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Would appreciate a cemetery lookup for Charles H. Gilley, Sr. b. ca. 1875
and his wife Frances "Fannie" b. ca. 1877. They lived in Walker and
Jefferson Cos., AL.   J Gallagher [gallagherj@cafes.net] 1-3-2004

Looking for any information on the following family in Walker and
Fayette Counties in Alabama. James Ford, born 1825 Ga, wife Rosanna E ?
(need her maiden name) she was born in Alabama in 1833.
Children born to this couple were:

William R Ford, born 1865 Al., mar.

James Rastus or Erastus Ford, born 1857 Al., mar. Elizabeth? (1st),
then mar. Dollie Morris .

Henry L Ford, born 1869 Al., mar. Nora J Key

There may have been more children I am not aware of, but my main
interest is James Rastus or Erastus Ford, I think he also went by the
name "Rass" Ford also.
His first wife was Elizabeth ? , their children were: Mary Mollie Ford,
Clem Ford, Henry Ford, and Jasper Ford who also went by "Jap" Ford. In
1888 I found that Erastus ford married a 2nd time to Dollie Morris in
Walker County Al. They must have lived at Fayette, because on the 1900
Federal census of Fayette County Al, North River there is a Dollie Ford,
widowed age 30, listed with the following children: Naomy Ford, Newt
Ford, Jane Ford, and Henry Ford a stepson.
Dollie Ford is buried at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Fayette
Co AL. and her epitaph says w/o Rass Ford. I would love to know more
about this family. Please if anyone has any info please contact me.
Betsy         Betsy Dill [runningspiritbear@webtv.net] 1-11-2004

I am searching for information on James William Dempsey died possible April 1919 in possible Dilworth
some say he was a coal miner.
Any help on this would be appreciated
James  1-12-2004
I did not see any information on the Odom Memorial Church and Cemetery.  I think it is near Oakman on the old road that leads to Pumpkin Center from Jasper.  Would like some info on that cemetery.

 My grandfather was Ira Allen Odom.  I think he was born in Walker County.  He had numerous brothers and sisters.  He married Lona Hosmer (Ressie Leonatt Hosmer) b. March 29, 1888, daughter of James Harvey Nimrod Hosmer (b. Jan. 15, 1888, Tuscaloosa Co.), Mother, Martha Sarah E. Burton (b. unknown, Tuscaloosa Co.).  Both Ira Odom and his wife Lonie Hosmer Odom are buried at New Providence Cemetery in Jefferson County.  Their son, Martin Winfield Odom is buried there also. 

Vanessa Odom Machen 1-12-2004            vmachen.c21bowman@sbcglobal.net

I see that there is a Reid Cemetery in Walker County and am wondering if there is a way I can view the names of folks buried there.  My maiden name is Reid and I'm trying to find where my great grandmother Mary Polly Reid is buried.  Any help would be appreciated.

Drs0428@aol.com  1-12-2004

Note from Coordinator: I am still receiving records and cemetery lists, but as you know there are many many cemeteries in Walker County and both the WCGS and myself are in dire need of people who might work on those lists.  All records are posted that have been made available to this website---and I sure appreciate all contributions. If the cemetery is not underlined then I don't have the records...perhaps the WCGS (Walker County Genealogical Society) can do a look - up for you.  They publish a WONDERFUL series of Cemetery volumes called "Here they Rest" For more information (try here)

Our research is mostly Buzbee of the original William Buzbee sr. line ,have lots of info but some brick walls to. We have several Key  names as well from the Belinda Milstead and John Key line, Hollis,Ballenger,William,Pugh,Aaron,Shipp,Culver,Johnson most of these were in the Sipsey/Empire area.We need any info. on a possible second wife for Doctor Meridith Buzbee md. about 1883 not in the 1910 or 20 census. Also anything on Docs Military career 12th. Ala. Calv. Civil War.Doc had a son Named John A. Buzbee he's buried at Mt. Hope next to his wife Lucendy Busby(1st or 2nd cousins) anyone know who her parents or family was, We have reason to believe it is Joshua L. Buzbee also buried at Mt. Hope along with most all the rest of the folks who are also related.

Thanks James  jamesbuiltfurniture@msn.com 1-12-2004

Buzbee, Doctor Meridith aka. "D.M." "Dock" "Meridith"
 Born: Sept. 2, 1844 Walker co. Alabama
 Died: May 7,1914 Arkadelphia,Cullman co. Lived in that area most of adult life
 Married: (1)Mary Lucinda Key and  (2)M.A. Reed 11/9/1884 in Walker co.
Key, Mary Lucinda Catherine (Buzbee)
 Born: Nov. 2, 1842 in Walker co. Ala.
 Died: Sep. 6,1883 possibly from complications due to childbirth.
 Buried: Both at Mt. Hope
Buzbee, Mary J.
 Born: Dec. 1866 in Walker co. Ala.
 Died: After 1920
Buzbee, James H.
 Born:Nov. 1868 in Walker co.
 Died: 1905 in Walker co.
 Married: Halie Josephine F. abt. 1889
 Buried: Both at Drummond cem.
Buzbee, Lucy Caroline (Pugh)
 Born:Nov. 9,1870 in Walker co. Ala. (Lawrenceburg, Tenn. ?)
 Died:Oct. 9,1952 in Arkadelphia, Cullman co. Ala.
 Married: Thomas Benjamin Pugh 12/27/1891
 Buried: Both at Mt. Hope between her father and his father.
Buzbee, Docia Elizabeth (Williams) aka. "Dosha" "Doshe"
 Born:Apr. 21, 1879? in Walker co. Ala. or Cullman co.
 Died: Nov. 29, 1937
 Married: Jack Williams 8/24/02 in Cullman co. Ala.
 Buried: Mt. Hope Cem. don't Know where Jack is buried? he could be there as well
Buzbee, John A.
 Born: Jan. 1879 ?(Census)
 Died: between 1918-1921 Influenza epidemic
 Married:Lucendy Buzbee probably Joshua L. Buzbees Daughter
 Buried: unmarked grave to the left of Lucendys Grave With two infants Idella and Aulcy and possibly two more Unmarked infants.
Buzbee, Louisa P.
 Born: 188?
 Died: 188?(stone Broken)
 Buried: Mt. Hope next to Dock and Lucinda
 Died: June 30, 1967 in Empire
 Maried: (1)John A. Buzbee abt. 1899 (2) James Brasher abt. 1922
 Buried: Mt. Hope cem. next to John
John and Lucendys children:
Buzbee, Alma B (Johnson)
 Born: Oct 15,1901 in Empire
 Died: (Conf.)
 Married:Euhl Johnson abt. 1918
 Buried: New Canaan next to her husband Euhl
Buzbee,Velma (Ballenger)
 Born:Feb. 16,1902 in Empire
 Died: (conf)
 Married: Oather Ballenger
 Buried: ?
Buzbee, Auley V.
 Born: Oct. 12, 1903 in Empire
 Died: Oct. 6, 1904 in Empire
 Buried: Mt. Hope cem. next to parents
 Born:Mar. 7,1905 in Empire
 Died: June 10,1905 in Empire
 Buried: Mt. Hope cem. next to parents
Buzbee, Millard Fillmore
 Born: Aug. 10,1906 in Empire
 Died: (conf)
 Buried: Dillworth
 Married: Willie Mae Davis?
Buzbee, Louisa Jane(Shipp)(Hollis)
 Born:Dec. 11,1908 in Empire
 Died:Oct. 26,1971 in Chicago, Ill
 Buried:Dillworth next to there infant children and 2 husbands.
 Married: (1) Earcie Shipp md. abt. 1923 (2) Paul Edward Hollis
Buzbee, Mary Magdelene(Culver)
 Born:Dec. 25,1915 in Empire
 Died: (conf)
 Buried: New Canaan next to her husband
 Married: Raymond J. Culver
 SHERRY Neal  1-12-2004  [jamesbuiltfurniture@msn.com]

I'm trying to polish up my Quinn, Mauldin and Snead/Sneed genealogy. They
lived in Walker and West Jefferson for the most part in late 1800's and early
1900's. Would like to bring lines forward to today and of course fill in any
gaps from the past. Will be glad to share what I have.

Laura Higginbotham 1-13-2004    PsychSW@aol.com
Pleasant Grove, AL

I am researching CLARK, DUNDERDALE, WHITLEY, and WILLIAMS families. I know that some are common surnames, the individuals I am interested in are:

James Ewell CLARK (b 6 March 1861, d 19 November 1906) is listed in the 1900 census of Lamar County, but several of his children were born in Carbon Hill. His second wife Lula J. moved to Carbon Hill after his death in Henry County. She owned her home and lived there until the early 1930s.

Robert William DUNDERDALE (b 6 May 1853, d 1 November 1933) and his family lived in several towns in Walker County between 1900 and 1930. I have a photograph of their home in Jasper.

Saffronia A. WHITLEY (b February 1840) is listed as mother-in-law to James Ewell CLARK in the 1900 census of Lamar County and may or may not be the mother of Lula J. since Lula J is the second wife of James Ewell Clark.

Pernie F. CLARK (b July 1884) married H.M. WILLIAMS and lived in Carbon Hill until the late 1950s when she was burned in a grease fire and died shortly afterwards. Pernie is the first born of James Ewell CLARK and his first wife. I have been told that Pernie and H.W. had a grocery store in Carbon Hill.

William (Will, Willie) CLARK (b September 1888) is the brother of Pernie F. CLARK died in Texas in the mid 1940s and is supposedly buried in Carbon Hill.
Ralph Dunderdale  1-13-2004  

Does anyone on the list know where the Morris Cemetery (Jasper, AL) is located...directions please!

My gg-grandfather is supposed to be buried at "Morris". I always assumed that meant Morris in Jefferson County, AL (close to where I grew up), but I haven't been able to find him there. When I saw the posting of cemeteries in Walker County by Wes Keat, the Morris Cemetery jumped out at me.

My gg-grandfather was James "Jim" Farley. He was born about January 1870 and died between 1901 & 1904. He married Mamie Ellison/Allison about 1897. I have also been unable to locate their marriage license.

Any help in locating the cemetery will be appreciated.

Kim Self Hughes 1-15-2004  [rootdigger61@yahoo.com]

I am researching the family of Elijah "Lize" Barton and Malissa Mills Family, Elijah was the son of Nathaniel Barton and Massa Rogers, and Malissa was the daughter of Robert and Elisabeth Mills. If you can help please email me at mscrape@centurytel.net. thanks Michael Scrape 1-17-2004
Looking for Salathiel Perry Clements, Jr and Nancy Veatch Clements who resided in Walker County in the 1870's as well as brother-in-law to Salathiel, Solomon A. P. Jackson and wife Eunicy Clements Jackson.
Gary Laine 1-20-2004
Austin TX
Rowe Family 
I am looking for some Rowe family info for a friend. His family was in the Walker County, Al. area from the information that he has given me. His grandfather’s name was Oliver Rowe.
In the 1930 Walker County Census, there is an O. T. Rowe who is married to Meda. Their children are; Edgar, (son age 13) Loid(Loyd? son age 12), Daughter age 10, Oscar (son age 8), Harmon (son age 6), Raymond (son age 3).
In the 1920 Walker County Census, there is an Ollie Rowe – age 25 married to Meda with two sons, Pearson age 3 and Loid (Loyd?) age 1 ½.
 In the 1910 Walker County Census there is a James B. Rowe married to Jane with one son named Oliver that I suspect is the same as the Ollie and O. T. listed above.
 In the Rowe Cemetery, there is a James B. and his wife Jane P. buried there with Oliver and two more sons.  Jane's father, Jack Simpson is also buried there.

Does anyone have any info on this family? I suspect the “Loid” to be Loyd George Rowe, my friend’s father. Any help would be appreciated.
 Herman 1-21-2004    Herman Woods [hlwoods@bellsouth.net]
I am researching the Hodgson family in Walker Co., and England.  Related lines are, Burleson, Green, Jackson, Rutledge, and Sides. Geoffrey Hodgson came to Walker Co about 1890, and married into the Rutledge/Sides family.

Thelma Hodgson 1-24-2004

I am also interested in the location of Fairview Cemetery. One of my
great-great-grandaunts, Susan Ellen Williams Thompson, is buried there, with her
husband, Joe Berry Thompson. She was born November 22, 1839, in Walker County and
died April 22, 1922. He was born March 20, 1833, and died April 28, 1900. I
would also like to know if anyone has documented the headstones there yet,
and also if anyone is planning to take pictures of various headstones in this
cemetery in the future. This would assist several of us Walker County
researchers who are located out of state.

Robert Frank Williams 1-26-2004 

I would like to know where the Fairview Cemetery is located? Has anyone
documented the graves there? I am looking for James F. Cain, b. Nov. 11, 1842 and
died August 28th, 1901. He was supposedly a Confederate Veteran, serving with
the 26-50th or the 50th Alabama Infantry. Need confirmation of his service. He
is My GGG Uncle.

Karen Kitchens Murphy 1-26-2004 

Could it be Fairview Freewill Cemetery just outside of Fairview?

Claudia Kraemer 1-26-2004


George Raines died in Walker Co  1841 He and his wife [name unknown] are listed on the 1840 Walker census as bt 70-80 living with his son Robert. Robert  was listed as his agent on the 1840 Tax list. Robert [born 1786 in SC] never married and lived with his brother James on the 1850 Census and died before 1860.


James Raines was born 1893 in SC and married Milla Barton 1818 in Lawrence Co Ala.

She was the dau of Moses and Fannie Barton. Milla died 1843 and is buried in the Sardis Cem-River Road
James Raines and Milla Barton Raines  had 9 children;
  1. William Bailey [my GGF] married Elizabeth Kenneymore/Kennamer
  2. Francis married Byrd Garland Cole
  3. Allen married Lucinda Robbins
  4. Hiram married #1 Phoebe? #2 Aseneth Adeline Abbott
  5. Margaret [Peggy] Ann married Wm Washington Abbott
  6. Rebecca married Isiah Williams
  7. Massa married James B Mullens
  8. James married Susan?
  9. Milla 
Milla [last found still single on 1850 census]
James   [last found on 1860 census as single
in 1851 James Married Susan? a wd with 1 son John.
James and Susan had 3 children:
Sinthia married Robert Williams
Sylvania married John Newton Pate
Lucinda married Wm Best
Last record found on James Raines was 1870 Walker  Co Census
Would like to hear from any desc.

Dolores Raines Sutton    1-28-2004