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Note:  This record was contributed by Mary Ann Strickland Grainger from a copy made and shared by Jean Barber of Jasper, Alabama, the foremost researcher on the Blackwell families.  I do not know the date of the original bible or its publisher.  I have not included the records that were scattered in the bible that provided the birthdate and marriages of grandchildren.  By numbering this record, the entries on the grandchildren can be added later. 
Davidson Blackwell  was born the......  7th October 1809
Sophia Blackwell was born ..............  1807
Nancy A. Blackwell was born the......  28th July 1832
A. H. Blackwell was born the............ 10th February 1834
J. P. Blackwell was born the............  2nd March 1837
Sary E. Blackwell was born the........  25th Marfch 1839
Mary S. Blackwell was born the.......   22nd March 1841
Hardy Blackwell was born the..........  17th April 1843
Wm. R. Blackwell was born the......... 20th Decemember 1845
Beumy Vista Blackwell was born the  19th June 1848
Davidson and Sophiah Blackwell was married the 2nd day of May 1832 (Carroll Co., GA)
A. H. Blackwell and Eveline Blackwell was married the 1 of November 1855 (Winston Co., AL)
Mary A. Blackwell and William Davis was married the 16th of September 1858 (Walker Co., AL)
Sary E. Blackwell and G. W. McDade was marryed the 20 December 1861. (Fayette or Walker Co.)
Nancy Blackwell born 28 July 1832 and died March 1839
Hardy Blackwell born 17 April 1843 and died 17 Nov 1845
John P. Blackwell died the 11th August 1875
Sopiah Blackwell wife of D. Blackwell died 21 day of March 1880, age 74, had been a pious member of the Baptist Church 37 years.
(Different handwriting)
Davidson Blackwell died June 22, 1887, was a member of the primitive Baptist Church 54 years.
Mary A. Davis wife of Wm. Davis, died June 22, 1882.
Sarah McDade died September 10, 1907, buried in Walnut Grove, Jefferson Co., AL.
Burials in the Scott Cemetery, located off Highway 78 between Jasper and Carbon Hill, Alabama, across from the Holly Grove Road turnoff:
To the Memory of
Born Oct. 7, 1809
Died June 22, 1887
Age 77 years 5 M. 15 Days
Sacred to the Memory of
Born in the year A.D. 1807
and Died Marth the 21 A.D. 1880
Age 73 years
Put up by J. D. Speegle
(Top of the stone now cropped off, since I took a picture of the stone a few years ago.)
(Sophia Henry Blackwell, wife of Davidson Blackwell, married in Carroll Co., GA)
Born March 2, 1837
Died Aug 11, 1875
Age 38 yr. 5 Mo. 9 da.
(John Preston Blackwell, married widow, Margaret Morris, widow of Johnson Hendon, in turn
son of James Alexander Hendon and Elizabeth Easley.  Margaret is buried with her first husband in the Easley Cemetery.)
Born Feb. 2, 1875
Died Oct. 12, 1875
Son of J. P. and M. M. Blackwell
Born Dec. 29, 1852
Died May 25, 1928
(Mary Ann Frances McDade, wife of William Raleigh Blackwell and
daughter of James Decatur McDade and wife, Elizabeth ___.
Granddaughter of Samuel McDade and unidentified first wife. all buried in the McDade Cemetery.)
(She was a niece of the George W. McDade who married Davidson's daughter, Sarah Emily Blackwell).
Born Dec. 20, 1845
Died Aug. 4, 1916
(William Raleigh Blackwell, Husband of Mary Ann Frances McDade, above)
Born Feb. 16, 1838
Died Feb. 6, 1919
(William Leas Davis, husband of Mary Ann Blackwell, son of Harmon Davis and Nancy Posey(?) of Winston Co., AL.  His sister, Nancy Evaline Davis married her brother, Alexander Henry Blackwell.)
born Mar. 22, 1842
died June 24, 1882
Wife of Wm. L. Davis
(Daughter of Davidson Blackwell and Sophia Henry)