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Photo Queries

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This photo is of road workers in the WPA program.   They were working on a road near Cordova, Walker Co., AL. 
The man in the wheelbarrow is Henry J Mott .  He peddled wares to the road workers.  Look closely and see the rooster on the wheelbarrow beside him. 
Henry J Mott [31 May 1867-3 Dec 1935] was the father of my paternal grandmother, Gertrude Mott Robbins Evans.  He and his wife, Demarise Pritchett Mott [20 Sep 1867- 11 Sep 1937] are buried at East Dora Cemetery.
The man on back row, middle, is Henry's son, William Mott [12 Dec 1897-5 May 1964].   Bill's wife was Clara Winkler [10 Jul 1904-21 Feb 1992]. 
I would appreciate identification and/or information about any of the men in the photo.   Would anyone have a date for the time period when this photo was taken?
Melba Clark  1-15-2004  (For an enlargement of photo-email me)

Do you know this couple? Gabbert?

Submitted by Willie Barton  4-4-2004

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