Denmark

0013. Sorensen, Hulda F ... U.S.A.

0014. Ostergaard, Jeanine F 32y Denmark

0015. Rasmussen, Rasmus M 25y Denmark

0016. Fredriksen, Johannes V. M 33y U.S.A.

0017. Jirgensen, Carl G. M 33y U.S.A.

0018. Jensen, Lars P. M 19y Danmark

0019. Svendsen, Hermine F 42y Danmark

0020. Jacobsen, Hans P. M 21y Danmark

0021. Hansen, Margarethe K. F 17y Danmark

0022. Jensen, Margrethe F 38y Danmark

0023. Jensen, Hans M 16y Danmark

0024. Petersen, Peder C. M 19y Danmark

0025. Petersen, Rasmus M 17y Danmark

0026. Petersen, Christine F 11y Danmark

0027. Hansen, Marie K. F 20y Danmark

0028. Hartman, Adrian M 26y Danmark

0029. Randa, Carl V. H. M 21y Danmark

0030. Borup, Severine F 21y Danmark

0031. Viborg, Anna K. F 43y Danmark

0032. Petersen, Jens M 43y Danmark

0033. Petersen, Anton M 43y U.S.A.

0034. Kofaed, Peder H. M 19y Danmark

0035. Welling, Olga F 22y Danmark

0036. Welling, Edgar M 9m Danmark

0037. Harbermann, Heinrik M 29y Danmark

0038. Nielsen, Jens M 18y Danmark

0039. Korell, Herman J. M 25y U.S.A.

0040. Dettersen, Niels J. M 27y U.S.A.

0041. Jansen, Gast M 21y U.S.A.

0042. Petersen, Chr. M 52y U.S.A.

0043. Petersen, Chr. J. M 29y U.S.A.

0044. Nicolsen, Marie F 25y U.S.A.

0045. Jhsen, Theodor M 38y U.S.A.

0046. Nielson, Niels M 21y Sweden

0047. Almind, Jirgen D. M 20y Danmark

0048. Olsen, Hensik M 19y Sweden

0049.Andersen, Anders M 38y Danmark

0050.Andersen, Anna F 34y Danmark

0051.Andersen, Hans M 11y Danmark

0052.Andersen, Carl M 9y Danmark

0053.Andersen, Johannes M 5y Danmark

0054.Andersen, Frederikke F 4y Danmark

0055.Andersen, Valdemar M 2y Danmark

0056.Andersen, Albert M 11m Danmark

0057. Fredriksen, Ane H. F 47y Sweden

0058. Pedersen, Ane H. F 48y Sweden

0059. Petersen, Jens M 25y Danmark

0060. Petersen, Jutha F ...5y Danmark

0061. Petersen, Fanny F ... Danmark

0062. Petersen, August M ... Danmark

0063. Jensen, Ingrid F 2...y Sweden

0064. German, Andreas K. M 33y Sweden

0065. German, Kristina F 27y Sweden

0066. German, Anna F 4y Sweden

0067. German, Axel M 1y Sweden

0068. Jensen, Betty F 43y U.S.A.

0069. Nilson, Mathilda F 26y U.S.A.

0070. Djurberg, Allin A. M 19y Sweden

0071. Person, Per M 17y Sweden

0072. Flod, Chas. G. M 41y U.S.A.

0073. Jonsdtr, Anna F 42y Sweden

0074. Jonsdtr, Anna F 14y Sweden

0075. Jonsdtr, Cilia F 13y Sweden

0076. Jonsdtr, Emma F 10y Sweden

0077. Jonson, Alfred M 6y Sweden

0078. Olsdtr, Christina F 17y Sweden

0078. Olsdtr, F Sweden

0079. Olsen, Johan M 19y Sweden

0080. Broberg, Mathilde F 40y U.S.A.

0081. Broberg, Paul V. M 6y U.S.A.

0082. Broberg, Verner M 3y U.S.A.

0083. Alexandersen, P. J. M 20y Sweden

0084. Carlsen, Farman M 14y Sweden

0085. Bjorkland, Otto M 28y Sweden

0086. Harleman, P. M 23y U.S.A.

0087. Johansen, Anders M 24y Norway

0088. Poulsen, Agnes F 21y Norway

0089. Vinsnas, Casper M 19y Norway

0090. Ringsted, Theodor M 18y Norway

0091. Hansen, Gyda F 10y Norway

0092. Larsen, Ivar M 36y U.S.A.

0093. Gundersen, Hans A. M 41y Norway

0094. Nielson, Niels M 27y U.S.A.

0095. Mikkelsen, Johan M. M 29y Norway

0096. Lund, Even T. M 39y Norway

0097. Andersen, Sigurd M 25y Norway

0098. Hansen, Hjalmar M 16y Norway

0099. Borjesen, John M 24y U.S.A.

0100. Larsen, Christian M 27y Norway

0101. Johannesen, Anna F 19y Norway

0102. Jonanen, Mathilde F 20y Norway

0103. Andersen, Jensine F 38y U.S.A.

0104. Andersen, Rasmus M 71y U.S.A.

0105. Hvoslef, Jacob M 26y Norway

0106. Stoltz, G. M 33y Norway

0107. Larsen, Clara F 21y Norway

0108. Slettebo, Sigrard M 29y Norway

0109. Mortensen, Isak M 33y U.S.A.

0110. Hansen, Hans L. M 70y U.S.A.

0111. Hansen, August M ... U.S.A.

0112. ..., ... U ... ...

0113. Nielsen, Arnold H. V. M ... U.S.A.

0114. Olsdter, F 13m U.S.A.

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