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2006 queries..


Queries for 2006:

I am interested in knowing more about several killings in Walker County, Alabama, in 1908.  I will name the victims but do not want to embarrass anyone by naming the perps in this wide distribution.


 Case No. 1 - 1908


I came across some old notes on the case where:


GEORGE WILLIAMS was was said to have been killed by a man who mistakenly thought he was interested in his wife, RHODA H____.  RHODA H. ____claimed GEORGE WILLIAMS had whistled at her when she was in her garden near the road picking beans.  He claimed he was whistling at another woman he knew coming toward him up the road.  The wife alledgedly went to the mines twice tell her husband about the so-called-insult and alledgedly to demand WILLIAMS be killed.. 


GEORGE WILLIAMS body was discovered by a blackman named CHARLES WILLIAMS who was driving by in his buggy. 


GEORGE WILLIAMS was shot twice in the back. At his funeral they were wiping blood off his face and throwing rags on the grass where blookd was leaking out of his ears, nose and mouth.  My notes suggested this event took place and O' Galloway, a settlement since destroyed by Strip miners.  GEORGE WILLIAMS was hauled to the Coal Bed Cemetery in a Wagon in a homemade casket.  Perhaps he has no marker since he was not listed on the survey of that cemetery.


RHODA H. ----- claimed she was suggesting an apology when _____ showed up and fired the two shots into William's back.  At first they thought her husband had done the deed and arrested him, then  JOHNNY F____ confessed and gave himself up.  The case was not prosecuted.  does anyone know why?


Case 2 - 1908


PIERCE HERRON was killed by two men, while begging for his life.  One man, Will D_____ did the deed and ___ G____ and another man, name not identified, were with the killer.  They alledgedly told PIERCE HERRON that "Dead Men Tell No Lies."   The perps alledgedly served time for this killing.


The above was told to me by my grandfather who lived in Kansas at this time and later on the Galloway Road  in Carbon Hill and knew the people involved.  My notes are rather sketchy.


Anyone with more information can contact me at MASGrainger@knology.net for privacy.


I know the names of the perps as related to me by my grandfather, but would like to hear more details on the stories.


The year of 1908 was a violent time in Coal Mining towns.  This was the same year that the United Mine Workers were trying to assist striking miners in Jefferson county, Alabama, by providing them tents and food. (Usually the mine owners owned the housing the miners had lived in.)  Alabama Governor B. B. Comer gave the order for the National Guards to cut down the tents.  John P. White was president of the United Mine Workers.  



October-August 2006

The 10th Annual MUSGROVE Family Reunion will be held on Saturday, Oct. 28 beginning at 11 a.m. (come earlier if you can) at Musgrove Chapel United Methodist Church in Winfield, AL. Bring a covered dish to share and family pictures, letters, etc. Drinks, plates, napkins and utensils provided.


For more information, contact Bob Weeks <bweeks2@attglobal.net>, 386-672-0535; or Monya Havekost <MHavekost@bellsouth.net>, 803-788-2296.



William Jackson Banks was my paternal grandfather and Margarette Grace was my paternal grandmother. Both are buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery in Walker County AL. Margarette passed away about 1941 or so from stomach cancer and William passed away on 25 Dec 1952. I have photos of their headstones and of this cemetery. Most of my photo information is on 8mm video tape but I will transfer any desired information to a different format and e-mail a copy to you.

I have information on the Banks Family that goes back to the Northern Neck of Virginia at abt. 1635. Frances(Banks)Storey published two books on the Banks genealogy and there are copies in the Carl Elliott library in Jasper, AL.

I have the GEDCOM file on this Banks Family and I will be happy to send it to you just as soon as I can get some pc problems cleared up. I have this file on a hard drive that died last week and I also have it on a back-up drive. It will take a bit of time because I have some hardware incompatibility issues that must be resolved between the old and new pics.

Jim Grace sent a copy of The Grace Family file to me awhile back, so I have that information also. I will forever be grateful to him because his file filled in a huge missing void on my grandmother Margarettes side of the family.

Whenever possible, I am still gathering information on Banks, Batchelor, Grace and Russell families.

Best Regards and let's stay in-touch.

Ernest Banks  San Dimas, CA oldern@adelphia.net  Oct-2006

Seeking information regarding the Sam and Jackie K. Russell Roberts family in Jasper (1920) and Precinct 16 (1930) They were married in Blount Co on 25 Nov 1900. In 1910 they are in Blount but the census taker didn't record any of the children's names, just that they had 5. Sam died in 7 Jan 1939 and is buried in New Canaan Cemetery. Any help would be appreciated.

Mrs. Deon Smith Eagle, Idaho deonrs@msn.com<about:blank> Oct-2006

I am looking for Miriam A. Locke (Mrs. H. G.) She was a teacher in Walker county for years.  She was born on Apr. 19, 1907, and expired on Dec. 8, 1997.  Her last known residence was in Tuscaloosa City.  What I need to know is where she is buried, and a referral to a friend of the family or relative who may know something of her life and work.

Thank you. 

We have looked extensively on line for info without success.

D. H.

james hopkins [budanddelores@adelphia.net] Oct-2006

Please let me know if you have any information on E.W.Payne and his family-we can't find him after the 1880 census-also his son born in 1881 named Francis Marion Payne. There is no birth certificate for Francis-he is my grandfather. Thank you!

George & Walden [gwalden@chartertn.net]                Sept-2006

Is this E.W. in 1900, 1910 & 1920?

1900 AL Walker Co pg 259B [ED152-01B] Precinct 17, Alabama 2nd June

Line 76 H15/F16 Payne, Eward W 39 wd b Dec 1860 AL/AL/AL farmer, owns farm, free of mortgage, farm # 16

dau Minie L 16 b Oct 1883 AL/AL/AL attended school 6 months dau Arminda 14 b Aug 1885 AL/AL/AL dau Sarah M 12 b Oct 1887 AL/AL/AL attended school 6 months son Greely 11 b April 1889 AL/AL/AL attended school 6 months dau Alice L 8 b June 1891 AL/AL/AL dau Cora 7 b April 1893 AL/AL/AL dau Bertha M 4 b Sept 1895 AL/AL/AL son John W 8/12 b Sept 1899 AL/AL/AL [His brother, John is listed just before him with his family.]


1910 AL Walker Co pg 158A [ED188-07A] Precinct 22, 25 April

Line 9 Jasper & Parrish Road H114/F116 Payne, Edward W 40 wd b AL/AL/AL farmer, general farm, owns farm, free of mortgage, farm #74 dau Alice ? 18 b AL/AL/AL attended school dau Cora ? 17 b AL/AL/AL attended school dau Bertha M 13 b AL/AL/AL attended school son John Q A 11 b AL/AL/AL attended school dau Kerrys, Arminda 22 m1 3y b AL/AL/AL gr-dau Lerona M 7/12 b AL/AL/AL


In 1920, Edward is listed with one of his sons.

1920 AL Walker Co., pg 063B [ED097-11B] Precinct 1, Jasper, 20th & 21st Jan

Line 70 H227/F432 PAYNE, Greely Louis 30 m b AL/AL/AL farmer, general farm wife Callie 28 b AL/AL/AL son Kenneth 8 attended school b AL/AL/AL son Grady 6 attended school b AL/AL/AL dau Evyline 4 ?/12 b AL/AL/AL dau Dorothy ?/12 b AL/AL/AL father Edward William 56 wd b AL/AL/AL farmer, general farm

NOTE: I found who I think to be Edward's parents and grandparents in 1850, 1860, 1870 & 1880. If you are interested, let me know.

Melba Clark  [mjrclark@yahoo.com] Sept 2006

Is there anyone on the list researching the GILDER family of Walker County?

James Lafayette GILDER and his wife Mary Anne SUTTLE lived there in the late 1800's. He died in 1890 and is buried in an abandoned cemetery at Eldridge.

He was a Baptist preacher at the time of his death. Mary, his wife, was a daughter of Judge Isaac Willis SUTTLE and his wife Louisa McCARY. Mary is buried at Carbon Hill, Walker Co. James was also a Doctor and Surgeon - very busy man I guess.

There children were:

Mary James who married A. P. Smith

Laura who married J. D. Moore

George Suttle Gilder (Also a doctor)

Mattie who married J. L. Thompson

Ada S. who married a Mr. Francis

and my grandmother Sarah Fellie who's first husband was Marion McMillian, after his death she married Claude O. Looney and later moved to Atlanta, GA.

Since my grandmother's family moved away from Walker County I don't have any contact with the families of the siblings. Would love to know more about them.

Thanks so much,

Sarah......  Sarah Hamiter [sllh43@bellsouth.netSept 2006


In doing Internet searches for George W. Key, I found your Web Site at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~alwalker/CivilWarSoldiers.htm that showed, quote:  "Walker County, Al.  Civil War Soldiers-Histories-Legends-Confederate/CSA:  It showed, quote:


"A tribute to George W. Key.

Key, George W. 285h Ala. Co. E"


Plus other entries for other Soldiers named Key.


A Margaret Bolton, who is believed to be the sister of my Great Great Grandfather, Richard William Bolton, married a George W. Key in Marshall County, AL after their family was found (for the first time in America) in the 1850 U. S. Census of Marshall County.  In that 1850 U. S. Census, Margaret Bolton, 17, b. abt. 1833 in England was shown in the Household of her Stepfather, Charles Cross, 33, Ship Carpenter, b. abt 1817 in Scotland; her Mother, Jane Cross, 40, b. abt. 1810 in England; her Brother, Richard W.Bolton, 14, b. abt. 1836 in England; her Brother, John A.Bolton, 11, b. abt. 1839 in England; and her Stepsister, Jane E. Cross, 4, b. abt. 1846 in England.  Margaret Bolton's Mother Jane (Austin) Bolton was 1st married to Joseph Bolton, a British Soldier who was "Lost at Sea."  Joseph Bolton was the Father of Margaret, Richard William, and John A. Bolton shown in the 1850 U. S. Census of Marshall County.  After Joseph Bolton was "Lost at Sea," Jane (Austin) Bolton married my "Step" Great Great Great Grandfather Charles Cross and they had Jane Ellen Cross in England.  Later, they brought all 4 children to America -- and settled in Marshall County, AL before the 1850 U. S. Census was taken.


Margaret Bolton is shown in the 1860 U. S. Census of Morgan County, AL, South West Division, with her husband George W. Key, 30, b. abt. 1830, in Alabama, who was a Physician, and their children.  It showed:  "George W. Key, 30, b. in Alabama; Margaret Key, 27, b. in York Sher, England; James M. Key, 6, b. in Alabama; Laura J. Key, 4, b. in Alabama; and a Son George W. Key, 2, b. in Alabama. 


However, in the 1870 U. S. Census of Marshall County, Township 7, Range 3, Margaret Bolton and her children, with her Brother John A. Bolton, were back in Marshall County -- without her Husband, George W. Key.  That Census shows: "Margaret Key, 36, b. England, Father of Foreign Birth, Mother of Foreign Birth; Laura Jane Key, 14, b. Alabama, Mother of Foreign Birth; George W. Key, 12, b. Alabama, Mother of Foreign Birth; John C. Key, 9, b. Alabama, Mother of Foreign Birth; Isabella, 8, b. Alabama, Mother of Foreign Birth, and Bolton, John A., 32, b. England, Father of Foreign Birth, & Mother of Foreign Birth."  


Since our George W. Key was shown in the 1860 Census in Morgan County, AL with Margaret and their children but was not shown with the family in the 1870 Census in Marshall County, AL, I had always wondered whether my Margaret Bolton's husband might have been killed in the Civil War (1861-1865); however, I have never found any such record.  Finding a George W. Key on your Web Site, as being with the 28th. Ala. Co. E., makes me wonder whether that George W. Key is the same one that Married my Margaret Bolton in Marshall County, AL after the 1850 Census.


Can you tell me how I can get military data for the 28th. Ala. Co. E., and/or death data on that George W. Key shown on your Web Site?


Thank you very much for reading this.  I would appreciate any leads that might help me find out what happened to George W. Key from the Morgan County, AL 1860 U. S. Census.  May God Bless You and Your Family!


Doris C. Edmonds

345 Warrenton Shores Drive

Guntersville, AL  35976-6132

Phone:  256-582-2530

E-Mail Address:  edmonds345@charter.net 

April-July 2006

Do you happen to know if Mary Gooch Snow, wife of  Thomas Snow (parents of Dr. William Henry Snow), remarried?  Did she marry "Elisha Randolph of Fayette County?  I can not find records for this. Thomas Snow, Jr. is living in his household on later census.


Mary Gooch Snow born 1790 SC


Thomas Snow died Walker County around 1833?



Snowbaby9275@aol.com  July-2006


I am searching for supporting information [marriage records, land records, census, death, etc – where are the records?] on or about my gg-grandparents; James HOGAN, born Aug 16, 1808 in Rutherford County, TN., died Jul 17, 1877 in Kansas, Walker County, AL.. He was listed as a merchant in the Walker County. Records. He was married to Elizabeth McDonald, born Feb 17, 1820 in East TN., died Dec 4, 1869 in Kansas, Walker County., AL. Married abt. 1838 in Kansas, Walker County, AL. I understand that he held a number of public offices and a fair amount of land?.


Their children Mary HOGAN, born 1838

James J. “Jeff” HOGAN, born Jul 25, 1841 [served: Co. “K” Roddey’s  4th AL Cav Reg – CSA]

Martha J. HOGAN, born 1844

William P. “Bill” HOGAN, born 1845 [served Co. “K” Roddey’s 4th AL Cav. Reg. – CSA]

.Lucinda HOGAN, born 1854

Emily Elizabeth HOGAN, born 1860 in Walker County, AL.


Would appreciate any assistance that I may get.


Jimmie Lee Robins, US Army [retired]     July 2006

robinsjl [robinsjl@sbcglobal.net]

I am looking for information on a, Daisy Burgess, who was the informant on the death certificate of Sallie Marshall in Carbon Hill, Walker Co., AL in 1953. Daisy may have been the daughter of Sallie and her husband Rufus Marshall.

Thank you,

Valerie 4-2006   Valerie Lisk [valsgenes@sbcglobal.net]


Would greatly appreciate it if anyone with information regarding the fate of William Blackwood (b.1822) of Walker Co. could get in touch with me (B. A. Blackwood: bablckwd2.0@hal-pc.org ). William was possibly a son of Isaac Blackwood of Blount Co., Alabama. He last appears on the 1860 Walker Co. Federal Census with his family. His wife was Tabitha Cornelius. His family next appears on the 1870 Federal Census in Wright Co., Missouri, without him. He is therefore presumed to have died in Walker Co. sometime roughly between 1861-1869. Any help much appreciated. Thank you.

Barry Alan Blackwood  4-2006



January-March 2006


Hembree who lived in Jasper, AL in the 1940s. My gr grandfather's younger sister was a Mittie Ann (PUCKETT) HEMBREE who married a Peter HEMBREE & evidently later married a James Monroe HEMBREE. She had 2 sons, Wash & Homer (who died young). Wash signed Mittie's death certificate in 1942. I am trying to find info on her or her descendants & also suspect that she might have just been taken in by Andrew Jackson Puckett & Frances E. Roberts who married in 1837, Coweta Co. GA. Mittie's death certificate lists a Richard Puckett & Fannie Brooks as her parents. Mittie was b 1859, was in the Andrew J. Puckett h/h in the 1860 census but wasn't there in the 1870 census although she was listed in my gr grandfather's (Wm Samuel Puckett) Bible.

Any info appreciated.

Diane Puckett Ethridge  3-2006   Diane Ethridge [deae@consolidated.net]

Conroe, Tx


 In reference to a 2004 posting:

This is an old posting I sent you in 2004.  We have moved and our e-mail address is now:

rmccool2@kc.rr.com    Please change it on your website.   Thanks.   Joyce McCool



Searching for more information on John McEARL, born 1813 S.C. who appeared in 1840 census of Walker Co., Alabama.   He was listed as:  John McEREL,  1 male 20-30, 1 male under 5  and 1 female 20-30.  John's wife was Elizabeth N.A.V. (maiden name unknown) and the son under age 5 was Jackson J.    Cannot find this family prior to 1840 census of Walker Co., Ala.   By 1850 they were in Hancock Co, Ala;  1860 Winston Co, Ala;  1870 Prentiss Co., Mississippi and 1880 Garland Co., Arkansas.  Family History says Elizabeth N.A. V. , born abt. 1824 or 1827 in Alabama was full blood Indian.   Any help appreciated.        


 Joyce  at  (old address) 3-15-2004  NEW ADDRESS:rmccool2@kc.rr.com  3-20-2006

I am looking for any descendants of a Wash Hembree who lived in Jasper, AL in the 1940s. My gr grandfather's younger sister was a Mittie Ann (PUCKETT) HEMBREE who married a Peter HEMBREE & evidently later married a James Monroe HEMBREE. She had 2 sons, Wash & Homer (who died young). Wash signed Mittie's death certificate in 1942. I am trying to find info on her or her descendants & also suspect that she might have just been taken in by Andrew Jackson Puckett & Frances E. Roberts who married in 1837, Coweta Co. GA. Mittie's death certificate lists a Richard Puckett & Fannie Brooks as her parents. Mittie was b 1859, was in the Andrew J. Puckett h/h in the 1860 census but wasn't there in the 1870 census although she was listed in my gr grandfather's (Wm Samuel Puckett) Bible.

Any info appreciated.

Diane Puckett Ethridge  3-9-2006 [deae@consolidated.net]

Conroe, Tx

Here are a few "tid bits" from the Friday, Jan 10, 1964, edition of the Daily Mountain Eagle, just found on the backing of an old picture:

Musings by Martha Pennington

Mr. and Mrs. E.K. Barnes and Frank spent Sunday in Birmingham with her sister, Mrs. A.A. Holdridge, Mr. Holdridge, [and] her father, Mr. Pat McGarvin, who is spending some time with the Holdridges.

Keep hearing about those wonderful family get-to-togethers on that very special day of the year . . . Mrs. Stacy Preston had seven of her eight children, 13 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren with her. Here from Chattanooga were the Rev. and Mrs. C. Henry Preston, Tommy and Carol. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Preston, Raymond Jr. and Jimmy came from Wylam; Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Tyree, from Birmingham; the Rev. and Mrs. Davis A. Black, Janice, Caron and Janice of Malvern, Fla.; Mr. and Mrs. John D. Preston of Tarrant City; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Palmer, Jackie and Callie. Little Callie is only one month old - so of course she stole the show. Completing the family group were Mr. and Mrs. George Guthrie, Cathy and Robin, and Mr. and Mrs.

Mickey Barrett, Joe, Bobby and John Michael, of our town. The only child of Mrs. Preston's unable to attend was Mrs. Cleo Earnest. Tunis, Tunisia is a bit far - even for a day at home with the family.

Dr. and Mrs. W.T. Snoddy had as their guests last week her brother, Patrick Wright, Mrs. Wright and baby of Baltimore, Md. Since it had been nine years since they had so visited, it was an extra special time for the families.


Mrs. Robinson Entertains Group

Mrs. Joel Robinson entertained at a morning coffee party at her home on Ninth Avenue yesterday. Honorees were her sister-in-law, Mrs. John Hamilton, of Talladega, and cousin Mrs. William T. Cain, Norfolk, Virginia.

The coffee table was covered with an ecru linen embroidered cloth and decorated with a bowl of yellow flowers. Mrs. Bob Gunn poured coffee. A group of Jasper's young matrons were included in the courtesy.


Twentieth Century Club Holds Meet

The Twentieth Century Club met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Victor Grace, Mrs. Vernon Shaw presiding. The meeting opened with the club collect and salute to the flag. Mrs. Shaw brought the thought for the day. Mrs. T.D. Rice, program chairman, presented Mr. Vincent Valentino, who spoke interestingly on "National Defense".

The hostess served ambrosia, cake and coffee to Mrs. E.K. Barnes, Mrs.

John Drummond, Mrs. L.B. Goodwyn, Mrs. Ruth Meadows, Mrs. R.O. Phillips, Mrs. T.D. Rice, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. M.K. Smith, Mrs. G.D. Roberts and Mrs. Christie Summers.


Episcopal Women Conduct Meeting

Women of St. Mary's Episcopal Church held their monthly meeting at the Parish House Monday. The meeting was opened with prayer, after which Mrs.

John M. Miller III conducted the business meeting. Plans were made for the annual Parish supper, to be held on January 10, 6:30 p.m. in the church Parish house.

The study program and fund raising projects for 1964 were discussed . .

. Mrs. James O. Myers, Mrs. Charles Tweedy, Jr., Mrs. Jack Saul and Mrs.

T.J. Payne, Jr., will comprise the planning committee.

Mrs. John T. Oliver, Jr. served coffee to the Rev. B. Scott Eppes, Mrs.

F.A. Brotherton, Mrs. B.C. Driver, Mrs. W.D. Leake, Jr, Mrs. Myers, Mrs.

Payne, Mrs. Tweedy, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Frank Watkins and Mrs. R.J. Schlitt.

Sent by Caroline Horton 3-6-2006

caroline [carolineh@knology.net]

Would like to exchange info on the following surnames from Walker co.

Abbott. Williams, Raines, Kennymore/Kennemer, Cole, Robbins, Mullins/Mullens, Best,

Sides, Mooney, Loggains/Loggins, Pate, Haskins.

Dolores Raines/Sutton 3-6-2006

Ada Okla



Use Keyword As The Raines Came Down to view my sites

Please note this new website at the following web address


The site is dedicated to our Richardson ancestors who settled in Walker County before 1840. They seem to have migrated from South Carolina.

We hope to find more Richardson relatives and together hopefully fill in information gaps.

Thank you.

Star Soledad 2-21-2006  starfish@insightbb.com

Looking for information on Malinda E.Clawers of Eldridge, in Walker County Alabama she died in 1915. I think she maybe my gggmother. Some of her children were Isabella, Alonzo and Emma, I'm sure there are more children listed in my files, but if anyone knows anything about her please let me know. Thank -you for any help Julie  

Vincent Elkourie [vincent@HiWAAY.net]  2-2006