Williams Cemetery


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Cemetery Records

Williams Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery

Williams Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery is located on Hwy. 69 N, Walker County Alabama. It is uncertain when the church was built, but United Methodist archival records show that as early as 1842, it was a stop on a circuit called Williams. The present church was most likely built in the late 1800's according to a notation made in an old church record book. Deeds show R. Nealy and Charlotte Willis Tidwell on June 7, 1886 donated the property, to the trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Williams Chapel. Deeds also show John Wesley and Sarah Adeline Lindsey Powell on August 12, 1899 donated the cemetery property to Williams Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church.

(Submitted by Vicky Tidwell-2004) Her notations of her research is found in parenthesis. Names not separated by space are on the same marker.

Old Section
Row 1:
Vest, Donald
b. 1/21/1957 d.1/23/11957
“Son of Joyce & Sonny Vest”
(Son of Quinton & Lora Joyce Lindsey Vest)

Row 2:
Abbott, Herman, Jr.
“Infant son of Herman & Ruby”
(Son of Herman & Ruby Short Abbott)

Short, Daisy J.
b. 2/14/1881 d. 3/29/1905
(Daisy Elizabeth James, dau. of Daniel James. James Albert Short)
Short, J. Albert
b. 4/12/1879 d. 3/4/1953
(Son of James Marion & Mandy Jordan Short)
Short, Minnie L.
b. 2/21/1881 d. 10/19/1970
(James Albert Short was married to Daisy Elizabeth, then to Minnie Lee Smith)

James, Nan Parker
b. 1852 d. 1912


James, Daniel
b.1845 d. 12/22/1919
(Father of Daisy Elizabeth James; husband of Syrena J. Stewart)

Estes, Allen Berry
b. 1858 d. 1922

Estes, Sarah Jane
b. 1866 d.1901

Kircus, Curtis
b. 1/15/1922 d. 8/19/1945

Kircus, Mendie E.
b. 7/27/1897 d. 11/12/1983

Woods, Joe B.
b. 1917 d. 1948
“Ala PFC QM Corps WWII”
(Date on Military Marker 4/9/1910 - 3/4/1948)

Stewart, Luther
b. 5/15/1890 d. 1/14/1942
(James Luther Stewart, husband of Sarah Elizabeth Lindsey)

Stewart, Sarah E.
b. 5/2/1893 d. 8/26/1973
(Sarah Elizabeth Lindsey dau. of Jacob Daily & Eliza J. Dutton Lindsey, Sr.)

Lay, Berton
b. 7/20/1908 d. 7/9/1925

Lay, John H.
b. 8/7/1876 d. 12/17/1952

Lay, Martha B.
b. 7/5/1878 d. 3/27/1962

Row 3:
Short, Thelma Odell
b. 1/16/1926 d. 3/11/1996
(Dau. of James Albert & Minnie Lee Smith Short)

James, Betty
b. 1851 d. 1925

Anton, Annie
b. 1870 d. 1956






Lovell, Mattie
b. 2/22/1904 d. 9/27/1905


Haynes, Leina D.
b. 1884 d. 1960
Haynes, Leonard E.
(He was buried on the wrong side according to the marker due to the fact that the Tidwell’s had put up a block enclosure and did not leave enough room for his burial. His grave is the unmarked grave next to their stone.)

Tidwell, Annie
b. 4/1/1892 d. 7/14/1975
(Annie Martha Aaron; dau. of Jacob Light & Sarah Jane Gray Aaron)
Tidwell, S. M.
b. 2/1/1891 d. 5/10/1944
(Sidney Monroe Tidwell, son of John Wilson & Margaret A. Haywood Tidwell)

Tidwell, Pauline
b. 5/12/1913 d. 3/10/1923
(Dau. of Sidney Monroe & Annie Martha Tidwell)

Tidwell, Edsel Eugene
b. 5/23/1923 d. 2/21/1944
“Ala PVT 1CL 513 Parachute Int”
(Son of Sidney Monroe & Annie Martha Tidwell)

Pruitt, Henry Person
b. 3/15/1902 d. 9/9/1969



Pruitt, Glenda Lodennie
b. 11/13/1965 d.11/18/1965

Pruitt, Nicie Lodennie
b. 9/9/1902 d. 10/23/1974

Prescott, Linda Carol
b. 6/5/1952 d. 10/23/1983

Prescott, Joe H.
b. 8/25/1944 d. 8/15/1984

Row 4:
McNair, Amy Lynn
b. 6/12/1981 d. 7/24/2000
(Dau. of Charles & Jennifer Gosa McNair. Killed in car accident on 69 Hwy)

McNair, Charles B.
b. 10/7/1977 d. 10/18/1977
(Charles Brandon McNair; Son of Charles & Jennifer Gosa McNair)

Kilgo, Elton Odell
b. 10/18/1912 d. 12/9/1937

Kilgo. Dwynez
b. 2/21/1915 d. 5/30/1919

Brown, Licie
b. 12/21/1864 d. 9/16/1932

Parris, Pauline Dau of Mr. & Mrs. L. R. Parris
b. 1910 d. 1911

Duncan, Dovie Smanthie
b. 5/28/1887 d. 6/19/1887

Brown, John
b. 4/21/1828 d. 8/22/1890

Brown, Martha G.
b. 8/17/1836 d. 3/30/1915
(Dau. of Nathaniel & Parmelia Loggins Self)

Gunter, M. L.
b. 4/18/1873 d. 6/8/1901

Gunter, G. W.
b. 3/20/1908 d. 8/1/1903

Gunter, L. B.
(The marker is broken and name is all that is legible)

(Stone Broken and illegible)

(Marker Broken)

Cantrell, Hubert S.
b. 4/29/1910 d. 8/5/1989
“TSGT US Air Force WWII Korea”
Cantrell, Jessie L.
b. 5/20/1926
(Dau. of William Earl & Bertha Browning Lindsey; Hubert & Jessie Lindsey Cantrell, husband & wife)

Row 5:
Gosa, Audrey
b. 7/29/1909 d. 3/26/1970
(Audrey Sara Jane Lynn; dau. of Riley Francis & Dovie Lane Powell Lynn)
Gosa, Travis
b. 5/15/1908 d. 3/26/1970
(Shepard Travis Gosa, son of Cisiro Plez & Lola West Gosa; Married July 03, 1933)

Kilgo, Mae
b. 10/29/1890 d. 12/19/1977
Kilgo, Walter S.
b. 5/8/1885 d. 5/17/1918


Kilgo, Elzie Opal
b. 1/8/1911 d. 10/16/1911

Brown, M. M.
b. 12/20/1855 d. 12/2/1916

Brown, Pheobe E.
b. 2/12/1858 d. 6/30/1898
“Wife of M. M. Brown”

Brown, Milton
“Son of M. M. & P. E. Brown”
(no Date)

Brown, William I.
“Son of M.M. & P.E. Brown”
(no Date)

Brown, E. E.
b. 6/10/1893 d. 7/17/1894

Brown, W. C.
b. 10/23/1896 d. 11/31/1902

Brown, F. M. E.
b. 3/18/1906 d. 6/11/1906

Brown, Clyde
b. 1/31/1898 d. 9/10/1916

Brown, John C.
b. 10/20/1870 d. 3/17/1934
“Cleveland Lumber Co”
(Husband of Leiza Jane Abbott Brown)

Brown, Leiza Jane Abbott
b. 11/27/1884 d. 8/13/1958
(Wife of John C. Brown)

Brown, Loy Abbott
b. 6/5/1907 d. 3/20/1962

Lindsey, Bertha
b. 5/16/1899 d. 7/22/1986
(Bertha Browning; wife of William Earl Lindsey)
Lindsey, Earl
b. 9/27/1902 d. 11/25/1972
(William Earl Lindsey; son of Joseph Simms & Redia L. Stewart Lindsey)

Lindsey, Joseph Ervin
b. 2/12/1932

Row 6:
Powell, Newt Q. “Barlo”
b. 8/4/1912 d. 4/19/2001
“S Sgt. US Army WWII”
(Newton Quinton Powell, son of Newton Thomas & Ida Lovell Powell)

Callaway, Charlie E.
b. 9/2/1905 d. 2/1938

Kilgo, Ara
b. 9/28/1874 d. 6/5/1919


Posten, Johnie
b. 1906 d. 1950

Kilgo, J. J.
(no date)





Lindsey, Joseph S.
b.1883 d. 1926
(Joseph Simms Lindsey, son of Jacob Daily & Eliza J. Dutton Lindsey, Sr.)
Lindsey, Redia L.
b. 1882 d. 1972
(Dau. of Joshua Jefferson & Martha Jane Key Stewart)

Dutton, Mary Emily Rushing
b.1832 d. 1896
(Dau. of Elijah & Evelyn Burrows Rushing, wife of Zachariah Dutton)

Dutton, Sim B.
b. 5/11/1860 d. 11/22/1905
(Simeon B. Dutton; son of Zachariah & Mary Emily Rushing Dutton; husband of Adeline Stewart)

Dutton, Beatrice
b. 1/5/1928 d. 2/10/1928

Unknown Infant

Dutton, Infant
b. 1930
“Sons of Bertha & Luther Dutton”
(Sons of Luther Samuel & Bertha M. Bailey Dutton)

Dutton, Johnnie M.
b. 5/1923 d. 9/1923

Lindsey, Aline
b. 10/5/1903 d. 12/24/1918
(Aline Henson, first wife of John Sylvester Lindsey)



Lindsey, Warren Carlton (Unmarked)
b. 10/28/1921 d. 5/29/1923
(Son of John Sylvester & Maudie Ethel Browning Lindsey)

Lindsey, George Riley (Unmarked)
b. 2/4/1896 d. 3/1/1941
(Son of Jacob Daily & Eliza Jane Dutton Lindsey, Sr)

Lindsey, Mary Emily (Unmarked)
b. 4/14/1886 d. 11/11/1933
(Dau. of Jacob Daily & Eliza Jane Dutton Lindsey, Sr)

Lindsey, Eliza Jane (Unmarked)
b. 10/2/1855 d. 1/6/1940
(Dau. of Zachariah & Mary Emily Rushing Dutton; wife of Jacob Daily Lindsey, Sr)

Lindsey, Jacob Daily, Sr. (Unmarked)
b. 5/11/1850 d. 5/4/1929
(Son of William & Dicie Matilda Myers Lindsey)

Lindsey, John D.
b. 3/20/1913 d. 2/26/1968
“Ala Tec. 4 656 Engr. ToPo BN WWII”
(John Dewey Lindsey; son of Joseph Simms & Redia L. Stewart Lindsey)

Row 7:
Powell, Ida L.
b. 9/21/1882 d. 3/24/1969
(Ida Lovell; wife of Newton Thomas Powell)
Powell, Newt T.
b. 9/21/1882 d. 3/24/1969
(Newton Thomas Powell; son of John Wesley & Sarah Adeline Lindsey Powell)

Powell, Alvin
b. 1908 d. 1916

Powell, James M.
b. 1904
(Infant grave)

Gregory, Stella Powell
b. 11/6/1911 d. 1/25/1948
(Dau. of William Riley & Willie Riddlesperger Powell; wife of William Raymond Gregory)

Gregory, WM Raymond
b. 9/28/1905 d. 5/23/1984
“SGT US Army”
(William Raymond Gregory; husband of Stella Powell Gregory)

Powell, William R.
b. 9/1878 d. 2/1955
(William Riley Powell son of John Wesley & Sarah Adeline Lindsey Powell; husband of Willie Riddlesperger)

Powell, Willie R.
b. 1/1880 d. 7/1954
(Willie Riddlesperger Powell; wife of William Riley Powell)


Abbott, Infant
b. 7/1892
“Son of D. E. Abbott, age 7 days”

(Marker broke, only thing legible is James S. Abbott 1/8 & Rebecca Bobo 1/10)

Abbott, Sarah S. b. Aug
(Old marker not legible)

Abbott, Sharon
b. 3/13/1852 d. 2/5/1924

Abbott, Dicie E.
b. 10/27/1853 d. 3/28/1926


Self, J. L. “Biege”
b. 1/22/1875 d. 4/10/1943
(Son of Dolfus Augustus & Amanda Self)

Lindsey, Infant
b. 12/7/1925
“Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Lindsey”
(Dau. of Rosie Lee Forrester & Everett Lee Lindsey)

Barton, Infant (no date)

Barton, W. M.
b. 1899 d. 1927
(William M. Barton; husband of Rosie Bell Dutton)

Barton, Rosie Bell
b. 1903 d. 1929
(Rosie Bell Dutton Barton; wife of William M. Barton)

Barton, Dwight
b. 5/14/1949 d. 6/27/1965
Barton, Larry
b. 11/25/1947 d. 6/27/1965
(Sons of Arlen Houston & Elizabeth Barton)

Barton, Arlen
b. 9/2/1921 d. 12/26/2000
(Arlen Houston Barton; son of William M. & Rosie Belle Dutton Barton; husband of Elizabeth Barton)
Barton, Elizabeth
b. 10/29/1927 d. 4/30/1999

Row 8:
Lynn, Clarence W.
b. 7/30/1907 d. 5/7/1926
(Son of Riley Francis & Dovie Lane Powell Lynn)

Lynn, Dovie
b. 9/23/1887 d. 4/24/1915
(Dovie Lane Powell; dau. of John Wesley & Sarah Adeline Lindsey Powell)
Lynn, R. Frank
b. 3/12/1878 d. 3/16/1955
(Riley Francis Lynn; son of Edley Francis & Missouri J. Burch Lynn; husband of Dovie Lane Powell; married May 07, 1905)

Powell, John W.
b. 1854 d. 1913
(John Wesley Powell; son of John Byrd & Dovie Hare Powell)
Powell, Sarah A.
b. 1852 d. 1932
(Sarah Adeline Lindsey; dau of William & Dicie Matilda Myers Lindsey; donated cemetery land to Williams Chapel on August 12, 1899; married August 12, 1875)

Powell, Jake W.
b. 9/6/1889 d. 6/23/1961
“Ala. Pvt U.S. Marine Corps WWI”
(Jacob Wilbert Powell; son of John Wesley & Sarah Adeline Lindsey Powell)
Powell, Canzadie
b. 6/20/1892 d. 12/20/1968
(Canzadie Barton; together Jake & Canzadie had no children)



Myers, Milton
b. 9/3/1886 d. 2/27/1965
Myers, Maudie
b. 12/15/1892 d. 7/26/1985

Chandler, Frances Imogene
b. 4/15/1929 d. 2/5/1930

Abbott, Rebecca
b. 5/16/1816 d. 9/5/1891
Abbott, James S.
b. 12/12/1826 d. 1/28/1903

Abbott, Marion
b. 1/8/1899 d. 3/17/1900

Bobo, Rebecca Abbott
b. 1/10/1882 d. 5/7/1900

Aaron, R. B.
b. 8/6/1922 d. 8/15/1922
(Son of Manley & Ludie Aaron)

Aaron, Infant
b. 1929
“Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Aaron”

Carroll, William E.
b. 8/21/1926 d. 9/30/1979
Carroll, Norma J.
b. 8/3/1928

Row 9:
Aaron, W. J.


Allred, Richard
b. 1888 d. 1919
(Brother of James & W.D. Allred)


Allred, Jim
b. 1887 d. 1914
(James Allred 1st husband of Sudie Allred Murray; brother of W.D., Richard & Ocie Allred)

Allred, Mary E.
b. 2/5/1855 d. 4/12/1940
Allred, Andrew
b. 3/2/1845 d. 7/6/1900

Myers, Inf. Dau. of J. T. & M. M. Myers
b. 9/23/1902 d. 9/23/1902

Myers, Walter
b. 3/17/1889
(Infant marker)

Myers, Margaret B.
b. 1865 d. 1913
(Margaret Brown; wife of John Thornton Myers)

Myers, John T.
b. 1867 d. 1921
(John Thornton Myers; son of Elijah Thornton & Nancy Barton Myers)

Myers, Ora A.
b. 10/7/1895 d. 1/27/1919
(Son of John Thornton & Margaret Brown Myers; husband of Maudie Brown Myers Chandler)

Chandler, Maudie B.
b. 2/6/1898 d. 4/5/1949
(Dau. of John & Martha G. Self Brown; wife of Ora A. Myers)

(This is a homemade marker that just says Moore)

Hemrick, Tennie M.
b. 2/11/1915 d. 5/15/1995
Hemrick, Ola J.
b. 10/4/1908 d. 10/7/1980

Aaron, R. J.
b. 1/4/1862 d. 8/12/1938
Aaron, M. E.
b. 5/17/1862 d. 6/16/1939

Aaron, Ed
b. 12/13/1900 d. 5/16/1924

Aaron, Birtie J.
b. 12/28/1892 d. 10/2/1969
Aaron, Sam I.
b. 2/20/1891 d. 9/26/1960

Aaron, Charles “Bill”
b. 2/28/1928 d. 11/9/1985

Murray, Infant
b. 6/3/1935
“Son of Lonnie & Birtie Murray”

Murray, Bertie M.
b. 5/24/1904
Murray, Lonnie W.
b. 3/17/1908 d. 9/6/1976

Row 10:
Aderholt, Jerry D.
b. 10/9/1949 d. 12/27/1949
(Son of Grady & Betty Aderholt)
Aderholt, Sandra M.
b. 9/27/1950 d. 5/3/1951
(Dau. of Grady & Betty Aderholt)

Row 11:

Wilson, Bill

Akins, Laura W.
b. 1837 d. 1918

Akins, Isaiah Q.
b. 3/30/1837 d. 2/20/1891
“PVT Co H 56 Ala. Inf. Partisan Rangers CSA”


Akins, Effie
b. 9/23/1895 d. 8/25/1904

Akins, Martin
b. 9/7/1906 d. 9/7/1906

Akins, Gladis
b. 1/23/1917 d. 3/15/1917

Allred, Bobbie Nell
b. 7/12/1938 d. 2/18/1939
Allred, John W.
b. 7/6/1930 d. 7/17/1930

Stewart, Infant
(no date)
“Dau. of James & Jane Stewart”

Stewart, James
b. 3/17/1857 d. 4/7/1922
Stewart, Jane
b. 12/25/1865 d. 6/25/1931

Browning, Dorthan
b. 3/5/1925 d. 7/15/1927
Browning, Orlan
b. 10/6/192 d. 5/30/1929

Browning, Alton
b. 10/12/1933 d. 9/14/1934

Browning, Oscar
b. 11/3/1896 d. 4/22/1972
Browning, Nola
b. 5/10/1903 d. 5/25/1987
(Dau. of C.C. & Nan Akins)

Akins, C. C.
b. 2/20/1869 d. 2/11/1950
Akins, Nan
b. 3/22/1878 d. 5/22/1952

Row 12:
Allred, Wilburn W.
b. 1/10/1918 d. 3/14/1955
(Son of Ocie & Maudie Allred)

Allred, Maudie B.
b. 12/26/1900 d. 3/21/1949
Allred, Ocie O.
b. 7/18/1894 d. 7/1/1987
(Brother of W.D., James & Richard Allred)



Allred, W. D.
b. 1875 d. 1960
(Brother of James, Richard & Ocie Allred)
Allred, Martha Jane
b. 1875 d. 1948

Allred, Andy
b. 5/29/1898 d. 6/26/1898


Ramek, I. L.


Allred, Henry
b. 4/14/1883 d. 11/8/1920

Allred, Necy
b. 5/13/1890 d. 5/14/1927

Allred, Myrtle
b. 12/27/1909 d. 11/2/1933

Akins, David
b. 4/5/1866 d. 5/15/1947

Akins, Martha A.
b. 12/19/1865 d. 12/9/1920

Akins, Christopher
b. 3/15/1893 d. 10/10/1936

Akins, Ora
b. 1930
“Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Rufus Akins”

Akins, David A.
b. 1942
“Son of Mr & Mrs Arlon Akins”

Morrow, Infant
b. 1940
“Dau. of D. L. & Clara B. Mays Morrow”

Allred, Janie
b. 4/17/1913 d. 5/22/1991
(Dau. of C.C. & Nan Akins)
Allred, Razzie
b. 7/12/1909 d. 4/25/1972

Allred, David H.
b. 1/29/1937 d. 7/4/1987
“Son of Razzie & Jannie Allred”

Row 13:
Riddlesperger, Infant
b. 3/22/1922
“Son of Mr. & Mrs. Kelts Riddlesperger”

Riddlesperger, Infant
b. 9/22/1917
“Son of Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Riddlesperger”

Riddlesperger, Sarah
b. 1885 d. 1921

Riddlesperger, J. D.
b. 1868 d. 1954

Riddlesperger, Martha
b. 1899 d. 1936

McClendon, Dolphus (no date)
“Son of Rev. & Mrs B. McClendon”

McClendon, Lonnie (no date)
“Son of Rev. & Mrs B. McClendon”

Ramey, H. D. (no date)

Ramey. M. E. (no date)

Ramey. Viola Frances
b. 8/10/1859 d. 8/17/1915
“Wife of T. G. Ramey”


Bishop, John (no date)

Mays, Howard A.
b. 1913 d. 1975
“M Sgt. U.S. Army WWII Korea”

Row 14:
Akins, Rufus
b. 1918
“Son of Mr & Mrs. Rufus Akins”

Riddlesperger, Infant
b. 2/3/1919
“Dau. of Mr & Mrs. A. B. Riddlesperger”

Akins, Baby of J. D. & Sarah Akins (no date)

Riddlesperger, Infant (no date)
Baby of J. D. & Sarah Riddlesperger






Brown, Nancy
b. 1892 d. 1962
Brown, Ben
b. 1877 d. 1946


Brown, Warren L. Son of W. B. & N. J. Brown
b. 12/18/1916 d. 12/26/1917




Stewart, Infant
b. 6/31/1929 d. 6/31/1929
“Infant of Lois Stewart”


Row 15:
Weaver, Ronald Lee
b. 9/17/1953
“Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. M. Weaver”

Row 16:
Powell, Milford G.
b. 1900 d. 1946
(Milford Gladstone Powell 11/16/1900 - 9/7/1946; son of George Washington & Mata Viola Rice Powell)

Powell, Nell R.
b. 1901 d. 2000
(Nell Ruth Bartley 9/25/1901 - 12/10/2000; dau. of Henry Ice Dona Macdade Bartley; Nell’s ashes were buried on 5/5/2001; married Milford G. Powell in 1924)

Phillips, M. Jo
b. 12/10/1944 d. 7/21/1956
(Margaret Jo Phillips)
Phillips, M. Jewell
b. 3/1/1920 d. 4/1/1968
(Margaret Jewel Powell dau. of Newton Thomas & Ida Lovell Powell)
Phillips, Sid O.
b. 6/2/1914 d. 10/28/1972
(Sidney O. Phillips)


Williams, Betty L.
b. 8/12/1940 d. 8/24/1940

Loyd, Alton James
b. 6/8/1941 d. 6/5/1968

Abbott, Jill
b. 12/31/1982 d. 12/31/1982

Stewart, Narbalee
b. 11/12/1933 d. 3/16/1946


Row 17:
Kell, Willie B.
b. 1899 d. 1972

Knight, Wilburn R.
b. 7/29/1926
Knight, Susie E.
b. 11/9/1927
(Dau. of Willie B. Kell)

Robinson, Wennieth
b. 1972

Heard, James R.
b. 8/7/1951 d. 9/23/1951

Heard, Merritt Lester
b. 1903 d. 1956
Heard, Lois
b. 1913 d. 1971

Row 18:
Dutton, Norman C.
b. 6/28/1927 d. 12/29/1956
“Ala Sgt U. S. Air Force WWII”
(Son of Luther & Bertha Bailey Dutton)

Dutton, Luther S.
b. 6/15/1906 d. 2/23/1981
(Luther Samuel Dutton; son of Simeon B. & Adeline Stewart Dutton)
Dutton, Bertha M.
b. 4/23/1909
(Bertha M. Bailey; wife of Luther S. Dutton)

Tidwell, Infant
(Infant son of Major & Elsie Tidwell; unmarked)

Dutton, Lecil
b. 7/5/1930 d.
Dutton, Thena
b. 3/3/1930 d. 11/4/2002
(Dau. of George Albert & Lou Bowling Freeman)

Dutton, Mamer
b. 5/15/1902 d. 1/14/1963
(Dau. of Roxie Aaron Bailey; wife of Manley W. Dutton)

Dutton, Manley W.
b. 11/2/1900 d. 2/6/1976
(Son of Simeon B. & Adeline Stewart Dutton)

New Section
Row 1:
Lindsey, Evertt Lee
b. 6/26/1905 d. 6/12/1973
(Evertt Lee Lindsey son of son of Joseph Simms & Redia L. Stewart Lindsey)
Lindsey, Rosie Lee
b. 3/25/1909 d. 11/16/1986
(Rosie Lee Forrester; dau. of Luther Columbus & Fannie M. Self Forrester; married November 07, 1924)

Row 2:
Mays, Carla Lee
b. 4/24/1974 d. 10/26/1994
(Found dead at the cemetery, on grand-parents Fred L. & Emily Mays grave)

Mays, Fred L.
b. 6/27/1910 d. 3/14/1977
Mays, Emily
b. 8/25/1914 d. 4/30/1987
(Dau. of C.C. & Nan Akins)

Row 3:
Lindsey, Otis
b. 6/3/1910 d. 3/14/1990
(Otis Lindsey; son of Joseph Simms & Redia L. Stewart Lindsey)
Lindsey, Bertha
b. 11/25/1916 d. 7/5/2002
(Ruby Bertha Allen Lindsey wife of Otis Lindsey)

Row 4:
Dutton, Jimmy D., Sr.
b. 2/14/1934 d. 9/25/1986
(Son of Luther Samuel & Bertha M. Bailey Dutton)
Dutton, Jimmy D., Jr.
b. 11/4/1957 d. 8/21/1977
Dutton, Dothola Carr
b. 9/12/1934 d. 10/5/2002
(Jimmy D. Dutton, Sr. husband of Dothola Carr)

Row 5:
Short, Bennie J.
b. 3/9/1905 d. 4/4/1981
(Benjamin Jackson Short; son of James Albert & Daisy Elizabeth James Short)
Short, Audrey F.
b. 9/23/1908 d. 2/17/1999
(Audrey Frances Akins, married August 30, 1925)

Grace, Authur W.
b. 6/20/1930 d. 4/12/1973
“Ala PVT U.S. Air Force Korea”
Grace, Christine
b. 11/27/1933 d. 6/9/2002
(Dau. of Benjamin Jackson & Audrey Frances Akins Short)

Lay, Mary Etta
b. 9/3/1889 d. 3/18/1970

Stewart, Mary Frances
b. 9/24/1895 d. 6/2/1989
(Mother of Curtis & Thomas Stewart; sister to Birdie, Louvene, Hubert J. & Viola E. Stewart; Mary Frances never married)

Stewart, Hubert J.
b. 3/19/1893 d. 10/21/1969
“Mississippi PVT Co H 325 Inf. WWI”
(Husband of Gaye Lynn Stewart; brother to Birdie, Louvene, Mary Frances, & Viola E.)

Stewart, Gaye
d. 11/17/1905 b. 2/1/2000
(Dau. of Riley Francis & Dovie Lane Powell Lynn; wife of Hubert J. Stewart)

Cole, Sam C.
b. 1 /2/1925
Cole, Lena Mae
b. 12/16/1930 d. 2/27/1993

Johnsey, Evie
b. 7/22/1915 d. 10/13/1984

Johnsey, Wallace
b. 1/9/1909 d. 7/26/1983
Johnsey, Opal M.
d. 1 /2/1917
(Opal Mae Myers; dau. of Ora A. & Maude James Myers; wife of Wallace Johnsey)

Simmons, Troy
b. 3/19/1919 d. 6/8/1972
“Ala. PFC Co 238 Engr. CBT BN WWII”
Simmons, Mildred b. 1/20/1927
(Mildred Myers Simmons)

Myers, Sybil Inez
b. 3/25/1920 d. 9/28/2002
(Sister to Mildred Myers Simmons; never married)

Hulsey, William
b. 10/22/1944 d. 11/25/1998

Talley, Idella
b. 7/22/1885 d. 12/1/1971

Row 6:
Moon, Marlin b. 1/27/1921
“TEC 5 U.S. Army WWII”
Moon, Dean
b. 9/4/1926
“Married 12/23/1951"
(Dau. of Benjamin Jackson & Audrey Frances Akins Short)

Taylor, Jerry
b. 2/1/1946 d. 1/7/1999
Taylor, Judy Ann
b. 12/5/1949
“Married 1/1/1966"

Taylor, Joseph L.
b. d. 12/19/2003
(Son of Jerry & Judy Taylor)

Ruppel, James Ronnie
b. 4/9/1948 d. 10/8/1981

Chandler, Rev. B. Leon
b. 4/2/1932 d. 2/22/1997
(Leon Chandler United Methodist Minister Williams Chapel Church 1st husband of Estelle Chandler)
Chandler, Estelle B.
b. 4/25/1935

Tidwell, Orville
b. 11/24/1922 d. 2/22/1983
(Orville Tidwell son of John C. & Mary Orrah Abbott Tidwell)
Tidwell, Elzora
b. 4/28/1932 d. 6/20/2002
(Elzora Marie Lindsey, dau. of Everett Lee & Rosie Lee Forrester Lindsey)

Marion, Harlis
b. 10/24/1932 d. 10/22/2000
(Son of Albert Lee and Caroline Aaron Marion; 3rd husband of Elzora M. Lindsey Tidwell)

Row 7:

Row 8:
Parker, Donnie
b. 1/8/1950 d. 5/31/1989
Parker, Benny
b. 9/7/1952
Parker, Gary
b. 6/22/1948 d. 1/29/1998
(Sons of Ila Dean & Earnest Parker. Gary was hit by a car on 69 Hwy)

Parker, Ila Dean
b. 11/3/1924
Parker, Earnest
b. 11/9/1922
(Ila Dean & Earnest Parker, husband & wife)

Orton, Lawrence L.
b. 2/11/1924 d. 4/1/2000
Orton, Ruby
b. 8/3/1923 d. 2/27/2002
(Ruby Lee Stewart; dau. of Hubert J. & Gaye Lynn Stewart; wife of Lawrence L. Orton)
Morris, Jim H.
b. 9/21/1919
Morris, Annie Lou
b. 9/18/1925
(Dau. of Sidney Monroe & Annie Martha Aaron Tidwell)
Married 6/16/1945"

Valerio, Nicholas Anthony
b. 1 /2/1966 d. 10/8/1992

Aaron, Louvena
b. 12/30/1909 d. 7/22/1986

Allred, Arvil Lee
b. 10/8/1926 d. 12/28/1994
Allred, Ruby Lee
b. 2/4/1929 d. 2/24/1987
(Arvil & Ruby, husband and wife)

Chandler, Manuel Owen
b. 6/28/1926 d. 8/8/1987
“SA U. S. Navy WWII”
Chandler, Willodean
b. 3/26/1927

Clark, Marsha Kathleen Hunter
Dau. of John & Barbara Hunter
b. 6/10/1967 d. 11/18/1989
(Killed in car accident on 69 Hwy)

Niblett, Larry Wayne
b. 12/6/1965 d. 11/21/2001
(Son of Levoy G. & Nellie F. Niblett)

Niblett, Levoy G.
b. 6/26/1938
Niblett, Nellie F.
b. 5/6/1945 d. 1/21/1995
“Married 11/28/1960"

Wood, William G.
b. 7/3/1928 d. 8/17/1994
“U. S. Army Air Corps”

Row 9:
Loyd, Jerry Alton
b. 2/13/1968 d. 8/19/2000
(Son of James Alton & Doris Loyd Sr.)

Spain, Gayzell
b. 4/25/1943 d. 12/5/2003
(Dau. of Razzie and Janie Akins Allred)

Pruitt, Gene
b. 12/8/1943 d. 10/20/1995
Pruitt, Betty
b. 4/7/1948

Tidwell, Noah Wayne
b. 5/5/200 d. 5/30/2000
(Son of Teron Wayne & Raven Tidwell