New Hope Cemetery


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Cemetery Records

New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

 New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery is located on Pineywoods Sipsey Road in Walker County Alabama. James Thornton and Sarah Stewart Myers deeded land to the New Hope Church of the Primitive Faith in 1886.

 (Submitted by Vicky Tidwell - 2004) Ms. Tidwell's comments are in parenthesis and based on her research- to contact her--click here

 Names not separated by space are on the same marker.

Old Section
Row 1:
Bridges,  Valeria M.
b. 11/22/1926 d. 1/9/1998
(Dau. of George & Rillia Williams)
Bridges,  Milton W.
b. 3/4/1925
(Son of Milford & Lela Bridges)
“Married 5/12/1945"
Bridges,  Jimmy
b. 5/5/1969 (Infant grave)
Smith,  Ruby Myers
b. 12/8/1929 d. 12/22/1995
(Dau. of Thomas Morgan & Mabell Drummond  Myers)
Myers,  Mabell
b. 5/6/1901 d. 4/21/1979
(Dau. of William Drummond; married 5/27/1918)
Myers,  Thomas M.
b. 1/29/1898 d. 3/15/1982
Heatherly,  Ethel
b. 8/16/1898 d. 12/23/1978
(Dau. of William Drummond)
Heatherly,  Isom M.
b. 10/26/1895 d. 3/6/1967
“Married 10/15/1916"
Lawson (The name is scratched into a rock)
Lawson,  Mary Annette
b. 1/6/1947 d. 11/13/1992
Lawson,  Wennieth Heath
b. 10/28/1966 d. 10/28/1966
Wynnette,  Donna
b. 10/2/1967 d. 10/28/1967
Allred,  Glenn Dean
b. 1/22/1943
Allred,  Winford E.
b. 12/14/43 d. 10/18/1964
(Son of Raymond Allred)
Parnell,  Cecil Ray
b. 8/2/1901 d. 3/12/1964
(Son of Alfphus & Alice Parnell)
Parnell,  Lillie Mae
b. 8/9/1910 d. 10/12/1989
(Dau. of James & Sudie Allred)
Crow,  Jack D.
b. 7/13/1919 d. 1/21/1992
(2nd husband of Elender Murray Dobbs Crow)
Dobbs,  Elender
b. 3/2/1920
(Dau. of Lee & Sadie Murray)
Dobbs,  Lester Lee
b. 10/15/1888 d. 11/13/1962
(1st husband of Elender Crew)
Shoemaker,  Infant
“Son & dau. of James Shoemaker”
(No date; son & dau. of James Thomas & Ruthie Ellen Myers Shoemaker)
Young,  Wanda Sue Lynn
b. 3/8/1948 d. 4/30/1984
(Dau. of Otis & I. V. Lynn)
Lynn,  I. V.
b. 10/31/1920 d. 3/15/1990
(I. V. dau. of Thomas Morgan & Mabell Drummond Myers)
Lynn,  Otis
b. 9/23/1921 d. 9/19/2001
(Son of Otis & Willie Miller Lynn, Sr; I.V. & Otis married October 13, 1941; 2nd wife Margie)
Moore,  Albert III
b. 8/3/1956
“Inf. son of Mr & Mrs. A. L. Moore”
(Son of A.L. & Elvia Myers Moore)
Bridier,  Larry
b.11/9/1942 “Son”
Bridier,  Alice Tidwell
b. 6/8/1918 d. 1/15/1999
(Dau. of Love A. & Luella McClendon Tidwell)
Tidwell,  Luella
b. 8/31/1888 d. 6/17/1975
(Luella McClendon Tidwell)
Tidwell,  Love A.
b. 8/17/1888 d. 1/31/1975
(Son of Ryan Craven & Alcy C. Gould Tidwell)
Tidwell,  Luther E.
b. 10/9/1923 d. 3/7/1948
Myers,  Verla Marlee
b. 11/20/1944 d. 3/11/1949
“Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Marvin”
(Died from accidental burns)
Myers,  V. Beatrice
b. 2/14/1915
(Verla Beatrice Short dau. of James Albert & Minnie Lee Smith Short)
Myers,  T. Marvin
b. 3/25/1912 d. 3/16/1986
(Troy Marvin Myers son of Nathaniel & Sarah Jane James Myers; married 2/25/1906)
Capps,  Sara K.
b. 9/1/1935
(Sara Kate Myers Capps is the dau. of Troy Marvin & Verla Beatrice Short Myers)
Capps,  Rayford D.
b. 3/28/1938
(Rayford Delany Capps son of Odie Capps; married May 06, 1959)
Burton,  Albert Kenneth
b. 3/31/1945
(Son of Albert & Alma Lee Burton)
Burton,  Valerie Jo
b. 3/1/1947 d. 6/10/1968
(Dau. of Dewey & Elsie McCullar; killed in car accident on 69 Hwy)
McCullar,  Elsie M.
b. 12/25/1914
(Dau. of Joe & Vicie Myers)
McCullar, Dewey
b. 6/11/1898 d. 12/28/1970
Barton,  Mavis
b. 1/18/1928 d. 3/15/2003
Barton,  William “Bant” Marvin
b. 2/9/1923 d. 3/17/2002
(Son of William M. & Rosie Belle Dutton Barton, married to Mavis)
Barton,  Brenda Jo
b. 6/20/1947 d. 1/28/1948
(Dau. of William Marvin & Mavis Barton)
Lawson,  Larry
b. 7/3/1948 d. 6/29/1997
Dill,  Cecil E.
b. 1/18/1919 d. 4/5/1945
“AL PVT 19 Armed Inf BN 14 Armd Div WWII”
(Son of Albert & May Dill; killed in war)
Handley,  Roxie Lee
b. 8/2/1909 d. 9/15/1965
(Dau. of Albert & May Dill; 2nd wife of Roy Handley)
Richardson,  Betty Jo
b. 8/31/1933 d. 3/22/1987
Richardson,  Amos M.
b. 6/17/1931
“Married 1/26/1954"
Bailey,  James R. (no date)
Bailey,  Freeman
b. 10/17/1923 d. 1/16/1972
(Son of Mann & Adeline Stewart Baily)
Bailey,  Curt
b. 12/2/1916 d. 12/24/1980
(Son of Mann & Adeline Stewart Baily)
Bailey,  Lorene
b. 1/23/1921 d. 6/22/1993
(Lorene Key Bailey)
McPeak,  Melvin G.
b. 9/14/1938 d. 6/7/1987
McPeak,  Loretta B.
b. 9/13/1948
(Dau. of Curt & Lorene Key Bailey)
“Married 12/28/1963"
Reed,  D.O. Dryer
b. 1/31/1952 d. 2/1/1952
“Son of Mr. & Mrs. D. O. Reed”
Reed,  Deo
b. 1/25/1906 d. 5/12/1975
Reed,  Bearthel
b. 12/13/1911 d. 5/5/1990
(Dau. of William South)
Freeman,  Sammie
b. 11/22/1926 d. 7/1/1955
(Son of Florence Gertie Freeman Swafford)
Bailey,  Virginia Ruth
b. 1/27/1941 d. 8/26/1966
(Dau. of Florence Gertie Swafford; 1st wife of Hartwell Bailey)
Swafford,  Florence Gertie
b. 4/6/1905 d. 4/20/1992
(Florence Gertie Boyd Freeman Swafford)
Swafford,  James S.
b. 10/4/1898 d. 12/19/1971
Row 2A:
Gray,  Minnie Lou
b. 2/8/1916 d. 10/8/1998
Gray,  William
b. 5/3/1908 d. 1/17/1992
(William Thomas Gray; son of James & Mary Ann Gray)
Street,  Flora
b. 1/12/1903 d. 7/8/1979
(Dau. of William Drummond)
Street,  A. B.
b. 10/13/1884 d. 8/3/1970
Martin,  Mildred
b. 6/18/1937 d. 7/3/1987
(Mildred Hester Martin; wife of J. R. Martin)
Guthrie,  Ramona M.
b. 5/22/1944 d. 6/10/1968
(Dau. of Joe & Kathleen Buzbee Martin; killed in car accident)
Martin,  Kathleen Buzbee
b. 3/22/1918 d. 6/10/1988
(Kathleen Buzbee Martin; dau. of Wm. Azer & Etta Lay Buzbee)
Martin,  Joe
b. 7/31/1917 d. 5/8/1979
Cain,  Joyce L.
b. 10/31/1947
(Dau. of Raymond & Manleen Allred)
Cain,  Rodney
b. 3/25/1946 d. 10/7/1967
Cain,  Robert Allen
b. 5/6/1967 d. 5/7/1967
(Son of Rodney & Joyce Cain)
Cain,  Rodney Larmar
b. 3/14/1968
(Infant son of Rodney & Joyce Cain)
Naramore,  Carolyn
b. 2/19/1943 d. 5/3/2003
(Dau. of Cecil Ray & Lillie Mae Allred Parnell)
Mauldin,  Mildred Monell P.
b. 6/8/1925 d. 3/14/1983
(Dau. of Cecil & Lillie Parnell)
Mauldin,  Thomas Orville
b. 9/6/1922
(Son of Thomas & Nicie Mauldin)
Row 2B:
Turner,  Madgeline
b. 7/2/1926 d. 4/2/1977
Turner,  Ed, Sr.
b. 2/6/1921
McClendon,  Herbert
b. 6/12/1931 d. 9/18/2001
(Son of John Gurt & Pernie McClendon)
McClendon,  John Gurt
b. 5/11/1897 d. 12/13/1984
(Son of Burel & Georgia A. McClendon)
McClendon,  Pernie B.
b. 11/18/1900 d. 2/8/1987
(Pernie Banks McClendon)
McClendon,  Flora Mae  “Sister”
b. 12/21/1919
McClendon,  Clarence D. “Bother”
b. 7/10/1923 d. 10/21/1944
“Ala PFC 7 Inf Div WWII”
(Son and Dau. of John Gurt & Pernie McClendon; Clarence was killed in the war)
Sides,  Charles E.
b. 5/7/1933 d. 5/13/1998
Sides,  Reba Jo
b. 5/7/1933 d. 11/19/1992
(Dau. of Claude & Martha McClendon)
McClendon,  Claude S.
b. 1/4/1904 d. 3/31/1981
(Son of Burel & Georgia A. McClendon)
McClendon,  Martha D.
b. 5/15/1909 d. 4/11/2000
(Dau. of H.A. & Lavinia Drummond; married 1/9/1926)
McClendon,  Hurbert Gerold
b. 2/21/1931 d. 9/4/1962
(Son of Claude & Martha D. McClendon)
McClendon,  Bebie Carolyn
b. 7/28/1944 d. 4/16/1947
(Dau. of Claude & Martha McClendon)
Row 2C:
Myers,  Sarah J.
b. 2/18/1890 d. 7/20/1968
(Sarah Jane James Myers dau. of Daniel James; wife of Nathaniel Myers)
Myers,  Nat
b. 1/12/1983 d. 7/4/1951
(Nathaniel Myers son of Elijah Thornton & Nancy Barton Myers)
Myers,  Eula
b. 4/21/1897 d. 4/7/1991
(Dau. of James W. & Willie Burrell Boyd)
Myers,   Sam
b. 4/18/1889 d. 12/8/1972
(Son of Elijah Thornton & Nancy Barton Myers; husband of  Eula Boyd)
Frederick,  Martha M.
b. 8/30/1919 d. 1/19/2003
(Dau. of Joe & Luvicie Myers; also married to Lecil Kitchens)
Frederick,  Elbert Foy
b. 1/16/1906 d. 7/6/1974
Myers,  Vicie
b. 5/26/1892 d. 3/8/1982
(Luvicle Myers; Dau. of Dan Drummond)
Myers,  Joe
b. 3/10/1887 d. 11/19/1965
(Son of William & Elle N. Myers)
Myers,  Warren E.
b. 1 /2/1922 d. 1/15/1945
“Ala PFC 305 Inf 77 Inf Div WWII”
(Son of Joe & Vicie Drummond Myers; killed in the war)
Lawson,  Minnie Lee
b. 6/16/1927
(Dau. of Tommy & Louanner Drummond)
Lawson,  James Aubrey
b. 2/25/1924 d. 10/4/1990
Lawson,  Shelby L.
b. 3/28/1944 d. 1/27/84
Lawson,  James A.
b. 4/18/1943 d. 9/6/1975
(Son of Shorty Lawson)
Aaron,  Charlotte
b. 4/30/1957 d. 10/22/1960
Aaron,  Sudie
b. 6/24/1885 d. 9/18/1958
Aaron,  Mart B.
b. 2/20/1877 d. 8/17/1949
(Son of Samuel C. & Marth Jane Light Aaron; Husband & wife)
Owen,  Ella G.
b. 9/27/1903 d. 3/9/1988
(Ella Gunter Owen)
Owen,  William M.
b. 3/27/1895 d. 8/26/1973
“Ala Pvt US Army WWI”
Owen,  Helen
b. 11/18/1930 d. 11/1/1949
(Dau. of William & Ella Owen; Leon’s twin)
Owen,  Leon
b. 11/18/1930 d. 12/21/1998
(Son of William & Ella Owen; Helen’s twin)
South,  William A.
b. 9/7/1880 d. 3/15/1958
South,  Lucy E.
b. 7/26/1887 d. 3/30/1982
(Dau. of Jasper M. Murray)
South  (Unknown)
South,  Vertus G.
b. 5/19/1927 d. 7/17/1996
(Son of William & Lucy South)
South,  Racheal A.
b. 11/9/1928
(Racheal A. Basenburg South)
 “Married 1/18/1947"
Fewell  (Inf. grave)
Fewell,  Elsie
b. 6/6/1913
(Elsie Hubbard )
Fewell,  Robert E.
b. 9/9/1902 d. 11/24/1964
(Son of Felix & Sarah Ann Fewell)
Tidwell,  Dick “Brother”
b. 4/6/1921 d. 5/21/1950
Tidwell,  Elaine “Sister” 
b. 11/21/1915 d. 6/27/1974
(Rufus “Dick” Morgan Tidwell, Jr. and Elaine are the son and dau. of Rufus Morgan & Lou Ella Aaron Tidwell)
Tidwell,  Ella
b. 10/7/1893 d. 12/31/1978
(Dau. of Jake & Sarah Jane Gray Aaron Short)
Tidwell,  Rufus M.
b. 8/10/1887 d. 2/15/1962
(Son of Richard Nealy & Charlotte Lottie Willis Tidwell)
Wallace,  Donald M.
b. 2/14/1932 d. 7/10/1997
 “US Army Korea”
(Son of Leander & Dora Wallace; husband of Lottie Tidwell)
Murray,  Ila Dean
b. 4/29/1919
(Dau. of Rufus Morgan & Lou Ella Aaron Tidwell)
Murray,  James E. “Lige”
b. 12/10/1916 d. 8/16/1972
“Ala CPL US Army WWII”
(Son of J.M. & Villa Murray)
Collins,  Fannie b. 3/28/1910
Miller,  Jack
b. 1881 d. 1960
Miller,  Sadie
b. 1877 d. 1955
(Sadie Walls Miller)
Row 3A:
Reed,  Franklin O. D.
b. 2/13/1935 d. 5/31/1991
(Son of Deo & Bertha Reed)
Reed,  Mary Ann
b. 3/9/1950
(Mary Ann McClendon)
Reed,  Raymond Lynn
b. 5/18/1957 d. 10/31/1982
(Son of Deo & Bertha Reed)
Graham,  Lando
b. 5/31/07 d. 10/5/1995 “Uncle”
Aderholt,  Charles William
b. 7/18/1920 d. 5/30/1980
“PVT US Marine Corps WWII”
Myers,  Mary B.
b. 3/5/1932 d. 11/17/2001
(Mary Belle Bates; dau. of Herbert Cornelius & Clara McLain Bates)
Myers,  Virgil L.
b. 7/28/1926 d. 3/20/1989
(Son of Thomas Morgan  & Mabell Drummond Myers)
Reed,  Vera Margaret
b. 7/28/1934 b. 6/17/1968
(Dau. of Thomas Morgan & Mabell Drummond Myers; wife of Franklin O. D. Reed)
Bridges,  Lela
b. 10/4/1907 d. 2/9/1980
(Lela Barret Bridges)
Bridges,  Milford
b. 10/2/1903 d. 1/3/1973
(Son of Robert & Rose Ann Bridges)
Wilson,  Lenita
b. 7/10/1950 d. 7/7/1961
Wilson,  Pearlie
b. 10/14/1919
(Dau. of Jim & Mary Ann Gray)
Wilson,  James W.
b. 5/16/1917 d. 3/10/1973
Row 3B:
Wylie,  George W.
b. 5/20/1911 d. 5/31/1963
(Husband of Nettie Turner)
Miller,  Tommy
b. 7/11/1914 d. 4/14/1945
(Husband of Nettie Turner)
Miller,  Janice Fay
b. 4/26/1945 d. 5/27/1946
"Dau. of Tommy & Nettie”
Turner,  Willie
b. 1894 d. 1966
Turner,  Henry A.
b. 1881 d. 1951
Turner,  Neal “Brother” 
b. 6/3/1923 d. 8/14/1986
Myers,  Louise
b. 10/9/1916
(Louise  Braden Myers)
Myers,  W. Roy
b. 7/29/1905 d. 1/23/1947
(Son of Nathaniel & Sarah Jane James Myers)
Row 3C:
Myers,  Mary Elizabeth wife of G. Wash Myers
b. 4/14/1852 d. 10/29/1914
Myers,  G. Wash
b. 2/15/1848 d. 1/4/1924
(Son of James Thornton & Jane Blalock Myers)
Buzbee,  Elizabeth J.
b. 2/5/1846
(Elizabeth Jane Myers dau. of James Thornton & Jane Blalock Myers)
Buzbee,  Joshua L.
b. 3/8/1847 d.1/26/1926
(Robert Buzbee’s father)
Buzbee,  Chesly son of Robert & Dona Buzbee 8/23/1918
Buzbee,  Inf son of Alton & Ethelene Buzbee 9/11/1949
Buzbee,   Kathie Ann dau. of Alton & Ethelene Buzbee
Buzbee,  Dona
b. 8/12/1897 d. 2/15/1974
(Dau. of Tommy & Lou Ann Drummond)
Buzbee,  Robert C.
b. 2/23/1889 d. 1/16/1968
(Son of Joshua L. & Elizabeth Jane Myers Buzbee; married 11/2/1913)
Lawrence,  Hubert C.
b. 2/14/1896 d. 4/10/1943
“PFC Co L 168 Inf 42 Div WWI PH”
Lawrence,  Minnie L.
b. 9/25/1906 d. 5/18/1999
(Dau. Tommy & Lou Ann Drummond)
Sasser,  Mary Ann “daughter”
b. 6/5/1958 d. 7/10/1988
Dill,  Barbara L. “mother”
b. 5/7/1942 d. 3/6/1994
Dill,  Anthony John
b. 1/28/1962 d. 4/6/1997
Aaron,  Evelyn L.
b. 3/12/1926
(Evelyn Lawson Aaron)
Aaron,  Wm. Marlin
b. 1/29/1917 d. 5/25/1997
(Son of Mart B. & Sudie Aaron)
Clement,  Jane “mother”
b. 5/15/1893 d. 11/18/1978
Key,  Ernie “son”
b. 8/18/1926
Dill,  Louise
b. 5/19/19 d. 4/5/1983
Dill,  James Howard
b. 11/13/1920 d. 5/28/1980
(Brother of Pink Dill)
Row 3D:
Stanley,  Charles Andrew
b. 5/25/1930 d. 10/29/1996
“US Army Korea Purple Heart”
Morgum,  Lonnier
b. 3/9/1983
Robertson,  Visie Mae
b. 4/27/1912
(Dau. of William Less & Stella Allred Tidwell)
Robertson,  John W.
b. 3/10/1904 d. 7/10/1988
Moore,  Dorothy K.
b. 1/31/1979
(Dau. of Frances M. Tidwell Moore)
Lee,  Frances M.
b. 8/12/1938 d. 2/3/2000
(Frances Magalene Tidwell Moore Lee)
Puckett,  Lillian
b. 3/4/1904 d. 4/22/1983
Puckett,  Willie O.
b. 8/6/1916 d. 5/3/1974
Capps,  Carl Ray
b. 5/17/1953 (Infant)
Capps,  Jerry Wayne
b. 5/12/1951 d. 4/10/1995 (Son of Virgil and Louise Capps)
Tidwell,  Dovie
b. 5/27/1896 d. 10/19/1951
(Dau. of Tom & Louana Barton Haywood; wife of Cadmus Asberry Tidwell)
Tidwell,  Cadmus
b. 11/14/1893 d. 1/5/1975
(Cadmus Asberry Tidwell, son of Dillard C. & Clary Jane Bailey Tidwell he is buried at Tidwell cemetery)
Banks,  Oddis
b. 6/6/06 d. 6/29/1985
(Son of J. Monroe & Omie Busby Banks)
Banks,  Hazel
b. 9/3/1966 d. 5/4/1977
(Dau. of Dillard C. & Clary Jane Bailey Tidwell; married November 02, 1932)
Banks,  Roger Dale
b. 10/6/1943 d. 3/3/1994
(Son of Oddis & Hazel Banks; husband of Diane Lynn Dunaway)
Freeman,  Ottis
b. 12/25/1926 d. 4/10/1981
(Son of Al Freeman)
Freeman,  Alene
b. 12/6/1925
(Dau. of Clifton & Nicie Bailey)
Freeman,  Teresa
b. 10/20/1956 d. 10/20/1956
(Dau. of Alene & Ottis Freeman)
Bailey,  Infant
“Son of Houston & Bernice Bailey”
Bailey,  Denverd
b. 8/13/1944 d. 8/15/1964
(Son of Clifton Roosevelt & Nicie J. Tidwell Bailey)
Bailey,  Nicie
b. 7/11/1910 d. 6/5/2000
(Dau. of Dillard C. & Nancy E. McClendon Tidwell)
Bailey,  Clifton
b. 8/27/1903 d. 9/26/1987
(Clifton Roosevelt Bailey; Son of Roxie Bailey)
Miller,  Marion W.
b. 4/5/1889 d. 8/13/1957
“Ala PVT 68 Prov Tng GP MT WWI”
Smith,  W. D.
b. 1 /2/1928 d. 3/3/1977
(William Dough Smith)
Smith,  Ollie
b. 2/21/1915
(Ollie Ann Miller Smith)
Williams,  Jacqueline Ann “Jakie” Smith
b. 12/21/1952 d. 7/6/2003
(Dau. of W.D. and Ollie Ann Smith; wife of Norman R. Williams)
Williams,  Norman R.
b. 8/26/1948
Row 4A:
Allred,  Raymond
b. 11/4/1916 d. 11/2/1989
(Son of Ocie & Maudie Allred)
Allred,  Manleen
b. 2/1/1920 d. 9/23/1994
(Dau. of George & Ethel Lawson)
Allred,  Ricky Lynn
b. 12/2/1959 d. 10/16/1984
Partain,  Mary Jane
b. 6/18/1934
Partain,  Ray
b. 3/15/1935 d. 8/11/1984
Gray,  Curtis M.
b. 4/1/1942 d. 4/1/1983
(Curtis MacArthur Gray son of Curtis and Cebell Tidwell Gray)
Tidwell,  Cebell
b. 11/23/1923
(Dau. of Jadie & Renie Tidwell)
Tidwell,  Asberry
b. 1/15/1920 d. 8/15/1986
“S Sgt US Army Air Corps WWII”
Bridges,  Leslie Diane
b. 6/28/1990
Bridges,  Alicia Gayle
b. 6/28/1990
(Infant’s graves, grandchildren of Charles Bridges)
Aaron,  Warren B.
b. 11/9/1922 d. 1/17/1985
(Son of Mart & Sadie Aaron)
Aaron,  Lucy
b. 11/29/1929
(Dau. of Milford & Lela Bridges)
Aaron,  Ham
b. 6/27/1932 d. 8/19/1992
“Hamilton L. Aaron CPL US Army Korea”
(Son of Wilson R. Aaron)
Woolsey,  Phillip Dean
b. 11/19/1929 d. 5/5/1988
Duke,  Jewel G.
b. 9/14/1917
(Dau. of Jim & Mary Ann Gray)
Duke,  Reuben R.
b. 3/24/1915 d. 7/31/1979
Row 4B:
Wilson,  William H.
b. 2/17/1888 d. 5/13/1971
(Father of Carl & Lee Wilson)
Wilson,  Delia A.
b. 2/23/1887 d. 12/13/1975
(Dau. of Joshua Jefferson & Martha Jane Key Stewart)
Wilson,  Clyde Julian
b. 1930 d. 1988
“PFC US Army Korea”
Wilson,  Loyd G.
b. 3/16/1921 d. 7/25/1985
Wilson,  Julia
b. 1887 d. 1988
Wilson,  Tom
b. 1877 d. 1954
Hamilton,  Infant
b. 9/5/19434 d. 9/6/1943
“Son of Mr. & Mrs. Gus Hamilton”
Hamilton,  Tommy John
b. 4/9/1934 d. 3/9/1935
Hamilton,  John H.
b. 4/10/1864 d. 10/14/1941
Hamilton,  Gertrude
b. 7/14/1890 d. 6/10/1978
Rice,  Sissy
d. 1948
(Wife of John Rice)
Rice,  John
d. 1932
(Husband of Sissy Rice)
Rice,  Lula B.
b. 1897 d. 1958
(Dau. of Felix & Betty Fewell)
Rice,  Olen
b. 1897
(Son of John & Sissy Rice)
Row 4C:
Buzbee,  Martha Jane
b. 5/19/1883 d. 1/11/1928
(Dau. of Joshua L. & Elizabeth Jane Myers Buzbee)
Drummond,  Elva
b. 6/17/1916 d. 11/18/1918
(Dau. of Razzie D. & Rebecca S. Drummond)
Stewart,  Sarah Jane
b. 1/16/1857 d. 12/7/1924
(Sarah Jane Blevins)
Stewart,  Manley
b. 2/10/1852 d. 1/16/1934
(Son of Samuel & Frances Stewart)
Drummond,  Thomas
b. 7/20/1913 d. 5/23/1929
(Son of Razzie D. & Rebecca S. Drummond)
Drummond,  Rebecca S.
(Born abt. 1892)
Drummond,  Razzie D.
( born abt. 1890)
Drummond,  Eva J.
b. 11/12/1910 d. 1/28/1979
Drummond,  Sammie E.
b. 9/3/1920 d. 5/23/1980
Unknown (Infant)
Row 4D:
Dill,  Zora G.
b. 8/30/1919
Dill,  Clyde
b. 5/12/1911 d. 7/11/1973
Unknown (Infant grave)
Dill,  Lucile N.
b. 1918 d. 8/16/2002
(Dau. Of Henry Norris & Daisey Abston; wife of James Dill, Jr)
Dill,  James Jr.
b. 6/3/1927
Vines,  Donna
b. 1/31/1954
Vines,  Richard
b. 1/8/1964 d. 3/28/2000
“Children Jacob, Kayla, Scott”
(Son of Raborn Leon & Shirley Allred Vines)
Ingle,  Shirley G.
b. 11/20/1939 d. 8/28/1998
Ingle,  Paul D.
b. 7/28/1938
“Married 10/2/1965"
Fewell,  Frank Norman
b. 9/24/1936 d. 8/4/1997
Tidwell,  Thelma
b. 5/30/1926 d. 12/9/1972
Crider,  Vernon D.
b. 2/25/1933 d. 2/13/1981

Light,  Mamie Opal
b. 12/16/1921 d. 8/16/1989
(Dau. of William Less & Stella Allred Tidwell)
Light,  James Elvert
b. 3/17/1911 d. 7/22/1971
Tidwell,  Stella A.
b. 10/27/1897 d. 4/9/1972
(Stella Allred wife of William Less Tidwell)
Tidwell,  W. Less
b. 3/10/1891 d. 4/14/1973
(William Less Tidwell, son of Dillard C. & Clary Jane Bailey Tidwell; husband of Stella Allred Tidwell)
Tidwell,  Ethel Mae “Sister”
b. 9/5/1941 d. 3/22/2001
Tidwell,  Rufus
b. 9/14/1920 d. 2/9/1952
Tidwell,  Hazel
b. 12/1/1926 d. 7/14/1971
Gray,  Baby “Boy”
Gray,  Emmie
b. 8/25/1917 d. 8/8/1999
(Dau. of Millard & Pearlie Hunter)
Gray,  Sherman
b. 5/14/1910 d. 4/23/1963
“S1 US Navy WWII”
Turner,  Louis
b. 7/14/1873 d. 2/9/1955
(Brother of George Turner)
Turner,  Cecil C.
b. 8/2/1900 d. 7/5/1971
(Brother of George Turner)
Aaron,  Gary Ralph
b. 5/27/1946 d. 6/7/1970
(Son of Wilson Roosevelt & Alice Jane Aaron)
Row 5A:
White,  William “Bill”, Jr.
b. 11/11/1936 d. 6/14/1994
Partain,  Estell
b. 3/30/1905 d. 7/17/1993
Partain,  Walter
b. 5/18/1904 d. 4/18/1993
Partain,  Carolyn
b. 4/4/1947 d. 10/29/1999
(Dau. of Pauline Hare)
Partain,  Odell C.
b. 10/2/1929 d. 3/11/2002
(Odell Clifton Partain; husband of Carolyn Sue Hare Partain)
Thompson,  Kenneth
b. 11/21/1955 d. 11/15/2001

Row 5B:
Hamilton,  Eunice
b. 12/23/1937 d. 3/12/2002
(Dau. of Gus H. & Jewel E. Hamilton)
Hamilton,  Jewel E.
b. 7/9/1911
(Dau. of Tom Wilson)
Hamilton,  Gus H.
b. 11/16/1907 d. 1/21/1994
Hamilton,  Lee A.
b. 4/16/1940 d. 1/10/1974
(Son of Gus H. & Jewel E. Hamilton)
Hamilton,  Mary Ann Inf. dau. of Lee & Mary Hamilton
b. 6/29/1965
Tidwell,  Ella “mom”
b. 10/11/1911 d. 2/25/2000
(Ella Ray Luther Tidwell)
Tidwell,  Jean “daughter”
b. 9/26/1935
Tidwell,  Dorse “dad”
b. 5/10/1906 d. 5/8/1997
(Son of John Ray & Martha Ann Myers Tidwell)
Tidwell,  William S.
b. 3/1/1929 d. 7/29/1945
(William Sammie, son of Dorse & Ella Ray Tidwell)
Tidwell,  Effie
b. 8/16/1879 d. 5/4/1962
(2nd wife of John Ray Tidwell)
Aaron,  William
b. 6/4/1919 d. 6/12/1942
“Ala PVT 631 Tank Destroyer BN”
Tidwell,  Vera
b. 4/15/1910 d. 10/9/1936
Tidwell,  Mace
b. 5/1/1900 d. 11/2/1957
(Son of John & Martha Tidwell)
Wilson,  Lorene b. 12/5/1926
(Dau. of Mace & Vera Luker Tidwell)
Wilson,  Roy
b. 10/10/1907 d. 7/14/2003
(Roy Roosevelt Wilson, son of John & Pearlie Wilson)
Row 5C:
Henson,  Gladys “Johnnie” Inez
b. 4/24/1920 d. 11/8/1999
(Gladys Inez Aaron Henson)
Henson,  Robert E.
b. 8/2/1915 d. 11/15/1999

Henson,  Caroline
b. 7/24/1886 d. 8/19/1977
(Caroline Buzbee Henson dau. of Joshua L. & Elizabeth Jane Myers Buzbee)
Henson,  J. C.
b. 2/10/1878 d. 1/19/1946
(James C. Henson)
Henson,  Estelle
b. 7/28/1913 d. 12/6/1990
(Dau. J.C. & Caroline Buzbee Henson)
Henson,  Rosella
b. 2/27/1909 d. 11/8/1993
(Dau. J.C. & Caroline Buzbee Henson)
Dill,  Chassie M.
b. 10/14/1934 d. 6/2/1995
Dill,  James D.
b. 9/21/1961 (Infant grave)
Dill,  Vertis
b. 2/24/1936
Dill,  James Randall
b. 1958 d. 11/15/2002
Dill,  Mary Helen
b. 3/18/1937
Dill,  Charles “Bit”
b. 1938 d. 8/26/2002
(Husband of Mary H. Dill)
Barton,  Rodney
b. 1/4/1954 d. 5/23/2003
(Son of William “Bant” Marvin & Mavis Barton)
Bailey,  Kenneth Ray
b. 5/2/1941 d. 6/23/2003
(Son of John Curtis & Lorene Key Bailey; Husband of Linda Capps Bailey)
Row 5D:
Hubbard,  Daniel W.
b. 2/5/1908 d. 7/24/1991
Hubbard,  Thomas J.
b. 7/2/1906 d. 9/13/1955
“Ala PFC Med Det Station Com WWII”
Hunter,  Robert
(Son of Millard and Pearlie Hunter, no date)
Hyche,  Patricia Ann
b. 7/16/1947 d. 1/25/2003
(Dau. of Curtis & Fairy Hunter Gray)
Gray,  Curtis
b. 1914 d. 1957
“SGT Co L 21 Inv WWII BSM”
(Son of Jim & Mary Ann Gray; husband of Fairy Mae Hunter Gray)
Gray,  Fairy Mae
b. 8/5/1922 d. 11/15/2000
(Dau. of Millard and Pearlie Hunter; wife of Curtis Gray)
Brannon,  James Allen
b. 7/11/1969 d. 4/19/1987
(Grandson of Curtis & Fairy Mae Gray)
Bailey,  Mary Gray b. 10/14/1940
(Dau. of Sherman & Emmie Gray)
Bailey,  Arlein “Fuzz” b. 2/4/1942 d. 3/22/2000 “SP 4 US Army Vietnam”
(Son of Clifton Roosevelt & Nicie J. Tidwell Bailey)
Varner,  William Louis
b. 5/5/1983 (Infant grave)
Evans,  Vilia R.
b. 12/27/1949
Evans,  Jackie L.
b. 9/24/1948 d. 10/21/1999
“CPO US Navy Vietnam”
(Son of Coye & Ruthie Tidwell Evans)
Evans,  Janet
b. 2/13/1955
“Dau. of Coye Evans”
(Dau. of Coye & Ruthie Tidwell Evans)
Evans,  Ruth Tidwell
b. 11/21/1916 d. 1/19/1982
(Dau. of Travis Jadie & Rene Myers Tidwell)
Evans,  Coye
b. 5/7/1915 d. 7/19/1967
“S2 US Navy WWII”
(Son of Tom Evans)
Row 6A:
Bean,  Robert “Jeff”
b. 3/1/1965 d. 4/1/2000
(Son of Pearl and Robert Bean; husband of Mandy; killed in car accident on 69 Hwy)
Thompson,  Renda Kathy
b. 8/2/1954 d. 11/16/2003
(Dau. of Asberry and Cebell Tidwell)
Row 6B:
Boyd,  Nancy C.
b. 11/8/1886 d. 5/17/1955
(Nancy Caroline Myers, dau. of Elijah Thornton & Nancy Barton Myers)
Boyd,  Dock D.
b. 5/20/1887 d. 8/5/1943
(Son of James W. & Willie Burrell Boyd)
Parker,  Sarah Lou
b. 12/9/1872 d. 12/1/1959
Drummond,  Lavenia
b. 9/22/1892 d. 8/25/1982
Drummond,  Hubert A.
b. 9/23/1885 d. 1/4/1966
Drummond,  Infant
b. 6/2/1927
“Son of Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Drummond”
McClendon,  Ruby Nell
b. 7/2/1927 d. 2/15/1929
(Dau. of Claude & Martha McClendon)
Drummond,  Infant
b.  1/20/1934
“Son of Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Drummond”
Henson,  Infant
“Dau. of James C. & Caroline Henson”
Henson,  Stella May
b. 6/19/1911 d. 6/16/1913
Henson,  Charles E.
b. 4/6/1940 d. 4/14/1940
Row 6C:
Crell,  Aaron R.
b. 7/8/1930 d. 3/12/1995
“SSGT US Air Force Vietnam”
Pruitt,  Jerry Dale
b. 10/21/1961 d. 7/24/1982
Williams,  Martha Rose
b. 1962 d. 2/5/2003
(Dau. of M. Presby & Mildred Williams)
Bailey,  Willie T.
b. 1/7/1900 b. 12/3/1985
(Dau. Of Ryan Craven & Alcy Gould Tidwell)
Bailey,  John H.
b. 1/25/1909 d. 8/18/1961
Bailey,  Mary
b. 8/11/1887 d. 5/10/1956
Bailey,  Gilbert
b. 6/6/1884 d. 5/20/1957
Robinson,  Bertie
b. 5/10/1905 d. 10/8/1985
(Bertie Bailey Robinson)
Robinson,  Fred
b. 6/7/1904 d. 1/27/1967
Freeman,  Jerry Norman
b. 9/23/1977 d. 10/21/1977
(Son of Jerry Dewayne & Ruby Nell Gray Freeman)
Freeman,  Ruby Nell Gray
b. 6/20/1952 d. 5/7/1989
(Dau. of Sherman & Emmie Gray; Wife of Jerry Dewayne Freeman)
Freeman,  Jerry Dewayne
b. 6/12/1948 d. 11/23/1999
(Son of Hoover & Alice Dutton Freeman)
Row 7A:
Williams,  Terry M.
b. 11/9/1951
(Terry Mitchell Williams; son of Charles Lafayette & Alice Georgialene Handley Williams)
Williams,  Georgia H.
b. 12/16/1924
(Alice Georgialene Handley; dau. of Rufus & Fran Handley)
Williams,  Bill C.
b. 9/26/1921 d. 10/27/2000
(Charles Lafayette Williams; son of Markus Van & Zillie Mae Aaron Williams)
Row 7B:
Murray,  Robert
b. 3/24/1918 d. 10/1/1986
(Son of Lee & Sadie Murray)
Fewell,  Luther E.
b. 9/3/1899 d. 10/13/1977
Fewell,  T. Willie
b. 3/9/1905 d. 12/2/2000
(T. Willie Miller Fewell, wife of Otis Lynn, Sr. and Luther Edward Fewell)
Fewell,  Gary
b. 9/27/1946
(Son of Luther E. & T. Willie Fewell)
Martin,  Sandreal
b. 12/29/1942
(Infant grave; Dau. of Joe & Kathleen Martin)
Lay,  Julius
b. 7/10/1905 d. 4/11/1930
(Brother of Etta Lay Busbee)
Murray,  Garland
b. 8/6/1925 d. 5/28/1994
“CPL US Army Korea”
(Son of Lee & Sudie Murray)
Murray,  T. Lee
b. 9/12/1895 d. 5/1/1979
(Son of Jasper H. & Martha Murray)
Murray,  Sudie
b. 10/14/1889 d. 4/25/1980
(Granddaughter of Pink Bailey)
Unmarked (Infant of Lee & Sudie Murray)
Unmarked (Infant of Lee & Sudie Murray)
Unmarked (Infant of Lee & Sudie Murray)
Fewell,  Fred
b. 1909 d. 1981
(Son of Felix M. & Sara Ann Fewell)
Fewell,  Sarah Ann
b. 1876 d. 1961
Fewell,  Felix M.
b. 1876 d. 1938
Fewell,  Baby Girl
Row 7C:
Lowe,  Clifton Joetta b. 8/26/1951 d. 4/5/1999
Clifton,  Robert Wayne son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Clifton
b. 6/11/1976 d. 6/11/1976
Whitley,  Jeffery Phillip
b. 10/21/1969 d. 3/17/1970
Robinson,  Janie
b. 1/7/1880 d. 1/21/1957
Robinson,  Henry B.
b. 7/15/1881 d. 1/8/1968
Hubbard,  Betty Jean Wright
b. 1/14/1947 d. 5/13/1993
Harris,  Lillie
b. 10/26/1916 d. 8/23/1993
Harris,  Tommie
b. 10/3/1905 d. 4/2/1964
(Parents of Vonda Lee Harris Bailey Bridges)
Bailey,  Susie
b. 12/24/1957
(Dau. of Marvin Layton & Vonda Lee Bailey)
Bailey,  Marvin Layton
b. 6/6/1931 d. 8/31/2000
(Son of Clifton Bailey and Nicie Bailey; husband of Vonda Lee Harris Bailey Bridges)
Row 8A:
Aderholt,  Naomi Ruth
b. 1/6/1936 d.
Aderholt,  Zeddie Lee
b. 12/2/1923 d. 6/30/2002
(Son of Fred & Lena Aderholt; husband of Naomi Ruth Aderholt)
Row 8B:
Turner,  William
(Husband of Billie Ruth)
Turner,  Billie
b. 10/28/1930 d. 12/16/1998
(Dau. of Wm. Azer & Etta Lay Busbee)
Allen,  Diane
b. 1 /2/1946
(Dau. of Cleo & Billie Ruth Allen)
Busbee,  Fay
b. 9/6/1938 d. 9/6/1938
(Dau. of Gladys Busbee)
Busbee,  Irene
b. 12/16/1929 d. 12/20/1929
Busbee,  Etta
b. 11/23/1894 d. 3/24/1984
(Etta Lay Busbee)
Busbee,  Wm. Azer
b. 3/24/1892 d. 3/12/1986
Busbee,  Gladys
b. 4/24/1920 d. 7/16/1990
(Dau. of Wm. Azer & Etta Lay Busbee)
Murray,  Villa
b. 3/20/1882 d. 1/4/1952
(Dau. of Elijah Thornton & Nancy Barton Myers)
Murray,  J. H.
b. 10/19/1861 d. 3/31/1941
(Jasper H. Murray)
Murray,  Carlous M.
b. 2/10/1913 d. 4/20/1927
(Son of Jasper H. & Villa Myers Murray)
Bailey,  Ivy
d. 1989
Bailey,  Buddy
d. 1989
“Mom & Son”
Bridgeman,  Lissie Mae
b. 6/23/1928 d. 1932
Bailey,  Pink
d. 7/10/1905
Little Martha (Infant grave)
McClendon,  Martin Vandurn
b. 1/31/1880 d. 1/8/1948
McClendon,  Sarah Margiet Ann
b. 3/30/1894 d. 1/26/1950
Row 8C:
Wilder,  Rebecca Lynn
b. 1/3/1975 d. 1/8/1975
Aaron,  Dean
(Dau. of Major Tidwell)
Aaron,  James E.
b. 3/16/1933 d. 7/22/1968
“Ala CPL H&S Co 93 Engr BN”
(Son of Sam & Lillie Aaron)
Aaron,  Sandy Wade
b. 2/4/1963 d. 2/4/1963
Downs,  Christine
b. 8/2/1939 d. 3/2/2003
(Dau. of Fred & Bertie Bailey Robinson, wife of Kenneth Downs)
Witt,  James Obie
b. 11/20/1964 d. 3/22/1965
Unknown (Infant grave)
Robinson,  Pamela K.
b. 1/8/1965 d. 10/1/1996
Robinson,  Mabern Clayton
b. 4/12/1933 d. 12/24/1989
Clifton, Ruby L.
b. 3/29/1936 d. 11/1/1981
Clifton,  G. E.
b. 6/27/1930
Robinson,  Clarissa Mae
b. 6/27/1910
Robinson,  Charles Roy
b. 5/19/1901 d. 9/15/1976
Blackwell,  Clara M.
b. 9/25/1944 d. 9/15/1987
Row 9A:
Williams,  Sonny
b. 12/23/1940 d. 10/15/1941
Myers,  Thomas “Shorty” Jefferson
b. 9/30/1939 d. 8/20/1994
(Son of Thomas Jefferson & Cora F. Stewart Myers, Sr)
Myers,  Dewey
b. 5/13/1934 d. 1/17/1987
(Son of Thomas Jefferson & Cora F. Stewart Myers, Sr.)
Myers,  John
b. 12/3/1922 d. 8/29/1986
(Son of Thomas Jefferson & Cora F. Stewart Myers, Sr)
Myers,  Cora F.
b. 11/3/1893 d. 5/15/1965
Myers,  Thomas J.
b. 8/1/1881 d. 7/15/1946
(Son of Elijah Thornton & Nancy Barton Myers; husband of Cora F. Stewart Myers)
Myers,  Sarah
“Dau. of Thomas & Cora Myers”
(Dau. of Thomas Jefferson & Cora F. Stewart Myers, Sr; no date)
Gray,  James R.
b. 1879 d. 1949
Gray,  Mary A.
b. 1881 d. 1946
Myers 1918
Myers,  Telitha Jan
b. 1850  d. 10/31/1911
Blevens,  Sarah Stewart
“2nd wife of Thornton Myers”
(No date; dau. of Samuel Stewart; Thornton & Sarah Myers donated  land to New Hope Primitive Baptist Church in 1886)
Myers,  Thornton
b. 1813 d. 1898
(James Thornton Myers, son of John Clark & Nancy Mullins Myers, Sr; Thornton & Sarah Myers donated  land to New Hope Primitive Baptist Church in 1886)
Lindsey,  William
b. 12/20/1814 d. 8/2/1902
(Husband of Nancey D. and Dicie Matilda Myers)
Lindsey,  Nancey D.
b. Unknown d. 12/21/1900
(2nd wife of William Lindsey)
Courington,  Rosa Mae
b. 1901 d. 1988
Courington,  Lester O.
b. 1/27/1994 d. 4/18/1963 “Ala Pvt. Btry A 34 Arty CAC WWI”
Dill,  Dora
b. 8/30/1910 d. 2/18/1930
Dill,  Jess
b. 3/9/1896 d. 6/3/1967
Bailey,  Doshie
Dill,  Audie B.
b. 5/8/1895 d. 6/26/1976
Dill,  Jim
b. 3/23/1882 d. 4/29/1953
Dickerson,  Ruby Nell
b. 9/16/1934 d. 12/20/1991
Dickerson,  William M., Jr.
b. 12/14/1931 d. 2/3/1986
Row 9B:
Tidwell,  Major
b. 1/10/1914 d. 7/20/1986
(Son of Dillard C. & Nancy E. McClendon Tidwell)
Haynes,  Myrtle E. Cooper
b. 2/17/1913 d. 2/7/1991
Haynes,  Willie Pat
b. 2/15/1915 d. 6/21/1991
Cooper,  Larry J.
b. 11/9/1950 d. 1/6/1998
“SP 4 US Army Vietnam”
Robinson,  Eddie L.
b. 10/15/1960 d. 1/15/1999
Green,  Brenda J.
b. 7/6/1947 d.
Green,  Charles D.
b. 5/26/1946 d. 6/8/2002
“Married 2/13/1964"
(Son of Virgil & Fleta Mae Whitt Green; husband of Brenda Green)
Hancock,  Hazel Murlene
b. 8/29/1931 d. 8/20/2002
Hancock,  Randy
b. 9/19/1955 d. 8/27/1978
(William Randall Hancock; son of Hazel Murlene Hancock)

Row 9C:
Clifton,  Sandra W.
b. 7/31/1948 d. 9/6/1999
(Dau. of Leon Wallace, Sr)
Clifton,  Phillip
b. 9/28/1957
“Married 1/1/1988"
Wallace,  Leon, Sr.
b. 11/5/1923 d. 9/6/1999
(Son of Henry O. Wallace)
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