Beta 3 of Advanced HTML Editor 8-18-99: This is Beta 3. I've reorganized the code, and made the output of the fileuploader redirect the browser back to the directory listing. That's about it for this version.

8-15-99: This is Beta 2 of the advanced HTML editor. The file upload utility works now. Please let me know what you think about all of it.

I designed this based on Geocities' file manager, because that's the only web based utility of this kind that I've worked with, and I really like it. I also think that both beginning and advanced users find the interface easy and intuitive. Please send feedback to Alex Midgley. Any suggestions on what the users want, more functionality, different interface, anything you can think of is appreciated.
Try it out
The common code module (Perl 5)
The editor source (Perl 5)
The file upload source (Perl 5) (This one's for you Randy)

Things left to do: