Burton Bend Cemetery


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Cemetery Records

Burton Bend Cemetery

Photo submitted by Gene Gravlee

Sipsey, Alabama

The following is a census of Burton Bend Cemetery that was taken on May 23, 1999, during the Annual Decoration Day.  Each row will begin at the North end of the cemetery and will terminate at the South end of the cemetery.  There are many graves, which are not marked.  Rocks have been moved during the years and so no actual count can be made.  There is also a spot at the southern most part of the cemetery where there were burials and these spots are no longer marked.

(Transcribed and Submitted by Gene Gravlee-2004)


Row one:

Nicholas O’Dell Bowen, December 4, 1918-January 10, 1919

Sister, Ruby G. McDonald, April 12, 1913-December 9, 1924

Mother, Sara E. McDonald, May 1878-March 1917

Mary J. Quinn, 1872-1911

John B. Reeves, 1861-1918

Audrey E. Reeves, 1862-1934

James D. Laird, November 27,1867-December 22, 1929

Cynthia S. Laird, June 3, 1868-No death date

Hewitt Laird, October 8, 1901-October 12, 1918, son of JD & CS Laird

James Glaze, March 12, 1838-December 4, 1917

Two unmarked graves

 Row 2:

Ervin B. Browning, September 8, 1908-September 18, 1932
Son of Mr. & Mrs. W H Browning

Virginia Browning, June 2, 1923-May 23, 1924
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Browning

Irene Browning, September 24, 1868-January 3, 1939

William H. Browning, November 12, 1873-July 19, 1923

Deser Cordeal Browning, May 31, 1911-March 25, 1913
Daughter of W H & I R Browning

Elitna Browning, 1842-1910

Sally Ann Browning, 1872-1941

Birmey Lindsey, Sept 27, 1907-March 10, 1908

At least two unmarked graves, probably more
Row 3:
H H (Hudson Hall) Buzbee
, October 3, 1859-July 19, 1930

Sarah M. Buzbee, January 9,1861-November 19.1920 (Wife of H H Buzbee)

Ewel C. Buzbee, June 14, 1900-September 13, 1902
Son of H H & S M Buzbee

Justin Lee Buzbee, May 1895-August 30, 1898

At least 3 unmarked

Wiley E Griggs, October 9, 1901-1913, son of E P & S M Griggs

There are two markers for this one grave
One Unmarked
Ailene Drummond, 1921-1928
Row 4:
Sarah Estelle Burton, December 27, 1879-May 20, 1906

One unmarked

One unmarked
Row 5:
Charles H. Burton, November 24, 1923-December 6, 1923

George F. Roberts, April 3, 1889-June 24, 1952

Alma Burton Roberts, February 11, 1889-August 15, 1960

At least six unmarked spots where graves are located
At least three more unmarked
Row 6:
Webster Roberts, August 21, 1914-July 10, 1915

D W Burton, 1862-1934

Lucinda Burton, 1863-1917

S M Burton, June 1, 1882-September 13, 1910

Grave marked as infant son of D W Burton

Malissa J. Burton, July 11, 1828-May 17, 1895, wife of Robert P Burton Jr.

Robert P. Burton Jr., January 9, 1820-February 26, 1871

Open spot that contains several graves
Near the large cedar tree is located two large rocks, one at the head and another at the foot.  This is the grave of Robert P. Burton Sr.  He was born in Abbeyville, South Carolina in 1783.  Robert Burton Sr. came to Walker County with his brother John Burton. 


Photo submitted by Gene Gravlee

Row 7:
Susie Burton: 1857-1929

J L Burton, October 26, 1850-December 23, 1905, Husband of S L

Graves marked with rocks

Open space

2 graves marked with rocks

One grave marked with tile, 3 sided

One concrete block marked-This is the grave of William Henry Morgan ca 1854-1915 -- In the middle, at one end of the blocks the initials WHM are inscribed into the stone. It is said that he died at this very spot beneath the tree. (notes by:Claudia Fields Kraemer)


Open space

2 unmarked graves