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West Briton
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These are excerpts that relate to Breage
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Friday 18 October 1850 Marriage At Breage, on Wednesday last, Mr. H. RICHARDS, of Porthleven to Miss
Elizabeth SPARGO, of Helston.
Friday 18 October 1850 Coroners News On Saturday the 12th instant, an inquest was held by Mr. HICHENS, county
coroner, at the Station House, Prussia Cove, in the parish of Breage, on the
body of Lieutenant SHAW SULLIVAN, aged 29 years, who had been in command of
the Coast Guard, at the Prussia Cove Station.  It appeared that on the
previous Thursday evening, Lieut. Sullivant was returning to the station, on
horseback from the Rev. Mr. FUGE's at Godolphin.  About nine o'clock, he
called at a public house kept by Mr. PEARCE, about half a mile from the
station and asked for assistance to his home, as he had been thrown from his
horse.  On this, Mr. and Mrs. Pearce, and their female servant accompanied
him in the direction of Prussia Cove.  On the road, meeting with his horse
from which he had been thrown, he preferred to go home on horseback.  Mr.
and Mrs. Pearce and servant left him, and returned to the inn, but Mrs.
Pearce, after seeking her husband safe home, he being near-sighted, she
again went out in the direction of the Station, feeling anxious for Mr.
Sullivan and after walking a short distance, she saw him lying across the
road, in a state of insensibility.  The horse had gone on.  Assistance was
procured, and he was conveyed to a farm house and thence to his own house.
He lingered from that time until Friday night, in a state of insensibility,
and then died.  Verdict, "accidental death."  The deceased has left a young
widow, but no family.
8 February 1850 Deaths At Breage on Friday last, the wife of Mr Thomas JOHNS, aged 60 years.
15 March 1850 Coroners News CORONERS' INQUEST.- The following inquests have been held before Mr. HICHENS, coroner:- On Monday last, in the parish of Breage, on the body of William BURGESS, aged 16 years, who met with his death at South Wheal Fortune Mine, in that parish, on Saturday last, by falling into a shaft whilst employed in rolling tin stuff at the forty fathoms level to the shaft, for the purpose of being hauled to the surface. Verdict, "accidental death." On Wednesday last, at the parish of St Just in Penwith, on the body of James VEALE, aged 25 years, who on the 11th instant, whilst at the fifty fathoms level, in Balleswidden mine, in that parish, where he and his comrade were employed in removing tin stuff through the level to the shaft to be hauled to the surface, received a blow on the top of his head by means of a large rock falling out of the side of the level, whereby it was nearly severed in two. Of course his death was instantaneous. Verdict, "accidental death."
12 April 1850 Appeals Breage, appellant, Mr SHILSON and Mr HILL; Redruth, respondent, Mr DARKE and Mr HOCKIN. Appeal against an order for removal of Catherine ROGERS and her family, from Redruth to Breage. Mr Darke first objected to the appeal having been respited from the January sessions; but this objection was withdrawn. He then stated that the settlement set up by respondents was a derivative settlement of the widow and children from her husband, his being a birth settlement in the parish of Breage. There was also a general statement by respondents, that the father of pauper's husband was legally settled in the parish of Breage. Mr Darke submitted that the birth settlement of pauper's husband was not denied in the grounds of appeal; his prima facie settlement was therefore not questioned, and it was for appellants to show anything that could upset it. He said it had always been held that where there was a general ground of appeal and also particular grounds, the latter were to be considered as explaining what was meant by the general ground.- Mr Shilson replied referring to the grounds of appeal, and arguing that the birth settlement of pauper's husband was in them sufficiently traversed.- The court, however, after some consideration, decided that the birth settlement; of the pauper's husband was not sufficiently traversed by the third ground of appeal. - Mr Shilson for appellants, then called Philippa Rogers, seventy five years of age, the mother of pauper's husband, with the view of proving her maiden settlement by hiring and service with parties in the parishes of St Agnes, Gwennap, and lastly Redruth. The maiden settlement of the mother, he said, was sufficient to destroy the alleged birth settlement of the son in respondent parish. The service at Redruth for more than one year, was that which was alone spoken to with any degree of positiveness by the witness, when she said she lived with Walter BRAY in 1794. Mr Darke however, in reply, submitted that the old woman's memory was not trustworthy, and to show this more fully, he called Charles UREN, who stated that in 1794, his father lived in the house where the old woman said Walter Bray then lived, it being the White Hart inn, now the De Dunstanville Arms, Redruth. The Court were of opinion that the last settlement set up by appellants had not been made out. - Order confirmed; costs £3; maintenance, £3 1s. 6d.
17 May 1850 Coroners News On Friday last, in the parish of Breage, on the body of Joseph PASCOE, aged 56 years. The deceased was a mason, and was at his labour at the Lewis Mines, in the parish of St. Erth on the previous day, when he was suddenly seized with coughing, and directly afterwards brought up a large quantity of blood. His fellow labourer immediately went to his assistance, but eh poor fellow had only just time to say that "he should not be long" before he expired. Verdict, "visitation of God in a natural way."
Friday 30 August 1850 General News CALIFORNIAN GOLD DIGGINGS. - A company has been formed in Breage for the purpose of sending parties to the gold diggings of California. The capital has been all subscribed, and eight men who are going out, have been provided with tents and working tools. The company is to be managed upon the same principles as some of our leading mines, and a code of rules and regulations have been compiled, which appear to meet every requirement. This is the first company of the kind carried out in Cornwall. A farewell supper was given at the Star Inn, in Breage church town, on Thursday the 22nd instant, when about thirty sat down to the roast beef of old England. Several parties addressed the meeting on the state and prospects of the Californian territory, and after a number of complimentary toasts were drank, the meeting separated, the evening having been spent to the enjoyment of all present.
Friday 1st November 1850 Deaths At Trevena Cross, in the parish of Breage, on Sunday lst, Mr. John CARDEW, aged 71 years.
Friday 1st November 1850 Deaths At Wheal Downs in the parish of Breage, on Friday last, Mrs. Jane BOWDEN, aged 97 years.
Friday 4th March 1853 Deaths At Breage, on Monday last, Mrs. Jane SAMPSON, aged 88 years
Friday 11th March 1853 Births At Godolphin in the parish of Breage, on the 1st instant, the wife of Mr.
Rosevear ROSEWARNE, a son.
Friday 4th April 1853 Marriages At Madron on Monday last, Mr. N.E. MOFFATT of Breage to Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. WARREN of Landithy Farm, in the former parish.
Friday 4th April 1853 Deaths At Breage on the 30th ult., Mrs. Mary SYMONS, aged 70 years.
Friday 15th April 1853 Marriage At St. Mary's Church, Cheltenham, on the 7th instant, by the Rev. E.M. PRIDMORE, Vicar of Breage, in this county, the Rev. George Napleton TREWEEKE, to Letitia, widow of the late Captain the Hon. Charles BUTLER.
Friday 6th May, 1853 1853 Births At Trevorian in the parish of Breage, on the 24th ult., the wife of Mr. S.H.TREWEEKE, a son.
Friday 8th July, 1853 1853 Marriage At Breage, on the 7th instant, by the Rev E.M. PRIDMORE, the Rev. Henry CLELAN, to Louisa Frances, fourth daughter of the late Rev, George TREWEEKE, rector of Illogan.
Friday 8th July, 1853 1853 Marriage At Breage, on the 28th ult., Mr William CARLYON to Miss RIDDINGTON.