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(Photograph submitted by Floyd Guthrie)

A tribute to Barne M. Barron (see photo)

Company G Alabama Infantry. Born May 9, 1844 and died November 15, 1917 buried at Boldo Cemetery Walker County, Alabama.

A tribute to James Calvert

Calvert, James 28th. Ala. Inf. Co. L captured at Chickamauga or Lookout Mountain. Taken to Rock Island, Illinois Died 1/15/1864 -- grave #199

A tribute to Dock Clifton Key

Alabama 28th. Infantry
Key, Dock Clifton -  Co. L Enlisted in Walker Co, Al. 4/1/1863. Wounded at the battle of Chickamauga 9/20/1863 and sent to hospital. POW and sent to Camp Douglas Chicago,Illinois. Died there 2/14/1865 of Diarrhea. Buried in grave #760, block 3, Chicago city Cemetery. He was later moved into the Confederate Mound Memorial around 1900.
A tribute to John Wesley Busby 
Busby, John Wesley 8th. Ala Calv. Co. I Hickory Flats Cullman County lived in Walker County


A tribute to Leroy Matthew Busby
Busby, Leroy Matthew 28th. Ala. Inf. Co. L lived in High Hill


A tribute to Martin Buzbee

Alabama 28th. Infantry
Buzbee,Martin V.-Co. F Enlisted in Walker Co. Al. 2/22/1862 at age 39. He was Court Martial led according to General order 19/5. Died unknown cause. Jane Buzbee, Wife, filed claim 7/19/1863.G.O. 19/5.


A tribute to William Buzbee
Buzbee, William 32nd. Ala. Co. D Calv. Enlisted in Arkadelphia 3/2/1863

A tribute to Thomas Jefferson Hollis

Hollis, Thomas Jefferson  28th. Ala. Inf. Co. G  Captured at Lookout Mountain or Chickamauga, Taken to Rock Island, Illinois Died 7/8/1864  Grave #1305

A tribute to John Hogan Hollis

Hollis, John Hogan 28th. Ala. Inf. Co. G captured at Missionary Ridge, Taken to Rock Island released at wars' end.

A tribute Thomas Baines Hyche (see photo)

Served as a corporal in the Confederate Cavalry. Enlisted September 1862 in Jasper, Walker County, Alabama in 13th Battalion Alabama Cavalry/ Company G, 56th Regiment Alabama Partisan Rangers. Discharged in April 1865 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

A tribute to "Jones" 

Name & Rank

Unit & Service

Daniel Lee Jones, Pvt.



Zion Cemetery, WC, AL3

Co. G -- 56th Alabama Cavalry; enlisted 11/15/62 @ Jasper; captured 11/20/63 @ Ripley, MS; imprisoned Alton, Illinois; transferred to Fort Delaware until June, 1865.  (Source:  Pension Application, 1907 Tax & Census Record)

Giles W. Jones

Co. I—26th Regiment Alabama Volunteers; wounded May 29, 1862 @ Seven Pines, VA.1

Jasper Riley Jones, Pvt.


Zion Cemetery, WC, AL

Co. G – 56th Alabama Cavalry; enlisted 9/15/63 @ Jasper;  joined the command @ Pontotoc, MS; came home @ surrender.  (Source:  1907  Tax & Census Record)

Paul Pinkston Jones, Pvt., Sgt.



Zion Cemetery, WC, AL

Co. F – 38th Tennessee; enlisted 4/22/1861; wounded @ Battle of Chickamauga; re-enlisted 9/1864 @ Jasper; Co. K – 50th Alabama Regiment as 1st Sergeant.  (Source:  1907 Tax & Census Record, widow’s pension application)2

Rufus Lloyd Jones, Pvt.,

 2nd Lt.,  1st Lt.




Providence Cemetery, WC, AL

Co. B – 6th  (or 7th ) Arkansas Inf.; enlisted @ Ft. Jackson, AR;  service @ Corinth & Shiloh, MS.; discharged 5/1/62 & sent home; re-enlisted 9/6/62 @ Jasper; Co. C – 13th Alabama Calvary as 1st Lt. (> 56th Alabama Calvary); continued until surrender.  (Source:  Personal statement, pension application, 1907 Tax & Census Record.)

William Wallace Jones, Jr. Pvt.


Jones Cemetery, WC, AL

Co. G --  50th  Alabama Infantry; enlisted 8/62; service @ Chickamauga; taken prisoner, exchanged and came home before war ended.  (Source:  Widow’s pension application)

William Jefferson Jones, Pvt.



Old Antioch Cemetery, WC, AL

Co. C – 13th Alabama Calvary (> 56th Alabama Cavalry) enlisted 3/30/62 @  the Ben Long White House 3 miles NW of Cordova; joins unit @ Buttahatchie, MS; serves until end of the war.  (Source:  Widow’s pension application)



A tribute to George W. Key

Key, George W. 28th. Ala. Co. E

A tribute to Thomas Key
Key, Thomas 56th. Ala. Calv. Co. G Hewletts Battalion

A tribute to W.R. Key

Key, W.R. 28th. Ala.--8th. Ala.

A tribute to James Matlock Kitchens. Jr.

(see photo)(see tombstone photo)

James Matlock Kitchens Jr. enlisted at Shelby Springs, Alabama with the 28th Alabama Infantry CSA Co. I on April 12, 1862. He was wounded at the Battle of Murfeesboro on Dec 31, 1862. He served the duration of the war and was paroled May 25, 1865 in Talladega, Alabama. He was born in Lawrence Co. May 13, 1830. He died December 11, 1896 and is buried at Samaria Cemetery, Jasper Alabama.


 A tribute to James Burton Plylar CSA

James Burton Plylar was born on December 27, 1843 in Walker County, Alabama. He enlisted in Company "I" of 26th/50th Alabama Infantry Regiment in Jasper, Alabama, on September 22, 1861.

A tribute to Samuel Sanders--(see photo)(see tombstone photo)

Samuel Sanders served as a with the 8th Alabama Cavalry - Co G. He was paroled at Gainesville, Alabama on May 14, 1865. He was born Sept. 23, 1826.


A tribute to D. H. Williams
Williams, D.H. 28th. Ala. Inf. Co. - Captured at Chickamauga or Lookout Mountain, Taken to Rock Island, Il. Died 7/21/1864 grave #1335

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